Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Slave to the Gods

When I was writing Our Gods Wear Spandex I kept an 8x10 photo of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman on my wall to act as my muse. I think she did a marvelous job of it. And sure enough Lynda Carter was on the front page of Yahoo! today.

The 6x9 room where I spend all of my waking hours, circa October 2006

The new U2 album came today, as did the new Wonder Woman animated DVD. I'd been waiting for it since I was interviewed for the bonus documentaries along with a host of scholars and comics luminaries (even the Mighty Hef). It was pretty tough for a relative novice, sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 5 hours under hot lights while you answer a barrage of questions.

But the questions were excellent ones, and the producers and director were extremely cool guys and very keyed into their mythology. And longtime readers of this blog know what a DC Tooniverse and Bruce Timm maniac I am, so it was well worth the trouble.

As my work progresses, though, I rapidly find myself losing interest in the acceptable narratives on mythology. Jung found himself in a similar situation when he was my age. He saw the future in the neopagan underground centered around Bohemian hotspots like Ascona, and used that inspiration to develop his idea on the archetypes.

But having researched this material for more than 20 years and written about it nearly every day for the past five years, I feel myself being pulled even out of the relative safety of Jung's most radical concepts. It's like a tidal pull, and having spent my youth in the ocean I don't use that phrase lightly. Listening to myself on the DVD I felt as if I and the others were reading a eulogy for something that is very much alive, though still not yet realized.

It's strange having found my entire life so immersed in these archetypes and these myths and superheroes and all of the rest of it. But it's also tremendously hard work. While Aeolus and I were preparing for our Skype-a-thon he asked how I would describe myself and my work. And after much reflection I answered, "I'm a slave to the gods."

UPDATE: Thuthie reminds us that Beyonce is itching to play Diana Prince. While no one will ever, ever replace Lynda Carter, I endorse this casting decision, seeing that her body is one of the great wonders of nature. Interesting that Beyonce's married name is also Carter. The key to making the film work would be a great Steve Trevor. I nominate George Clooney, if he's not allergic to superhero movies after the Batnipple fiasco. Too bad they didn't make a WW movie ten years ago because Catherine Zeta Jones was born for that role.


  1. It's funny how archaic most things seem now. Everything supposedly provided to us by those who have reached a worthy place on the ladder through the current system is extremely flawed and frustrating to use, once you've explored the true depths of what is possible. These products are all broken... Is it on purpose, for purposes of "dumbing down", or is it just that those seated in the pyramid of power are less human than the people they claim to have the approval of "God" to own?

    Not to keep the gears grinding or anything... As much as I enjoy theorizing, I know it can be a little annoying at times to constantly rework one's definition of what is true to fit what someone else desires. You've really done a great job remaining consistent here on what's probably the most active blog in the syncrosphere.

  2. Jung’s chosen field of psychology… at its best… presents and provides the individual with the opportunity to integrate and heal him/her-self. The psychologist can’t “fix” the individual, only present the opportunity. So too with humanity as a whole. Knowledge can only illuminate the issues. The healing is up to us. Dark side and light. We’re all in this together.

    In these times, our task seems to be to take Jung’s “collective unconscious” and transform it into the collective conscious.

    “…the water may turn to cherry wine… and the silver will turn to gold”
    - from “Time out of Mind” by Steely Dan

    stay strong…

  3. You show your "capacity for suffering" with that electric green paint job. I wonder if a jelly filled pod would be more comfortable than an ergonomic chair? I recently had a pilionidal cyst from sitting infront of my screen endlessly. Working from home is excellent, I'm freelance too.

    I watched "The Secret Lives of Bees" and "Australia" recently, talk about suffering, Oz was so long. In both movies they tied strings around insects. I've been stung and felt like I needed to share.

    Take Care

  4. Shirley, you can't be Serious. I just conjured Wonder Woman only an hour ago, posted her on gosporn. How strange.

    Cheers, Michael

  5. I too find it definitely does us good to reflect every now and then! Helps to keep everything in perspective and lets us sort out all those fine details that we may have missed the first time round.

    A slave to the gods - Those darned Olympians! If only we could climb their mountain of truth!
    They're always playing their games from on high with us mere mortals.

    That WW DVD certainly looks like something worth checking out (a few times even).
    Found this little gem (Caution: spoilers!)
    Some excellent actors in that one. Including three of my personal faves, Rosario Dawson, Marg Helgenberger, and Virginia Madsen.

    No chair and hot lights are ever a fun thing at the moment! Once you've been there the second or third time does get easier, so I've heard. Seen one bright light you've seen them all, they say!

    Maybe you could give us your keen view and that unique CK take on the DVD after you've watched it through a few times and found all the "Ishtar Eggs"? LOL



  6. 20 years before 911, Wonder Woman flew her invisible plane into the WTC.

  7. Well worded Christopher, I find myself feeling that way 99% of the time.

    But that realization alone allows me to investigate further.

  8. The Wonder Woman animated movie was a big hit at NY ComiCon.

    Chris, congratulations on your inclusion in the WW DVD.

    So what do you think about this adaptation of the WW story? One difference between the TV show and this animation is difference in the treatment of 'the battle of the sexes' and another is the increased level of violence (Both fall in line with your observations on this blog of American Society).

    The simple fact that a woman is the lead makes me just as excited to spin in circles in the driveway as I was at age 8. Which reminds me that Monsters vs Aliens, another animated movie with a female lead, is being released at the end of March.

    This article supposes that action movies about women heroes/villains are doomed to failure because men simply can't identify with the heroine and are conditioned to see women cast in sexualized or intellectual roles.

    Yet parents clamor for empowering or at least gender-neutral entertainment for their children. Their money talks! I suppose that these animated films are responding to this call and that within a few years (as our little boys and girls grow up to see each other as equals) we'll see more women in leading roles.

    This is also relevant to your comment (complaint?) yesterday about sexualized teens. As kids grow up to see each other as equals, their sexuality is equal too. Telling a pretty teenager to hide herself isn't okay anymore, especially when we don't do the same for teenage boys (be they pretty or butch). And you dirty old men, you know who you are, just need to get used to it and remember that *you* wear the Scarlet Letter now, if you don't keep your hands to yourself.

    (And by the way, James, even though I know too much about you right now, I still find myself wondering if your workstation is any more interesting than the one pictured above. Show us a snapshot!)

  9. Tommy- The dumbing down process is very real. And part of that was itself a long-running collaboration between the Plutocrats and that huge swathe of people in this country that hate education, intellectual inquiry, and most importantly, expertise. So rather than see the Elites as the Plutocrats, all of a sudden elites became writers, artists, teachers, etc. Then they were marginalized and pushed out of the way and a new breed of ambitious drones took their place.

    Go look at magazines from the 70s. Look at the word counts in an old issue of Time and look at an issue today- Time looks like Weekly Reader. Look at all of the films that put real conspiracy themes front and center- Winter Kills, Network, Parallax View, President's Men, Three Days of the Condor, etc etc. There were magazines like Omni that questioned the official line on science, UFOs and medicine. Real conspiracy research was very much part of the national conversation which is why it all had to be dismantled.

    It's great that there are guys like Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney who have the juice to get films like Syriana and Michael Clayton made.

    Sensei- You nailed it. Making the Collective Unconscious Conscious. I'm going to trademark that!

    James- Ha! No, that's just the flash. Actually its a very cool and soothing shade of green. But I didn't paint it- this used to be my son's bedroom.

    Michael- And you put a Bruce Timm shot up! As I always expected- you have latent heterosexual tendencies! =)

    Strangey- I'm super busy but I'm sure Bruce and the boys put in some tasty treats for us. Or maybe its all up front as in Justice League.

    Ed- Great find! It's issue 287. 2+8+7=?

    Dad- It's a very strong tug. My brain is on high speed all the time. It's kind of exhausting, to tell the truth.

    Lynnertic- It's true, people don't want to see women in action roles. I think Sarah Connor is one of the few shows on TV I like and one that doesn't glorify the status quo and it's in danger of cancellation. It's weird we hear all of this feminist happy talk but we still see the same old dichotomies in gender roles, as well as the hypersexualization of children.

    I love the Wonder Woman archetype- it's very Hathor. I'm not really into the masculinized women meme that we're seeing, but I love that archetype of the lioness- strong and assertive but tender and loving. I think that's a great recipe for a human being, period. The Sarah Connor in the TV show is much more appealing to me than the T2 version, which is essentially a f2m transsexual.

    The sad truth though is that what you or I think and feel is a minority view. It's very difficult for me to develop any kind of working philosophy of the future when I feel external events are going to overwhelm us all. Maybe I'm just internalizing the feelings of helplessness that the conspiracy media put in our heads, but I almost feel the ground literally moving beneath my feet sometimes.

  10. Lynnertic, you posted at 11:11, Here's my 6'x11' room where I live and sleep, except when buying groceries or surveying a building. I feel like this this guy.

    I like the personal side of the Secret Sun. I wish I could see a picture of your family and hear about them too. What do you do for work?

  11. Wonder Woman simply rocks!

  12. Spartan living is the way of the future, particularly for inner space travelers. I don't like to talk about personal stuff here unless it pertains to the work. I'm very New England that way. But when I'm not writing I work as an Adobe Illustrator specialist.

  13. Chris,

    I'm with you, brother. My wife and I were talking about how the activation of the archetypes and the amazing influx of information we process now with the internet is REALLY expanding our minds - and this is not an easy process.

    You're forced to think of things in new expansive ways all the time as you do this writing. How many hundreds of times did I blow my own mind when I wrote the Jennifer Hudson piece? Let's just say, many.

    Wonder Woman is a Valkyrie which ties her to Ragnarok aka Cthulhu aka 2012. Interesting the Beyonce REALLY wanted to play her in the movie.

    "It's strange having found my entire life so immersed in these archetypes and these myths and superheroes and all of the rest of it. But it's also tremendously hard work. While Aeolus and I were preparing for our Skype-a-thon he asked how I would describe myself and my work. And after much reflection I answered, "I'm a slave to the gods.""

    Does this mean you're an AGENT of the gods. . .LOL.

    I think that these archetypes are being activated on their own (or at the end of time - right now), but I am also believing that in response to this, people that know what's up are trying to create their own archetypes - hence Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, etc. If they create a Perseus out of the Barrack. They have a monster hunter archetype that can do battles with monster archetypes (aka the Joker / Loki figure we see arising).

    This is something I'm working on. I need to read more Jung.

    Thanks for all you work.


  14. '
    But having researched this material for more than 20 years and written about it nearly every day for the past five years, I feel myself being pulled even out of the relative safety of Jung's most radical concepts.'

    Tell us more about this. This movement, what this writing is doing to you and your concepts of mythology, is VERY interesting and key to this whole thing . . . I think.

    Thuth (ie)

  15. You're really lucky to have a like minded family or atleast one that puts up with you :)

  16. Well, I've been studying the myths for my next book and so many of the ancient myths don't make sense in any of the ways we're supposed to understand. I think there is something deliberately encoded in them that we haven't figured out yet. In fact I'm going to operate on that assumption here on in.

    You'll see this when I start digging into the Mithras material. That will blow your mind, I guarantee it.

  17. 'I think there is something deliberately encoded in them that we haven't figured out yet. In fact I'm going to operate on that assumption here on in.'

    This is a VERY, VERY interesting idea that I am going to have to spend some time processing. Could the end of time (in a Mayan/Timewave 0/Hindu sense) be the de-coding of these myths into 'reality' / 'reality' becoming imaginationland? what might be similar to what I am starting to call, The Activation of the Archetypes - I don't know exactly what this means . . . yet.

    But seeing this Joker figure repeating through different dark rituals has me thinking that perhaps it is a Loki/Joker force - from myth - that is acting on people's unconscious. Possessing them, if you will. The Joker is a thought form that moves through the noo-sphere. Something like that.

    I think seeing the synchs is a first step. That's the paths these archetypes are travelling through the noo-sphere. The archetypes are either emerging from it and taking on a life of their own, or are entering into it.

    The first possibility is neato, the second is scary.

    I would also hold (and this is where we might differ) that while these archetypes have a life of their own, emergent from the decentralized network of human thought and interaction, there are people that understand how this works and are working hard to encode their own archetypes into the mix. These would be the wizards.

    I don't know if they are black wizards or working for humanities survival as we enter a kind of Thoth-like judgement moment for humanity. Ragnarok might be coming, and THEY (Freemasons - whoever) might be trying to create myths to stop it.

    I'm working these ideas out.


    James - I am VERY lucky. I live out in the BOONIES these days (for the past three years) and find it increasingly difficult to have 'normal' conversations with the pink shirts.

  18. Chris - Well said. I guess that's why it felt like such a huge "revelation" to me when I finally realized something was amiss, and I think that's how they want people to react, if they find out at all. We're given the impression that that life in America is "perfect" and if you're unhappy and unwilling to support the genocidal plutocracy, you're an ungrateful S.O.B. and you need more drugs pumped into your bloodstream. The thing is, everyone I know (in my personal life at least, you guys are sent from heaven it seems) agrees with the latter statement, for no reason I can think of... I know it's intended for social control.

    Can't wait to read your Mithras writings. I've never looked much into Mithraism, so it will be a much-needed eye-opener...

  19. That is such a wild path Chris!
    Lot's of "Whoa... WTF?" moments on that one.
    And there's sooo much to find.

    I try to look at religious and ancient writings with the same eyes and mindset that I view the overtly alchemical works. I consider that someone is telling a story of a process or something other than the story I might get on the surface. Unless I keep that awareness, I only end up seeing the surface story. Once you get down the technique of being able to open your mind and bypass all those limiting hypnotic filters that modern society has ingrained in us, you start to find whole new universes of information appearing right there in the words.

    I've also posted some longer thoughts on the "Dumbing-Down of society" that was brought up in this Comments section at my blog:

    Off On a Tangent - Our quantum bodies and our evolution"


  20. I know exactly what you mean about the dumbing down. I'm a writer and have a love affair with New Journalism and the great magazines of the 60s. I have a couple of issues of Esquire from 1968 that are just beautiful.

    You look at them and can't believe they came from the same society. There are stretches of nothing but text for like 3 or 4 pages. Crazy. In one edition (just one random edition, nothing special) there are stories by Norman Mailer, William Burroughs, Michael Herr and at least 2 or 3 other very notable writers. Just a throw away (or so it seemed at the time) edition from 1968.

  21. Thuth-- I think you're on to something. Something is definitely going on. Imaginationland is an interesting idea. I get the feeling that everything is coming together in way that connects everything to everything else and makes everything possible. Like we've re-entered into the time of Heroes.

    Either that or something has happened over the past several years and "we" didn't notice it. Something along the lines of artificial reality or a stargate event.

    Be sure and watch LOST tonight. LOST is connected to this. As is VALIS.

    I'm not saying I literally believe this (do I?). I'm not crazy... really. Sol Invictus.

  22. looking forward to your post about mithraism. didn't that begin in iran?

  23. bono vs bobby. hillarious.

  24. How come you have not been on Jeff Rense? Does he know about your work? I find it strange that you have not been guest on Rense and Coast...I enjoyed your Red Ice Creations interview. Also a long time fan of WW, it is interesting that when she spins it is similar to the twirling dervishes. Keep up the excellent work!

  25. Great post as always Christopher! I often ask to be paid in books for the small amount of work I am able to do-I will see if I can get Our gods wear spandex-the next time-great comments -had no idea about WW 20 yrs before sept 11-James beat me to timestamp of lynnertics comment:-) OCD always makes me look at these and word verifications-best as always to you!

  26. Hey guys- lot of juicy comments here. Right now I got my nose to the grindstone so I can't respond in detail, but I promise that I will within the next 24 hours.

  27. Has anyone seen Rock-A-Doodle, old "Don Bluth" film(writer director, left Disney in early 80's completely angry at their lack of "imagination") or really any of his films. Moreover does anyone know of any researchers who have looked deeper into Don Bluth and the cavalcade of connections he has in and outside his work.

    I watched All dogs go to heaven a couple days ago and was astounded at the deeper theme involved, well not astounded but confronted with a film i loved when i was younger that completely changed for me.

  28. Off-topic: STS-119 is set to rocket off on March 11th at 21:20.

    Note the NASA logo patch of the STS mission. The two yellow-colored solar panels are clearly revealing but also note the three beaming lines with a halo toward a big star from the ISS. Something's definitely up.

  29. James,

    I dig the paneling at your bachelor pad, which I have to say is the tidiest I've ever seen. Here's my desk. My girlfriend calls it my hobbit-hole. I'll spare you pics of my family except for perhaps this one of my dog Penny. Unfortunately, that goes to a post of possibly the cheesiest song my husband's ever written.

    So in his defense let me point you to some of his music from about the same period, thoughtfully pirated by Mutant Sounds: Moebius and Machines. Download and enjoy! On Moebius is a punk version of "Light my fire" that made the top 10 in Paris in 1979. My favorite song on that album however is "Money".

    Thanks for asking about me. My husband Doug Lynner and I have a marketing and advertising firm that keeps us fed and in new sound equipment. One thing we do is Corporate IDs which is why I get a kick out of the analysis of logos and ad campaigns here. I studied to be a space-geek in college and was in IT when I met Doug. My mom's a preacher, one aunt's an archaeologist, another's a psychologist, another's a printer.

    For kicks my husband hosts a radio show on Flashback Alternatives (next show is March 12) and I do charity work to get out of the house and let him write music.

    Architects Rock. And the timestamp on my comment yesterday was accidental!


  30. Oh no! I'm a dork.

    Chris you can kill my last comment b/c I thought James was asking about my family. I went back to re-read and see now he was asking about yours. I'm really not an egotist.

    Sorry to bother.

  31. Thuthie- Yes, we are living in a time when the symbols are being used for and against us and are working out their own agenda. I'm not saying this new understanding of information is our apotheosis, but its certainly our next step.

    Tommy- I think lies can only last so long. Truth wants to be known.

    Strangeye- Well, to me Alchemy is an older understanding, so its something we should be wary of when we see it in use today. Or more accurately when we see it being used on other.

    Anony 418- Right on. It's heartbreaking. I collect old Playboys which are like the dialogues of Plato compared to the news magazines of today. But back then writers questioned the power structure, so that had to go.

    Anony 427- I don't watch Lost. Give us an update!

    Hunter- Mithraism is a puzzle of history. The conventional wisdom is that it did start in Iran, but nothing like its practice in Rome.

    Sergio- I like the new U2 song that goes "Sunshine, sunshine..." Subtle.

    Fabian- Rense is not my scene, and I don't have the juice to get on CtC yet. Maybe one day...

    Devin- Yeah, the superhero archetype is very central to our times. It's like what McKenna said about UFOs- a foreshadowing.

    Turnpie- Yeah, I did notice ADGTH was pretty heavy for a kids toon, but haven't seen it in ages. But what wisdom, just in the title.

    Rob- Wow, NAZCA is rocking the 11s!

    Strangey- Kind of reminds me of the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree.

    Cheers, guys!

  32. Colette- NO! I think what you've written is very interesting! Thank you.

  33. You don't watch LOST?! Man, I think you would totally dig it. I rarely watch TV and only started watching LOST half way thru season 4 (last year) and now I'm hooked. It's filled with ideas, the acting is great, and it's always entertaining. Basically like a really, really good comic book.

    Any TV show that references VALIS, Stranger in a Strange Land, Slaughterhouse Five and the Brothers Karamazov is alright by me.

    I couldn't even begin to give an update-- there are like a gazillion things going on. I'll say this though-- next year is the final season and things are picking up steam.

  34. My problem with Lost is that you have to have watched every episode from the beginning to get a handle on the story- and even a lot of hardcore fans seem to be, uh, lost. I can't deal with that kind of responsibility to a TV show. Same thing with BSG- what I've seen I thought was extremely well done, but I haven't a clue what's going on.

  35. Lynnertic, Thanks for the links to your husband's music, it's classy and psychedelic. Wellz anywho, much love to you and yours. You can email me at if you want a key(pen) pal.

    You can watch Wonder Woman here. They used the Italian spelling for Hospital, "Osepale" and it's in NYC, (OZ/Emeral City). The flick is loaded with gutter humor though. "Better not bring your kids!"

  36. I picked up the WW dvd and checked out the special features. didn't see anything with you in it. Although there was some what interesting stuff about the productions of some of the new DC animated films, it seems they didn't use any of your interview in there. it was a bummer.

  37. It's on the two DVD collectors edition, not the mass market one.

  38. Oh my god, catherine zeta jones as wonder woman. Photoshop time somebody or do I have to do this myself..