Friday, January 15, 2010

Dome-Obelisk: Addenda

Domed habitat of the gods.

Domed habitat for future astronauts.

Minarets (segmented). Section at top for human occupancy.

Multi-stage Saturn rockets (segmented). Section at top for human occupancy.

Dome. Obelisk. Sirius.



  1. So, my husband and I just finished watching the latest episode of Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" series. It was about the predicted future calamity expected in 2012. Many of the bunkers being built in preparation are dome-shaped. So of course when I saw your latest post about the dome/obelisk/ synched. Cheers!

  2. Okay - I am googling image for SPACE MOUNTAIN in Disney world. A dome of sorts.

    And I wanna get CINDERELLA's CASTLE (with it's multiple minarets) in the same photo, they are rather close.

    But I can't find any pictures on line of both.

    Space mountain was originally presented as a ride that would "create" the feeling of being in space. They had NASA astronauts there as part of the inauguration in the mid-70's.

    Cinderella's castle? I'm not sure, a place of fairy tales? She went thru a mythic transformation...

  3. because what is life with out the male and female?

  4. Hagia Sophia, where world's collide
    Also has fountains that look like ufo's
    Taj Mahal also has similar style

  5. Ciao Chris,
    just dropping in to say wonderful theory as usual. It weird that things like these go unnoticed.
    If you ever come to milan go to the "Banca d'Italia" building in the city center near the Duomo. All around it there are a subtle swastikas carved into the building. Impressing when you know the meaning of the symbol (not the stupid nazi one).

    Anyways, Mike here are some pics for you

  6. "Cool- record it in your Sync Log!"

    All I hear now is Captain Kirk saying "Captains log etc..."

  7. C!- Nothing quite as quaint as retro futurism. Especially the 70s variety.

    Anony- Well, considering the predominant life forms on this planet- bacteria and related micro-organisms- reproduce asexually, I'd say that's an open question.

    77- You know I originally put up the Taj and then realized it's a mausoleum, so the narrative wasn't quite the same. The Hagia is quite a trip.

    Daniel- I'll look it up- cheers.

    QO- I hear Picard's voice, but that's just the way I roll.

  8. They, the Elite, are going to destroy the Western USA.

    The rock under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The main manipulation tool in the luciferian agenda. The Rock that the elite who run the world have built their agenda upon.

    Watch, Wait & Don't React...The 11 Western US States are the Next and Last 9/11....and yes, the word "LAST" is a literal meaning!

    This is not a joke or some lame understanding of SYMBOLISM. I'm trying to WARN you all. They are going to ATTACK the Western US with the Big One. You haven't seen anything like this yet!!! Think BIG, Think in terms of losing "WHOLE STATES" or worse! Yes, it will get that bad.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news people. The Sheeple need to wake-up. I'm not here to create FEAR...I'm just a Truth Seeker!!! Please heed the WARNINGS & do your own research.



  9. Birj Khalif – The Big Erection – 8 Days To Orgasm

    The Birj Khalif, the world’s tallest building, opened on January 4, 2010. This was compared to the Big One, as in the sense of a Big Erection, able to cause a Big Orgasm, or the Big O, or more literally, a Big Earthquake. Exactly 8 days later, on January 12, 2010, the Big One that they’d been expecting to hit Haiti for years, came to pass. The number 8 – symbolically, the number of control, was used once again.

    Now, from George Washington’s birthday, of February 22, (a Monday, or Moon Day), in the midst of the 2010 Olympics, and February 21 (a Sunday, or Sun Day), together creating a symbolic representation of the Sun and Moon, or Sol-o-Mon’s Temple of sacrifice, the countdown begins to the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and all that will unfold till then. This span of days, and years totals exactly 888 days.

    January 12 – 2010 – 12/01/10
    Its been reported that this was the BIG ONE for this particular fault line. The similarity of this fault and the San Andreas Fault of California are identical. They’re referred to as an Enriquillo-Plaintain Garden Fault.

    As you go through the HAITI EARTHQUAKE symbolism, keep in mind the names of:
    YEMEN – MAYAN – HAITI – all of which are closely aligned to 18 Degrees N. The country of Haiti is in the CARIBBEAN SEA = ARABIAN-C that borders YEMEN, as does the RED SEA.

    January 13, 2007 – KAPSTONE rings the OPENING BELL @ NYSE or SION.

    The NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) or SION, moved into the 8,000 range in August, the 8th month. Then in September, the 9th month, they moved into the 9,000 range. In October, the 10th month, the Dow Jones index moved into the 10,000 range. It stalled in the 10,500 range for all of October, November, December, and now in January its starting to move towards 11,000, at the same time as the calendar moves towards 2011.

    On the day of the Haiti Earthquake, a company called KAPSTONE/CAPSTONE, (pyramid capstone – the primordial mound), rings the opening bell.

    The date:

    January 12, 2010 = 12/01/10
    This is corresponds to the 10 and 12 times tables of SoloMon’s Temple.

    The sacred geometry tables of manipulation and sacrifice.

  10. One more thing to add Chris. Take care my friend...I'll be back later.

    The Dome of the Rock was finsihed in 690/691 AD. Considering that we now experience this illusion in 2010 and soon to be 2011, this totals 1320 years.

    1320 divided by 2 = 660 and 13+20=33 and 3×11

    1320 = 0123 or 123 which coincides with 3 on the 11th clockface, which suggest the Pyramid (3) of Death (11).

    3+11=14 which in turn = 1+4=5 or sacrifice, or 3+1+1=5.

    14 coincides with 2 on the 2nd clockface, the number of DUALITY, that the whole luciferian agenda is based on.Obviously a sacred number in the whole Sacred Geometry scheme of things.

    The size of one ACRE of land is 66 feet x 660 ft.

  11. the last picture under why? is an X, it wont load, could juss be me and my piece of crap pc

  12. Not to worry, J- there is no picture there.

  13. @ Christopher Knowles, I honestly prefer the original Captain, Christopher Pike played by Jeffrey Hunter.

    PS My real first name is Christopher. And my real middle name is Hunter. Interesting to say the least.

  14. the Star Trek badge looks like a dome, obelisk and pentagon overlapped.

  15. I'm here watching the Fourth Kind and in the meantime checking the secret sun on my other laptop, while i turn back to the movie Mila is paging thru a Sumerian book showing the word SHEM... :)
    Couldn't get better than this :) Apologies for the off-topic but I thought was a nice Secret Sun related sync
    Stay gold Chris

  16. an obelisk is a thing (sculptural)
    a dome is a place (spatial)
    a star is a person (Crowley?)

    person, place & thing

  17. I have to say, when people use the term "sheeple" it really turns me off. Because when you say "sheeple" you're talking about brothers, sisters, moms, dads, Uncle Joe, the woman that runs the animal shelter down the road, the guy that delivers my mail.... No "sheeple" just doesn't do it for me.

  18. most of the rides/attractions at Disney World are sponsored by some shady corporation. nasa obviously being a shady corporation. i've heard theories that the dome and obelisk thing is phallic symbolism and energy is derived from it. without a doubt it's representing something.

  19. the cup / dome
    the staff or sword / obelisk

  20. James Ratte said...
    "The Star Trek badge looks like a dome, obelisk and pentagon overlapped."

    Good point James, you are correct.

    The Dome of the Rock Shrine in Jerusalem, & the Quartered City of Old Jerusalem, is the intended configuration of this religious site to fulfill the symbolic & manipulative principles of the luciferian agenda. The Islamic Dome of the Rock & the Muslim Quarter, along with the Christian & Armenian Quarters, & the Jewish Quarter, are purposely set up in this fashion to create the angst & hatred necessary to manipulate political & religious events throughout the world. There never was any intention to have it be any other way. Together, all these Quarters (the number 4), bring together all the CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM to manipulate & instill a deep hypnotic trance state that is used to establish our illusory reality.

    Now for a look at the most important piece of real estate in the physical 3 dimensional realm. Not from a edifying or beneficial point of view, but from the most destructive, death ridden point of reference you will ever see. Multi millions of people around the world have suffered, died, killed & were enslaved over what this piece of rock emcompasses.

    The "Foundation Stone" or "Rock Underneath the Dome of the Rock". This is considered to be the Holy of Holies location of Solomon’s temple, of the Jewish faith. It is the threshing floor of Mount Moriah, (the inspiration for the illuminati name – Moriah Conquering Wind) where Jews & Christians believe that the Kingdom of the Messianic Age will be centred around. This is the ROCK that is symbolically, the CHRIST. It is also the location where Muslims believe Mohammed ascended into heaven & is the location, in Islamic folklore, where the Judgment Day will take place!

    The Elite believe this you know what that means Anon? Yes we are all SHEEPLE. Don't get hung up on the word & get all insulted & things. If you are not awake & aware then most people, as my family happens not to be awake mostly either, I call them sheep to. It just a word, a metaphor! People do what they are told. People run, not walk, to get their delicious H1N1 Shot. The shot might just kill them on it's own!

    As humans, we accept too many things that are unacceptable

    Example...You have to ask yourself, “What are four jet aircraft doing flying in exactly the same direction, the same distance apart, at the same time of day, leaving an exhaust trail that doesn’t go away?” Rather, they EXPLODE with all kinds of nasty stuff in them. Here’s an example of what’s been found in the Chemtrails. 6 BACTERIA – 9 CHEMICALS – 26 HEAVY METALS (including arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, uranium, zinc, barium, magnesium, aluminum…breathing aluminum and magnesium together can cause blood clotting and strokes) - 4 MOLDS AND FUNGI – 7 VIRUSES – 2 CANCERS – 2 VACCINES – 2 SEDATIVES, etc. For an excellent video of information on this please go to


  21. Guys, guys, guys- did we forget about the chevron already?

  22. Ds888, when does syncro mystic musings become dogmatic? Hail Isis! Dennis

  23. yep, thanks for the recall ... good night Professor Knowles.

  24. Here in Barcelona, which is also calle the Phallic Capital of the World, we have a tower called Agbar Tower, it's indeed nicknamed "la polla" (the phallus), and it sits right exactly next where Plaza Glories is, which, if you look at this image, you'll see what it looks like from the air....
    No signs of domes nearby tho...

    Many obelisks around here in Barcelona, not to mention symbols all around the city, having been built by people like Gaudi and others...


  25. Here in Baltimore we have the original Washington Monument. My father told me it's at 0 (zero) 0 (zero) longitude latitude. I have a few "crazy" stories about this monument. Anyone who was following my blog may remember. It is right near this where I met Buzz Aldrin and to keep with the C.Knowles chevron theme. This was during the Baltimore Book fair and some guy gave me and my oldest sun a star trek patch of a chevron for free.

    The OG Washington Monument:

  26. Christopher, have you ever written about "The Truman Show"? Searched your site(s) but couldn't find any references. I was re-watching it last night and could not believe that I had never caught an awesome sync in the first scene of the movie: a stage light falls from the inside of the *DOME* where the main character lives, into the middle of the street. It's Truman's first signal that perhaps reality isn't what he has always thought it to be. The light itself has something written on it: "Sirius(9 Canis Major)"!