Sunday, March 22, 2009

Witch Mountain: The Dog is a Major Issue

We went to see Race to Witch Mountain on Saturday and were all pleasantly surprised; it's actually a nice little sci-fi romp. I had considered checking out Knowing after reading that it too is alien-themed (isn't everything this year?), but realized the missus wouldn't enjoy the violence and I wouldn't enjoy the cosmology.

I've done quite a few Witch Mountain posts already and don't have all that much more to add, but I was quite struck that Junkyard the dog is a "major" character in the film. After looking at Obama and Sirius during and after the election, it was quite striking to see Dwayne "The Rock Obama" Johnson driving to a UFO convention with Junkyard in the front and Seth and Sara in the back. I couldn't help but think there's some greater meaning there, but won't really be able to tell until I watch it a few more times. Aside from Junkyard, I didn't see much Sirius symbolism in the film at all.

The UFO convention subplot reminded me a lot of my beloved Galaxy Quest, but also reminded me of Dragon*Con and my musings on conventions as the new pilgrimages. I did find it interesting that Hollywood loves to demean and ridicule people who take UFOs seriously (like Whitley Strieber in the film) at the same time they depict aliens as a self-evident reality.

Aside from Johnson, Watchmen and Threshold star Carla Gugino plays Dr. Alex Friedman, who is probably an androgynization of UFO stalwart Stanton Friedman. Note that both Carla and Alex are he/she names, and that Carla literally means "man-woman."

Given that the Roswell crash and the mass sightings over Washington happened in the month of July, it was a kick to see Ciaran Hinds - who was the best Julius Caesar in motion picture history, hands down - playing an MIB. However, I thought there was a bit of a missed opportunity with the character- I thought he should have also been an alien spy looking to sabotage the kids' mission. It's interesting that they changed "the bounty hunter" to "the assassin" since the first trailer. Maybe Chris Carter cried foul.

As to the kids, Alexander Ludwig looks exactly like my cousin Andrew, so my wife and I found that extremely distracting. Things like that can take me out of the story, strange as it may sound. But I must say Annasophia Robb is quite a convincing alien. I kept thinking of the Lily Cole discussion as I looked at her manga-huge eyes.

Robb already has an interesting filmography, having appeared in Witch Mountain, Jumper, Bridge to Terabithia and an odious-looking propaganda-piece called The Reaping, which features Hollywood's most destructive and pernicious cliche, the demonic or demon-possessed child.

The image from the DVD cover caught my eye, since it tied into the classic image of Lilith, whom we've been discussing quite a bit lately. But it also reminded me very much of ancient portrayals of Mithras, whose possible connection to aliens and UFOs is on the verge of becoming a fixation of mine. And of course you gotta love "Anna-Sophia" for hitting both the Inanna and Gnostic memes. Keep an eye on this actress...

Looking at the trailer for The Reaping I wondered how many gifted children the world has lost to religious paranoia. This is why our stories are so important. Going from psychopathic, perverted, misogynistic filth like The Exorcist to pro-child, pro-individuation, pro-evolutionary memes in Witch Mountain, Harry Potter and The X-Men is a very encouraging trend in our pop culture. Hopefully the emerging new myths will inspire us to nurture gifted or otherwise unusual children, rather than the abuse we still see in backward, superstitious parts of the world today.


  1. Sirius is such a gold mine of syncro's. So what happened? Did the beings of that planet come here for gold to enhance their environment/atmosphere? Did they splice our genes with theirs to make us good slaves to mine the gold here? There is so much Masonic esoterica that leads to Sirius. What about the Greatful dead Masonic Music that leads to the Dog Star. So many freaking syncs and mysticism about Sirius. Christopher Know-les put it together, help me out here. Are they good old spiritual beings or shape shifting reptiles eager to return to their planet...? Shine forth brave souls! Dennis

  2. Nice work, Chris. I thought of the Lily Cole comparison as well.

    I hope to do a presentation on Witch Mountain soon on my blog, but I am definitely urging you to go see Knowing. I think that takes the cake. You must see it.

    The ALIEN Project

  3. Mind you Dennis I am not the blog moderator or writer but I will respond to your reply...feel free to tell me I am wrong. It is 1:58 am so this is from somewhere in my brain. One thing Dennis I do know is this...When and if we ever,"put it all together," and by we putting it all together I mean humans making strides and putting our species and planet together. I have a feeling then we will see how it was all put together. Yes this is a post about building bridges to the otherside so to speak! Personally I think the goal of all of this quite simple, learn new ways to think. And step into the abstract with a resolute faith. Because, with the questions you asked.... from here on in, it's all abstraction. For example......

    What coping tools would you have in place if you were presented the answers to the questions you seek? Could you still go back home and say make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and watch jeopardy? And then wake up and punch the clock at your job? Or would knowing just diffuse the whole societal framework that you have come to know? Because if knowing would dissolve the whole societal framework then why would any race of beings EVER want to be,"known," intergalactically as the race who caused,"that mess on earth?" You see,"Know1ng," is the .1 % of the beginning of understanding that,"know1ng," happens before you see it. Because seeing something in person is just as abstract as dreaming something or not knowing it at all.

    The DNA builds a bridge between the abstractions we think and contemplate and makes them physical by translation into the blood matrix. The trick for us will all be taking the chemical makeup of the blood and learning the realms of abstractions that the universe has to offer.

    We're just beginning...but we already yourself!

  4. U2's tour is called I believe the 360 tour? Correct me if I am wrong there anyone. Time is a funny thing and its kept differently by different people. The Babylonians were obsessed with the number 6x60=360....the perfect circle.....and it was a big part of their time orientation. Maybe though the 360 tour thing has nothing to do with Mithra and the Babylonians.....Maybe they are just going around the world and so 360 stuck! Or maybe the cams will all spin 360.....I was at Zooropa......kinda liked it!

    Sometimes I wanna give Bono a hug.....

    U is letter 21(+2)
    212 is an area code of NYC
    53rd street/U2 way is 17x3(+2)

    Like I said, sometimes I wanna give Bono a hug.....

  5. Annasophia Robb

    Let's look at her last name:

    The double B can 'be' both the sound "buh" and the letter name "B" or "be"

    So from that we can get
    the word ROBE

    which is very fitting for the goddess name mashup Annasophia:
    ROBES of the goddess or
    goddess ROBES

    We can also get "ORB"

    That one needs NO explanation here!

    We can further find:
    "Orbb" then to "Or Bee" and we get "golden bee"
    which echoes of the Melissai, from whence we get the noun "BEE", as in the flying polinating honey maker and the french and spanish word for honey, "miel" .

    Melissai were the priestesses of the goddess in the ancient greek mysteries.

    (if you're not yet you should be thinking - 'M el ISSA') !

    keeping with various Zeus and 42 synchs buzzing about these days we find:

    Melissa is the name of one of the nymphs who nursed the infant Zeus.

    And if we know, as I've said before, that words can exits without vowels, then we can futher see
    Robb as rbb
    'rbb' can be the Hebrew word Rabbi (Rev. / Rav)
    Furthering the "priest(ess)" finding above.

    Then knowing all that we can also get from that name

    Anna Sophia Robe
    Hannah Sophia Robe
    Inanna Sophia Robe

    Annie and ANI

    (SoPDeT/Sophis/Sothis fits to that name)
    And there's the Egyptian (and greek) name for the star SIRIUS.


  6. For the sake of trivia, I'll put out there that:

    the star SIRIUS can be or represent,

    like the "galactic center" - the 8-pointed star (also from the 44 as in ++ ).
    the black star/sun
    the Black Madonna
    the hermaphrodite, due to its binary nature (Sirius AB)
    and like our own Sun and the analemma, the symbol for infinity ∞ for the binary relational nature of forces between Sirius A and B

    and I would recommend taking a very abstract look at the constellation picture on the Wikipedia page for SIRIUS (Think pyramid and Tau)


  7. I seldomly comment (i rather read^^), but take a second and read over your last sentences.

    For me its a clear (but propably not intended) demand for eugenics of any sort.

    [/quote]rather than the abuse we still see in backward, superstitious parts of the world today. [/end quote].
    You know that this applies TOTALLY to any part of the US, which apperas to slowly be turning into a "God-State" (or superstitious state) itself (this is not an antiamerican rant... i love you people, but as they say in Germany, "always broom your yard first", (i.e Before pointing a finger elsewhere look at the adjacent area^^)

    Greetings from Germany and remember that the end musnt justify the means.

  8. Dear Michael hunter

    You may not be a writer or such, but in your first comment you nailed it.
    I dunno if i understood it completelly (greek/german mix here^^)
    but what you say, its all neuroligical (non biased and not meaning "retarded"^^).
    Its our mind that percieves more instead of things happening outside our bodies of existence.
    what we go through here is merely imaginative. The minds evolves and "finds out" what it is capable of (projection!!!!!!1111oneoneoneeleven)and starts playing with the tools it was given by nature.
    Next step is wordless communication, astral projection, or travel by thought.... about time^^
    Aliens are there because i imagine them to be.
    Evil is there because i imagine, it is there.
    Your mind is creating all that, not the illuminate or the masons or greaT alien Joe in the sky,
    and this is the lesseon we have to learn. Our mind is "God" (tm), it brings everything to existence in our own personal world, which reaches as far our arms can reach. Inside this area we are god.
    And the other thing special about or mind, wahtever you wish will come, so you wish evil, evil will come, you wish good,... well you know the rest.

    A very good read on that is Robert Anton Wilsons "The new Prometheus- the evolution of our intelligence"

    Skinjob prime out.

    P.S. Sory for the wall of text

  9. the portuguese conection

    Is interesting this dog stuff conected to Sirius now that President Obama choosed a Portuguese water dog and is about to get it early April

    I am in Portugal and am amazed about all the fuss in usa about the President coming dog

    Even someone sugested president Obama to come and get it in his next European tour

    well check out about Sintra-Sirius which is considered the european esoterical capital and labeled worldwide patrimony

    Little by little bit by bit

    or one step at a time

    By the way congratulations Christopher we never met but I send you my respects

    As you people say

    you are doing a hell of a job

    Your blog is a very nice breeze

    Best greetings from Portugal

    Luis de Belo Morais

  10. Sirius is the dog Star
    President Obama choose a Portuguese dog
    This issue is being very much comented in usa media and spreaded in a worldwide dimension as something very important even in president Obama words to have a good friend in washington
    Obviously we have here a Portuguese conection
    In Portugal Sintra is obiously a important clue
    Sintra is considered the esoterical capital of Europe and is classified world patrimony
    A lot has been writen about it
    The Sintrian legacy or better to say the Sirian legacy
    Ater all the dog is considered the best human friend
    by the way
    your blog is delicious congratulations
    best greetings
    Luis de Belo Morais from Portugal Sintra

  11. I like dogs, but much preferred "Winkie" the black cat :D

    Funny thing about astrological sun signs & people...theres certain traits I pick up on right away when seeing certain people. Life is crazy!

  12. Sorry, meant to reference Anna-Sophia Robb in that last comment, when discussing astrological star signs. I mentioned it because she reminds me of a friend from school, to the "t". I looked up the birthday & they both have one in the same week of Sagittarius.

  13. Thanks as always for the comments, guys. Today's another busy one so I won't be able to comment in-depth until later, but keep them coming!

  14. OG,
    Indeed Sagittarians are our "warrior angels" and all that that connotates.

    have you ever met Rubellus Petrinus in Sintra?


  15. First of all skinjob prime is the coolest sign on name I've read!

    I'm not here to kiss butt, but I have to say skinjob, if it was not for me finding this site and then from it, Carl Jung.....I would not know a dang thing. Jung said the power of psyche is immense. It's the dreamers, the believers who build bridges or connect the dots....these people are usually(but not always) in some ways rebuked or outcasts right from the start. But it is in that realization and revelation where we are all going. And that is into eternal abstraction. Knowing that, you have but one choice, and that is to take the leap and make it a leap of faith.

  16. Chris, just found this story:

    17 dead in Big Butte plane crash

    A lot of children died... Really saddening.

    "The plane was traveling from Oroville, Calif. before it crashed into Holy Cross cemetary, officials told"

  17. Yeah, I saw that Tommy. Why does an airport have two cemeteries on its grounds? Tragic.

  18. I don't know why (actually, the headline included "big" before "butte" on the site I picked this up from) I typed in "big butte", it's just "Butte". Some people can joke about anything... Sorry about that. I feel embarrassed.

    I'm glad RTWM wasn't bad, always nice to see a change of pace coming from Disney/Hollywood..

  19. AnnaSophia Robb a Sagitarrius, eh? I looked up her birthday... not the date I harp on (12/9), but very close.

    Still, it's worth noting that she was born exactly 50 years after somebody else readily associated with high weirdness.


  20. Interesting image you chose for Sagittarian AnnaSophia Robb. Her pose is remiscent of the one associated with the child formerly known as Bowman.


  21. interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.