Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stairway to Sirius: Avatar, Pandora and the El-Osiris Effect

Note name change on post- I struggled last night to come up with a title and one came to me after a good night's sleep...

Well, the synchronicities keep on coming....and pointing in the same direction. That being that elusive water-world somewhere out there whose fingerprints keep popping up in the Memestream.

It was a nice day and the missus and I decided to enjoy the sunshine and run some errands. Before we left she mentioned that friends of ours wanted to borrow some DVDs from our library. They're sci-fi fans too and I recommended the mini-series version of Dune as we left the house. We made a stop at the used book store and as we pulled up in the lot we were talking about synchronicity.

The store has a great bargain section where you can get books three for a buck. But you have to be check in often since the turnover is so high and you never know what will show up.

But speaking of Dune, there was a Frank Herbert book in bargain bin- The Lazarus Effect, from Herbert's 'Pandora' series.

Yeah, we're going there.

Here's a quick overview of the setting for these novels, taken from the Wiki entry for The Jesus Incident:

The surface of the planet Pandora is 80% seas in which lives a type of kelp which appears to be sentient. The land is populated by a number of predators who are efficient killers requiring people on the planet surface to adapt to a highly stressful lifestyle living within a fortress. The main fortress is known as Colony, a small city that is predominately underground.

The planet Pandora itself with its non-human inhabitants is another main character of the book, echoing a strong version of the Gaia Hypothesis. As the book progresses, the reader discovers that the kelp, the hylighters, and other creatures of the planet appear to be linked into a large entity with a shared consciousness, Avata (!).

Linked to a shared consciousness called Avata. Well, ain't that a kick in the pants.

Here's a quick synopsis of The Lazarus Effect, replete with AstroGnostic significance:

In The Jesus Incident Herbert and Ransom introduced Ship, an artificial intelligence that believed it was God, abandoning its unworthy human cargo on the all-sea world of Pandora. Now centuries have passed. The descendants of humanity, split into Mermen and Islanders, must reunite... because Pandora's original owner is returning to life!

Here's a more indepth description:

On the ocean world of Pandora, mutant humanity diversified into two groupings, the Islanders and the Mermen. The Islanders tolerate any mutation, any deformity, as long as it is not dangerous to the community. The Mermen strive for their vision of pure humanity, revolted by mutations, seeking perfection.

The Islanders have adapted to the ocean life-style, going with the currents on their great living islands. Their lives are often harsh, difficult and short, there are too many deformed, maladapted people and too little space, too little food.

The Mermen have rebuilt a high-tech environment beneath the sea. They struggle to restore the old Pandora, as it existed when humans first arrived. To achieve this, they must recreate the land, make islands in this wide ocean. However, both societies have adapted to a world without surface land and they may no longer be willing or able to readapt. The Mermen strive also and restore consciousness to the world-spanning Kelp, but in the early days on Pandora it was this self-aware Kelp that threatened humanity and it was humanity that destroyed it.

We looked at Avatar in the context of water planets in the last installment in the ongoing Stairway to Sirius series:
Solaris is ostensibly a Soderbergh film, but fits more comfortably in the James Cameron canon, who took a very active hand in the film as producer. Solaris initially looks more like a blue sun in the film than a water planet, begging Sirius comparisons. What's more there's a good chance Solaris had a major influence somewhere along the line on Cameron's Avatar, given its themes of alien identity and a sentient biosphere.
Which inspired reader Astronut to point out that :
Plenty of watery significance to Avatar methinks. Didn't you notice how the flora and fauna of Pandora seemed quite marine life inspired. Then there's the blue skinned naavi bringing mermaid imagery to mind more than anything else. And what with the Pandora atmosphere being unbreathable by humans, Cameron's fantasy world just seems like the ocean with all the water drained out!
So we have Pandora and 'Avata', no less, along with mermen, a water planet, artificial intelligence and alien creation/intervention all in the series that I hadn't even heard of until this afternoon.

Strangely enough SoapFan namedropped Herbert in the Avatar post comments.

And as I've said many times in the past, whenever a controversy pops up in the media over a film, it's usually designed to distract us from the deeper issues at play. The ridiculous potshots that ideologues of every persuasion are taking at Avatar only obscure far more interesting repercussions from the film- this direct link we now have through Herbert's Pandora books to the mysteries relating to Sirius, the Sirens, Oannes, and on and on. Just as I said on William Henry's program- keep your eye out for this very powerful constellation of memes.

But it gets better...

The first book in the Pandora series was Destination: Void. What do we see on the book cover? A domed habitat, just like the ones we've been talking about the past few days.

What are the odds?

The second book? The Jesus Incident. Here we find a book cover with the rocket/obelisk motif.

We're batting a thousand here.

After The Lazarus Effect comes The Ascension Factor, with the Mermaid/Siren that kicked loose all of this madness to begin with...

... when she/they appeared on the season finale of Californication.

Here's an alternate cover for Void. This ties into a post we'll be looking at in the very near future. If you're thinking "Osiris", your intuitive/perceptive powers are very well-honed.

If you go back and read the posts from the past two weeks, you'll see strange hints pop up in the news. Like this recent story speculating on strange aquatic creatures the Japanese call the 'Ningen', who may or may not be swimming in Antarctic waters.

Or recent calls for dolphins to be treated as non-human persons. Not to mention that incongruously watery COP15 logo in the city of the Mermaid.


  1. earlier tonight i picked up a copy of the fantastic fourgraphic novel,into the breach,thew story being 'marooned', ff vol 3 no.41
    The four head off into the negative zone and the first thing they encounter is an olde world ship called ,pandora.
    I also watched Land of the Lost,tonight , with will ferrel,and as soon as he entered another dimension he lands next to an old viking ship with a cessna impaled in its heart.
    funnily enough the inhabitants of the ship in the ff story have an old king james bible with a cross on the front also.

    My method for synching up with the world is usually to turn on the radio and then begin reading something else or articles on the net and if the radio states the same word as i am reading it,i jot it down.(it hass to be at the exact instant or it does not go on the list.
    i have a vast list which makes no connected sense other than a connection on the day of sync.
    The reason I keep the list is to show others how frequent this occurs,as no one believes me when i relate this info to them.

    the frequency has intensified and now i get maybe five or six per day .

    I reckon the odds in getting one per lifetime must be quite low so..........

    anyway that aside ,good morning chris.

  2. Saw this one a few days back on Graham Hancock's site.
    Seventeen year old rowing across Atlantic for blue planet for charity

  3. sorry chris,
    destination void
    destination,the negative zone.

  4. just adding to the heavy synch-watching with a couple on a more personal level...

    @baab - in the last 24hrs I re-watched the Fantastic Four movie "4: Rise of the Silver Surfer"

    @Chris - before the f4 movie the missus and I had watched a movie that was filmed in Winnipeg, Canada called "The Lazarus Project" (w/d by John Glenn - not to be confused with the astronaut/senator/pilot of the same name)

    Whilst typing this, I have the radio is tuned to C2C and Ian Punnett just said "Fastastic Voyage" twice... mere seconds after I typed the word Fantastic into the @baab Fantastic Four synch paragraph above.


  5. Wow! I really need to get those books. I do remember reading either The Jesus Incident or The Lazarus Effect years ago, wish I could remember the story lines. I definitely will have to find these books, based on the stunning sychronistic manifestations.

    I have been thinking about the water and dolphin angle as well. In the film 2010: The Year We Make Contact, we see the dolphins at the start of the movie following the scene dealing with the revival and rebirth of HAL 9000 under the code name PHOENIX and before the journey into space to find the Discovery near Europa, the water world moon of planet Jupiter.

    I wonder if Herbert was tapping into in some form of consciousness with extraordinary forces, a visionary wonderland of insights into our links to the Gods and/or our future contact with them like Jack Kirby did.


  6. Nice post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

  7. I talked to someone who is taking a native american class and the teacher said that his tribe refers to themselves as ...the sky people. From the stars. He also said the bering staight theory, is juss theory.

  8. Hey Chris,
    I love your work and follow it closely as well as some of the blogs that you recommend. I have run across an article that would interest you greatly, I believe.
    The address is

    Please take the time to read soon as the timing is interesting.
    A loyal fan,

  9. I lament the by-gone days of the late 60's early 70's science fiction paperback cover. A genre of such coolness! I would have been the perfect age to be seduced by their heavy-handed imagery.

  10. This is a brilliant post... Thanks for compiling this information. It makes me wonder, what evolutionary message is trying to be communicted to us? I think it is part revelatory: that the human being has deep ties to alien life and part confrontational: it's time to realize our strength is in unity with our species and with nature.

  11. Seems like time to drop in a few images from Thor's encounter with 'Ego the Living Planet'. I seem to recall buying that titled issue in summer of '68 at the newsstand in Harvard Square... and sync-ishly the radio just now said, 'M.I.T.'...

  12. Heya
    I was reading up on Pandora of Greek myth and its turns out she is closely associated with Gaia. Pandora, depicted in vase-paintings, is seen rising from the earth. Who name meaning 'all-giving.'

    Jeff Bridges was on Conan Friday and he mentioned he had a friend who would take acid then communicate with dolphins. When asked Mr Bridges implied he talked to them too while high.

    Also, Jack Kirby is in the news. Goddamn Disney is fighting over his estate:

  13. Wow! And crazy personal sync for me as a friend suggested I read the Dune after I told her about Avatar. Now I will definitely check out these books.

    And I am particularly interested in The Lazarus Effect and the storyline about the split of Islanders and Mermen. When I was 12 years old I wrote a time travel story which started in 2011 and I went back to a world that was split between sea dwellers and land dwellers. Perhaps a memory from our collective consciousness?

    Have you ever heard of a strange series of channeled books called Right Use of Will by Ceanne deRohan? Sort of a new age twist on Gnostic origins of the soul/will. She has a book called Pan that also contains interesting syncs.

  14. Baab- Good work. Thanks for sharing the syncs.

    77- Ooo, a two-fer!

    Strangie- Cross-continental synchery! Testify, my brother!

    Andre- Herbert was pretty hardcore. So hardcore that I always found the Dune novels hard to navigate. But I think I'm due for a 2010 rewatch- I recommend it to anyone reading as well. Highly underrated film and obviously timely.

    Anony- Good luck with that!

    Justie- Cool- which tribe is that?

    Colleen- I have read that. Very interesting. You can't help but wonder if there's something much deeper going on that we can only sense. Things seem very, very off. Thanks for the link.

    Mike- I used to go to the library just to look at the sci-fi book covers. It was like going to an art gallery- or a cathedral. That little atom symbol on the spine was like a sigil for me.

    CI- It's a mystery. At the same time this world is seized by such sickness there is this quieter, subtle message stream weaving in an out of the mainstream. Is it alien, is it our unconscious mind or just our imaginations? Is there a difference between the three?

    Ned- God, I'm jealous. Stan and Jack at the height of their powers. And give up some love for Vinnie as well, whose Kirby inking chops finally kicked in when they switched to the 10x 15 art boards. And those crisp old metal printing plates. Godhead.

    Grey- How about that? I didn't know that, but it leads to all sorts of weird hollow earth speculations. Tripping and swimming with dolphins? That sounds like a vacation to me!

    Stargurl- Interesting- I was obsessed with this monkey vs robot archetype- kind of related to your stories. I haven't heard of that book, but I'm not usually much for channeled material. I'll look it up.

    Daniel- Wow- those are fascinating. Was that when it was still a Bohemian thing with the artists and theatre types, or when the elitists took it over? What a strange history. It starts almost like a kind of Burning Man thing and then it's slowly co-opted by all of the rich denizens of SF looking to get freaky away from the ball and chain and then becomes this weird summer camp for the newly-created corporate elite. And the Bohemians then are reduced to being the footmen and manservants for them. F-ing depressing.

    But very cool links nonetheless.

  15. Hi Chris,

    How cool is that to be mentioned in your post! And not just any post, but by my gauge, one of the most amazing posts ever!! Rivaling even your Sirius Election tour de force!

    It's strange to see Frank Herbert applied to what you do here. After all, it seemed Hollywood had long abandoned any and all that Herbert had contributed to sci-fi and "deliberately" avoided him.

    His works were a companion for me many hours as a youth and I had just drifted away with Star Trek/Wars or X-Files. All the while not knowing that Herbert was not antiquated but far beyond us.

    With this terrific post, you've given me a new appreciation for Frank Herbert and our present highly weird world. I intend to find some of these titles and read away with new insight.

    Thanks, Chris!

  16. The violence and mad madness is gonna smack us in our collective faces until we realize that we're all godz/goddessez. We bake this bread. :)
    And the ante has been upped/wil be upped exponentially from here on out..

  17. It certainly leaves you wondering if one can smell a lawsuit coming from the Herbert estate regarding Cameron's script. Remember folks, Harlan Ellison sued Cameron for plagiarism over elements of the Terminator story. You'd think James would have been a tad more careful since then. Mostly I find this funny. Avatar just won best picture and Cameron best director at the Globes, feels like Titanic redux.

  18. Looks like a couple of law suits may be coming:


  19. Or enough people will wake up to our invisible reality and use our will productively to negate the meaningless head butts.
    In the days of old I would have had to use my head(dome) and a pen(obelisk) to reach you with these thoughts.

  20. morning chris, i just watched a great video featuring some ideas by Rik Clay.
    obelisks and sun worship galore
    if you have not already watched this im sure you will really enjoy it.

  21. Hi Christopher

    Just off Topic or maybe over Topic
    I'm wondering if you are aware of this :

  22. Hey Chris,

    Amazing posts recently. I was really intrigued by the idea that Avatar is an ocean planet. The relationship of the Navi to Pandora reminded me a bit of The Piggies to Lusitania in Xenocide by Orson Scott Card.

    In relation to dolphins--the more I look into this the more excited I get. People always say that we need to look into outer space for signs of intelligent life. Dolphins are on earth! They are highly intelligent, perhaps smarter than humans. Who knows what is really going on there under the sea. It wouldn't shock me to learn that all cetaceans are shapeshifting mermen. (maybe a little)

    I encourage everyone to see this movie so we can help our CT dolphin friends.

  23. Heh, and then I saw an article about how Avatar is similar to a Russian scifi novel (Disquiet) on a planet called Pandora with an animated (and dangerous) biosphere, lush forest habitat, and natives called Nave.

    And cat like natives in Avatar, dog like natives in Disquiet.

    Don't know much else about it though.

  24. ho-chunk tribe from the thunder clan of the sky people

  25. What is the purpose of posting all this contrived synchronicity?