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Astronaut Theology: The Star-Sailor

The ancient historian Plutarch tells us "That when Osiris reigned over the Egyptians he made them reform their destitute and bestial mode of living, showing them the art of cultivation, and giving them laws, and teaching them how to worship the gods." OK, that's a fairly standard story across the ancient world, particularly in these high civiliations.

We also know from the old myths that upon his second death, Osiris "was translated to the nether regions where he reigned as 'Lord of the Underworld and Ruler of the Dead.' Here he presided at the bar of judgment and assigned to the souls of the departed their proper reward for virtue or punishment for sin."

Again, not unusual in the context of ancient mythology.

But I do have one problem with all of this. If Osiris is consigned to the Underworld...

...why do we always see him sailing around the stars in his flying boat?

I realize that this was an ancient civilization with a whole host of cults with different cosmologies. And I do realize that this was all very symbolic and mystical (where AMA- 'anything means anything') but there seems to be a basic contradiction here that I can't wrap my head around.

This isn't just a question of some outlier cult with their own mythos, this cuts to the core of what (we think) we know about this enigmatic belief system. Particularly this idea that the Pharaohs became Osiris and death and went to join with him in outer space. There's a distinct whiff of cargo cultism about all of that- a secret that was lost and attempted to be retraced.

This also ties directly in the theology of the Great Pyramid, inarguably the most compelling architectural work in human history. We know now about the alignments of the shafts from the so-called King and Queen's chambers.

Orion and Sirius are the best known, but there are also the Ursa constellations, one of which is embedded into the state flag of Alaska. How fascinating that we saw not only Sirius symbolism during the last Clownshow Presidential election, but also Ursa Major personified by former Gov. Sarah Palin. What are the odds?

You gotta love these coincidences...crazy stuff.
But not only do we see these depictions of Osiris shooting around the stars, we often see him showing the other gods the way to something or other. Now I know there is this elaborate cosmology surrounding all of this, but ask yourself- what if all of that was added on later?

And then there are images like this, with Osiris and Horus in their flying disk, and Isis leading them to the stars. Again, maybe there's some elaborate mystical code for all of this, but the way I see it, the image itself is much more compelling and powerful if taken at face value. But that's just me, that's just something I enjoy.

But there's also the fact that Osiris was adopted by other cultures and often depicted as a man piloting a flying disk. Again, is there some mystical interpretation to be drawn here? Maybe. But which interpretation do you think would be more impressive to an ancient race- the mystical or the literal? What do you think would inspire a greater sense of awe and amazement in the ancients- the distant, nearly invisible movements of the heavenly bodies, or bunch of guys scooting around above their heads in a flying disk?

I'm pretty sure I know what would impress me.

Things can get a bit anomalous in this light- here's Osiris in a ressurection chamber being, uh, resurrected. Note the coiled snake at his feet. For some reason, I can't help but think of that snake in the Denderah lightbulb/not-lightbulb.

I also can't help but think that maybe no one wants to consider the possibility that this extraordinary civilization could have worked out the science for a simple electric light fixture on its own. Why? Because that might lead people to begin to question what other secrets we haven't been told. Maybe if you pull on that one thread the whole tapestry will come apart.

Being a lifetime geek, I can't help but look at that Osiris image and think back to the thousands of comics and sci-fi book covers with the exact same motif- a resurrection chamber, powered by some exotic form of energy, bringing the dead back to life.

Stargate fans will remember just such a device in the original theatrical film. How interesting then that the Air Force was so interested in "helping out" on the Stargate TV series.

Then there are images like these, which show some strange kind of energy transfer from the body of Osiris into the enigmatic, undefined Djed pillar. We saw the pillar (or a version of it- the term Djed is nebulous in the extreme) supporting the weight of the Denderah lightbulb/not-lightbulb, and here we see this transfer of solar and stellar energy into what looks more like some kind of a protective suit than some nebulous mystical abstraction.

Again, another icon well-familiar to hardcore geeks such as myself. Here's an image from Jack Kirby's prophetic OMAC: One Man Army Corps, showing a similar kind of energy transfer into his new form.

Humor me, just for a second: what if the original revelation behind all of these star-sailor images was lost? What if this ingenious culture compensated for that loss by embroidering this complex and fascinating mythology around it?

This is not a moot point by any stretch of the imagination. Why? Well, consider the hundreds of billions being funneled into the various space programs- both public and otherwise - during this excruciating worldwide recession. We've come to take it all for granted, but 'space stories' are no longer just a back-page footnote- they're front page news, every day now. There's more going on up there than at any time I can remember.

Then think back on all of the stories we've looked at here that link ancient Egypt and space colonization- the new OSIRIS-REX rocket is only the most recent (and egregious) of this constant association. Don't fool yourself- the people in charge of these programs are not flakes. They're as serious as a heart attack.

So why does any of this matter? It matters because it obviously matters to people making decisions that affect all of our lives.


  1. My blog is backup but not as Mercuries Messenger, just encase you wanted to check it out. I really liked your idea about creating new holidays. It kinda goes hand in hand with what Joesph Campbell said about how we need a new religion/dogma that works for now.

    Read this if you have some time...

  2. Chris,

    there are also plenty of the same kind of resurrection stories from the JAINS of India.

    If we go to the Greeks we can read that the priests of Egypt that taught the Greeks claimed their knowledge came from the much older Atlanteans.

    I might be mistaken, but wasn't it Alexander the Great whose scribe recorded that when they approached the Indian civilization through what is now modern Afghanistan, they were attacked by men on flying silver shields?

    It seems that the sheer mystery that is ancient Egypt often distracts us from looking at the Indians. We distracted by the mysterious glyphs and enigmatic stone structures and forget to consider the knowledge that is brought forth by the Indians to the present in texts like their Mahabharata and their Vaimanika Shastra.

    I've long thought the key to understanding the Egyptians lies in researching the available information preserved by the Indians.

    It would seem to me that by relative position to one another alone, Egypt and India would make a great "landing zone" for refugees from a vast culture that may have existed in that quake-prone abyssal expanse that it the Pacific Ocean.

    Or perhaps the two are simply the remains of the great war of the Ramas and the Vedics.

    An maybe the general discounting of historical record by historians archaelogists and anthropologists through peer pressure, grant control and tenure revocation is just a good way for greedy men to keep their hands on dangerous information and technologies.

    If we're kept ignorant of our former glories or greater potential we are far more agreeable and likely to acquiesce and submit to subservience under those who wish to control and direct the masses.


  3. That "BOAT" shape in the first form is curiously similar to the depiction of a WORM HOLE. If you need me to, I can dig up some references.

    This "BOAT" image and it's worm-hole analogy is at the heart of a presentation I saw by your comrade William Henry.

  4. Mr. Knowles made note of the Resurrection-Chamber in this post, and how it appears in ancient egypt and in pop-culture.

    The late great Mac Tonnies was unashamed of his delight in the pop-culture imagery. He was especially drawn to scantily clad and very curvy women encased in curious sci-fi tubes. The fetish aspect of this was not lost on him (or me). That guy had an amazing mind, and these links to his blog are proof of his genius.



    from this link, go to the bottom of the post, and note the multiple links:
    "For more, click here, here and here."
    And, if you really wanna get lost in the labyrinth, click here:

  5. For the curious, as it is sometimes difficult to find online these days, you can get a PARTIAL (some info & end chapters missing) english version of VYMAANIKA SHAASTRA at This Link,
    and more info about ancient craft at THIS LINK

    as for the Mahabharata, you can find it through at This Link


  6. Hey Chris,
    I know how they built those pyramids,
    It's no secret :)

    thinking that it took us 2000 years of technology to found out we still don't know anything.
    this is a great link too

    sorry if this has nothing to do with your current post.

  7. Sorry for the double post,
    but why do we spend so much time trying explain ancient history when we could all play video games and have real history tought to us.
    I never played Halo on Xbox but today I watched this episode of the cartoon serie and was left speechless.

  8. Thanks for the Coral Castle link Daniel, it's lead me down quite the interesting rabbit hole...

  9. "Don't fool yourself- the people in charge of these programs are not flakes. They're as serious as a heart attack.

    So why does any of this matter? It matters because it obviously matters to people making decisions that affect all of our lives."

    THE truest words you've written here, Chris.

    It would be easy to dismiss so much of this as the product of human imagination, and not worth serious consideration, if it wasn't taken so seriously by the wealthiest, most powerful and, ostensibly, intelligent people in the world.

    Why is it not just seriously considered, but an obsession of the elite? That's the question that needs answered.

  10. i'm goin to go with, "the distant, nearly invisible movements of the heavenly bodies," for $600 Chris.

    get out your grimoires - Jay Z and Muse headlining coachella, funny.

    I liked the link awhile back about how Jung looked at the heavenly bodies, and how its dangerous to be used by fools. Kinda like masons saying their stuff is to not be shown to the profane.

  11. hiya chris,while you are soaking up the coral castle stuff, pay attention to the equipment shown,especially the chains hanging from the equipment and then have alook at the gravitational experiments by john hutchinson in his early videos.

    the coral castle stuff is fascinating but the info is limited.

  12. "But which interpretation do you think would be more impressive to an ancient race- the mystical or the literal?"

    Maybe the "mystical" WAS/IS literal. It doesn't have to be about spaceships-- it could be about some inner transformation. Something like using innate human powers to contact multidimensional (or outer) beings.

    Perhaps a way to use all that "junk" DNA... or the pineal gland. That would would make more sense than nuts and bolts craft.

    Because let me ask you something-- all technology, no matter how advanced, is imperfect and is subject to the law of entropy. Therefore, where does a UFO spaceship go when it breaks down? Is there a Triple U?

  13. Ehi Chris,

    A friend just pointed me to the "Assassin's Creed 2" finale video....Its's one of the best selling videogames at the moment (spoiler inside)

    Also i recently watched this documentary on Akhenaten called "Egypt's Lost King"......No revolutionary theories of course, but it gives hints to some thinking.

    Be well

  14. Chris Said...
    "You gotta love these coincidences...crazy stuff.

    Orion and Sirius are the best known, but there are also the Ursa constellations, one of which is embedded into the state flag of Alaska. How fascinating that we saw not only Sirius symbolism during the last Clownshow Presidential election, but also Ursa Major personified by former Gov. Sarah Palin. What are the odds?"

    There NO coincidences!!! I'm not kidding. many people think that these events are coincidences? They are not. They can't be. You clearly see the symbolism in everthing! I have said many times before, all of this is being plannned...all of it.

    The problem here is that I could impart a books worth of information on this topic of ORION. You have no idea how SIGNIFICANT the Symbolism of ORION is over all.

    Without writing volumes (I'll do a future post to discuss it further) for now let me comments on Sarah Palin to prove a point.

    ORION – The Key To The Kingdom Of Heaven!

    Orion California!

    Sarah Palin – The PAIL – The DIPPER
    Sarah Palin Book Tour = RAHS PAIL KABAAH ROUTE = R-OZ (ROSE) Little DIPPER Kabaah Route 66

    The release of Sarah Palin’s Book Tour corresponds to the Olympic Torch Relay. On November 16, 2009, the flooding (Southern CA is still flooding today & more expected)that began in the Pacific Northwest coincided with the kick-off of the Palin interview with Oprah Winfrey. The next day, the 6.6 earthquake in the Queen Charlotte Islands, which occurred 666 kilometres from the site of the 2010 Olympics, coincided with the launch of Sarah Palin’s Book Tour. At the same time the Olympic Torch Relay is playing out as it passes over the exact point on the Queen Charlotte Islands where the 6.6 earthquake occurred.

    The Torch Relay then circles the northern territories of Canada and before dipping down below the 4 Corner Cross of Nunavut Territory, circling the area of the Canadian Shield (Orion’s Shield), before heading to eastern Canada and making its way along the St. Lawrence on its way back to Vancouver and the 2010 Olympics.

    THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE! This is initiating even more sacrifice and suffering.

    Sarah Palin = Another Queen of Heaven

    Ketchikan Alaska/Al Aqsa is the state that relates to the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, the Mount of Sacrifice. The Foundation Stone, or Judgment Stone, is located under the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. The Islamic Al Aqsa Mosque/Alaska, stands only a few yards from the Dome of the Rock, and has been destroyed by earthquakes numerous times. The vertical border of Alaska points exactly to the Islamic Shrine at Mecca Saudi Arabia. Alaska’s capital city is Juneau/JUNO, the ancient Roman Queen of Heaven goddess, or the Queen of the Flood of the Nile in the sky. This symbolism is fulfilled with the person of Sarah Palin, ex-governor of Alaska, who, this very week of the Haiti EQ, has taken on a new position with the FOX TV network.

    Drop the S, P and L in this name, and the subliminal emerges.

    The Dome of the Rock was finsihed in 690/691 AD. Considering that we now experience this illusion in 2010 and soon to be 2011, this totals 1320 years.


    Check out the new post, I think you will like it. This one's for you. - DS888

  15. Still cranking here at Secret Sun Central, but this is a great round of comments with a very tasty range of POVs.

    I'll dig in in a while but let me just clarify what the Astronaut Theology posts are about. The basic premise is that people in power in certain places- who are almost entirely hard-assed left-brain types- are very interested in UFOs and AAT. Not because of historical or scientific curiosity and certainly not out of mystical rumination- but because they are constantly looking for ways to maintain and expand their power.

    That's what really got me on the scent of all of this stuff after more than a decade of not thinking about it one way or the other. It was my study of symbolism and symbolic language that opened my eyes to all of this craziness, which since I began this series has only become more ubiquitous.

    I'll check back in later.

  16. Chris said..."But I do have one problem with all of this. If Osiris is consigned to the Underworld...

    ...why do we always see him sailing around the stars in his flying boat?"

    This may help...

    The colours within the dark hexagon pupil represent the colours seen in the IRIS of a human eye. This name IRIS is derived from the Egyptian sun god Os-Iris, & is the root word for symbolically establishing the thought of the Christ, THE SUN GOD, rising from the dead: Christ being the light shown in the iris colours, & death being the black pupil.

    Let’s have a look at this word OSIRIS.

    OSIRIS = O – S – I – RIS

    O = the symbol of the All Seeing Eye

    S = the symbol of the serpent prince, or the heavenly queen

    I = the symbol of the All Seeing Eye as the one supreme god

    RIS = to RISE

    OSIRIS = OZ-I-RISE = The Wizard of OZ Rises As A 3D Illusory Plane
    This is subliminal messaging. Subliminals are all around us and lock us into a state of hypnosis almost impossible to escape.

    This is the foundation of the Order of the Rose – Christ RISING, or the Christ who ROSE, from the dead – & the order of death. Suggesting there can be no resurrection unto eternal life without death, as symbolized by the black pupil.

    Osiris was the Egyptian sun god of life, death & fertility. He was the father of Horus, the Rising Sun god, the supposed saviour of the world. HORUS is where we obtain the word HORIZON, & the name of the State of ARIZONA in the USA. However, Osiris also had the title of Redeemer & Judge, just as Jehovah does in Christianity. Jesus is synonymous with Horus. Jesus is the son of Mary & Jehovah, just as Horus was the son of Osiris & Isis.

  17. Mike Clelland! said...
    "That "BOAT" shape in the first form is curiously similar to the depiction of a WORM HOLE. If you need me to, I can dig up some references.

    This "BOAT" image and it's worm-hole analogy is at the heart of a presentation I saw by your comrade William Henry."

    The stars have nothing to do with UFO's & Space Ships!!! Mike, you are more correct with the idea of a BOAT! Here is why & how.

    Hypnotic numbing caused by the number system & we become radical in energy, (the illusory spirit), & are manipulated at will. (The word RA-dical also contains an incantation to the sun RAY god, the LIGHT BEAM GOD).

    This is the necessary element required for the illuminati agenda to work. Everything must polarize & point the same way. This is hypnotic suggestion. It doesn’t matter if we point north or south, just become radical & point in unison with the masses around you. Every word with the shun sound in it is manipulating everyone.

    Another word/sound association which should be mentioned here, is the sound & the symbolism of the word star.



    The Milky Way is know mythologically as the Great Nile Flood In The Sky.

    The STARS are symbols of WATER, & the significance of the STAR, as a symbol of SACRIFICE. The symbolism will further extend to Los Angeles, or LA, Hollywood, & the STARS of the film & recording industries count heavily in the luciferian agenda.

    The connection between WATER (not space) & the luciferian agenda will become exceedingly clear. Suffice it to say, the AGE of AQUARIUS, the FLOOD of NOAH, the GLOBAL WARMING RISING SEA LEVEL, etc. … are all one & the same. The STAR, & especially the 5 POINTED STAR, the SACRIFICIAL STAR, is a symbol of WATTAGE, or WATER, meant to implant the suggestion of the world being cleansed by WATER as a PURIFICATION, or BAPTISM of a system gone astray.

    The word STAR is just one of hundreds of simil-AR words (see what I mean) which use reverse symbolism & sound association. AR stands for RA in reverse – the ancient Egyptian sun god Amen Ra. Ra in turn is associated with a ray of sun. Again, back to sun worship. Furthermore, Ashtar (or Astarte – A-STAR-TE) is an ancient Egyptian goddess of love and beauty. The letter S in star suggests the serpent entity, or the deceiver.



    The names ASHTAR & ASTARTE, mythological Queens of Heaven, mean STAR and in turn are subliminals for WATER SACRIFICE.

    ISIS, another Queen of Heaven title, also means WATER SACRIFICE & the subliminal as ISIS = ICEY = HIGH SEA.

    Mother MARY, another name for the Queen of Heaven, once again means WATER SACRIFICE as MARE means SEA in Latin.

    MARE = MARY = MARRY = The Marriage of the Lamb of God or the MARRIAGE/MARY of the SACRIFICIAL LAMB

    One further symbolic form of the word STAR representing the FLOOD, or WATER SACRIFICE, is in the word STAR reversed.


    In India, RATS are revered as gods to many. RATS are allowed to run free, in countless numbers. This is symbolic yet again, of another FLOOD or STAR, a WATER SACRIFICE.

    Just how significant the United States is concerning the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS for TOTAL CONTROL is almost indescribable, & was never meant to be uncovered. Patiently bear with these words as more groundwork is laid, to assist in understanding the complete lunacy that has pieced together this whole agenda, & for that matter, the entire UNIVERSE.

  18. Chris,

    I have some questions regarding a lot of these memes you discuss. I am more or less pursuing writing fiction, and as a writer, I was hoping you would share your insight in to this world of symbols, more specifically the role of the artist in using these symbols, consciously of course.

    my e-mail is KLAB2021@GMAIL.COM
    won't take too much of your time and would mean a lot.

  19. Chris,

    my apologies in advance and sorry to digress from the topic, but I would like to comment on a comment for the commenter! ;{
    as it might end up somehow being beneficial for all the Secret Sun readers (esp. those who read the comments by DS888!), I've made my comments here.

    I hope you may kindly indulge my comment/reply to DS888 in the midst of this topic - but if not, just delete it - with no offence taken!

    (in 2 Parts to fall within the post size limitations)


    DarkStar888 / BK,

    I was having a conversation not so long ago with a couple of friends about the very concepts that you attempt to convey - this all-pervasive illusory MATRIX that we have caged ourself in.

    The conversation started out innocently enough with a political discussion but soon progressed to those deeper subjects that you often attempt to elucidate.

    I found the hardest thing for them to grasp was the beginning, the initial HOW? and WHY? of the matter...

    How and why did we come to be encaged in this self-perpetuating MATRIX / CONSTRUCT and why do we continue to be stuck within it?

    I noticed, through that conversation, that the words themselves that we are given/created to communicate within this MATRIX / CONSTRUCT are our enemies. They limit our ability to express anything to the contrary of the MATRIX / CONSTRUCT. We are lacking the correct words to contravene what we experience within it and thereby lack the words to adequately explain it.

    I found them falling back in conversation to the limiting definitions that we have for our daily experience. The seeming neccessity to categorize, and thus impose restriction and limitation, on our experience of things and events within the MATRIX / CONSTRUCT. Through that conversation, a little thought experiment was born...

    I had them stop for a moment and try to forget all the hypnotic suggestion that has been given to them by this MATRIX / CONSTRUCT... you know the kind... men are bad by nature and need guidance and leadership. Chaos would erupt without government. People would kill and rape and loot in times of trouble... bascially the worst, even the best, of what we are convinced of on a daily basis - and while I agree that these things appear to be the case and the norm WITHIN the MATRIX / CONSTRUCT, would the very same be true without the MATRIX / CONSTRUCT suggesting it to us !!?!

    So forgetting these hypnotic suggestions, I had them imagine themselves as "gods" or at least extremely powerful beings with the ability to shape and mould a 3D reality. I told them to imagine being tricked, led into a situation where and by others of their kind invited them in to a 3D sensory experience.

    END PART 1


  20. BEGIN PART 2

    The TRICK was, that upon entering the 3D experience, they would give up their "power" (which in truth can never really be given up, though I'll try to cover that part shortly). Upon entering this 3D experiential MATRIX / CONSTRUCT they would be tricked, through the hypnotic suggestion of the experience to give up their power to perpetuate the experience itself.

    Once hypnotized and immersed in the experience, they would no longer remember exactly what they were and the "power" they once had. This MATRIX / CONSTRUCT would then provide all necessary experience in a total attempt to fully prevent them from ever discovering that they once even had such "power".

    In essence, as the "power" itself can never be lost, they are tricked into believing they have none. In this illusion and through this hypnotic suggestion the MATRIX / CONSTRUCT then accesses this "power" for "its" own use, while continuing the illusion of near helplessness to the experiencer.

    The MATRIX / CONSTRUCT provides us with limited alternatives so that we end up saying and believing the things, which may or may not be true, but are the things that the MATRIX / CONSTRUCT "wants" us to believe so that we remain oblivious to ourselves and our true nature.

    It was pretty much at this point that I could figuratively smell the smoke from the neurons frying in the heads of my friends. I explained that the most difficult thing to do to grasp the possibility of this particular concept and subject was to forget, or even set aside momentarily, all the many many hypnotic biases that have been installed by the MATRIX / CONSTRUCT and simply try to conceive or contemplate the possibility of such a MATRIX / CONSTRUCT actually existing.

    Once we are within the 3D experience we are taught (hypnotized into believing) limitation within the experience. From our words, our religions/faiths, NEWS, all aspects of it are carefully crafted by the MATRIX / CONSTRUCT to ensure that we remain oblivious to who and what we actually are, while it essentially milks us of our forgotten "power" to provide itself with the "power" to extend the 3D MATRIX / CONSTRUCT experience. The experience it provides, through the suggestion of our need to survive and/or to prosper within its constraints, limits our ability to ever escape it.

    In this thinking, this 3D MATRIX / CONSTRUCT thing has become not unlike a parasite, that needs the host to believe, through its hypnotic mechanisms, that it is powerless while it feeds off the true forgotten "power" of the experiencer/"host" in all-out effort to perpetuate itself.

    I hope You can see how, in light of this, even the words you (and I) might use in attempt to describe it, like "LUCIFERIAN" are part of the very same hypnotic schema used against us to prevent any real revelation by this 3D experiential MATRIX / CONSTRUCT. Everything we begin to "focus on", whether the experience or the "conspiracy" or even the very idea of the MATRIX / CONSTRUCT itself is used by this MATRIX / CONSTRUCT against us.

    In the end of the conversation, we being at different levels of understanding and ability collectively found it to be most beneficial to simply try to ponder the answer to "WHAT WOULD WE REALLY BE, or BE LIKE, if this MATRIX / CONSTRUCT concept were real, and then, was no longer capable of trapping us within it with its hypnotic controls?"

    END PART 2


  21. Good post Chris. Great discussion going here. I'm still enjoying the reading of all the comments.

    I found this to be a very interesting to:


  22. Quarkie- Cool- I'll check it out.

    Strangey- Oh, I'm with you 100%. Not only the Indians but the Chinese as well. The Indians had missionaries in Egypt, particularly in Alexandria. Quite a back and forth in those times. And yes- when you steal someone's past you can control their future.

    C!- I saw that on his site a while back I think. And damn- it's a shame Mac never dropped in on the Sun.

    StrangeyII- Excellent. I will definitely check those out.

    Daniel- Yeah- the Coral Castle. Another great artifact from that golden era of great America eccentric visionaries. Cheers for the links.

    Nick- Again, that's the whole point of this series. It's one thing when someone writes about this stuff on the internet, it's another when it begins to pop up in places it doesn't belong. The information is out there, but it's ignored. But that doesn't mean people aren't acting on it. Quite the contrary, actually.

    Justie- Cool- glad you dug that Jung page. Excellent quotage.

    Baab- Cool link- never heard of him before. Cheers.

    Anony- Hmm, that's above my paygrade. I'm sure that all technology eventually breaks down and is replaced.

    Nick- Whoa! That was cool. Favorited- I'll look into that further. Wild!

    D*888- I was being facetious- did that not come across? But cheers for the Hotel California post- that's a song I always think about the lyrics when it pops on the radio. Worlds within worlds....

    As to the Osiris stuff, the Egyptian spelling is Ausur or Wesir. Osiris itself is an English rendering of a Greek word. Which makes everything all the more complicated, no?

    Caleb- Drop them here, brother! Share with the class. If I get stumped one of the readers may be able to help.

    Strangey III - Tell the people! You got a major new post cooking for the SE here. Take it to red zone, my man....

  23. Opening my own "New Age" shop. Should be up and running by next month. Keep an eye out on my blog for details. %10 off for all my sycro guys and dolls.

    Chris where/how can I order your book. Do you have the book company available?

    PS I will have an account with Inner traditions. Go to their site, it's mouth watering books. Least for me it is.

  24. Hey,

    Don't forget that the Phoenician letter "Samekh" looks a LOT like a Djed. It's meaning is "support" (also a kind of fish). The Hebrew version of "Samekh" looks like an Ouroboros.

    Interesting, no?

  25. Anony831-Thanks, my friend. Jedi comments here quite often- poke around.

    Quarkie- Good for you, my man! The book is available through Red Wheel Weiser, who I'm sure you'll come across in your travels.

    Agonus- Oooh- thanks for the tip. I'll check that out.

  26. Thats I see a few book I wouldn't mind having on there "Jung and Tarot
    An Archetypal Journey" looks like a winner.

  27. Chris..."D*888- I was being facetious- did that not come across?"

    Acually now that I think about it, yes it did come cacross that way, but I was a little enthusiactic as usual. Thought you like the Hotel CA post. Take care. :}

  28. strangeye

    i think i agree with you in regards to language.
    just a question or something to think about.
    whenever you use the word MATRIX do you feel slightly beaten because whomever you are talking to will think you are a sc-fi fan and kinda believe the movie and it therefore negates your obvious intelligence, and the point you are trying to make.

    ..i was to old to get into role playing games but was invited along to one with a large group pf we designed our characters etc..but when the game began,i became my character and related to the others as my character...this ruined the game for the others because they wanted just to roll the dice and .....i dont know...i think i made myself clear. ha aha ah ha

  29. lyrics to Come Sail Away - Styx (river in underworld)

    I'm sailing away set an open course for the virgin sea
    I've got to be free free to face the life that's ahead of me
    On board I'm the captain so climb aboard
    We'll search for tomorrow on every shore
    And I'll try oh Lord I'll try to carry on

    I look to the sea reflections in the waves spark my memory
    Some happy some sad
    I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had
    We live happily forever so the story goes
    But somehow we missed out on that pot of gold
    But we'll try best that we can to carry on

    A gathering of angels appeared above my head
    They sang to me this song of hope and this is what they said
    They said come sail away come sail away
    Come sail away with me
    Come sail away come sail away
    Come sail away with me

    I thought that they were angels but to my surprise
    They climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies
    Singing come sail away come sail away
    Come sail away with me
    Come sail away come sail away
    Come sail away with me

  30. Bravo,

    That was excellent once again my brother...

  31. @baab LOL! I was "talking" to DS888 and anyone else who was "listening"!

    As to feeling beaten... sure I'm human (at least partially ;) so some days yes, some days no. I'm nothing if not a complete contradiction! Some days I hang with rocket scientists and some days I'm a dumbass.

    The point was, there was no point! I was commenting on a comment for the commenter :{ and sharing a little experience I recently had with his particular expression of the "MATRIX" concept.

    I don't believe the movie, per se, as it is simply the Wachowski Bros. entertaining interpretation and perspective of a much larger and deeper concept.

    A concept (although difficult to reconcile at times) described by Brian Kamila at illuminatiMATRIX

    Hopefully that clears up those concerns you have.

    ps: I am a huge sci-fi fan and I read comic books on the loo too!

  32. well been pretty busy and exhausted past few days, but to see if i can get a fire going, here goes... in a nutshell I had been down for a few days, pondering some of these mysteries. namely the post on the sherlock holmes movie got me thinking about symbols and intent. As an artist i cant help but use these symbols consciously, but if these 'powers that be' are doing the same thing for more nefarious reasons, whats to distinguish positive and negative intent, especially in regards to the larger memestream out there. seems like there would exist a reasonable answer. but if im intentionally and consciosuly using these same symbols, abeit different reasons, how am i sure my intention wont ultimatly result in benifiting them? How do we as artists responsibly use symbolism, i suppose whould be a good question, if anyone wants to take a stab at that, loved to hear. i havent read into it much (as theres much i haven't, Im sure) did go back and read some Joseph Campbell which set me at ease, as always does. Ill try and grab some of those quotes if i ever get the time, although he should be considered required reading anyways. but i feel like im either on to something very deep or just rambling nonsense. but keep up the great work, and to all the cats breathing life to this blog.
    most frivolously...

  33. This was just posted on Facebook. An excellent compilation of NASA anomalies...

  34. Strange Eye...great comments over all. You are awakened my friend. Keep up the reading & research. Thank you.

  35. Here's the clue: it appears SATURN was either the former Sun before Sol or it very close to the Earth;
    the rings across the globe is what
    was later symbolized in varied ways as the Crescent & Orb, then turned into a "boat". The stars around it are Saturn's moons. The hebrews worshipped the Sabbath as Saturday/Saturn. Saturn DIED and will "resurrect".

  36. in relation to what chris said about saturn ..
    would that mean that if hu mans are under the influence of a different sun would we then be like SUPERMAN and have extra powers that will reveal themselves...hhhhmmmm.