Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Vast Remaking of Economy"

If you're like me, you have been watching this worldwide economic meltdown with a sense of surreality. For some strange reason, this doesn't feel like one of the bust cycles, it feels like the prelude to a massive social engineering program. I mused on Stormy Weather that we could see a major shift to a space age version of the New Deal, and given the explosion in space tech, as well as the widening distribution of state of the art com-tech like 3G phones and fiber optic cable, I'm certainly starting to wonder. And lo and behold there is this recent New York Times headline: Job Losses Hint at Vast Remaking of Economy.

I still haven't adjusted to how the power structure in Washington for my entire adult life was systematically dismantled in the past four years (and reduced to a side show), and I certainly can't believe my eyes when I see all of the master-of-the-universe Wall St. tycoons set up as the fall guys for the crash. I'm starting to ponder the very real possibility that the entire Fortune 500 could be liquidated before this is all over.

And yet I don't see or feel the panic that one might expect in such a scenario. Obama and the new ruling elite in Washington seem to be quite blase and matter of fact about all of this carnage, as if they already know what is to be put in place.

Musing about space colonization as the basis of a new worldwide economy might be whacked out enough, but I'm also seriously starting to wonder if this may also be part of the D word- Disclosure. After all, you'd might want people to already feel displaced to lessen the shock to their daily routines. Crazy? Probably. But that's why I do this for free.

I will add, though, that this all certainly puts all of the Stairway to Sirius symbolism in a whole new light...