Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Written in Stone: Hancock on Megalithic Structures

Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval don't espouse intervention theory, but to my mind cough up some pretty compelling evidence for it. A lot of the material in this video ties in with the recent Ancient Aliens doc but from a different angle. Either way, it's pretty astonishing once the facts are laid out.

My opinion may not count for much, but I think whoever built these sites did so that future generations would come to realize that only a people with very advanced mechanical tools and knowledge of the cosmos could pull this stuff off. And the increasingly shrill and desperate tone we are hearing from academics on these topics is proof enough that they are feeling the ground of certainty give way beneath their feet.

I truly believe we are on the verge of a complete revision of our ancient past. And these massive stone structures may hold the key to that. If so, it could go a long way in explaining why the iconography of architecture and stonemasonry have always been so compelling to the people within the power structure.


  1. It's funny but I feel that we're all going to be revealed a truth that has been hidden from us for much too long, and now must reveal itself. It's like you said the material all ties in. Yours, Labyrinth of the Psychonaut, and many other fellow synchromystic bloggers and youtube posters all have material that tie in with each other. It's really amazing how we're all connected by the search for truth. Keep on doing what you do best and so will I!

  2. Wow - great stuff. Thanks for posting this, Chris.

    One thing that caught my attention at around the 15 minute mark: The present epoch of creation... the fifth sun... will end in a cataclysm on... 23 Dec 2012. GH then goes on to explain that the Maya believed that they could stop impending catastrophes thru human sacrifice.

    The question I have is this: if 23 Dec 2012 represents an impending cataclysm, then exactly how many people would need to be sacrificed to prevent such a cataclysm and by whom?

    I wouldn't usually think like this but I was listening to this in the back ground for a second run thru and made that particular connection.


  3. Excellent to see "Heaven's Mirror" here (I'd lost my video dub) which was the catalyst for me to going to meet Graham Hancock around a year & a half ago at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors when he & Santha Faiia were on the NY leg of their book tour for SUPERNATURAL: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind, which, as I've said before, they believe to have been some kind of therianthropes, beings with the aspects of both animals & men, that came through to us here on Earth, not from the far reaches of outer space, but through a rift in between dimensions, and helped propel us into an understanding of time-keeping via astronomy, as well as boosting our consciousness.

    Pity then that the human race has fallen so far behind in all those millenia since. Thanks for posting the feed, man. Good to see it here on Secret Sun, Junior.

    You completely rock,
    Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

  4. I have never thought to comment on here about some of the places I've visited that you write about Chris. One of those places being Atlantis in the Caribbean. I loved the water around this place. It was some of the clearer water I've seen. I loved the lil marina( I say little but it's not really small it's just not New York Harbor) and I loved the spectacle of it all. It's massive to look at. But.....

    And maybe its because I ate in the commons, but the food was eh. I am not a stomach centered human but the food there was eh. All in all it was so massive and there was so much going on that I never really found a rhythm there. I actually went out on the town there and hung out after a day or so of taking it all in. But it had weird room names if I remember like The Suns Temple...

    But you can sure see it from a long ways away!

    I'd love to see GH's flickr account.

    Has anyone here ever been to Rene Chateau?

  5. David D - Your point is well taken - given the fact that the 'system' is hell bent on population reduction and the 'societies' fascination with old mythologies...Perhaps they are 'fattening' up the population for just such a scenario.


  6. I wonder who those guys who wrote "graffiti" in the Great Pyramid were... I'd take a wild guess but you probably already know who I want to point out.

    I didn't know the Nazca spider was lined up to Orion. Interesting material, boring presentation...

  7. Cool, just started reading Hancock's Supernatural yesterday. I sometimes also suspect that we are edging towards some kind of massive paradigmatic revision. If that is the case, then people like Hancock, who is carrying on the charge of others such as Vallee and John E. Mack, and adding some much needed clarity to the perspective of van doniken/sitchen et all, is very much at the cutting edge.

  8. President Obama mocked by pronouncing bad Orion, but was it a planned error to said later a planned response? Was he doing something symbolically deeper?

    I copy from jsonline:

    "A presidential plug for Orion
    By Thomas Content of the Journal Sentinel
    Mar. 23, 2009

    The idea that led to the founding of Orion Energy Systems received a presidential salute of sorts today.

    President Barack Obama just finished speaking at a White House roundtable on clean energy efficiency attended by Neal Verfuerth, Orion president and chief executive. Obama saluted Orion..."