Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The 17th Floor (Updated)

Of course the big news in the soul-crushing world of consensus reality is the expected guilty plea of Bernie Madoff. I've been watching this story with great puzzlement. Though the suffering of his victims is certainly real, there's a carnival aspect to the story, as if it is all part of some larger agenda. What his downfall and that of other super-criminals like Allen Stanford is doing is destroying people's confidence in the confidence scheme known as the financial industry.

I'm not sure I see this as a net negative. I've read a lot of diatribes against Madoff describing him as a sociopath. Well, duh. I used to ride the commuter train surrounded by sociopaths on their way to Wall St. every day. I studied these guys. And a lot of them were the same kinds of assholes and bullies I hated in high school.

I remember hearing two of these types working themselves up into an orgasmic frenzy the day the Gulf War started, talking about how excited "everyone on the Street" was by the carnage, and how they "didn't see a downside to it." I saw guys sit and read The Wall St. Journal while pregnant women stood. I heard desperate, douche-chilling attempts to converse on a simple human level with one another about anything but money. I'd watch these characters sneer and sigh as Latinos or blacks boarded the trains at Broad Street. Every day, mind you.

Greed is the great amnesiac. When the Dow goes up, no one remembers 1987 or the dotcom bust or Enron or all of the other great swindles perpetrated on innocent people's life savings by thugs in three thousand-dollar suits. But in this Great Upheaval we are living through it almost seems to me that someone has decided the jig is up. Hence we see all of these Wall St. superheroes set up as the fall guys for the crash. Jon Stewart has been especially brilliant in disemboweling that howling buffoon, Jim "BooYa" Cramer.

But we won't have much say in what will replace all of that idiocy, either. Indeed, we've been fed these stories about the new Treasury Secretary's "incompetence," and of course now he is telling Charlie Rose that "Capitalism will be different." Oh, I'm sure it will. Quite different, indeed.

Looking at all of this, I can't help but wonder if Madoff was himself on the losing end of a sting. We're seeing that magic 17 show up (Madoff's office was on the 17th Floor of the Lipstick Building) but not in his favor. Whatever he had planned, he's become the great sacrificial goat (note that New York made him up as Heath Ledger's Joker there) of this ritual recreation of once-mighty American capitalism into a mere component of the Global Economic Singularity. Having seen some of the faces up of Wall St. up close, I won't cry if a few of them follow Madoff to Molech's embrace.

UPDATE: And right on cue, here's the other shoe dropping. The President of Earth, Barackobamun the First, calls for a global stimulus and HuffPost gives us the requisite sunrise symbology. See my posts on 2001: A Space Odyssey, Gus Grissom and HuffPost symbology to program your magic decoder ring. Kudos to reader Mark Trueblood for the scoop.


  1. Whatever else this blog may be about Mr.. Knowles, I would like to respond to this post with a simple statement.

    You seem like a good and decent man

    . . . and I am very happy that your route has taken you off that particular ride and dropped you off at the SECRET SUN station!

  2. This is an excellent post. Wall St.'s greatest lie is that a rising tide floats all boats, and vice versa, and my own experience with the worshippers of Mammon are similar. Curious though that Madoff and his victims are all very wealthy Jews, and while its easy to gloat about the sudden reversal of fortune of "Neocon" ethnicity, it makes me wonder about a more subtle manipulation. That's my conspiracy side talking.

    Cheers, Michael

  3. David- Thank you, I try. I really do!

    Michael- Well the stereotype is that it's all Jews but corporate crime is an ecumenical enterprise. And actually a lot of Madoff's victims were of varying ethnic backgrounds as well.

  4. I always find it instructive to watch what happens in the news (in counterpoint) as one major story that is "scheduled" to happen, such as this one pointed out by Chris Knowles, unfolds.

    What took place was a massive shooting spree in the WASP American South.

    It is worthy of noting that one of the voices serving as an "observer" being quoted by the media of the shootings in Alabama is named "Knowles"!!

    See: Alabama Shootings: Eleven Dead."

  5. "Greed is the great amnesiac"

    that is powerful as can be in itself chris, and id say that i seem to have some strange understanding to this, as well as a few other public figures. i dont know if the age of revealing is even real, i do know that alot of our worshiped heroes and archetypes are going through many personal revelations and trials in the public, very reminiscent of the dark knight at the end, but a-roid isnt coming back to vindicate himself it seems, hes injured now with an mystery cyst, bernie, he may be different, but not in this context, he had the american dream, or whatever that means, a-roid was playing american apple pie, both in new gotham york city, and it makes some sense. i mean that press pic makes him look like ledger, yet i see oswald in tim burtons batman world. its funny to me that they needed to lend to the batman universe at all to drive the point home.

  6. just saw on cnn

    sarah palin and hillary clinton have comics now through bluewater comics, maybe their downfalls will be documented, as well as upcoming princess diana, oprah, and even barbara walters.

    wonder if they cover whitewater in those comics, or the mena, arkansas drug drops, and barry seals murder..

    maybe today is the last on earth...

  7. oh yeah, bernie also ripped off at least 2 ny yankess...

  8. I think on the 'Big Picture' of it all, all these 'instances' are adding to the fact that corruption is being unveiled on a global scale. More and more people are waking up to this, even on the most basic level (ie effecting their own wallets). It's really fascinating that even the average 'McDonald's eating Kool-Aid drinking' Joe IS eventually going to wake up. People who you wouldn't normally speak to about anything of the esoteric nature of things, can at least now say that 'something' is effed-up...This really is amazing!...

  9. I'm hoping that people are starting to let go of their illusion that Wall Street has anything to do with actual wealth.

    I personally think it would be great if the "sweat of our brow" so to speak, was once again seen as the actual source of wealth rather than funny numbers on a digital screen. People forgot that the map is not the territory.

    Also, I'm REALLY hoping that people in the U.S. stop confusing standard of living with quality of life, and begin to value the latter.

  10. sorry, it was Allen Stanford i believe.

  11. Loren, just wait until I do my "Mothman and Me" post! Knowles is actually a very common name in the South as are variants like Knox, Knotts, Noll, Newell etc.

    Andy I- New York has become a very cold and gray place, which I think reflects its soul sacrifice to the forces of Madoffism. I remember back in the early 80s there was so much more energy and vibrancy. You still had vestiges of the Beats, the Hippies, the Punks, and even the old 30s Left/Bohemians. There was still a vigorous intellectual tradition, now there is nothing but exploitation and ego.

    Andy II- Well, I must say I'm grateful Hillary didn't win since that would have kept that whole Bush/Clinton conglomeration in the hot seat. Obama had to throw her a bone though since the Bush/Clintons have so much juice still.

    Transcendie/Markie- This emerging Depression has a very strong spiritual component to it in that we are seeing a deep malaise come to fruition. In the early 90s it looked like a collapse was coming, but the government went on a massive borrowing spree to delay the inevitable. But we lost our soul in many ways through the machinations of corporate fraud and our culpability in that. We have to get back to real work, real production, and all of those old Yankee values like hard work, honesty, modesty and thrift- all of which we sacrificed to the Madoffs and the Cramers and the Bushes and the Clintons and all of the rest of the hyper-aggressive narcissist criminals.

    James- Yes, how true. Maybe The Dark Knight is an oracle we can't stand to look at. Maybe that chthonic bleakness is a reflection of the sickness in our national soul.

  12. Madoff has been at this for years and years, and could have easily be caught by anyone with... one or more working sense. His usefulness now is that the average news consumer will see this and assume that he was what's wrong with Wall St. and now that he's been "caught" everything is okay, there are no more Bad People. Add to that his almost cartoonish ethnic-sounding name that sounds a whole lot like "made off," and the subliminal references to antisemitic stereotypes as raw meat for the crypto- and not-so-crypto-fascists and racists among us.

  13. "There is something deeply liberating about discovering you don't live in a perfect world. When what you have always been taught has been shown to be untrue, that opens the opportunity of finding new truths on your own. When things fall apart, you can put them together in new ways. When the center cannot hold, that's good for those out on the edge. When the forces of order are revealed to be a malign conspiracy, it's a good time for a party."
    --Thomas Hine

    This quote is from a book about the 1970s. Few recall that the 1970s were a terrifying time. The difference is that in the 1970s we as a people had spiritual resources to draw from. Now we don't.

  14. Anony 1237: I'm not sure people are going to think everything is OK if Madoff is in the pokey, but I do agree that this story is stoking some pretty dark impulses in some sectors. Which of course ignores the larger point that corporate culture itself thrives on conspiracy and collusion, regardless of ethnicity.

    Anony 1245- That's an awesome quote. But I disagree about spiritual resources, I think we are nearing a new Renaissance of genuine (meaning non-corporate) spiritual adventure.

  15. chris- well it really makes sense that so many darker figures in the whole sphere are so drawn and obsessed with NY. with the sync of NY and OZ alphabetically pointed out, its a showing of even more dark themes from wizard of oz/77/crowley showing that the influence may itself be "magick"

    i often wonder why i even was drawn to NYC in the 90s- early 2000s, i was a popular graffiti artist in the midwest, and there was tales of me everywhere, but i felt if i was to become a true legend, i had to go to NYC and paint, if not paint with the graffiti gurus that made graffiti not only possible, but easily accessible in every major city..

    and about hillary, i always wonder if the elections are real, ive always believed in the "whom had more royal blood" conspiracy callout, but its something i seriously doubt we may even ever know. it would be a strange thing if all the conspiracy kids were right last year in calling hillary the new prez. hillary has always represented something really dark to me, thats even before my conspiracy days existed, i wonder about blood drinking, luciferian ritual, etc.

    i guess i have to take the electoral college thing for prez for now, and most likely much later...

  16. "... just like New York City,
    just like Jericho...
    Pace the halls & climb the walls,
    and get out when they blow..."

    - R. Hunter

  17. As mentioned above by several, I totally agree that Madoff is a handy kicking post for the corporate media to distract from the corruption at the very root of our economic and governmental system.

    A similar thing is happening with President Bush. A certain amount of so-called "progressives" are going, "Look, that guy's gone, everything's on the level now. Nothing to see here, move along."

    I'm excited about the possibility that our society will find more compassionate and fulfilling myths to live by, as a result of all this nonsense. At least, that's what i'm focusing on...

  18. As we speak, the headline on Huffington Post says-

    Obama: We Need A Global Stimulus

    complete with a picture of the earth and a rising sun, "seen from space."


  19. and history channel is showing Nostradamus lost book today, and i wonder if thats the show that shows "SUBAM" or "MABUS" and i wonder if many realize that mabus was a democrat supporter of obama, and i am no where near any political affiliation or any faith at all, especially Christianity at all, really far off, its just that if Nostradamus was really right in calling out three "anti-christs" or some other word, i dont believe Nostradamus believed in Christianity anyways, its just strange when steve willner went deep last summer with his obama anti-christ videos, that had me constantly thinking about the MABUS and SUBAM thing in the "lost books" which im not fully even sold on, and never will, i hardly even believe im sitting in front of my pc now, i think im in a cosmic mind state on Sirius or something, i just have finally learned that i should never really believe anything at all, trickery is something we seek out in life, like the prestige in magick..

    obama definitely is going to lead us into some deep shizzle my nizzle, its just not known how at this point minus HUGE over-analyzed conspiracy theory, that some may become true and valid, but we need 20/20 hindsight before we know anything about it first.


    New New Scientist article about recreation of life synthetically AND the "shadow biosphere," life that emerged and grew independent of our own biosphere. Microscopic AAT or SOMETHING. "So the appearance of an "alien" organism seems imminent - we may find one that arose naturally, or engineer one in the lab. Either way, it's a momentous step."

    And on the post: Superman takes down Luthor and the Joker, so that New Krypton may flourish.
    The mystic scifi superhero movie that is the 21st Century continues!


  21. Also from New Scientist:

    Mass Hysteria in Nicaragua, dissociative and anxious.

    Bad Moon Rising to clear the way for the New Star, the Secret Sun, The Next Step - something.


  22. @Loren - Alabama gunman Michael McLendon killed 4 dogs in addition to himself and 10 others yesterday

    @Andy Christ - the Antichrist doesn't appear until after the Rapture. Trip over to the Rachel Maddow interview Chris posted yesterday on The Solar Satellite for the info...

  23. lynnertic - i watch all the ultra left msnbc shows daily, and saw the segment, and i know about the anti-christ thing, its just the fear mongering around it that i meant, if Nostradamus was even a real person, i dont believe he meant anti-christs per say. it does say he cloaked many quatrains and prophecy with religious overtones so he wasnt persecuted and burned at the stake.

  24. in germany today a 17 year old shot 15 people and 16 weapons have been recovered.

  25. If Obama is the anti-christ then the apocalypse is going to be really anticlimactic.

  26. Andy- Yeah, how many of those clownshoes were telling us that their "inside sources" had told them Hillary was a shoo-in? As for elections being real, I don't vote anymore, so take that for whatever it's worth.

    Sensei- Is that the Dead or Hunter solo?

    Trueblood- I don't understand why people not benefiting directly from a party or a politician would ever dream of cheerleading for them. I used to be addicted to politics, until I noticed my views were all over the map. And then I realized it was because I was allowing my emotions to be manipulated. Good call on the HuffP- you're on the front page!

    Andy- Well, billions and billions of dollars are spent every year indoctrinating people into believing in the Antichrist, so you can't imagine that's for nothing. I'm sure there are people out there trying to produce one. Nostradamus? I don't know. I think he was a player and was writing these Prophecies that the spooks of his time were trying to carry out - the death of the king and what not.

    Samuel- Great links! Thank you so much!

    Lynnertic- I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of this horror, I'm sad to say. It's like something out of Lovecraft.

    Hunter- See above.

    Anony 623- Exactly!!!

  27. Nostradamus has been linked to freemasonry as well as a grand alchemist, so when fulcanelli exposed alchemy in his book, it made alchemy really known to the masses at that time.

    i also suspect Nostradamus was a collective like francis beacon with the william shakesphere thing, but im speculating 1000% right now, so i have zero proof. i have heard the stories of the philosophers stone, and the ever-lasting life properties that it can give. maybe thats something we all should be looking in to in the future, what do you say chris? alchemy overload and syncs galore??

    im in.

  28. Thought you might find this interesting, I found it on a story posted on Etemenanki about two satellites colliding.

    "When the U.S. Iridium 33 communications satellite and the defunct Russian military communications satellite Cosmos 2251 collided and were destroyed, the smashup left a fresh sea of fragments orbiting at various angles. The collision occurred about 490 miles (790 km) over Siberia."

    Notice the 2251 anywhere in your post? 33's obvious, 49 is 7*7 and 7*9 is 63, backwards three six (666=sun)

  29. chris, would you expand on your william cooper opinion, i listened to some hour of the time today, and he made me laugh when he described his christian beliefs come before his own research, and that was funny. i always thought he had somewhat valid facts about some mystery school themes, or just information, but dude was crazy as all hell, rude to his own followers too, but he never stopped keeping me interested. whats your take on cooper?

  30. I don't know, Andy. I get depressed thinking about all of those characters, truth be told. I haven't thought much about Cooper in a while. Let me think on it and maybe I'll work up a post.

  31. thanks alot chris, it means much to have you so interactive and resourceful as you are, you are always working with a infinite codex in your mind, thanks, and im really glad ive been contributing and asking alot more questions, hope im never annoying, but i know that i am. hah.

    thanks chris, keep em' rollin...

  32. A friend just emailed me three pics of Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro posing nude, that's Obama's Mamma. Let me know if you'ld like them for that new site. They look pre-Barry. Stanley, what a name, a real winner.

  33. Cheers, Andy- it's good having you onboard.

    I've seen those pics, James. Interesting...

  34. In Goonies Mouth taunted Chunk with naked photos of his Mother. Maybe someone's trying to bring out "The Rock Obama".

  35. Chris, you should write a book about modern day Super Villians. I would get that.


  36. 17th floor is unlucky in Italy:

    "Ominous number for Italians, as the number 13 in Occident. Thus, in Italy, there is no bedroom 17, no 17th floor, etc., this because of the number 17 that in Roman number is written XVII, considered as the anagram and the numerical value of the Latin expression VIXI that means "I lived" therefore by extension "I am dead"."

  37. :) 17 17 17.

    Maybe you know Chris or not, two days ago a 17 year old German Student killed 17 other students in a School Masacre(In Germany). Apparently he was being ignored so he thought to steal his dad gun, then go for a Murder RAMPAGE. Hrmmm.

    I see this everywhere and anywhere.

    Thank you again for being here.


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