Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Vast Remaking of Economy"

If you're like me, you have been watching this worldwide economic meltdown with a sense of surreality. For some strange reason, this doesn't feel like one of the bust cycles, it feels like the prelude to a massive social engineering program. I mused on Stormy Weather that we could see a major shift to a space age version of the New Deal, and given the explosion in space tech, as well as the widening distribution of state of the art com-tech like 3G phones and fiber optic cable, I'm certainly starting to wonder. And lo and behold there is this recent New York Times headline: Job Losses Hint at Vast Remaking of Economy.

I still haven't adjusted to how the power structure in Washington for my entire adult life was systematically dismantled in the past four years (and reduced to a side show), and I certainly can't believe my eyes when I see all of the master-of-the-universe Wall St. tycoons set up as the fall guys for the crash. I'm starting to ponder the very real possibility that the entire Fortune 500 could be liquidated before this is all over.

And yet I don't see or feel the panic that one might expect in such a scenario. Obama and the new ruling elite in Washington seem to be quite blase and matter of fact about all of this carnage, as if they already know what is to be put in place.

Musing about space colonization as the basis of a new worldwide economy might be whacked out enough, but I'm also seriously starting to wonder if this may also be part of the D word- Disclosure. After all, you'd might want people to already feel displaced to lessen the shock to their daily routines. Crazy? Probably. But that's why I do this for free.

I will add, though, that this all certainly puts all of the Stairway to Sirius symbolism in a whole new light...


  1. "And yet I don't see or feel the panic that one might expect in such a scenario. Obama and the new ruling elite in Washington seem to be quite blase and matter of fact about all of this carnage, as if they already know what is to be put in place."

    ...feels like the fix is already in... ;)

  2. Christopher, very much enjoyed your interview with Aeolus on Stormy Weather.

    As for the economic restructuring, etc. Have you taken a look at Jacques Vallee's book, "Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults" that was first published back in 1979? In it he makes some observations that are even more striking today...

    He noted that "contactees" were basically serving as vectors for four particular ideas that have to do with the restructuring of our systems:


    1. "We can't solve our own problems."
    2. "There's a 'special type' of human (superhero?)."
    3. "We need technological help from 'higher beings.'"
    4. "We need a world economy & utopian system."

    Any of those ideas that he identified back in 1979 sound familiar?

    Jacques kind of hedges on identifying what he calls the "manipulators" he fingers in his book...but plays down actual space-based aliens...suggesting some other more terrestrial control system.

    Certainly, what's coming down is also quite in line with a lot of the parapolitical research into the NWO thing...

  3. I'm very curious to see what the next scene in the play will involve. Disclosure is such an exciting possibility while another (and I think inevitable) false flag attack doesn't exactly lift my spirits.

    *Nerd/ThinkingOutLoud Time!* Remember in Matrix:Reloaded, when The Architect states they've destroyed Zion five previous times? I've always had the feeling all this had been done before. Our human history that is. An ever-accelerating evolution of a species (with an "invisible" helping hand) until a climax of sorts (2012?). But I guess this line of thought ventures into "What's the meaning of life?" questions so I suppose I'll end it there.

    Christopher Knowles! You NEED to make a youtube video of yourself ranting about everything you know! I don't care if it's 30 hours long, I'll watch it! As always, great shtuff.


  4. I got to listen to the second half of your Stormy Weather interview on Friday. I enjoyed it and wonder if you'll take questions about it from your blog audience.

    With regards to the news, in many ways (it's the end of winter etc.) at this time it's safer to wait and see what will happen, because at least it's better than Panic. (I'm keeping TV news off for peace of mind.)

    The phase I see my community in, can be called 'healing crisis'. It's a step further out from 'housecleaning' because it refers to a body purging itself of toxins and waste. In natural medicine, the process of curing a disease can be weakening and intensely painful, but if one follows through with hard work and determination, the end result is renewed health. Fear of a painful healing process that requires effort can make people hesitate to take their medicine.

    But that's where our role models come in:

    Yesterday too, the great Charles Barkley began his three-day sentence for drunk driving in Celebrity Sheriff Arpaio's Tent City in Phoenix, Arizona.

    "He's taking his medicine," Arpaio said. "I hope that something comes out of this."
    A star for the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns, Barkley was named the NBA's Most Valuable Player in 1993 and inducted into its Hall of Fame in 2006.

    He did not wear the black-and-white stripes but a red and blue sweatsuit issued to members of the jail's work-release program.

    "None of the work-release people do that," he (Barkley) said. "But if y'all really, really want to put me as low as I can go, I can do that and make you feel better.

    "I know when [someone is] famous, you like to see people humiliated."

    Italicized text is pulled from this CNN Report

  5. I'm not sure the last hyperlink is working, kinda non specific

  6. Sensei- Certainly may be...

    Zane-As you may realize I know Jacques Vallee and will actually have the pleasure and honor of spending another week with him at Esalen this year. I am certainly going to pick his brains on this.

    I've been reading a very book from 1977 called Gods of Aquarius that espouses those very points you raised. I wonder very much if Messengers of Deception was written in response to that.

    There is no doubt that there has been a lot of intelligence chicanery in the UFO field- on both sides of the equation. I'd recommend a book called Archtiects of the Underworld by Bruce Rux for details on this phenomenon. At the same time, I've long suspected that a good chunk of the stuff we see being fed into the parapolitical milieu is intentional misinformation cooked up by various nefarious interests.

    But the disclosure issue is really just a footnote in the post. It's interesting that you keyed in on that. What I was more concerned with is this possible new space economy, and interestingly enough we're now seeing calls to Obama from Russia and China to demilitarize space.

    John- Funny you should mention that. I am planning a series of video chats for this blog. I'm extremely busy right now but look for that in the future.

    Lynnertic- Wow- words of wisdom from Sir Charles! Thanks for the tip.

    James- It works for me. If it's not working for you, just type Stairway to Sirius in the search field.

  7. Great changes are clearly coming and maybe an astrological perspective can throw a little more light on things.

    From the extremely perceptive astrologer, Adrian Ross Duncan :-

    "The transition from Earth to Air.

    2009 is a year of preparation for the radical changes that are soon to affect the fabric of global society. Taking the long-term view, the time of material exploitation of the planet is drawing to a close, if only because there is very little more that can be exploited without destabilizing the planet. This is all as it should be. The taming (some would use the word rape) of the material world over the last 200 years has reflected the conjunction cycle of Saturn and Jupiter in Earth signs. The last conjunction took place in 2000 in Taurus, but the next one takes place in 2020 at 0 degrees Aquarius, inaugurating a new epoch of conjunctions in Air signs that will last 200 years. Believers in the Age of Aquarius will be heartened by this, and the entry of Pluto into Aquarius in 2023.

    At this future time the world and its political systems will be unrecognizable due to the upheavals that have taken place from 2010 onwards. Those systems that emerge politically will have based their energy policy on renewable sources - the sun, the wind, the sea, the earth. In this totally digital age burning fuels will be viewed with the same disdain as society has for smokers today. A new cool age will have begun, ruled by light. Pluto’s transit of Capricorn will deal the death blow to the institutional capitalism that we know today. Social hierarchies will be brought down. Anything that can be digitalized will be collectively owned and be of global benefit. And the efforts of corporations and governments to control the digital world will have come to nothing."

  8. Dare I say, "REBOOT" or is it "OVERLOAD"?

    Clinton and Lavrov met in Geneva on Friday to discuss a number of issues on the international agenda, as well as bilateral relations that became increasingly strained during the era of the Bush administration.

    They made a symbolic "reboot" to improve relations between the two countries when they met.

    As a symbolic start to the process, Clinton brought to the meeting a yellow box with a large red "reset" button, which she asked Lavrov to push with her. On either side of the button was a label in English "reset," and what was supposed to be a Russian translation.

    However, Lavrov pointed out to Clinton that there was a mistake in the Russian equivalent and instead of "reset," the word had been translated as "overload."

    "You've made a mistake," Lavrov told Clinton. "It should be written 'reset,' but there's a completely different word here." In Russian, the word "peregruzka" means overload, whereas "pereZAgruzka" means reset.

    Clinton laughed and promised not to "overload" Russian-U.S. relations.

  9. Oh, I thought it was suppose to link to something specific, that's so much info. to re-read. Quite a collection.

    Today's International Women's Day, I like the Yahoo logo modification. The plus signs is right over shopping.

  10. I relation to a vast remaking of the US economy, check the logo for I believe it's being used as a talisman to facilitate reincarnation. It's the Tau (Circle with an interior T)hinting at it's next step in evolution by the way of being a cloaked Astrological Cross (Circle with interior cross).

  11. Wow Christopher -sorry I just had to pipe in here -I could not agree more -the air of unreality/surreality is incredible-on one hand its run for the hills-one the other I totally agree-the PTB are acting as if they know what will be put in place -a matter of a week ago or so Obama had told folks not to worry about "fits and starts" in the stock market -hehe it seems to me that now we are at 1997 levels-and this is in todays money -of course we are lower than 97 levels in actual value -it seems a heckuva lot more than fits and starts!! they are acting blase blase indeed-I dont watch MSM much at all-but the other day i caught a snippet of how "THe New Deal" was back on one of the channels and it showed images of FDR and LBJ with their massive govt programs-best as always to you!!

  12. Christopher, thanks for the tip on the book...will be reading it soon.

  13. BTW, Watchmen (the movie, not so much the graphic novel) was loaded w/ stairway/arch symbolism.

  14. Hi Chris,

    What do you make of Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria doing the unfathomable and surrendering their bank privacy on 10-13? In one fell swoop, after the templars have been pardoned and rewarded with their mid-east status, no less.