Friday, March 20, 2009

AstroGnostic: Jacob Wrestles the Angels

As uncomfortable as it is for some of his fans and friends to admit, Jack Kirby was a true believer in AAT and intervention theory. The scope of his comics work from the early 70s to his retirement is unequivocal in this regard - the man was obsessed with gods from space.

So why is this important?
Why do the beliefs of some old cartoonist who's been dead for 15 years matter now? Well, Kirby is one of the primary architects of popular culture today. Kirby's influence on comics is inarguable- as it is on superhero culture in general.

But so is his influence on Hollywood.
James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas (particularly), Frank Miller, Quentin Tarantino and any other sci-fi mogul you can name today fed at Kirby's rich trough as kids. In fact, the quick cut/high intensity of action movies today comes directly from Kirby's Marvel work like The Fantastic Four. I see Kirby's influence all over video game design as well. You simply have to go back and look at pop culture before the Marvel Age and after, and the centrality of Kirby's imagination in the recreation of visual storytelling becomes clear as crystal.

And if Kirby is part of the essential DNA of pop culture, so then are his beliefs. You need look no further than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to see it- the entire tableau was simply a big budget replay of the first issue of The Eternals.

Remember- Spielberg and Lucas are the two of the most powerful men in Hollywood today, certainly from a creative standpoint. Even beyond the films they make themselves they have their fingers in countless pies through their production and technical interests.

More importantly, we have very strange indications of Jack Kirby's precognitive/psychic abilities, specifically in regards to events central to the Synchromystic worldview.

For instance:

Depicting a Face on Mars 17 years before the Viking photos.

• Depicting a 2001 "Stargate" scenario 10 years before the film.

• Depicting a Saddam Hussein/Gulf Wars scenario in 1975

• Depicting 9/11 scenarios 17 years before the fact.

Given these synchronicities, I believe it's important to take his AAT obsession very seriously. We've looked at The Eternals, Devil Dinosaur, and 2001: A Space Odyssey in so far as explicit depictions of AAT, but nearly all of Kirby's work from 1975 on dealt with aliens, UFOs, interdimensional travel, time travel, genetic engineering and space colonization and on and on. But it's Kirby's 1980 Bible portfolio that we'll be looking at today, which is 1000% Astro-Gnostic at its core.

Sorry for the lo-res- doubleclick to enlarge

The first plate depicts God in the standard Sistine Chapel mode, an old, bearded white guy emerging from primordial chaos, accompanied by a heavenly host. So far, so good right? But this celestial being is remote, celestial- more like the Monad of Gnostic mythology than the engaged creator of Judeo-Christian dogma.

What we see emanating from the chaos with him resemble the Aeons. They come from the same source, but are in fact on their own trajectory, away from the Monad.

Here the Monad sees Earth and humanity as a ball of sin. Lust, greed, hate and other expressions of the Ego, which are separate from the cosmic reality of the Monad. It is a fallen state, the cosmic abortion...

Which the Monad then turns his back on humanity to contemplate non-Euclidean geometry- the other-dimensional interests of cosmic divinity. Mankind then begs and curse the Monad. But who takes his place in the stewardship of our tiny, insignificant planet?

Well, that's a no-brainer. Here Kirby reimagines Joshua's genocidal attack on Jericho as the vanguard of an alien assault employing sonic weaponry.

Are these Biblical androids the result of Kirby's vast and fertile imagination, or is there some basis for these concepts in the ancient literature?

AAT scholar Jason Martell notes that the Anunaki had a servant class called the Igigi, whom he believes could actually be the Greys of UFO lore. These creatures have been described as a kind of wetware, biologically-engineered androids:
Today's modern UFO's and Alien Contacts being reported have a strong similarity to the Ancient descriptions of the "anunnaki" Android Beings. When we look at the descriptions of our modern "grey alien", we can clearly see that they do not look like us, or the anunnaki. Rather, they look like the ancient humanoid depictions of Figurines. The majority of Abduction cases usually have a similar story to them in that the Aliens abducting them will perform medical examination and sometimes experiments having to do with human reproduction.

Is it possible that the Greys were created by the anunnaki as "Watchers" to oversee their experiments here on earth?- xfacts.research
This makes a lot of sense. Maybe the Greys are not from somewhere else- they were left here to keep an eye on the Project when the Anunaki were called back home. This would explain why these types of beings are in the world's folklore and mythology.

Maybe we're not projecting a technological viewpoint on elves and fairies and leprechauns after all. Maybe the folklore is the filter on a reality we had no framework for before we had technology (or maybe the Greys like to play dress-up and mess with people's heads)

Again, I realize that's not a very fashionable notion these days, but it's one that makes sense to me. And of course, all of this remains in the realm of speculation, but what a boring world this would be without that.


  1. ...A detuned and or deprogrammed free flowing mind can go from a to z quick in regards to seeing things for what they really are. In comparison to one who sees what they've been taught to see. but to really achieve that mindset I feel would mean years of training, and much suffering also. but years of learning life nearly devoid of all ego. and I think early sickness or something altering can put someone in a permanent deprogrammed state. When it comes to life and seeing the future, some people know no other way in. Simply because they are tuned to different parameters of cause and effect. And extreme powers of insight can often at times be so burdensome. I am not saying that in regards to personal experience, but I do think we are all here reading for a reason.

    I am no great all powerful Kirby reader. Without Chris Knowles I would never ever have even read him. Kirby got it, which is rare. He was able to get it down on the pad, which is in some ways more amazing. The question I've been asking myself is this about earth and our kind. Do you think that if you took us all to a scale of 6 billion people equaling 60 people that we'd be any different in our interpersonal relations? I think not. The story as far as the creation of man that always surfaces is the,"radioing," home to ask the council for permission to create workers here. As if it had happened before and they knew the pitfalls of it. As if there were others to clear it through. And then to create something to look after it. One thing I feel always is that there always seems to be a masculine and feminine element even to the decision to make and create man. "God," knows no sex per se, only humans do. Maybe to God matter is crude and play dough but to us it vast and complex. And so why would you look after it unless there were others watching your creation as well right? The idea of councils always resonates through our whole race you know. But anyhow if you took 60 people, I bet you could find 10 that would band together and want to control the movements or currents of the resources. Maybe 3 sensitive types who could see the future and one who could communicate or something(i.e. Chris Knowles). Then the one group who could only function if they knew everything was gonna be ok when they died. And then maybe the rest wanted to just play and live and work. So the averages, no matter what the population size is, will always self regulate. Thus it is hands off monitoring for the most part. And it is in the hands off feel of it all that it really does say hello to you.

  2. I'm almost certain you've seen this but just in case you haven't.

    I'm still digesting this post but my eyes are getting heavy.

    I'll be back to soak up the rest 2morrow.

    As always, great freakin' work.


  3. HI CK,

    I read you loud and clear.One thing is missing is where did those guys got their inspirations from?
    Will take another look in the morning.
    I found this today and I was sure it would fit some how with today's post.

    Check this out:

    "Superman mourns Batman's death in this exclusive first look at the hardcover jacket for Final Crisis, due in June."

    good job again!

  4. Chris,

    another for
    The Year of "You've Got to Be Frickin' Kidding me!"

    check out my latest semiotic-synchromashup:

    You should immediately recognize many synchs to your work (scribes of the mind and all that :)

    The Rectified Egyptian Festival Calendar - Natasha Richardson - Mont - and Wonder Woman

    ... and what's there is only the tiny tip of this spear!


  5. Very interesting take. I never quite saw it like that before.

    You have given me alot to think about.

  6. As a kid, I was more of a casual comic reader myself, so I didn't grok them at the same level as serious comic geeks. (I suppose my plate of geekiness was full already.) At any rate, this is truly fascinating stuff. I never knew about Kirby, or at least his work didn't really register, until I started reading this blog. Now, I'm interested in seeking out some of his stuff... especially the AAT-related works.

    Some of the illustrations here remind me of Dali's works. He indulged in high weirdness to the point of incomprehensibility, but maybe he was on to something as well (even if his solipsism and shameless self-promotion undercut whatever spiritual insights he purported to have had). Interestingly enough, H.R. Giger actually cites Dali as an influence.

    I actually believed in AAT around the time I started high school. My mother had some of the Daeniken books, as well as Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and it all seemed quite plausible to me. (I didn't know about Clarke's infamous quote on magic at the time, but that's essentially why.) As for HBHG, my mother always claimed that a related TV special shown in Europe would shock too many people in the U.S. This, of course, was years before The DaVinci Code made the idea more or less mainstream.

    I distanced myself from AAT when I started hearing how it was all bunk based on no substantial evidence, and that Daeniken was little more than a con man. A short while after that, I became a full-on atheist for several years.

    Over time, I have become more of a mystical skeptic than atheist. (I find hardcore atheists and religious fundamentalists equally ridiculous). I am also back to considering the potential validity of AAT, albeit with a radically different perspective from the one I had as a teenager. Daeniken may have been a con, but the AAT-related stories that seem to pervade our culture are certainly compelling.


  7. nice, haven't check out this article yet but wanted to tell you there was more Navy collisions today in the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and the Arabian peninsula as reported by 5th Fleet spokesman, Lt. Nate Christensen. (Christ, wouldn't a champagne bottle suffice) As much as 17 million barrels of oil a day went through the narrow strait in the first half of 2008.

    and the link

  8. When studying isomorphic relationships, my Professor drew an illustration of a primate's head in profile, a human's and a proto-typical grey extra-terrestrial's head. He said, "now not the jaws continually get smaller, the frontal lobe size increases as do the eyes".

    Perhaps, it's a question of Some-when, rather thant some-where, like Charlton Heston breaking the space time continuum.

  9. Michael- Heavy stuff. You should start a blog.

    Toothy- Awesome video! Thanks.

    PJ- Great interview- thanks for the link.

    Strangey- Right on-- the Montu ride. How weird is that? I looked at that vis a vis Montauk. Great stuff there, sir! Keep 'em coming!

    Tess: Glad to be of service! Cheers!

    Jason- I just watched the History Channel's Ancient Aliens doc. Very cool stuff, even if it was basically EVD propaganda. But AAT didn't start with him and it didn't end with him. He was basically the popularizer. I'd cite Charles Fort as the progenitor, Sitchin as the scholar and EVD as the lightning rod. But since this is all a question of interpretation, the attacks on AAT are so specious and flimsy (their basic argument is "No, it isn't") -and so ad hominem, most of all- as to prove to us that the scientific establishment is 100% the lapdog of the government. And yet the Vatican is very slowly inching away from the rest of them, probably because they have real scientists working on these issues and they shelter them from the pressures of the government/corporate nexus. It really makes me wonder if the Vatican knows something is coming.

    And you can go back and see on this blog that I didn't really thing much about this stuff anymore until it started appearing and reappearing in my symbolic work.

    James- Awesome. I put that on the Satellite.

  10. James- Was your professor named Lloyd Pye by any chance? =)

  11. Fort and Sitchin I've also heard of. I got one of Sitchin's books around my EVD phase, but I found it too intellectually thick (at least for a 15 year old). As for Fort, I first read about him in a book about extraterrestrials, and I found it intriguing that someone actually discussed such things prior to the modern UFO era. As you say about EVD, though, the "lightning rod" aspect of his reputation probably overshadows the other two; at least among the general public, or those with just passing interest in UFO, ETs, AATs, etc.

    I wish I could remember the name of the Dali painting that reminded me of the "Sistine Chapel" plate. I'll see if I can find it in one of my Dali books at home.

    As for the Crystal Skull still, that looks an awful lot like something from the final scene from Salome. Here are a few images that aren't exactly the same pose, but they're pretty close.

    Deborah Voigt, Lyric Opera of Chicago

    Lisa Gasteen, Sydney Opera

    Turid Karlsen, Opera Pacific


  12. Whoa! Been to ? Plus-size Goddesses stride the Earth even as we speak!!! Big Barda was my favorite Kirby superheroine. Think of H.G.Wells' FOOD OF THE GODS. The 'obesity epidemic' may not be what we've been told in Mainstream Media. 'Fast Food' came in with the Space Age and may in fact be soaked in hormones which activate diluted Nephilim genes in susceptible individuals!! Visit an epicenter of High Weirdness at DIMENSIONS Magazine(I was cover artist in the late 80s) and gaze upon these neoNephilim temptresses. Their offspring may soon be indeed recombinant pure Nephilim, towering over mere mortals... assembled just in time for Nibiru's return!!

  13. I know this maybe on the leftfield side, but all morning I had that orchestral "banabanabana ba, bada ba dum, DADA DUM" theme from "Spiderman & his Amazing Friends" & "The Incredible Hulk" animated shows from the eighties.

    I kept thinking of the giant PacMan/video game "COME TO LIFE" episode & another where the UN is involved, then thought about the Obama/Spidey Comic, then about the Military Black Ops of the HULK. Then to an awesome random Hulk annual I had featuring an alien life-force/parasite that enhanced telepathy with the HULK.. a symbiote.

    Anyway just more fuel for the synchromystic gristmills!

  14. Sorry for being a typo clutz

    Neat, I didn't remember Lord Pye said that. My Professor was Gamal El Zoghby an associate of Lebbeus Woods and Raimund Abraham.

  15. my blog is for a different time

    I take it though, that you say that because of my long comments ;)

    observation happens before you see it already it an abstraction as of today? yes...but going into the abstract is the goal. we are all entangled here, because we are all one. so if you are looking for truth, I will say you already know.

    time 2 fly hombre...t/y for your time and words Mr. Knowles.

  16. I think I found the Dali work that resembles the "Sistine Chapel" plate. It's The Anthropomorphic Cabinet. Not exactly the same pose, but the book in which I originally found the work shows it in black and white.

    Looking at the illustration of Joshua's assault on Jericho, it reminded me of Dali's Battle of Tetuan.

    After World War II, Dali combined scientific advances and mystical themes in a number of his works. They were usually related to the atomic bomb, and (later) DNA.


  17. Yes! Hello! Chris! Check the front of the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Unfinished when next you & the missus are in the neighbourhood. One of its front (Amsterdam Ave & W 110th St) limestone friezes renders the Biblical legend herein aspected, depicting our Biblical hero Jacob as a 20th century businessman replete with bowler hat wrestling the angel as ...wait for it... a DNA helix! A new twist on the allegory of humankind grappling with its proverbial destiny. Who's to say, what with a little genetic tweaking . . .

    Just what's next in our evolution,
    Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

  18. just an odd thought, U2 are mentioned in here....they sing about jacob wrestling the angels in the song 'bullet the blue sky' from tha joshua tree album. About 1m30 seconds into the song. Not sure what relevance is but seems a bit odd that ive seen the band mentioned a few times on this kind of site. Maybe you can listen to their stuff and see if theres more. (PS im not bon drumming up business either lol)

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