Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wyrd New Jersey: ET Phone Home

Andre at The Alien Project links to another UFO story in the Telegraph, this time claiming "ET tracked down on Google Street View" with the sub-headline "UFO experts were left baffled after claims that ET was finally tracked down on Google Street View."
A misty shape, bearing a distinct similarity to the movie alien, was captured behind a bush next to a mysterious beam of light. The spooky snap was caught by Google image cameras in the town of Berkeley Heights in New Jersey. Some claim the image could be evidence of life in outer space while others point to a simple trick of the light.

The 'ET' alien was photographed on Diamond Hill Road, a semi-rural location about eight miles from Morristown Municipal Airport, New Jersey and 30 miles from the bright lights of New York City.

Malcolm Robinson, head of the Strange Phenomena Investigations, described the image as "the first of its kind". He said: "On close inspection the similarities with ET are obvious but it's hard to say with any certainty what exactly it is."

"Of added interest is the strange beam of light to the right, which I cannot explain either. "This picture is the first of it's kind, as far as I'm aware, in that its been captured on Google's new Street View technology.
The beam is nothing new to Secret Sun readers, since we've looked at the Heavenly Beam icon in several different posts. And strangely enough the E.T. film came up in Wednesday's post. But the Synchronicity here goes even deeper.

Diamond Hill Road is a very interesting spot for this image to be found because it connects to the entrance for the old Bell Labs compound in adjoining Murray Hill, where the transistor was somewhat mysteriously developed shortly after the Roswell incident in 1947. I know this road well since I used to pick my wife up there when she worked for Bell Labs (don't get excited, she was just a secretary), which became Lucent Technologies and is now Alcatel Lucent (Previously to working at BL/LT she worked at the old AT&T where the giant Mithras statue was located).

How ironic that ET is snapped right near where phone technology is developed. And of course, anyone who listened to my last appearance on Red Ice knows what I think about the whole transistor issue. And I'm not alone in this suspicion:
Much more recently, stories began surfacing about what the Army or Air Force supposedly did with the downed Alien Spacecraft in August, September and October of 1947. Nuclear Powered Engines and Advanced Communications and Computing devices, all of which were a hundred years beyond post-World War II technology, were taken from the Alien wreck and purportedly made their way to The Bell System's "Bell Laboratories", then located in Murray Hill, New Jersey -- it has been alleged. There, they were studied, dissected, microanalyzed and pieces tested. One piece was supposedly found to have unique potential, an Alien switching device composed of Silicon and Arsenic, arranged in a microscopic array much more complicated than even now have been assembled by Humankind, hundreds of years ahead.

The Alien device purportedly became the priority focus object of Bell Labs' and The US Department of Defense's analysis and scientific research. It was discovered by the researchers, that the unusual electronic Alien device could act as both a high speed electronic switch and as an Amplifier. They decided to call it the "Transfer Resistor", because it could be made to resist or accept power flow at much higher or lower currents than were applied to it, depending upon unique application of electron flows.
And all of this is hot on the heels of the UFO and earthquake activity in adjoining Morris County.
Three months ago, police in nearby Morris County, New Jersey, were alerted to a series of unidentified flying objects hovering over the area. Dozens of residents watched on in awe as five flickering red lights moved gently across the night's sky.

Local resident Paul Hurley, a pilot who works at Morristown Airport, said: "I've been in the aviation industry about 20 years, so I knew they weren't airplanes"
Fox Mulder, thou art revenged.


  1. Chris said:
    Fox Mulder, thou art revenged.

    Lol! I really love that.

    It is widely believed that the US had created superior technology by 'reverse-engineering', recreating the alien technology recovered from the crash site at Roswell. Remember that the Cold War was at its peak in the early 1960s, and secrecy was paramount for the US Military. Therefore, they decided to 'seed' the technology to various trusted figures in US commercial companies. Over the years, the artefacts found their way to various research divisions of many defence contractors, including prominent telecommunications and engineering companies. The army was to pay for the research costs and the companies were even allowed to file patents on their 'discoveries'.

    Chris, are you sure your wife was just a secretary at Bell Labs (smile)? Just kidding, man.

    Thanks for the link.


    The ALIEN Project

  2. Oh, I am currently listening to Benjamin Fulford being interviewed by Jeff Rense on the Rense Show on GCN. Fulford is saying that there are many good guys in the controlling elites (StrangeEye would like this) who wants to see the release of the certain technology and free energy.

    Based on the current situation, I think he is being too optimistic, but one never knows.

    Like Mulder let's keep monitoring it, right?

    The ALIEN Project

  3. It doesn"t look like the Virgin Mary!

    And it doesn't look nearly as real as these WW2 Nazi saucers, does it?

    Any info on these photos?


  4. Hey guys, Andre & Chris, awesome awesome stuff.

    ON the Fox Mulder tip, I have something cool to share.

    An old girlfriend of mine, her grandfather was a WWII vet & flew many missions for the Airforce, was with them & also some contracting tech companies at some point during the cold war. I strongly suspect, due to his background he was working with some of this technology really early out of the gate.

    I have a token from his old memorabilia; a transistor/tube replacement chip, encased in a resin block for display at an office desk. Pretty high tech stuff for its day. ALso adorning his office walls were paintings of "drone" aircraft....very futuristic looking stuff for the 60's & 70's. I would have liked to talk to him about alot of things but his health was poor like many vets & he passed on. Co-incidentally he was living out his twilight years in San Diego, stubbornly so; as if he couldn't be far from the big base out there. Well, that & the nice weather may have been a side perk!

    I am left wondering, how many more out there are like him, & what did they know?


  5. Guys- thanks for the comments. Another crazy day but I'll dig in once I come up for air.

  6. I'm skeptical that bell labs in 1947 would have had the capability to reserve engineer any technology sufficiently advanced to cross interstellar/interdimentional distances

  7. In Savanna last spring while on a Ghost tour(!) My camera was showing vertical beams every here and there throughout parks and public spaces we went to during the tour, but they didn't show up in any digital photo. I wondered if my particular camera was picking up signals from security devices or some other electronic source. I showed the tour guide and he didn't have an answer either. They were repeatable in certain spots, and looked just like the photo beam. I thought you might find the information interesting. I enjoy your blog and the work you do very much and I am a faithful if silent reader. I am sure there are MANY others who feel as I do and never miss a post. Sincerely Kirkita

  8. Did you see 30 Rock tonight? FILLED with references to NASA and space travel.

  9. Andre- We can only hope there are good guys since it's more and more obvious we have no say in the course of this technology. All we can do is wait and see. I'm not down with Rense and not really sure about Fulford. But all bets are off- everything could be wrong at the same time it's right. I'm not laying odds on anything anymore.

    Pygmy- It looks like there's plenty of info there! Thanks for the link.

    Orgone- Wow, that sounds my like my grandfather. He worked "black projects" at Mitre. He couldn't even talk about his work with other people outside his group at the company, never mind his family. He was in the Navy, though. But he's been dead for 25 years now, so it's hard to say how many are out there now.

    Anony 813- Oh so am I. I discuss my theory on Red Ice.

    Kirkita- Yeah, the beams. Very mysterious and not a lot of info out there on them. But judging from the movie posters it seems to be very important to someone.

    Anony 1053- Excellent- thanks for the tip.

  10. Yes I do like it Andre!

    (The idea of some good guys entrenched in the world elite, waiting, watching, guiding, influencing, in subtle ways the daily shitstorm to avert catastrophy at the hands of the greedy plunderers, that is...)

    Though I wouldn't exctly use the word "many". There are a few good men who will do the right thing.

    I don't really care for Fulford's announcements and I still think he's being used.

    Check out the newest article on the Fargo Floods on my blog.

    Anyone got the Alaska Volcano (VULCAN) eruption, or the Suburban Tsunami yet?

    Man it is just lurching from one disaster after another since ISiS spread her wings.
    Where's Mel Gibson when U need him? LOL...


  11. Chris - catching up on all your postings - was out of commission for a bit because my sight went black in my right eye - I had surgery last week on the 17th - now isn't that a curious day to lose an eye!! lol! -
    The Beams you mention caught my attention because I was recently looking into the 2001 movie K-Pax with Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges.. The Spacey-Man declares that he is actually from the planet K-Pax and arrived here contained within rays or beams of light., and that he is leaving again soon by way of the same light rays. - While trying to squeeze some meaning from the name of Spacey's homeworld I discovered the 1907 book Konx om Pax by Mr Aleister Crowley - he claims that this is a phrase has been handed down from the Eleusinian Mysteries. According to Wikipedia " . . Its companion is Khabs Am Pekht, which in the Egyptian language means roughly "Light in extension" or "Light rushing out in a single ray", . . " and was used in the Golden Dawn Equinoctial rituals.
    I also found this as part of a posted ritual on the net - Touch the Light in the East with thy right hand, and say:
    "Inheritor of a Dying World,
    We call thee to the Living Beauty."

    Touch the Light with thy left hand, and say:

    "Wanderer in the Wild Darkness,
    (light the Light)
    We call thee to the Gentle Light."

    Touch the Light with both hands, and say:

    "Long hast thou dwelt in Darkness,
    Quit the Night and seek the Day!"

    Knock with the right foot with each pulse of the Battery, and take small steps backwards, extending the Light...


    Bask in the power and glory of the Light, and imagine the god-form of Horus surrounding thee.

    Now that would make a kick-ass Green Latern oath if some writer wanted to ramp up a notch or two what the Guardians are really about!!! - and a few green rays brings us back to Spacey-Man - in his role as Lex Luthor in Superman Returns - he turns off the light and dons special viewing gear which enables him to SEE the Green K-Rays "extending" or "rushing out" from the museum kryptonite. - and of course we know that Lex takes us right back to Aliester once again - when he steals the Kryptonite he truly becomes an "inheritor of a dying world" along with being a "Wanderer in the Wild Darkness" - it makes me wonder that if Lex and Kal could just have their own Marvel/Lafayette Moment maybe Lex would calm down??? Either that or he would steal Superman's Boat . . . .
    Word ver is immeta = I'm Meta?? Cyclops!

  12. David, I'm knee deep in the Mysteries right now. I have a stack of books I need to read for my next book project. But it is amazing how complex they are- not the simple fertility rituals they are painted as at all.

    Guys- keep an eye on the blog for Monday. There's something I discovered about the Mysteries that I think may blow some minds.