Monday, January 11, 2010

Dome. Obelisk.

Dome. Obelisk.

Dome. Obelisk.

Dome. Obelisk.



Dome. Obelisk.

Cargo Cult.


  1. Hey Chris,

    Re-watched the Nicholas Cage film The Family Man last night only I decided that since I'd seen it I would watch it and look for symbolism pertaining to The Secret Sun.

    Wow...I was really astonished. Don Cheadle plays an angel type character that gives Cage a "glimpse" into the path not taken. His unusual behavior causes his young daughter to ask where her real dad is and she theorizes that this impostor is an alien.

    We would typically see this as angel involvement in a sweet Christmas movie but kids are always more perceptive and she is saying that he is an alien.

    Reading between the lines its like "they" are telling us that...yes there is involvement from other worldly beings and yes you call them angels but they are also aliens. same difference.

    I'm sure there is plenty of stuff I missed, but I had to thank you for helping me see these movies in a new light. David.

    Just looking at the Dome/Obelisk it reminds me of the alignment of our chakras.

  2. I just saw La Dolcha Vita the other night. There is a berserk scene where the main character (Marcello Mastroianni) follows Sylvia (a Marilyn Monroe like American starlet) up some dizzying spiral stair cases to the top of the DOME in the Vatican. As they ascend (and HE is obviously pursuing HER) the weaker part of the entourage fall away.

    There is a finale of sorts where they get to the summit, and it is an obvious rear screen projection of the obelisk in Vatican square (is that the name?) there is an "almost" kiss and her hat flies off in the wind.

    THe symbolism is so thick that it must have been intentional.

    But the hat flying off is, in essence, a flying saucer. And the "almost" kiss takes place with the obelisk in the background.

    Chris - if you haven't seen this amazing film, when you DO watch it - plan on being positively stupefied by the onslaught of imagery. Whew!


  3. DDJ- Wow- I totally forgot that movie. Don Cheadle is a frickin' awesome actor- I'm psyched to see him as Rhodesy, even though Howard seemed more physically suited to the role. Nic Cage flix always have something weird going on in the symbol realm. Cheers for the heads up.

    C!- Anita Ekberg! That's one of history's finest specimens of female pulchritude, not some "starlet!" And of course- Fellini was a master. That film was made just as some of the early AAT material was starting to pop up in Europe, so you may be onto something.

    I was thinking about rockets vs flying saucers. I haven't seen any of the speculation of the science, but it seems to me that flying saucers are not the ideal vehicle to reach escape velocity. The more I think about them the more I see them as terrestrial- ultraterrestrial.

    BTW- This to me is in my personal Top 5 most important Secret Sun posts.

  4. Two satellite images, one of the dome/obelisk in Washington DC, the other dome/obelisk in the Vatican.;read=161042

  5. Really really like this post.

    What you don't say, says it all.

    Believe it or not, we have an obelisk right in the middle of the Plaza of little downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. It was erected in 1868 and is dedicated to the memory of those who fought the "savage" Indians. In 1974, some "vandal" removed the word "savage". See it here:

    And then I’m curious about the loan of an obelisk from a Santa Fe artist to the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC. I don’t quite know what to make of this article about it’s installation in DC: “One of Scholder’s sculptures, Obelisk, 1987, is on permanent display on the museum’s grounds, its dark color an appropriate counterpoint to that other Washington obelisk.” Looks like the obelisk was recently returned to the New Mexico Museum of Art. The obelisk was cast in 1987 at the Santa Fe Art Foundry.

    Links about Scholder's obelisk here:

    Our New Mexico State Capitol is called "The Round House", and of course it is quite round, but no dome, as far as I can tell. The Round House does have its own sun symbolism, per Wikipedia, "The building was designed to resemble the Zia Sun Symbol when viewed from above, with four entrance wings that protrude from the main cylindrical volume."

    There's also another obelisk in memory of Kit Carson only a few blocks away here in town, who was a Mason.

    While I haven’t seen it myself, an obelisk also marks the Trinity Site in New Mexico, where the first atomic bomb was tested July 16, 1945.

    I’ve been to DC twice in the last 12 months, and have spent a lot of time looking for these symbols, which are kind of hard to miss, as they are right in your face.

    However, this stuff is everywhere, once you begin to look. Even in my small town.

    Pax. Kimberly

  6. If the obelisk is the phallus, where is, uh, the rest of the equipment?

    All of the mythology is startlingly similar to the cargo cult mythology. When you don't have the key, the imagination runs wild. Which is what always strikes me when you read some of the explanations for this symbolism.

  7. Sorry - I'm on a roll. I shouldn't have a second cup and then read the secret sun.

    I googled DOME OBELISK and look what came up first!

    At first glance, it's hardly noteworthy. But, check out the reoccurrence of the number 17

    "ES 17 Grand Obelisk"

    And the terms throughout:
    Rose = Rosecrutions
    Gardens = Home of the GREEN man
    Hampton Court Palace = a palace and former royal residence in south west London

  8. A simple and powerful post. First my jaw dropped, then I immediately remembered this dome and obelisk:

    Note the photo of the trylon-and-perisphere tombstone on that Wikipedia page.

  9. i live in a quaint wee village in scotland just outside of glasgow and i reckon there is one obelisk per town where i live

    what do you tink would happen if they had to all start ..em..falling down.

  10. Chris,
    Tom Horn tells where the rest of the equipment is right here:

  11. C!- You got the magic touch!

    David- Ah, yes. I need to pore through that world's fair imagery and see if there's any other AAT-related goodies.

    Baab- Ahh, my antient homeland. Well, one of them at least. How's the snow there?

    Algiz- I can't figure out what Horn is going on about half the time but he did mention the connection with Ra. That makes perfect sense, since Ra was one of only two Egyptian gods who lived in space. So of course a rocket would be his symbol. That connection really hit home during the Swiss minaret controversy.

  12. the snow has begun to melt which is a bit of a relief
    kids bored with it ,still cold but no ice age regardless of the medias intentions.

  13. CK - I was thinking about rockets vs flying saucers. I haven't seen any of the speculation of the science, but it seems to me that flying saucers are not the ideal vehicle to reach escape velocity. The more I think about them the more I see them as terrestrial- ultraterrestrial.

    Those pesky ultra-terrestrials like using symbols too. I wonder if they read The Secret Sun?

    I like Carl Jung's observation that the 'flying saucer' related to a mandala or the totality of the being / soul. I wonder what Carl would make of all this if he was alive today. Would he have quietly withdrawn from the scene like Vallee has done?

  14. I think Uncle Carl didn't really have access to the data, which he admitted. It's a shame he didn't live a few more years.

  15. ''Cleopatra's needle''.That's how they called them in the nineteenth century,when they brought them in London,Paris and New York.Sounds like journalist's humour.

  16. It always baffles me how Christians like the aforementioned Thomas Horn can write for pages and pages about the "dying and resurrected god" Osiris and not comprehend the obvious connection. Cognitive dissonance is a terrible thing. (Yes, I know, the Devil plagiarized it ahead of time.)

    Old and New Testaments, of course, are the "testes" of the Washington Monument. "The Seed is the Word of God," once again.

  17. I'm beginning to think that there's a metaphysical connection to woman as "ships" ie. space ships. And all spaceships have a "doc" where smaller ships can "port" usually in the rear. I haven't noticed but doesn't DR WHO needs to travel with a female and his ship is called a TARDIS aka STAR ID (ship). The character JACK is not romantically interested in the female but they no doubt feel wood and give them their hearts. Is there some specific reason why a woman must travel with him. Dan Winter would call this phase conjugation, creating a sparked charge. Sparky. Everyone needs a start up.. something to get them going. Women are thought to be electrons revolving around the Protons (father) and Neutron (son) and inside the womb (nucleous) is where the subjective story is told for each ATOM. The Proton / Male force is a positive charge which emits and is controlled eletrically, while the female electron is controlled magnetically, much smaller than the proton, but many more popping in and out of space. This glow, heat, charge, can be transfered but requries the electron revolving spin to light up. The symbol for an atom contains the shape of the hexagon with the typcial image of a atom having 3 loops of eletrons. Perhaps a bliss ignition, is nodependent on truth, but clever lies and fairytales (see
    and video;
    ) to be told to capture the heart so that the one steering the ship, the male, can take flight, have lift off. We are hypnotized to see what we see and who do we serve, what is gained and for whom? Is the show really out there while we stand on the hypnotizer's stage and we just cant see through the illusion because we are either electrically or magnetically controlled, producing heat for a SPACE SHIP or an OVERLORD WITH A BIG EGO.

    Could these movies references be pointing to how we are fuel for those who have trapped our minds in a simulation and are feeding off of our experiences, throwing in a few hints along the way to tease us with the trick that we are under some deep sleep, a dream, under the spell of several majicians? Why not? Too many hints seem to point to an over arching handprint of avatars.

    Just a thought.

  18. Eleleth-I like the Horn and testes sync.
    Also this makes me think of the incredibly huge cut stone blocks at Baalbek in Lebanon. Maybe the Atlantian's were using it as a launch pad, and then later the primitives who lived near there erected obelisks as Rocket knock off's.

  19. Well, I note that the Vatican has a dharma wheel
    surrounding the obelisk, and the "dome" was most probably inspired by the stupas in India.

    All in all, the Solar God cultss have more similarities than differences.

    Circumambulation around a stone, or a mountain or in search of the singularity of the God particle
    from the Kailash to the Kaaba to CERN.

    No wonder Shiva stands outside CERN. Same concept.

    The obelisk is reminscent of the pagoda, which
    the Chinese at least admit was built to attract lightning, something lowlanders might have found useful.

    Love your work


  20. Thank you so much for the Cargo cult information.

    Brilliant. I had been looking for this.

  21. Great link on Baalbek, Tower of Babel

  22. WOW... after being a lurker 4 EVER I just had to chime in on this one to say that I believe you may truly be on to something here... really truly, YESSSSSS. My minds are doing happy dances and will likely be partying for dayz now ~ very awesome.

  23. I disagree. These words from the article are rather telling:

    'This mostly unfamiliar fact is what legendary Freemason, Manly P. Hall, called "the secret destiny of America." It is a vision mirrored in the design of the streets, government buildings, and other artifacts important to the founding of the United States, including the Great Seal, where the phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum is prominent. In his second inaugural address, George W. Bush said of this phrase that when the founders of America placed it on the Great Seal, "They were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled." '

  24. umm, i dont know what to think of this post. First off, it seems racist. Kind of like the Jay Z post. The more i think about it and read about cargo cults it makes a little more sense, but not much. Especially with all this symbolism, people see others doing it, so they start doing it. I would love to have a part 2 with some more elaboration.

  25. Patrick- Maybe they were just shy about the (alleged) phallic connotations!

    Eleleth- Tom Horn's just trying to make a honest buck. Look at all of the advertising he punches you in the face with on Raiders. I wouldn't try to make too much sense of it.

    Anony - Interesting thoughts. Maybe the ship is the woman- the womb. The protective vessel, like the old sailing ships.

    77- Baalbek. Yes. Don't hear too much about it these days do we?

    Song- Thank you! Interesting ruminations.

    WB- Ha!

    JR- Cheers!

    David- I wrote about that ancient hope in the Election series.

    Justuss- Racist? Uhh, no. Everything you need to know is there. This post is to inspire your own thought processes. Do some reading on how icons may come to be seen as sacred. Is the difference between accepted religious tradition and a cargo cult just a matter of time?

    Think on it, my friend.

  26. I'm assuming by using the cargo cult, you are suggesting our repeated constructions of domes and obelisks are like symbols of awaiting the return of whatever alien species was once here.

  27. (another two cup morning)

    Once again - this post fit's into the motif of the creative script writers and the mythic imagery that seems to well up in corny hollywood movies.

    I simply can NOT imagine a meeting between our founding fathers and some anointed architects where they devise a mystical plan for the capital mall. There is assuredly some historical record on how the Capital and the Washington memorial got created (and I'm to lazy to pursue that, so I'm just spouting off) and they quite certainly wanted to convey something GRAND and impressive. They were smart folks, and I am sure they wanted to imply some inspiring symbolism. They were probably familiar with the "classics" so they had Rome and Greece as grab bag of imagery to steal from.

    But, I truly doubt they sat in some secret meeting hall with fellow initiates of ancient knowledge and said: "We are all 33rd degree overlords of hidden knowledge, and we shall follow the pre-determined architectural plan handed down to us from the hallowed halls of ancient Babylonia and the cosmic celestial beings that created us..."

    That's the stuff of a lame Nicholas Cage movie.

    I don't think it happened with the Vatican either.

    But - I have to think that SOMETHING happened. Some sort of subconscious inspiration got overlaid with the conscious (and the power of the creative process) and we ended up with that striking Dome / Obelisk imagery.

    The "Cargo Cult" photo at the end was a sneaky zinger. And it forced me to think.

    The implication is that we - all of us or just the anointed elite - are somehow imbued with a deep subconscious set of symbolic images, and these will well up to the surface without our knowing it.

    The "Cargo Cult" is different. They would have actually seen an airplane, and quite probably touched it (and I bet some of 'em even got a ride! More fuel for the UFO abduction analogies). But, the architects of Washington DC and the Vatican were obviously never walked thru the ancient pre-egyptian monuments built to worship some ancient astronauts who tweaked our DNA so we could magically stack gigantic blocks of granite in "their" honor.

    I'm not getting to any sort of conclusion with all this...

    The question remains.

  28. The dome and the obelisk long predate Washington DC or the Vatican. They were unspeakably ancient by the time of the Caesars.

    Same argument with the tracing boards- symbols passed down over the centuries whose actual meaning has long been since forgotten.

  29. Chris... You are BRILLIANT... I live for this blog...You are enlightening people eveyday and I am so greatful to be one of them! This is such a powerrful post and something people need to see and accept... Thank you. :)

  30. Thank you so much, Gina. Glad to have everyone along on this journey.

  31. For further insight into mankind's endless obsession with the obelisk, I highly recommend Peter Tompkins' "The Magic of Obelisks." It's utterly fascinating.

  32. By the pictures you posted Chris, you've gotta be referring to this post about Tom Horn's latest book - or there's something 'else' at work here....??:

    Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed

    Domes, Obelisks, and Magic Squares, O My!
    How the Most Powerful Nation on Earth Beckons the Evil One
    Posted: January 11, 2010

    Remind me where Michael Jackson's death was announced??: oh yes, THE APOLLO, HARLEM...

    Also remind me about the series from the BBC here in the UK which has been running now for 5 x series (BBC = 223 = 322...): Live from the HAMMERSMITH APOLLO - Hammer of Thor, Smith = Blacksmith = Vulcan and smith = teacher....oh myyyyy dot dot dot... Rabbi also means... teacher...

    Are we all being 'utilized' to invoke Apollyon/Apollo/Osiris....aka Satan the A/C??

    Watching and learning as always

    Big love,

  33. ps - if you don't yet believe in the chemtrail phenomena Chris - meet... me!


    Chemtrails Man Made Sky

  34. Hey Suky-

    Good to see you! It's been a while- hope you a great Christmas! I hope you're coping with all of this horrible global warming we're slogging through.

    As to Horn and the rest of it, I can't make heads or tails out of this Apollyon 2012 stuff. It's giving me a bit of a y2k flashback. But I do have tremendous admiration for Horn's business skills. He's obviously got quite a nice little racket going with his Survivor Mall and publishing company the rest of it. Everytime I check that site he has more and more merchandising to sell. Everyone who gets scared by the constant doom and gloom and hellfire and brimstone he puts out there on Raiders can buy gas masks and flashlights and iodine pills and dried rations, all at a healthy markup!

    If he's got an extra $10,000 to give away in his 'secret code' sweepstakes he's gotta be doing something right! I'm glad someone is doing well in this economy. Go Tom!

    And oh- believe me. I see chemtrails a lot around here.

  35. the obelisk is sculptural
    the dome is spacial

    the dome / sphere is the minimal surface area to enclose a space

    the Obelisk is Zenith, the Greek's metaphor relates to the accumulation of water droplets from varying heights. This forms a palimpsest for extrusion.

    since the obelisk is known spine metaphor, the kundalini and namely the magnetic plasma / blood trails of the Sphere / Domes ... drag, gravity, resistance, etc

    geomantically, we see the tips of the domes are highlighted giving the impression of a Concentric grid while the tips of Obelisks are also highlighted they would seem to be node or intersecting line.

    the sex symbols are standard, but as symbols of dualism they make for playful thoughts

    oh btw, the new Fringe episode is an episode from Season 1, so Charlie is back which has given rise to speculation of his return from the parallel universe. Note the girl in this episode is 17.

    I did a cool post on Up in the Air, GeorGe Clooney's new movie is good, GC

  36. Chris-
    On one of your recent posts I clung to some paranoid ideas about why NOT to see AVATAR, full- on in the theater or iMax. So have you seen this ? ---->
    ( now peeps are reporting being depressed after seeing said Avatar large numbers )
    Wonder if there's actually a pattern there, and if there's something less obvious, but very significant about Cameron's new high-tech tale and its exotic delivery system? Things seem to be getting more interesting!

  37. James- Thanks. It's always helpful to have an architectural student on hand, particularly one with a mystical background.

    Thrace- Yep-twittered that a couple days ago. Not a surprise at all- when you offer such a completely immersive alternate reality it's a hard comedown to come back to this horrid un-alternate reality. Definitely a cautionary note as we proceed towards the construction of virtual environments. By the same token, that article did seem to have a high DQQ- drama queen quotient.

  38. Good to see that the Trylon & Perisphere futurismo-deco angle got picked up on... there was a Victorian border design known as "egg and dart" with Egg symbolizing Life and Dart symbolizing Death...

  39. prolly said before ...

    space-x = space-sex ??

  40. nice blog, there is alot to these obelisks ;-) obelisk8 . blogspot. com

  41. An echo of a collective memory, perhaps? Cargo Cult, definitely, in that we know the form but have forgotten the function. "There was the Round Thing, and the Tall Thin Thing", we know. Like the rattan and palm-leaf airplane in the final picture, we sense it is Important but have forgotten any tech of its construction or use. For all we know, they were part of the Intentional Panspermia scheme we occasionally discuss, the Tall Thin Things being like spears or needles that come from space and penetrate the ground (sperm and ova), a resultant blister (dome) of incubation being the result. I speculate, of course.