Thursday, January 14, 2010

DNA, Mercury Retrograde and the Stargate Walkers

Mercury Retrograde is almost over. I generally consider myself agnostic on Astrology (at least the stuff you see in the papers) but I always pay attention to this thrice-yearly (four times this year, God help us) phenomenon. The MercRet's that occur during the month of Capricorn are always unpleasantly anxious-making for me (apparently since Caprica is opposite Cancer), and this one is no exception.

But at the same time, the Messenger seems to dropping syncs galore as he spins along in reverse, the past few days particularly. All of which reminds me of Jung's theories on Astrology and how he believed the planets acted as a kind of giant synchronistic clock charting certain psychological conditions, not so much puppeteers with our destiny on their strings.

Not long after discussing Francis Crick's radical take on panspermia with the missus, I found a VHS tape of the 2003 documentary, DNA: The Secret of Life in the book swap at the library today. I'm sure this PBS production won't go near all of the double helixes in ancient art, such as the one included in the hieroglyph for Ptah. Some of you might recognize Ptah in his more modern incarnation as Oscar.

Speaking of government-sponsored propaganda, I've been Twittering about the UFO-Demon meme being put out the by some of the Fundamentalist types*, a meme that may turn out to have originally been hatched in the bowels of the Pentagon (surprise, surprise again) if Nick Redfern's research is correct.

But lo and behold the missus and I have been watching our ST:TNG DVDs and this episode was next in the cue last night. 'Contagion' (airdate 3/20/89) was about a race between NASA Starfleet and the Vatican the Romulans to recover the Stargate gateway created by the Annunaki the Iconians in Iraq on the Iconian homeworld. Osiris Capt. Picard, Thoth Data and Anubis Worf discover the gateway, which- of all the places it could be tuning into in the Galaxy- seems to show a special fondness for ancient sites on Earth.

But this gateway was so powerful that other races thought it was too dangerous for the Iconians alone to possess and destroyed their homeworld, but not before the Iconians escaped through the gateway. Most people believed it to be a myth (except Picard, who was obsessed with the Iconians) and after their homeworld was destroyed, the Iconians were recorded in the ancient texts as...
..."Demons of Air and Darkness", who were said to have the ability to appear at will on far-flung planets without the use of starships. Later this was found to be a reference to the Iconians' gateway technology, whose instant teleportation allowed them to establish outposts at least as far as Vandros IV in the Gamma Quadrant. Until the discovery of Iconia in 2365, the Iconians were still dismissed by many as nothing more than myth. - Memory Alpha

Strangely enough, the last remaining Iconian installation seems to show strange traces of the old alien domed habitat and rocket launching pad dome-and-obelisk iconography we just recently discussed. How about that?

For a franchise created by an alleged atheist/skeptical reductionist, there's more hardcore weirdness (particularly of the AAT variety) than you can shake a tricorder at. If you know what to look for, that is.

Enough of all that- now go watch Steve Willner's latest mind-blowing video. Special guest quotage from my Avatar rant.

* Of course, absolutely no one should be surprised by any of that- Fundamentalists think everyone outside their parish doors is the Devil* (and no one more so than all of the other competing Evangelical sects) and they're not quite sure of everyone inside, either.

Believe me, I know what I'm talking about- our youth pastors were all Nazarene- and my mom attended a Nazarene College when I was a kid and I got dragged there a lot. I remember a professor being accused of trafficking with the Devil because it was discovered he enjoyed a glass of red wine once in a while. Nazarenes think Southern Baptists are all paganizing backsliders.


  1. Finally saw Star Trek 11 tonight, which showed the destruction of an advanced world (Vulcan) by a black hole/stargate device - with a few Vulcan refugees surviving, some on earth. Same old story?

    Cheers, Michael

  2. If you think Nazarenes and Baptists are paranoid, try being a Jehovah's Witness.

    Actually, no. On second thought, don't.

  3. Sometimes i really think the US of A are the true and outmost religious fundamentalist country in the world.

    Should send some Afghani troops in to free you from your evangelical oppressors^^

    Do you think all these synchs are beening put in TV shows intentiaonally or is it our collective subconcious that tells the story?

    Also, can somebody explain to me the red vs. blue paradigm, where it comes from and what it means?

  4. the link to Jung's theories on astrology is broken. But the planets charting pyschological conditions, is what i'm talkin about...

    Listen carefully
    the universe speaks
    in a whisper so sweet
    buildin until a scream
    similar to some leaves
    rustlin in the breeze
    whipped into a frenzy
    soon as the winds increase
    water falls soft at least
    at first then kicks up steam
    before it picks up speed
    and crashes on the beach
    like fire gives off heat
    whistlin give it heed

  5. Michael- That's a good question. I was so underwhelmed with that film- especially James Van Der Kirk- I haven't given it much thought. Let me work on that.

    Anony318- I know the Witnesses pretty well. I had a buddy who was a door-to-door guy and we'd have these long chats all of the time. The last time I saw him was in the grocery store and it looked like the world had gotten to him, finally.

    Dynie- You might be right about US. As to this particular episode, it was written by Steve Gerber, creator of Howard the Duck, who had a pretty high prophecy quotient. This aired a good 14 years before the sack of the Baghdad Museum.

    Red v Blue is a media invention for election maps with Repubs state wins in Red and Dems in blue. My theory is that it's a way to condition people for the eventual breakup of the country.

    Justie- Fixed! And thanks for the poetry.

  6. Hm, i thought the red vs. blue to be much older than that.

    I remember that it had something to do with a certain tribe that was forced to go under the surface of the earth in order to survive some cataclysmic cosmic event, and the tribe came to a bisection and that there was a fight if they should go left or right, so half of them went the left way, some took the right one (the first division into left and right, somewhere these terms must have come from).
    I remember it had something to do with Thule and the hollow earth but im not sure.
    So it found its way into the media somehow, showing itself in red and blue (blue=good, red=evil; simply remember the colors of Lukes and Darths lightsabers, or the whole fire versus ice thing (red and blue again, with fire beeing life and ice beeing death), or even in the 80s the West (blue) vs. the East (red) ).

    Id love to know more about this one if anyone is savvy in this whole subject, clarify it for me if possible.

  7. You are spot on about Star Trek; Gnosticism practically drips from every frame.

    And we see how transparently Abrams was playing with these themes in the new movie: The Roman/Romulan Nero destroys Jerusalem/Vulcan and tyrannically persecutes Christ(opher) Pike and James (the Just) Kirk.

    "In some sort of cyclical non-time thing, we have to become God, so that we can end up creating ourselves, so that we can be in the first place. " (Gene Roddenberry)

    Perhaps Roddenberry's belief is best seen as Hermetic, or, so to speak, Masonic—the infinite perfectibility of Man into God.

  8. Mythologist Caroline Casey says that planets go on a 'vision quest' in retrograde (to revisit old themes & discover new meaning).

    Your recent blog posts seem to follow that pattern for Mercury Rx.

    Mars is retrograde too, until March. Casey says that now's a perfect time to redefine heroism into heroic rescue, and discard its old meaning of aggression. among other things. Her radio show, The Visionary Activist Show, is archived at

  9. Ooooh I like your answer Anonymous, very wise. Wow, planets going on a vision quest, that's a fab image.
    Merc Retro to me includes Not being able to push forward mainly because it's a time of Re-ing. Re-membering, Re-viewing, Re-forming etc etc.
    Definately not a time to sign contracts as communication is on miss-mode. NASA proved Astrology is real in as much as it was found that contracted work and communication problems happened at the Merc Ret cycle.
    It also fits in with how long Christmas seems to have stayed around this year....Retro Chris.

  10. Also.....we have a Solar eclipse tomorrow, tho' it'll be seen in Africa and Indian Ocean.

    and for you ChrisCancerian, the sun is in Capricorn, the moon is in Capricorn, Mercury is in Capricorn, Venus is in Capricorn, Pluto is in Capricorn and the 'true dragon node' is in your opposite!

  11. Also(my last comment I promise)is this:
    Astrological implications of the Solar Eclipse

    Sri Virodhinama Samvastaram Pushya Amavasya, Uttarashada nakshtra in Makara Rasi, Rahugrasta Solar eclipse falls on January 15, 2010. The eclipse begins at 11.32am to afternoon 3.12pm.
    Possible implications of the Eclipse

    The implications due the ecplise will have its effect on factors guided by planet Saturn that stands for democracies, elections, mass and long distance travel and transportation means and systems. Debilitation of Mars indicates sudden events, as it is also in retrogression. Mars expresses the factors of violence, bloodshed, military, police, leadership of a country and para military forces. A culmination of these astrological factors indicate some sudden rebellion of sorts in military or police wings of governments of countries. Falling along the path of the ecplise shadow such as Chad, Somalia, Congo, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Mayanmar, Mass and election related violence on a massive scale in any of these countries before a period of two months and twenty days from the date of this ecplise ie., on or before April 5, 2010. Rebellious and terrorist attacks on means of mass transportation, resulting heavy loss of lives and property are also indicated of these countries in the above mentioned bit on the Eclipse

  12. Dynie- It's news to me. But if you find any juicy tidbits, keep us posted.

    Elelie- Oh yeah - from day one. Interesting how ST doesnt really translate outside of America so much.

    Anony504- Useful info. Cheers for that.

    Flossy- Hmm- eclipse, new moon and Mercury Direct all in one day. Very interesting. I'm still wondering about that asteroid flyby and the horror in Haiti.

  13. the anthropomorphic shape for a door is a mushroom shape

    in the DNA movie at 45:45 when Francis Crick of the Salk Institute begins to speak, they show a building. I can't remember the Architect but it's gesture is much like the Eagle in Battery Park looking at the Statue of Liberty.

    to me the doorway must be nested Platonic Solids, there just so darn weird

    it's gonna take another visit to get into your hyperlinks, off to play some halo before the day rewinds

    G'night to the Knowles Krew

  14. Chris,

    I think astrology has caught up with itself and has much more to offer for subtle guidance these days. I don't know who provides the astrology for but I swear by it.

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