Saturday, March 21, 2009


On Tuesday, that Day of All Days, cast and crew from Battlestar Galactica turned the United Nations in a high-rent version of Dragon*Con. True to form, Guinan herself moderated while wearing an extremely odd scarf decorated with what looks like alien skulls.

All well and good, but not exactly Secret Sun, you might say? Oh, I'm not done yet. It turns out that Garret Resiman, one of the ISiS astronauts, appears as an extra in the BSG finale.
Reisman watched the original "Battlestar Galactica" series as a child and followed its recent rebirth, which retells the story of an immense space battleship as it protects a fleet of civilian spacecraft while fending off attacks from the robot Cylon enemy.
While he was in space, Reisman turned the lights down aboard the space station and tuned in to the new series via computer with the station's then-skipper, fellow NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, as Galactica's commander Bill Adama tried to keep his fleet together on the road to find Earth. The astronauts briefly spoke, while in space, with the show's producers Ron Moore and David Eick.
Interesting. But where was Reisman living when he was a child?
Science fiction, Reisman said, has a very real ability to inspire the public in real-life space exploration, though his passion was sparked by NASA's Apollo moon missions. Growing up in Parsippany, N.J, he watched Super 8 films of those missions until they wore out, then he spliced them back together and watched them again.
Oh, Parsippany- ground zero for the recent UFO/earthquake flaps. Fascinating. Even more fascinating that the mystery lights returned to Parsippany (or "Persephone," as reader Tommy rechristened it) on 2/17.

Speaking of wars in space, here's a very interesting article on the Space Arms Race and its implications for geopolitics. Funny how all of this seems to converge.


  1. The astronauts briefly spoke, while in space, with the show's producers Ron Moore and David Eick.

    Hmm. I wonder what kind of non-coincidence that is.

    BSG doesn't appeal to me in the least so I'm a little lost as to why they are important enough to show up at the UN HQ while others who aren't entertainers for global government get shoved aside...

    Honestly, what could anyone find interesting about a bunch of slimy lawyers fighting aliens? That's what everyone in the show looks like: A corporate shill. That's exactly what they are, too.

  2. Who's the crazy sitting next to Donnie Darko's Mom :?

    Gotta love the INGSOC
    vibe when t.v. personalities get involved in politics.

  3. Happy Springtime, Chris, and to all you solar shemsu

    Just to let you know that the last podcast ("Closing Time") and blog post ("the secret of seers", a dream experience from some years back that i kept private until now) are now up - the snake is shedding his skin. May we meet again soon in some new form or incarnation! ; )

    the stormy one

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