Friday, March 20, 2009

AstroGnostic: Jacob Wrestles the Angels

As uncomfortable as it is for some of his fans and friends to admit, Jack Kirby was a true believer in AAT and intervention theory. The scope of his comics work from the early 70s to his retirement is unequivocal in this regard - the man was obsessed with gods from space.

So why is this important?
Why do the beliefs of some old cartoonist who's been dead for 15 years matter now? Well, Kirby is one of the primary architects of popular culture today. Kirby's influence on comics is inarguable- as it is on superhero culture in general.

But so is his influence on Hollywood.
James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas (particularly), Frank Miller, Quentin Tarantino and any other sci-fi mogul you can name today fed at Kirby's rich trough as kids. In fact, the quick cut/high intensity of action movies today comes directly from Kirby's Marvel work like The Fantastic Four. I see Kirby's influence all over video game design as well. You simply have to go back and look at pop culture before the Marvel Age and after, and the centrality of Kirby's imagination in the recreation of visual storytelling becomes clear as crystal.

And if Kirby is part of the essential DNA of pop culture, so then are his beliefs. You need look no further than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to see it- the entire tableau was simply a big budget replay of the first issue of The Eternals.

Remember- Spielberg and Lucas are the two of the most powerful men in Hollywood today, certainly from a creative standpoint. Even beyond the films they make themselves they have their fingers in countless pies through their production and technical interests.

More importantly, we have very strange indications of Jack Kirby's precognitive/psychic abilities, specifically in regards to events central to the Synchromystic worldview.

For instance:

Depicting a Face on Mars 17 years before the Viking photos.

• Depicting a 2001 "Stargate" scenario 10 years before the film.

• Depicting a Saddam Hussein/Gulf Wars scenario in 1975

• Depicting 9/11 scenarios 17 years before the fact.

Given these synchronicities, I believe it's important to take his AAT obsession very seriously. We've looked at The Eternals, Devil Dinosaur, and 2001: A Space Odyssey in so far as explicit depictions of AAT, but nearly all of Kirby's work from 1975 on dealt with aliens, UFOs, interdimensional travel, time travel, genetic engineering and space colonization and on and on. But it's Kirby's 1980 Bible portfolio that we'll be looking at today, which is 1000% Astro-Gnostic at its core.

Sorry for the lo-res- doubleclick to enlarge

The first plate depicts God in the standard Sistine Chapel mode, an old, bearded white guy emerging from primordial chaos, accompanied by a heavenly host. So far, so good right? But this celestial being is remote, celestial- more like the Monad of Gnostic mythology than the engaged creator of Judeo-Christian dogma.

What we see emanating from the chaos with him resemble the Aeons. They come from the same source, but are in fact on their own trajectory, away from the Monad.

Here the Monad sees Earth and humanity as a ball of sin. Lust, greed, hate and other expressions of the Ego, which are separate from the cosmic reality of the Monad. It is a fallen state, the cosmic abortion...

Which the Monad then turns his back on humanity to contemplate non-Euclidean geometry- the other-dimensional interests of cosmic divinity. Mankind then begs and curse the Monad. But who takes his place in the stewardship of our tiny, insignificant planet?

Well, that's a no-brainer. Here Kirby reimagines Joshua's genocidal attack on Jericho as the vanguard of an alien assault employing sonic weaponry.

Are these Biblical androids the result of Kirby's vast and fertile imagination, or is there some basis for these concepts in the ancient literature?

AAT scholar Jason Martell notes that the Anunaki had a servant class called the Igigi, whom he believes could actually be the Greys of UFO lore. These creatures have been described as a kind of wetware, biologically-engineered androids:
Today's modern UFO's and Alien Contacts being reported have a strong similarity to the Ancient descriptions of the "anunnaki" Android Beings. When we look at the descriptions of our modern "grey alien", we can clearly see that they do not look like us, or the anunnaki. Rather, they look like the ancient humanoid depictions of Figurines. The majority of Abduction cases usually have a similar story to them in that the Aliens abducting them will perform medical examination and sometimes experiments having to do with human reproduction.

Is it possible that the Greys were created by the anunnaki as "Watchers" to oversee their experiments here on earth?- xfacts.research
This makes a lot of sense. Maybe the Greys are not from somewhere else- they were left here to keep an eye on the Project when the Anunaki were called back home. This would explain why these types of beings are in the world's folklore and mythology.

Maybe we're not projecting a technological viewpoint on elves and fairies and leprechauns after all. Maybe the folklore is the filter on a reality we had no framework for before we had technology (or maybe the Greys like to play dress-up and mess with people's heads)

Again, I realize that's not a very fashionable notion these days, but it's one that makes sense to me. And of course, all of this remains in the realm of speculation, but what a boring world this would be without that.