Monday, March 30, 2009

Knowing and the Alien/Solar Revelation


Well, I saw
Knowing today, and as I write there is an extremely violent thunderstorm going on outside. I hope the power doesn't go out, because it's certainly an appropriate backdrop to express my thoughts on the film.

I went into the film nursing a preconception, that this was some allegory of personal Gnostic revelation for John Koestler (a tribute to Arthur Koestler, author of The Roots of Coincidence), and that what I would be seeing would feed into this notion. I still see this film as highly symbolic and inherently Gnostic, but by no means pertaining to any individual's personal "awakening." I started to wonder if this is a metaphorical depiction of an ongoing - or oncoming - agenda, as it ties into so many strands of meaning I've been puzzling over for the past several years, and certainly since 9/11.

Though I was surprised by how much I liked it, Knowing is derivative as hell. There is a scene where the Whisper People (the alien angels) show young Caleb Koestler (played by Chandler Canterbury, who also plays the young Benjamin Button) a vision of the oncoming solar apocalypse and it's nearly a shot-for-shot tribute to the alien apocalypse in The X-Files episode, "The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati. "

The ending of the film- where children are taken from Earth in order to seed a new world- reminded me of the alien Rapture in "Two Fathers/One Son," the mytharc episodes that preceded "The Sixth Extinction." Visually, the scene reminded me of the cult classic film, The Quiet Earth. The climax of the film recalls Deep Impact. And those of you who saw The Day the Earth Stood Still will pick up a lot of that vibe in Knowing, though it's a lot better than that preachy mess.

Reviewers have compared the Whisper People to the Strangers in Dark City, but they reminded me more of the Friendly Man in The Forgotten (a film that was originally set in Boston). Knowing takes a lot of its ominous mood from The Forgotten, which itself borrowed liberally from The X-Files. At the end of the film the Whisper People morph from mopey goths to looking very much like the robots at the end of AI (but also reminded me of the light beings that Tracy Twyman mentioned in our first crossover).

The plane crash scene is pretty tough to watch, and reminded me of two other Ten Thirteen milestones- "Tempus Fugit/Max" from the fourth season of The X-Files, and "The Innocents" from the third season of Millennium (which we looked at in the "Grill Flame") post.

(Real time note: Not only do I hear thunder, now I hear sirens)

I was also struck on a personal level, seeing that the entire film takes place in my old neck of the woods, that being 42º latitude 71º longitude, which we see repeatedly on GPS. I did notice that my old hometown of Braintree was lit up like a Christmas tree in the satellite photos during the opening credits (I wonder how much of that was being generated by the monstrous South Shore Plaza, the mall where the exteriors for Paul Blart: Mall Cop were shot).

The crash of the Plymouth Air jet seemed highly symbolic to me, since it was at Plymouth where corporatist Calvinism was imported into the New World (as were the Knowles family, incidentally). I've written about the strange, counter-intuitive syncs surrounding Plymouth and the Mayflower, and they certainly tied directly into this film.

Easter eggs are pretty redundant in a film like this, but I did catch a few:

  • The subway disaster at Lafayette St (an obvious 9/11 allegory) claimed the lives of 170 people, not 81 (that was the plane crash). Check out Loren Coleman's post on Lafayette and "the Fayette factor" for deep background.
  • And what's 17 without a 33? The last two disasters were predicted to claim 170 and 33 lives (although 33 wasn't quite accurate).
  • Koestler's wife Allison died in a hotel fire in Phoenix. That's the kind of obvious sync we see when they are put in a film intentionally.
  • Rose Byrne (Byrne=burn, more fire symbolism) is named Diana and dies in a car crash, as did her royal namesake, who was "England's Rose."
  • Diana's identification with the Moon draws back to themes explored in Dark City- the lunar, monotheistic traditions battling the Solar, fertility ones. Interesting to note that Diana was going to disobey the aliens and take the children elsewhere, therefore opposing the Solar/alien revelation.
  • Most of the action takes place in Lexington, where the American (read: Masonic) Revolution began. Lexington split off from Cambridge in 1713.
  • When we meet Koestler's father, he is standing next to a very strange sculpture of a roaring lion, that looks very much like Aion (Deus Leontocephalus) from Mithraic iconography. Given the symbolic thrust of the film I don't think this is accidental. Since we are looking at Synchronicity, it should be noted that Aion was of particular importance to Carl Jung.
  • At the end of the film we see the children on their new alien world, merrily skipping through fields of grain with their white rabbits (la la la, everyone on Earth is dead, la la la). Since we're coming up on Easter, it's worth noting that rabbits or hares are sacred to the Magna Mater, whether you call her Eostre or Ishtar or Astarte or Inanna or Isis. More ancient fertility symbolism in sci-fi, where it shouldn't belong.

  • I couldn't help but remember that I had an ear infection when I had my leprechaun hallucination when I saw Caleb's hearing aid, which was a plot point in his own anomalous encounters.
  • Exhibit A in Bible UFO literature- the wheels of Ezekiel- show up. Again, this ties into the "Sixth Extinction" storyline in The X-Files, since the quote was a linchpin when the AAT storyline was picked up again in "Providence/Provenance."
So yet again, aliens at the multiplex. I was expecting this film to be an exploitative scare-a-thon, but the world destruction seemed entirely metaphorical to me. I've been puzzling over this strange nexus of Solar symbolism and alien revelation for quite some time now, and I'm still always stunned when I see it play out before my eyes on screen. Maybe more so than if I hadn't been aware of the history and importance of these memes.

Koestler crowned with Sol, while the Green Sun keeps its own counsel

Although it's been reduced to a staid cartoon by scholars and opposition propagandists, the Solar religion is extremely complex, extremely symbolic and incredibly weird. I've been struggling with a post on Mithraism (that I hope to have up soon) that will prove just how alien - in the truest sense of the word- the Solar religions are. Last spring I began to suspect that the Sun in question is not our friendly old Sol, but an alien sun that some people throughout history have believed is of particular importance to human existence.

The giveaway for the symbolic nature of the end of the world scenario was given away for me when Koestler (representing technocratic reductionist materialism) and his pastor father (representing corporate supernaturalism) embrace and then are consumed by the solar flare. It struck me that both our sciences and our religions would be absolutely devastated by alien contact, no matter how hard we may see the priests of these institutions back-peddling in the media lately. Not that they would be destroyed, but they would have to completely start from scratch, just as the biosphere would after the kind of inferno we see depicted in the film.

So what does that mean today, when alien themes dominate in Hollywood like never before, UFO sightings are at an all-time high, and the Vatican and NASA are trying to figure out how humankind would respond to alien contact? This film could be pure fiction (in fact, let's just assume that it is, even though we've seen recent scare stories about solar activity), but if there was any truth behind all of the omens and portents we are all looking at, Knowing is throwing gasoline on this smoldering fire.

But it's almost impossible for me to see this as a literal narrative, given the whimsical, soft-focus ending. Since solar symbolism and aliens seem to be so closely linked in movies, Knowing seems to tell us that large-scale contact would bring humanity to a standstill, and that only the very young would be able to fully adjust to the post-contact paradigm.

All well and good, but why not just make that a movie? Why cloak these themes in a disaster movie scenario? That's the sort of thing that arouses my suspicions. But so does nearly everything we are seeing nowadays. Aliens and disasters are standard fare for big budget movies. But there's something about the way we're seeing these themes play out lately that really makes me wonder.

UPDATE: Speaking of aliens as beings of light, here's a much better shot of that NJ "alien' that showed up on Google Street View that I wrote about last week.

Thanks to JR for the grabs.


  1. The names alone were something else. The girl enlightened with the numerical propechies was named "Lucinda Embry". Siriusly?!

  2. Holy crap, I knew there was something about this movie from the ads that I was seeing on Myspace with the numbers flying around (can't find a pic of it, sorry), it basically linked noticing connections in common symbols with plans to obliterate the earth (in one way or another), and seems to penetrate the intuition "knowing" with an encoded message... Eerie, I distrust most movies these days but if you already know the symbols are gonna be there (and partially why they're there, in my experience not all synchronicities are placed by human hands), hey, why not have fun decoding all of it? It's kind of like transmutation in a way...

    That being said, I probably won't see this movie which is why I went ahead and read your post. :) Nic Cage only gets work because of his family ties, that should tell you something...

  3. [/quote] It's kind of like transmutation in a way...
    [/end quote]

    Right there tommy. In the end i think its our mind doing all this and preparing us for something, that was always in our programming, not some disguised aliens or evil men.

    We´re according to Nietzsche far better "artist" than we expect. We create all that, we paint the big picture intuitivelly, and lead ourselves out into space. Its a secret urge of some kind.

    And Cristopher i´d like to correct you, you wrote that "lunar monotheistic religions fight the solar, fertility ones". its the other way round, lunar = polytheistic, solar=monotheistic

    Greetings from Germany

  4. I would be very interested to know on what basis you judge the Vatican to be engaged in 'backpeddling' on the subject of ET, or how you claim to know the opinion of the Church on this subject?

    How many members of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith are you in regular dialogue with?

  5. Nic Cage's production company is called Saturn Productions. Some researchers say Saturn is the real object of worship, that El, Israel means Saturn. Jordan Maxwell for one...and the electric universe people

    Who knows? But follow that thread, it's interesting. But here is a real sync...
    Cage is currently filming the independent film The Wicker Man in Vancouver, a mystery/ thriller directed by Neil LaBute.

  6. "It struck me that both our sciences and our religions would be absolutely devastated by alien contact"

    My favourite summary of this is from Iain M. Banks, when he writes that an Outside Context Problem is something "most civilisations would encounter just once, and which they tended to encounter rather in the same way a sentence encountered a full stop."

  7. Funny. I just finished reading "Childhood's End", and in the book, children were also given a special role. They represented the next step in evolution, and there was some kind of apocalyptic event that wiped out almost everything on Earth.
    Childhood's End just hit hard on me. I wonder if Arthur C. Clarke has tapped somehow on the Collective Unconscious...
    I also finished a book sometime ago, called "Arts and Physics", the author explains his theory that all scientific discoveries and paradigm shifts are always somehow one step behind Artists. These artists, through literature, painting, etc. Always "predict" what is coming ahead.
    But I think that today, these themes that are showing up in movies etc are deliberate and calculated. Some kind of preparation, conditioning. What I still don't understand is why in some movies these aliens are depicted as evil, and in others as good. I'm thinking of War of the Worlds. Maybe they are trying to prepare us for 2 possible events. One in which humanity is faced with an alien threat and must come together to fight the aliens (Global Government etc), the other possibility, good aliens come in to the rescue, ending nuclear weapons and war etc. In Childhood's End, the aliens combine both possibilities: They are benevolent, despite their appearance (they have wings, horns, and a tail, like Satan), and force the end of war and the creation of a united earth.

  8. Anony 106- Yeah, that's the kind of thing I'm referring to in relation to intentionally implanted symbolism. It's kind of clunky.

    Tommy- I would recommend the film to you, personally. And it does wear its symbolism on its sleeve (and really all fictional narratives are symbolism at their core). Rent it, if nothing else.

    Skinjob- Greetings from America! Judaism and Islam follow the lunar calendar to this day, whereas the pagan traditions did so with the solar. Which is what I am referring to. Also note that the Strangers were all-male, representing the patriarchal nature of those systems.

    Anony 623- Actually, the Vatican has been ahead of the curve, which I've written a lot about.

    Anony 719- Thanks for the Saturn info, but The Wicker Man came out in 2007.

    Emperor- You are becoming my sci-fi go-to guy! Excellent information as always. Cheers.

    Goatchild- Childhood's End is one of my very favorite novels, in that it seems to reveal a hidden agenda, at least in a theoretical context.

    Since we know nothing about aliens, how we see them portrayed in fiction is either projection or metaphor for our own concerns. Wells wrote War of the Worlds as a metaphor for British colonialism. The aliens in The X-Files are a metaphor for Paperclip Nazis and other conspiracies. Conversely the aliens in Close Encounters are a projection of New Age optimism that arose as a corrective to the misery of the 70s.

  9. But here's a thought (thoth)

    You can't 'see it' (the knowing) unless you are as "innocent" as the CHILD.

    The EGO, which is all the shit we've learned from other flawed people and then dogmatically think we know, simply gets in the way of us "knowing".

    High-tech savior angelic "Aliens" shed their meat-sack and become light.

    The only way to become "innocent as the child" is to take everything you've learned and throw it away. AKA reset, start over. What you "KNOW" gets in the way of you "KNOWING" and "hearing" the message.

    Caleb was a deaf child, thus he stopped listening to the cacophony outside and was listening inside himself - to the message in his mind.

    Initially he knew the paper was important but not how or why.

    Knowing on imdb
    Caleb Koestler = Ashhur (and maybe a synch wink to CK ;).
    Lucinda Embry / Abby Wayland - Abigail = Abi Gale (God's gift)

    Ashhur = Black face... Burnt Away
    Lucinda Embry = Light of the Embers... what remains when Burnt away
    The power of the SUN/SON... burns away...

    From Christopher's link:
    In the rabbinical sources, Caleb, the son of Hezron (I Chron. ii. 18-20), is identified with Caleb, the son of Jephunneh (Num. xiii. 6), the epithet "Jephunneh" having been given to him because he "turned away" from the sinful intention of the other spies who advised the people against going into the "Holy Land".
    Caleb is also called (I Chron. iv. 5) "Ashhur," because his face became black () from much fasting, and "father of Tekoa" , because he fastened his heart on God, and in this faith he married the prophetess Miriam, whom, although she was neither fair nor healthy, he treated with fatherly love...

    He turned away... Black from fasting...

    Abby Wayland = EL (God) and BABY Way
    What does a baby know? nothing...
    They go where their heart leads them.

    What do Rabbits do? They multiply.
    Why white I wonder?

    2011 Year of the Rabbit February 3, 2011 and ends on January 22, 2012
    Knowing movie occurs approx. October 16-19

    2009 Year of the Ox
    2010 Year of the Tiger
    2011 Year of the Rabbit
    2012 Year of the Dragon

    Essence of Male and female, ready to join and multiply headed for the Tree of Life.

    "Knowing" by novelist Ryne Pearson, also the "scribe" of "Mercury Rising". You may have seen and remember it? It was the one with the code so complex only a child could figure it out.

    But then again truly I'm rambling and I know nothing anyway...
    and you probably don't want to take me seriously either, afterall I'm an Al-Khem-ist, so I see the formula for the "philosopher's stone" in everything...

    wv: expen

  10. Interesting you should raise Mercury Rising, Strangey, since the plot for that was borrowed from Conduit in the first season of the X-Files.

    I gotta say I did get a jolt everytime I saw that 42º71º!

  11. Chris,
    it appears in the original script the characters names were Caleb Myles and Ted (Theodore) Myles.
    (still in the original plot summary on IMDB)

    Interesting that 42ºN 71ºW drops you on Milesbrook Rd.


  12. Chris, I told you time and again, SATURN was the dark star/green sun of ancient times. Its not for nothing that the Jesuit Order also sometimes calls itself the Saturnalian Brotherhood.

    I mean, just LOOK at that picture of Nicolas Cage and his miniature solar system. The planet Saturn is right beneath the green sun.

  13. "You can't 'see it' (the knowing) unless you are as "innocent" as the CHILD."

    (Knocking hand on top of head over and repeating the phrase......)

    Thats why Aliens, real or projected DONT MATTER TO YOU OR US A FRICKING COLLECTIVE. What matters is what YOU do with YOUR MIND and that YOU DEFINE YOUR REALITY. The external tormentor, the drunk parent, the belligerent politician, the evil corporatocracy......all of that....WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS THAT YOU DEFINE YOUR SPACE. PERIOD. To let something out of the shadows a person has to stop demonizing it.

    Strange Eye........long exhale..........

    Thank You.

  14. Piggy Backing once again on StrangeEye's comment about the child like mind and speaking of David Gilmour....he once said and I'll paraphrase. "I like people who know nothing of music to hear my new stuff first. Because they are not lost in the details, the progressions and all the knowledge that goes in cataloging and writing. Those people see it for what it truly is."

  15. JB, Saturn is identified with the Black Sun in all of the literature I've seen, which would explain the Jesuit connection.

    Here's an interesting article on the Jesuits and Saturn:

  16. "Nic Cage only gets work because of his family ties, that should tell you something..."

    that guy couldnt act his way out of a parking ticket

    is somebody paying the studios to put him in movies? (as a lead, no less!)


  18. Also Caleb backwards is Belac. For those of you who have watched Raiders of the Lost Ark you know the villian was named Belloq, but the pronunciation in English was just Caleb backwards, or Bell-lock.

  19. and also if you remember Indiana Jones was aptly named after the family dog. So there are,"two dogs," hunting for the ark in Caleb/Belac and Indy. So from this movie, back to Raiders there are possibly an endless amount of,"companion pieces and Easter Eggs," as you say Mr. Knowles. Perhaps you have spoken about the name Caleb in other posts or about Raiders but I have not looked yet.

  20. Nicolas Cage's Saturn Films movies are so overtly symbolic that it is becoming too easy to decipher them.

    I thought the three, or one, or four men in black in Knowing were, as Chris points out in his other threads of analysis, so obviously lifted from narrative ufological fiction and The X-Files as to be no challenge at all.

    One last thing, about the name "Caleb": One of my sons is named Caleb, and the meaning being "dog" is for the baby books only.

    Here's a quick read that has more to do with the meaning of the root words:

    Many name books / websites list the meaning of CALEB as "Dog". However, a simple look in a Hebrew / English dctionary one will see that "dog" in Hebrew is CELEB, not CALEB. **Note** the first vowel is different.

    CALEB is actually a compound word in Hebrew - something that is quite common in ancient Hebrew. Col (Cuf + Lamed) = all or whole. Lev (Lamed + Vet) = heart. Therefore, CALEB (or COLEV as pronounced in Hebrew) actually means "whole hearted".

    Faithful could be another translation. However, if you read in the Hebrew Bible the exploits of CALEB (as in one of the twelve spies who went into Caanan Numbers 13:6 & 13:30), one will see that he wasn't simply faithful, but that he served the God of ISRAEL with his whole heart. IE: He was the first to speak up and say, "let's go and conquer this land," (paraphrased). It wasn't JOSHUA (the leader of the 12 spies), but CALEB who was encouraging Israel to follow God inspite of the opposition from the other 10 spies.

    Therefore, the ancient meaning of CALEB is: "whole hearted".

    Source: Behind The Name

  21. Loren, Cage also wrote a voodoo-oriented comic with his son for Virgin. I've heard he's pretty hardcore into this kind of thing.

    BTW, I linked to the Jewish Encyclopedia, not a name dictionary, for the dog reference.

  22. I think the tough part Loren, and I am not disagreeing here with you, but the tough part for me(Raised knowing nothing of the true Hebrew life) is where to put the vowels when changing from English when I am reading the Talmud, Dead Sea Scrolls, or any form of Hebrew. And so for me I could definitely see where and how an A could become an E. Not that the original language is at fault. It usually does fall on the translator or translation. But through the years we have all only seen a small piece of the REAL text of life. The real story as it were. And so we are all here decyphering as it were. For all we know some script researcher could have been told find me this many names that mean dog or are close phonetically to meaning dog. As in off by one letter. That way the people promulgating the story could refute the argument by saying the true spelling is such but we spelled it this way. You never really know why something was so close in phonetics. So yes I saw that translation of Caleb as well and thought it was off and it should be Celeb. But then I thought wait there are no vowels either. Food for thought....

  23. The google street view pic is interesting as well. The amount of questions one could raise just by simple spectacle analysis is almost endless. What is the light? Does it have a source? And so on...And the same goes for what is next to it. The first two images that resonate from our current media, as far as cinema goes are these as possibles:



    The lonely robot and mr. phone home to be exact right?

  24. "Loren, Cage also wrote a voodoo-oriented comic with his son for Virgin. I've heard he's pretty hardcore into this kind of thing."

    Indeed he changed his surname from "Coppola" to "Cage" because of Luke Cage and, as well as getting the role of Ghost Rider, he was also in the running for Constantine, Green Goblin and Superman. It gets odder though, as this interview hints at:

    "Q: When you talk about changing your name, you make it sound like an alter-ego, almost as if Nic Cage is Spider-Man to Nicolas Coppola’s Peter Parker...

    CAGE: Yeah, it was almost like Clark Kent and Superman; I needed something like the S or Batman’s mask to make me feel I could do it. I needed to recreate myself.

    That touches in the ideas of "fiction suits" or the more general power of "masks" we can adopt for different roles.

    Although I've not read it Voodoo Child, the comic book he wrote with his son and Mike Carey, has major themes of death and resurrection, the latter seemingly cropping up all over the place.

    "You are becoming my sci-fi go-to guy!"

    LOL - well a lifetime of being a nerd pays off in many different ways. Especially useful in this context as the world seems to be getting increasingly science fictional (so much so I have decided SFnal is my official Word of the Year).

  25. Weird facts about Nic Cage.

    "We come from a long line of robbers and highwaymen in Italy, you know. Killers, even."

    He also owned and Octopus and Cobras

    Another great post.


  26. Thanks, guys- interesting that the Coppola family owns one of the most successful wineries in America. Talk about symbolism!

  27. Michael Hunter and Christopher Knowles, ah, yes, no vowels.

    Good points.

    Probably what is more significant about why Cage/Coppola would have used this name is because (1) "Caleb" is slowly growing popular nowadays, and (2) the man behind the ancient name is tied to a Biblical story of Caleb's spy mission into the Promised Land and notion he is a "different spirit."

    Forgive any "tone" in my previous message. I was in incredible pain when I wrote that, from a kidney stone, and more Spartan in my writing than usual. Today, at least, it is being muted by pain killers. I find it interesting timing when I could have written so much on this and other things.

  28. Well... how bout that!?

    I just read an interview with Ryne Pearson and the ORIGINAL ORIGINAL character names, before the addition of writers Juliet Snowden, Stiles White and Director-writer Alex Proyas was...

    ADAM (father) and NOAH (son).


    Alex Proyas of DARK CITY and I,ROBOT fame handled the creative changes to Pearson's screenplay.

    To the question "So, was it a message story?"
    Pearson replied that he did not create screenplay to send a message and that the movie was not designed to send a message.

    He apparently wasn't able to attend the movie premiere. He said he watched the movie for the first time in the theater on opening day.

    If I had to guess about the changes that were made to Pearson's original screenplay, I would guess that inspiration for those changes may have come through Supervising Producer - Nicholas Rich


  29. and for the writers in crowd...
    Ryne also said that before his first novel was accepted for publication it was rejected 139 times and he has kept every rejection letter.


  30. Skinjob- Greetings from America! Judaism and Islam follow the lunar calendar to this day, whereas the pagan traditions did so with the solar....

    Chris (12:14)

    Ah, but here's the rub in that:

    The SUN, our star in the middle of our solar system, actually has 3 rotating magnetic fields - not two (dipolar) as one would suspect.

    What has been discovered is that a strobe of magnetic alignment occurs every 29 days. So what may have been determined by us to have been designed under apparent lunar influence (certain systems, mechanisms and biological functions) may actually be under a solar influence of the same interval!


  31. And more about the Rabbits...

    I knew I had an idea on the rabbit reference but couldn't quite place it before.

    So here it is...

    It may come from Fibonacci's Rabbit Problem and more subtly Genesis 1:28 "be fruitful and multiply"...
    Though like I said before, I'm an Al-Khem-ist so I have a completely different interpretation of Torah/Bible/QBLH.

    And like I've said before, it doesn't really even matter about the author's intent as we are all one in essence (something like a common sub-conscious). So in the synchroverse getting synchs from unintented sources or works is quite acceptable! The author may not have even been consciously aware that they were including (creating) a synch meant for you, but the common sub-conscious (GOD-MIND) did!


  32. Strangey, you got a link on that Pearson i'view?

  33. In the scene where Caleb, John, Diana & Abigale meet, in the Natural History Museum.....

    Caleb & Abigale are conversing, in front of a Wolf display.

    This is only a New England reference, but theres an other element that had the Lovecraft stamp....the strange old farmhouse..."Dreams in the Witch-house"...

  34. Anonymous said...
    The names alone were something else. The girl enlightened with the numerical propechies was named "Lucinda Embry". Siriusly?! 1:06 AM

    A nod to Pynchon? heh.

  35. I think of you look at the picture of the,"alien," for lack of a better word, you're thoughts can wonder. I've said this before but when I took another look at this I sort of thought about it this way. From the internet to the robot we are moving. The internet was used just as the robot will be by us humans. Let's say you are in a space ship for 1 year. That is a LONG TIME. So what would you do? Well you'd create drones right? Drones who could send you back pics and or data. This is similar to the phase we are in now but our exploration is of the earth. YES We are in orbit, and some of our drones/satellites/rovers are very basic in their collection. Not basic when you compare it to where we have come from. Genius when you look back and see where we are. But when you look forward, you see that need for orbiting, intelligent, date collecting androids/robots. Why? Because space is dangerous, at least I would assume it is. And why travel it if unless the place you are at is not going to be there in the am? So, when I look at this pic, I see, this is me though, the interface between conscious thought and the traveling android. No link, no internet, no phone, nothing tangible in the 5 sense realm. but rather a link between the creator or land based creature and its synthetic travelling android. And so, if I was to assume with my imagination. The conscious traveling droid, to communicate with it's creator must be somewhat on the level of this(biologically similar) for the link to happen. So, from the developments of the internet to the future worker robots; and finally all the way to the future human android what I am seeing is the universal physical progression of learning to have our consciousness be everywhere. And I feel that is what meditation does now. It allows the person to feel the universe without knowing it scientifically. Hopefully, whoever reads this you can follow it, since it is about 130 am and my mind is in this Douglas Adams like mode. Also here is a cool collage of a video, probably the coolest I've seen for all you secret sun types:

  36. When Nick Cage first starts to get all compulsive with the numer code, he uses the family erasa-board to make his notes. But first he erases the stuff already on there. Some of the things he erases is his son's spelling words for school.

    There is a very distinct image of his hand erasing the word BELIEVE.

    This image articulates one of the main themes of the movie, the characters attempts to believe. (maybe)

  37. Mike Clelland

    that might be the symbol for erasing BELIEF and replacing it with KNOWING.

    and in other words:
    He had to erase what he believed in order to get to the state of KNOWING.


  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Wow, I saw Knowing and walked away stunned with the references to the Fallen Angels and Galactic Federation of Light being the "rescue" players. We are in a lapse of ignorance if we don't see the connections.

  40. "Knowing" "not knowing" "knowing but not believing" all of it boils down to "it doesn't make a difference really"...on the "human"'s all "knOWN" how it's gonna come out (and who's chosen) by the men-in-black-Aryan watchers (and whisperers...that "still small voice") or the EL-ians (or the ghosts in the machine)...who afteRAll just put on the body-mask for the sake of fASHion...

    LULU back on the treadmill after the Phoenix-loop-the-loop...rabbits and humans equal on the food chain...and they are not "wild" rabbits...they're the nice genetically-tweeked "white" kind...

  41. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention; Cage can act...I don't think this was one of his better performances though. You can't watch "Wild at Heart," "Raising Arizona," "Adaptation,"Bringing out the Dead," "Leaving 'Vegas," "Lord of War" etc. without giving him some cred...of course, he does have his dogs...woof...

  42. mike clelland!: if you look at the marker board again, you will see the magnets arranged in the canis major position. With a magnet made with picture of Caleb in the B spot.

    There is a scene where the Cage realizes the lat/long connection. Notice the license plate next to him, SOL 932. Alex Proyas was born in Egypt on Sep. 23.

    There's many more as well, but, the thing is this; movies are more & more about symbols these days. Why not just do a movie where there is no narrative & everything is just symbols? Who knows, it might be cool.

  43. If movies are "more and more" about symbols these days, what makes you think they are intended to be explained?

    What about the people who just went in to see a creepy alien movie, those blind to the subsets?

  44. Wow I haven't posted here in such a long time and this topic has risen for me lately and I just came back to post: that The Knowing for me is muchly related to Mothman Prophecies and Communion.

    Also to agree with the philosophy behind "Being Child Like". They create their reality and know it. To me anyhow. Their imagination and their spontaneity has not been 'weighed' down.They TRUST and go HAPPILY into adventure.They, (we all have been children and still are at some point on the spiral and some of us are getting back what we 'lost') are also of the frame of mind that they can TRUST they live in a safe universe where what they create and go forth into is GOOD.

    I could go further into this but I do not think I would need to around these neck of the woods.