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Stairway to Sirius: Serious Mysteries, Concluded

Avatar is cleaning up at the box office and engendering controversy among political and religious pressure groups. But it's not James Cameron's first foray into the memes of alien identity and interplanetary struggle. In the long run it may not even be the most revealing.

As we'll see in this installment, Cameron's involvement with the remake of the legendary Russian sci-fi film Solaris is rife with strange connections, both real and symbolic. And those connections might be part of a larger story unfolding before our eyes...
Read parts one and two of the Serious Mysteries series for strange semiotic fingerprints linking back to the ancient Nommo, the amphibious mermen who were known by the ancient Babylonians and the modern Dogon people of Africa.
After knocking about Hollywood for a while, George Clooney hit the big time in the original ER, created by the late Michael Crichton, who himself is a pretty good candidate for being a product of some alien super-human experimentation program, given his 6'9" height, 560 IQ (give or take), Harvard Medical degree as well as his ten million bestselling books, scientific papers, Hollywood blockbusters, computer games, awards, and on and on and on. Bonus factoids: Crichton was not only a global warming skeptic, but a believer in psychic potential.

In 1993, Clooney starred in Without Warning: Terror in the Towers, a quickie TV movie dealing with the failed WTC bombing of that year. He then played way against type in From Dusk Until Dawn and Batman and Robin, Schumacher's Ice Capades take on Batman that nearly destroyed the franchise -and all future superhero movies- forever.

Then we started seeing Clooney play the kinds of roles we normally associate with him- military, intelligence and military intelligence. In 1997 upon leaving ER he played an Army colonel trying to unravel a nuclear conspiracy in The Peacemaker and played similar roles in Fail Safe and The Thin Red Line.

In 1999's Three Kings, Clooney played a treasure-hunting Army Major looking to smuggle Kuwaiti gold out of Iraq during the first Gulf War who gets caught up fighting against Bush I's betrayal of the Kurds. What's fascinating about this film is the premonition of the hunting for Babylon and Sumerian treasure in the second Gulf War.

Then things get strange. We had the Coen Brothers' O Brother Where Art Thou? which is a musical adaptation of The Odyssey. Then he plays a spy chief in the Spy Kids films - and becomes President in the 3D film.

From there we go to another extremely strange film- Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, based on Gong Show/Dating Game creator Chuck Barris' claims that he was a hitman for the CIA (and chalked up 33 hits). Clooney played Barris' handler and Moon's Sam Rockwell played Barris.

Speaking of civil wars, Clooney cast himself as CBS honcho Fred Friendly in Good Night and Good Luck. Friendly was instrumental is taking down the Cohn-McCarthy gang, probably on behalf on elements in the CIA and/or State Department.

Then came Syriana, which we looked at in the last installment, which was obviously part of the not-so-secret war being fought between the CIA (and DIA, NSA, etc) and the neocons during the Bush years, which led to one GOP congressman after another being outed or indicted, and the neocons themselves kicked upstairs to their cushy thinktank gigs.

Bonus alien dreaming sync:
Syriana was co-written by Grant Heslov, who guest-starred in 'Via Negativa', one of The X-Files' many Entheogen-themed episodes. Heslov is also a Phi Kappa Psi brother, a fraternity well represented in the military officer corps.

Then was Michael Clayton - a corporate espionage film with a civil war subplot revolving around a thinly-veiled Monsanto stand-in and thick, spicy mythic allegorical subtext, yet another spy film (Burn After Reading, again with Tilda Swinton) and this year's film Up in the Air, where he plays a man who "lives in the sky."

Oh, we're not done yet. He played Lyn Cassidy, Special Forces member of the First Earth Batallion in The Men Who Stare at Goats. It's all played for laughs but something about the whole story has a very strange smell, especially considering there's a Heaven's Gate tie-in to the story. Note also that Major General Stubblevine who gets roasted in the film has questioned the official version of events of 9/11 and was also involved in the Stargate remote viewing project.

Given the resumes of people like Stubblevine, I can only assume First Earth was some kind of distraction/diversion from something. Note also that Steven Lang- the villain in Avatar- plays Stubblevine in Goats. Clooney's latest role is as an assassin named Mr. Butterfly who is "shadow-dweller" (a technical weapons expert who creates and supplies the tools for high-level assassins)." That's quite an interesting resume.

But aside from all of the intelligence operatives he's played, Clooney also has this strong semiotic link to the ocean. He plays a sea captain straight out of Gloucester (that's in the heart of Lovecraft country) in The Perfect Storm. That film is based on a book by Sebastian Junger, a journalist who has a remarkable penchant for showing up in global hotspots.

And then there's
Ocean's 11, another espionage film only this time in heist movie drag. Clooney plays Danny Ocean, whose nemesis is Terry (Terra) Benedict (!). Water versus Earth. That was so successful it garnered two sequels.

While on set for
Ocean's 11 Clooney saw the Solaris script, which sent Danny Ocean off to the ocean planet where he was initiated into the alien mysteries. Here's where he hooks up with Natascha McElhone, who plays Rheya the alien Earth Mother. So far as I can tell Solaris is the only proper sci-fi film that Clooney's starred in.

What's important to note is that although it's ostensibly a romantic sci-fi film, it can certainly be interpreted as a kind of Body Snatchers horror film. The science officer, Dr. Gordon, is terrified of the visitors and is afraid they could start appearing on earth (which is an important detail given that she's the science officer). That's certainly what we actually see in the film itself, although Soderbergh's interpretation of what we're seeing is different. Cameron's interpretation might be a bit more germane.


Solaris is ostensibly a Soderbergh film, but fits more comfortably in the James Cameron canon, who took a very active hand in the film as producer. Solaris initially looks more like a blue sun in the film than a water planet, begging Sirius comparisons. What's more there's a good chance Solaris had a major influence somewhere along the line on Cameron's Avatar, given its themes of alien identity and a sentient biosphere.

What's even more interesting about this film is that it was the first time I'd heard of the Higgs boson, the "God Particle" which keeps the visitors from disintegrating. But it appears that's the case with us as well, so what all of this might mean is extremely puzzling. The funny thing is that I thought this was just more Star Trek-type technobabble. Obviously not.

But it certainly made me pay attention when I started hearing talk about the Higgs boson and the CERN Large Hadron Collider, which came back online just a short time before the premiere of Avatar, itself ripe with themes Cameron first played with in Solaris.

So what are we looking at here?
We're looking a film shepherded by James Cameron ripe with Stargate/Sirius resonators, starring George Clooney with his military/intelligence-heavy filmography and Natascha McElhone, Our Lady of Revelations and co-star of Californication, a sex comedy which was just inexplicably invaded by the Sirens/Nommo/Sirians, at least symbolically.

And as reader Astronut notes, the whole scenario of the hibernating Nommo is startingly similar to Lovecraft's fevered mythologies of sleeping, amphibious space gods, and Clooney started his long symbolic association with water/ocean memes smack dab in the middle of Lovecraft country.

Or better yet - smack dab back in James Cameron country. Remember The Abyss? That film seems to have fallen down the memory hole, but you want ocean-dwelling aliens? There they are. Bonus factoids: The Abyss was first released 8/9/89 and runs 171 minutes.

Or how about Cameron's first foray in the wonderful world of IMAX,
Aliens of the Deep?

It seems the idea of aliens and the oceans is kind of a thru-line with Mr. Cameron. I was actually surprised to see so little of it in Avatar.

Cameron's rumored to be looking at a film on the bombing of Hiroshima for his next project. Which just tickled me pink, considering we just saw a story on aliens and atom bombs sneak into the mainstream media, appropos of nothing.

But back to Michael Crichton. He wrote a novel called Sphere, in which a telekinetic alien lifeform is first discovered. Where?

In the ocean.

It all ties together so neatly...well, in dream logic fashion, that is.

But how conscious are we, really?

UPDATE: James Ratte reviews the new Clooney film here. For our purposes I thought this oceanic-themed shot was particularly fascinating.


  1. Off Topic -- After watching Transformers II-ROTF again, I am beginning to wonder if theshizz.com is really meant to be the secret sun. After all, the character in question did have good hair.

  2. High per sonic solo3:04 PM, January 12, 2010

    There's a resonant reasonaut vibe to your post I can't define, so I'll sing a song instead and hope it may convey the one that got away

    Wheel, it keeps turning, so there's no need to buy the spin

    Reel, they've got their hooks in you, they're pulling you in

    Deal, the cards are stacked you can never win

    Feel, it's not all good but sometimes you can have a grin

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    It's a real big whopper this time
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    Yeah, real small fish


  3. This post synced up so much for me just now, yesterday i saw syriana and started to think about mr Clooney and what themes revolves around him career. Now as i read this post I have put the men who stare... on paus.
    Reading this gave me a bit of a giggle.

    I think that the clooney- iraq connection is also pretty interesting if we keep in mind that the area is considered to be the place of the birth of our civilization.

    so alien gnosis/psychic/spy(aka a man who gets knowledge)-clooney travels a lot in areas were "gods" were rumored to be last seen.

    I am rambling a bit here but i got exited as this article turned into a personal sync for me.

    About sirius: have you read Robert anton wilsons comsic trigger and his account of the contact with sirius after doing a ritual contacting his Holy guardian angel?

    Peace //john

  4. I was at a UFO conference last year and sat thru a presentation from Paola Harris. She was focused on a lot of exopolitical and disclosure themes, and she spoke about how Hollywood is part of the disclosure process.

    She summed up her entire presentation by showing a clip from THE ABYSS. It was the final sequence where Ed Harris (John Glen) ends up inside the deep sea alien (*) ship. There is a sequence very similar to the parting of the Red Sea. He barfs up special oxygen water from his special suit, and then is subjected to a montage of news clips of how violent we humans are.

    Finally he says, "enough."

    The implication is that the undersea aliens (*) have a vested interest in the health of the planet and it's oceans.

    Thus, the film ends with a magical DISCLOSURE event, where the (Mobious designed) ocean-craft comes to the surface, and people watch it live on TV around the world.

    In this scenario, aliens don't land on the White House lawn (as Michael Renny sort of does in THE DAY THE EATH STOOD STILL), but they instead "come to the surface" on a planet they share with us...


    (*) The term "alien" isn't quite right, because these underwater entities actually share the earth with us. The more correct term would be "cryptoterrestrial" a vocabulary word used to describe aliens not from elsewhere, but from right here. This is the title of Mac Tonnies final book, soon to be posthumously published.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpwYKaLD66U

    This is a link to the end scene in THE ABYSS. It's an edited montage, but it opens with the "disclosure" sequence.

  6. The SO or "NOT SO" coded quote....

    Have you noticed the word "lines" as being used as vectors for the hive minded to follow, moving from round to lines, as mentioned in Stephen King's Dream Catcher movie. The finger circling swirl can capture the hypnotic into vortex rabbit holes...pointing an infested asset connected to GRAY...errr.. GAY.. to his destination, I suspect there is village people business going on here. Networking, tapping into the swingers 'active driveways' and where they 'take it to the sheets' or 'swing to the fences.'

    Why won't you ever touch this subject man?

    In the Patriot - with Harison Ford, his boss approves him moving from the being a round to something along those 'lines.' Lines, steps of a pyramid. Finger puppetry subtley pointing people into realms of consciousness. It seems as if females become cameras or feeds like TV sets for those on the heirarchy once their main man has been squeezed, agrees to "whatever it takes to get what he wants taken care of" Doll House demonstrates how the mind can be used as a camera, and how the hand of the camera'd person crosses to cover the mid arm of the one hanging down. Pushing up sleeves is a code for a controller of a sleeper agent, unaware they are controlled, the controllers push up their sleeves. Again cupping the glasses is a signal you understand the covert truth of what is being said. Jordan Maxwell uses this gesture. Having a ring on the pinky finger in movies and TV implies one is into Dark Majick and occult practices, not usually a great guy/gay. The flailing pinky is a another sign used in movies in the 40s as well to demonstrate the dark occult at work, hidding in the unseen, mad forces...

    I tell you that the "Dawn of a New Day" and all this DAY talk can be inteprerted as code for a big "DAY" - agent of the elite, dare I say, blood sucker.

    Regular words and phrases, like "NOT SO" and "COME ON" "CHECK" "CONNECT THE DOTS" etc.. are all part of double speak.

    My question to you: Are you part of the double speakers? Aware of what you are saying on both fronts? Why not clue others in, if so?, or "not so?"

  7. Plenty of watery significance to Avatar methinks. Didn't you notice how the flora and fauna of Pandora seemed quite marine life inspired. Then there's the blue skinned naavi bringing mermaid imagery to mind more than anything else. And what with the Pandora atmosphere being unbreathable by humans, Cameron's fantasy world just seems like the ocean with all the water drained out!

    Some interesting articles on the Avatar phenomenon:- One on Avatar possibly portending a psychedelic cinema/culture in the teenies.


    And a CNN article on audiences experiencing feelings of loss, longing and depression even suicidal feelings after the movie.


  8. Anony107- The Shizz meaning Shia?

    High per- Those lyrics have a tune?

    John- No I haven't that RAW account, but I think that I should.

    C!- The oceans cover 71 percent of the globe and are miles deep in some areas. Who know what could be living down there? I gotta rewatch that movie. It's been ages.

    Anony602- Hmm, not really my area of expertise. Check out The Celtic Rebel @ http://celticrebel.wordpress.com . I think he might definitely be able to help you or direct you to someone who could. Good luck.

  9. All good points, Astro. Pus the floating mountains could be interpreted as islands. Good call- food for thought.

  10. Excellent post Chris, it really echoed with a lot of things I've been thinking about.

    Dunno if you came read this story about russian oceanic ufo disclosure from last year:-

    I like how it references The Abyss in the first line and that Fox (20th Century Fox) was the studio that produced both The Abyss and Avatar.

    Then of course a few weeks before Avatar was premiered we had the Russian missile/ufo appearing over the ocean in Norway.

    Not sure I understand why, but im finding loads of ufo and end of the world type scenarios linking with Russia. (ie the Moscow pyramid ufo you featured a few weeks ago and the film 2012 heavily featuring Russian characters, half of whom die in ocean related circumstances.)

    Also, back to your post, Avatar definitely continues the oceanic themes. Cameron based a lot of the Pandora wildlife on oceanic organisms, the luminous plants are similar too a lot of the light-producing creatures and plants found in the ocean depths. From IMDB- "The spiral-shaped, retracting creatures that Jake encounters early in the film are giant versions of Christmas Tree Worms, a marine invertebrate which is commonly kept in reef aquariums" Also many of the creatures on Pandora seemed to breathe out of holes on the side of their bodies, similar to gills. The Pandora atmosphere itself is much like the ocean, humans cant breathe in it without oxygen masks, and the floating islands behave as if they're floating on the surface of the sea.

    digging the twitter updates!

  11. Erm... disregard the Pandora ocean comment, just noticed Astronut beat me to it!

  12. The idea of Avatar being oceanic makes so much sense. The Na'vi themselves were bio-luminescent (at least that's how i saw the white dots on their bodies and faces, which glowed in the night scenes).

  13. Mr P- Don't forget the X-Files was Fox as well. The points you raise are fascinating. I think there's a lot to be discovered about that film. I think there's a lot to be discovered that will lead to other strange memes and connections. And no one was expecting it, either. People were ready to write it off- and certainly the neocons consider to shit themselves blind over it. But there's a story behind the story- several, actually- still waiting to be told.

    Brooke- Very interesting point. I looked for little synchro easter eggs in the film and couldn't find any. But the fact that Worthington is playing Perseus is curious.

  14. Chris, what about the presence of Wes Studi in Avatar (as Eytucan, the Na'vi chief)? He had roles in both Dances with Wolves and The Last of the Mohicans (which provided Avatar with some of its Na'vi spirituality, i think - the scenes where Neytiri and Sulley thank slain animals for their sacrifice is very similar to a scene near the beginning of Mohicans). Also, Studi played the villian Hanover in Deep Rising, which has always seemed a bit like an anti-matter-universe version of The Abyss to me.

  15. I think Cameron was making a statement with that. As with everything with this movie the answer may come later to this question.

  16. Dan Brown uses the water from Abyss—by name in The Lost Symbol. The villain of the book traps the protagonist in a coffin filled with breathable water. The relationship to Osirian mythos is obvious, but I admit I'm not sure what Dan Brown was trying to say here, if anything. (Osiris was, of course, buried in Abydos, according to one account.)

    Continuing from the last post: Apollyon rising from the Abyss is obviously meant to be a retelling of Atum/Adam emerging from the primordial Nun—a word which, as even Wikipedia tells us, literally means "abyss". Atum, as the universal Soul/Sol, was symbolized by the sun. After Atum "falls" below the horizon, he becomes Osiris, the Logos made flesh, the sun of midnight. Plutarch also connects Apollo with the Elder Horus, as an "image and phantasm" of the Cosmos that was to be. And in the writings of Philo, we likewise learn that the Cosmos is the eldest Son of God.

  17. Deep Rising always reminded me of a story in Saga of the Swamp Thing just before Alan Moore took over - it was in issues 6 and 7 (kind of a Lovecraftian Poseidon Adventure) and the ending was weirdly like parts of one of the early episodes of Lost (with strange unglimpsed monstrosities smashing around a desert island - it was like it was setting up a sequel that never happened).

    Anyway Solaris... it is interesting as one of the most mainstream expressions of Stanislaw Lem's idea that if we ever met aliens they would be truly "alien" (the same kind of thing that crops up in the Subanthropic Principle). Like an earthquake, the mind-nuking contact is more discernible in the shockwaves and seems to create weird ripples of strangeness (like the doppelgangers). That complete lack of comprehension reminds me very much of an awful lot of alien contacts were creatures suspiciously similar to us, seem to be doing stupid or mundane things or relay messages that simply don't make sense. You can see the contact more in the ripples it sets off, which don't cast much light on the core occurrence (the glitches in the matrix).

    All this talk of oceans and me only thinking about The Kraken Wakes only the other day - now there is a story that got me concerned about what lay beneath the waves far more effectively than Jaws ever could ;)

  18. Hello Christopher.

    Thought you might be interested.


    Most probably obelisks were awe inspiring for the same reason, (at least one)

  19. Excellent series Chris!
    Thanks for your work.

    Some links that are (more or less) appropriate for the topic:







    and on another trivial astronomical note:

    On Feb 12, 2010 over Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada @ 18:00 PST (0200 GMT) - The scheduled date and time of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony - Sirius rises in the East
    at the very same moment over Olympia, Greece Sirius is setting to the Hor-I-zon in the West.


  20. I wish not acquiesce in on it. I think polite post. Particularly the title attracted me to study the sound story.

  21. i think the reason The Abyss kind of disappeared was it's message that us land dwellers should change our ways and all can be redeemend through love. in these so called troubled times maybe thats not so popular. also the military in The Abyss, particularly the mission commander, are portrayed as psychotic killers. it's unsettling to see the conservatives slamming Avatar due to it's portrayal of the military.

  22. there is one character in Avatar, that nobody yet seemed to notice. Its the IKEA spoon.
    It binds Dr. Grace Augustine, Colonel Miles Quatrich and Jake Sully characters together in a freudian way.
    It first appears in hands of Sully after his first return from Navi (NAVY?). Dr. Grace vocalizing the trip while Sully using the spoon. There is another hot scene where Grace
    motherly feeds Sully with this spoon. I guess it could bind viewer to Sully through
    first oral circuit. Ok, if Grace is his mom, who is his dad? The answer is obvious.
    Anal circuit - Miles Quatrich. There is interesting wording in the scene with Dr. Grace and colonel arguing which may lead interpretation in that direction as well. And the result is, when Son kills his Father is Sully reborn.

    btw, Solaris had CD holder from IKEA too.

  23. aren't the navy heavily involved with the stargate programmes and time travel etc?

  24. Eleleth- That's the problem with Brown- he plays with a lot of different concepts but I'm not really sure he fully understands them. Or even cares to. Thriller novelists are like that with other topics as well.

    Empie- You know I read that title from the gitgo since I was a such a Swampaholic, but I don't know if I remember that storyline. Marty Pasko, right? But what you're describing reminds me of Keel's MIBbies.

    Song- I was! Awesome shot.

    Strangie- Is that right? Isn't that a kick in the pants! Expecting any special guest appearances at the Olympics this year?

    Anony 859- Acquiesce only when you're comfortable doing so.

    Sun Tzu- Yes- another Cameron thruline. Whatever the "conservatives" say, it's not stopping people from seeing it.

    Euphotic- Interesting observations. When I see it again I'll keep an eye out for that.

    Anony- Air Force. Note that the aliens in those shows are generally the villains, too.

  25. Avatar's really having an effect. People report profound depression after returning to "the real world." thing is, a slight shift in our collective consciousness could make the real world about 10,000 times more special.



    The occultic meaning of the word "Avatar" is really Lucifer/Satan. -That alone should have raised eyebrows, but it didn't lol
    -Think about that for a minute..what would happen if James Cameron just named the film -SATAN- ...would people then want to consider the real meaning behind the film?

    The entire Movie/Entertainment industry is a well financed satanic psychological war operation being executed upon the public right before their eyes.

    Just like all the other Illuminati controlled industry, the Movie/Entertainment industry is a tool designed to advance their agenda of a "New World Order" and the deceptions that come along with it.
    In the satanic Illuminati occult dogma, the term "AVATAR" represents their coming Anti-christ, and is the Illuminati occult representation of Satan incarnate.

    The Illuminati believe that through science they will be able to genetically produce a "Body" or "Host" that can then be possessed by the actual spirit of Lucifer/Satan.

    This "host" that the spirit of Satan will inhabit is called the "AVATAR"

    James Cameron has actually named his entire film project based around the satanic doctrines of demonic possession and modern DNA manipulation, in which the Illuminati seek to bring about the "New Age humanoid", or demonically possessed biological human entity.

  27. Did you even see the movie? And why didn't you sign your real name if you feel so passionately about it?

  28. Funny, i was always under the impression that avatar/avatara was a Hindu term for the descent of a deity into earthly mainfestation. It is an older concept than the present Christian idea of the Devil or Satan (which itself is a corruption of the Hebrew ha-Satan, or "accuser", who was beleived to be an angel !)

  29. Yep Pasko, they're the ones. Tentacles with eyes on the ends - what I was too young to realise at the time was a Freudian nightmare!! I had a quick flick through them now and the possessed all became one-eyed monstrosities. Looking at the story now I'm also reminded of the Futurama film The Beast With a Billion Backs.

    And yes, some MIBs too* (and pretty much any humanoid entity encountered in strange circumstances) - there is a sense of wrongness and they perform strange, bizarre and often funny actions that make it almost impossible to take seriously. Like they are there largely to create cognitive dissonance (or perhaps they just do this by accident as they crash through our world).

    * Some are just civilian and military investigators swept up under a very broad label

  30. the leaf with gold sphere on the third eye of the Blue Avatar People syncs with Shiva ... the DNA World Tree syncs ... the main sync was Jupiter being that the Red Tiger/Dragon came from Jupiter and returned to Jupiter.


    George Clooney GC Galactic Center

    James Cameron JC Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ = 37 x 64
    the shadow and the substance
    of the Cube of Truth

    37, the Shadow, is the Hexagon Heart of the 73 Star (of David shape) 27 is next lower triangular projection in the Hologram and in reciprocal nature with 37.

    check out the Bible Wheel for more


    37 + 64 = 101 . enter the stargate