Friday, January 08, 2010

Stairway to Sirius: Serious Mysteries, Part 1

OSLO - Obama's speech at the Nobel ceremony really caught my attention, in that it wasn't a peace speech at all. It was an apology-for-war speech. At a crippling cost to the homeland economy, the US military is expanding its reach all over the Middle East and Central Asia, now to Yemen. Oil is the obvious motivation behind all of this, but it doesn't explain the mad dash made to the Baghdad Museum during the 2003 invasion, nor does it really explain Dubai, which has no oil.

DUBAI - Even though the citystate is riddled with debt, there seems to be a worldwide effort to prop up Dubai as the de facto world capital, with a skyline straight out of Jack Kirby's most delirious fever dreams.

Nothing explains Dubai, if you follow conventional thinking. What was once a backwoods fishing village became the most incredible cityscape the world has ever seen essentially overnight. And it's smack dab in Oannes' old neighborhood, a fact I just can't seem to shake.

And then there's the issue of the blue gods walking through the golden Stargate that loomed directly over Obama's head as he gave the speech.

You know, that little trifle.

Now, call me crazy but I file that little conjunction in my "Intentional Symbolism" file. What exactly it means is open to interpretation. But it leads me on occasion to flights of speculative fancy where I see Washington divided not along right and left, Republican and Democrat, but pro- and anti-alien camps. The anti-camp isn't too hard to pick out, if you were so inclined: the Neoconservatives, the Religious Right, the Pentagon, some of the Intelligence agencies. These are the people running the show, who believe that if aliens ever showed up on our doorstop, it wouldn't be for tea and biscuits. It would probably be to negotiate the terms of surrender.

Washington 1952-a show of force?

Who would the pro-alien camp be? Hard to say. Maybe those who see the ruling classes on this planet as soul-sick, corrupt and auto-destructive, but impossible to dislodge at this stage in the game. Who know what a dismal, hopeless state things are in and believe a roll of the dice is preferable to World War III.

Or it could be those who believe that contact is inevitable, is imminent and the best thing to do is to negotiate the best terms of the handover. It could be those in the diplomatic corps, in the civil services, in the sciences, the thinktanks, maybe the officer corps- people who've been looking at the UFO phenomenon post-Hiroshima and believe that our atomic tinkerings have triggered the next stage of the game.

Now, understand this is all speculation. Maybe it would make for a good sci-fi movie. The fact of the matter is I don't believe any intelligent species would even approach this madhouse without overwhelming technological force, so any pro- or anti- maneuvering would be meaningless. But I've often thought the UFO phenomenon struck me more as reconnaissance, sort of like what the military is doing in any number of countries as I write. But I've still yet to come across a single shred of truly compelling evidence about who exactly is flying those things up there, only that they've been up there forever, not just after White Sands.

This interview with Robert Temple (author of The Sirius Mystery, among others) caught my attention, since it synched with memes we've been looking at popping up in the media lately- particularly the water and Sirius memes. This interview caught my ear because Temple reveals that the Dogon people believe that the Nommo didn't return to Sirius, but are in orbit around Saturn, hibernating. That could be total nonsense for all I know, but it reminded me of 2010: The Year We Make Contact, a film maybe all of us should rewatch.

There's another interview with Temple worth watching. In it he talks about the grief he got from a certain intelligence agency, which makes sense if indeed there are people in power worried that Temple's theories may in fact be based in truth. Temple himself is connected up to his eyelids, but only a naif believes there aren't sects and cliques and factions galore in the power structure, constantly fighting for dominance. Temple's tied deeply in with the China/Alliance crowd (I'm not sure if the Obama crowd is yet), which is one of the 'pro-alien' factions in my fevered reveries.

Who knows about any of it? We're just shooting the breeze here. But it's interesting that once the Buffet-Brzezinski crowd put the neocons and theocons on a short leash around 2006, all of this weirdness started appearing in the memestream again, after being nearly invisible during the glory days of the Bush bunch.



  1. JTB had a reverence for water. Was he a spokesman for Oannes? The Fraternal order of Freemasonery has high regard to John TB. If we could communicate with dolphins, the true story would shine forth. The year we make contact? Dennis

  2. You're not crazy at all Chris,
    Growing up in a haunted house surrounded by Egyptian pyramids, Buddha statues, with a good library filled with esoteric books on the kabalah, occult, magick, etc and located in front of a church.

    I will never call your observations crazy.
    Preach on brother.

  3. I often wonder what it meant to be an apprentice artist a few hundred years ago. I'm not sure is art "school" is even the right term. Would it be art "conservatory" ??? But as an artist gained skills that would have (I suspect) been taught in a very strict way, would part of this initiation have been learning the secret meaning of metaphors and symbols?

    Some metaphors would be so obvious as to be understood by everyone (like a dark cloudy sky implies drama). But what about the more esoteric symbols? (the halos around the heads of saintly figures) and the downright sneaky stuff, like all the stuff implied in the DaVinchi Code.

    I was in art school in the 1980's, and all that mystical symbology was lost and gone. But, was it ever formally taught? Was it a secret initiation passed on from teacher to student? Or was it passed on from an institution to it's subjects?

    Did those memes somehow get embedded into our sub-conscious?

    They seem to be welling up now all over the place, where are they coming from?

    I'm just pondering aloud, and using this forum as my platform. But this stuff really fascinates me.

  4. I too have never understood why we prop up Dubai, the Saudi Princes not only have blood on their hands with their own people, but the blood of Americans and Europeans as well. It's all such a sham, and we keep dancing with the devil, and for what?

  5. Hi, Chris you are on to something.
    Temple in his early days was approached by family friends linked deeply to freemasonry, but he also says he never had the time to join the lodge and rise in the ranks.
    The Nommo coming to earth as a 'one' way trip is intriguing because that seems to be the 'brotherhood' meme lately in hollywood. Specifically linking to Dennis Quaid, a high ranking Brother. The films that quickly come to mind are the 'children's' animation about 'false' star gods Battle for Terra, meeting an alien race and then living there.
    Pandorum the live action Nommo movie is about a long term mission to far off star -a one way trip. The mission goes wrong when the crew hibernates beyond their awakening. They land on an Eden -in the Ocean of the planet. So is this Secret Sun scenario of 'awakening' water gods coming 'home', our way?
    Nasa seems to think so, they are funding more 'deep' space missions and their new 'eyes on the sky' wise is perfect for spotting a 'ship' within our solar system.

  6. Snowed in last weekend, watched bits and pieces of 2010 on YouTube. Something near the beginning almost made me jump out of my skin. Around 2:33, watch for the magic date when Heywood Floyd filed his report on what happened to the Discovery mission.

    Oh yeah... birthday wishes to David Bowie, as well as "The King" and Robby Krieger.


  7. I also find the Catholic Church's regular homilies about et's as strange. It's like they're expecting the ship to come down and the blue creatures pop out and ask to give confession.

    I think the blue humanoids in our popular culture may have more tangibility than just myth and scifi. And I'm speculating tech like microsofts project natal might be one way we'll start interacting with them in the future. Which was another not so subtle meme that popped up in Avatar.

    As a speculation, the theocons and the hardcore military inustral complex types vs. neoliberals when it comes to disclosure is an interesting theory. I do know Cheney and his ilk wanted nothing more than to militarize our entire culture. Maybe he was thinking in advance to a future when he could mount an attack on our ET pals when they popped in for a chat.

  8. Not only are occult symbolism and aliens everywhere these days but most other taboos are also mainstream. Porn, gambling, pit fighting, tattoos, hard on pills all normal and accepted.
    Always popular but still strangely illegal are our old friends opium, cannabis and mushrooms. Funny how ever since the Brits attacked China over the opium trade that boogeyplant poppy has stayed close to the action in the West. Viet Nam and now Afghanistan were both the major global hubs for poppy flower production, that's the real flower power.

  9. Chris have you had the time to listen to John Lash's interview on Redicecreations?
    I believe it fits perfectly with what you have been discussing here.

    bon weekend.

  10. HuffPo goes with the Anti-Nuke Alien theme here:

    I can't help think of W. Reich, Liquid Sky, The Matrix, KeAhNu...

  11. Dennis- Oh yes- John - or Ioannes- is the key to many mysteries. Note that the Jews - and others as well- thought the destruction of the Temple was God's punishment for John's death. Incredibly important figure and I bet there is a huge corpus of Johannine writings hidden away somewhere. I have no doubt there was around the time of the writing of the Gospels, which the writers had to contend with.

    Daniel- Wow- interesting upbringing! Thanks for the kind words.

    Mike- I always recommend Man and His Symbols by Jung. Symbolism is a funny thing- symbols come and go but never really go away. But as I always say the entirety of human verbal communication is itself symbolic.

    Matt- M-O-N-E-Y. There is no right and wrong in the world of money. As to Dubai, well that's the question at hand isn't it?

    Anony533- Just a sec- What is Quaid a high ranking brother of? Brother of the Nommo? Do you have any links with information on that? Help me out....

    Jason- Wow- good eye. December 9. That's a great flick, btw. Very underrated.

    Mark- You know how it works- after a takeover the first to get the axe is management. As to the Vatican- yes. It's very strange indeed. Especially given their track record on accepting new facts and theories. They tend to wait a very long time. But they'd know with their records and their telescopes, right? We'll see.

    77- I think the entire concept of outlawing a plant says it all about how insane our culture is. The real issue isn't crime or morality, it's the power of the pharmaceutical lobby and their shills in the media.

    Daniel- I did, but I don't know if I agree with his thesis. The Mysteries were very powerful but very much of their time. I don't think we can't go back to worshipping the old gods because they were gods of nature and the Earth and our evolution is taking us away from all of that. As to his views on Christianity, I certainly don't think Catholicism, Anglo-Catholicism, Mormonism, Coptic and Eastern Orthodoxy are themselves destructive or evil in practice or theory. In fact they are very similar to the Mysteries in many ways and have brought us great music, art, culture and architecture.

    Either way- thank you very much for the heads up. It was very interesting.

    Davidly- Wow. Huff post- there you go. An outlier or a precursor?

  12. I'm not sure how any group could possibly be pro or anti alien-- what would their stance be based on? We don't even have the slightest idea what an alien would look like, let alone what their "viewpoint" would be.

    How can you align with something you know nothing about? Even if they exist, they may have a totally different view of reality. What is the consciousness of an octopus like? I think it's a huge assumption to think aliens would have fingers and toes and eyes and mouths, or that they're bothered about our political situation. Would you fly half way across the universe because you're worried about an alien species use of atomic weapons? Just thinking out loud here.

    And anyway, the only REAL way aliens can offer us anything would be if they have figured out how not to die. If they're mortal like us, then they're in just as much of an existential crisis as we are, regardless of how "advanced" their technology is. And if they aren't mortal, then we aren't dealing with "aliens" as such, we're dealing with something more along the lines of angels... or demons.

    Just food for thought.

  13. Daniel- thanks for the link. I really loved his book,John Lash, Not in His Image.
    Listened to the first hour, he brings up how we are becoming more demented, due to the fact that humanity has become much more reliant on technology and further away from nature. This is not a new theory and seems to be a major tenant of occult beliefs, heavily in europe before WW1, and probably back to ancient times.
    Great food for thought on the psyche buffet.

  14. Anony- Well, that's the question, isn't it? We do have a rough guide as far as DNA is concerned, especially as it pertains to consciousness. We're also learning that the Universe runs on a set of principles, so there's no reason to imagine that exoearth A or B would be much different than our own.

    But this is you and I talking- there may be people who know a LOT more than we do.

    77- Lash tells you up front he's influenced by Nietzsche. And yes- I did find his viewpoint to be very refreshing.

  15. I hope you've read the story of past week ( :)

  16. Yep- Twittered it. Dolphins and gorillas are the biosphere's native version of higher intelligence. And what wonderful creatures they are. Elephants too. And of course we're going out of our way to destroy them.

    Chimps are smart, but they're f-ing evil scum. Sometimes I wonder if that's what we're engineered from, which would certainly account for how evil we are.

  17. Anony533- Just a sec- What is Quaid a high ranking brother of? Brother of the Nommo? Do you have any links with information on that? Help me out....

    Sorry Chris, i was sure it was public knowledge that Dennis Quaid was a Freemason. But the only links to stonecutters i found so far are the characters he plays, and movie symbolism in the films. I was sure i saw an article or broadcast where he was talking about the good work Masons do, which they do. But i can't find the documentation, living in Montana and doing charitable work locally, could point to fraternal membership too.
    To mention Masonry by non-masons seems to bring about a 'conspiracy' allegation I don't mean to imply that at all.
    A quick choreography as it applies to Secret Sun style imagery.
    Dennis Quaid played astronaut Gordon Cooper a 33 degree Scottish rite brother in The Right Stuff. In 1984 he starred as a psychic entering people's dreams in Dreamscape, shades of project Stargate. Where Masonic interest in Time travel appears is Frequency 2000, i remember a 'rose' window or heart of stained glass there. In Good Company had a Masonic blue type organization taking over a firm, the 'Ceo' Master of the 'system' was played by Malcolm McDowell. Which has a whole synch to Kubrick Clockwork Orange. Apocalypse chaos, and rebirth is seen in the Day After Tomorrow. Flight of the Phoenix of an aircraft crashing in forbidden wastelands speaks for itself. Vantage Point, JFK style assassination of the President. Horsemen of the Apocalypse is just loaded with esoteric symbolism, numerology, door numbers, tarot references. The final two i mentioned that caught my eye over the symbolism of 'aliens' -us in this case invading other stars, Terra, and Pandorum seem to fit the current. Dennis Quaid is also in Legion "When the last angel falls, the fight for mankind begins". This is an interesting body of work with symbolism that could point at fraternal membership in a lodge. I was sure i read an article somewhere where this talented actor was discussing freemasonry but maybe i am mistaken. As symbols and synchs though the art seems to follow his career.

  18. An obvious link to Pyramids, mars and ancient astronauts is Total Recall where a character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger was named Quaid. A great film which kind of fails in the third act, not due to Phil K Dick short story, but more to Paul Verhoeven disbelief in aliens. The interview i saw before that film opened in 1990 was of a giggling Verhoeven laughing at 'aliens' on mars, because he was a mathematician and physicist, before a 'filmmaker'.
    It just goes to show you how certain names and symbols follow the sync sphere.