Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lily Cole...or Indrid Cold? (UPDATED!)

"It depends on who is looking."- Indrid Cold responding to question about his appearance, in the Mothman Prophecies film

I'm not much of a UFO expert, in fact I merely poke around the fringes of UFOlogy to feed into my symbolic studies. My main concern is determining whether the evidence is compelling enough to possibly inspire serious interest in the topic by certain individuals and groups. And I think I can answer that question with a qualified yes.

My wife keeps running into a guy in town who from her description reminds me of the strange MIBs that John Keel describes in The Mothman Prophecies. I'm sure a lot of you have run into someone at least once in your life who doesn't seem to fit the expected parameters of an ordinary person, and perhaps left you with a very strange feeling that he or she was not quite human. The author of Raechel's Eyes (see above video) believed that she befriended one of these people. And if there are such creatures, my vote for possible human-alien hybrid goes to the supermodel Lily Cole.

Although hypnotically beautiful, there's also something kind of disturbing about her. She looks like an anime wetdream come to life. Etymologically, we also have a link to the owl-human hybrid-demon-goddess Lilith, who we discussed last week. Strangely appropriate in this instance.

It's worth noting that Lily is appearing in Sally Potter's new film Rage, which has garnered a degree of notoriety for casting Jude Law as a trannie. This would make perfect sense, seeing how gender-bending and alien theorizing seem so contiguous these days.

Note that she plays a character named "Valentina" in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and plays Alice in Marilyn Manson's upcoming film on Lewis Carroll. Pretty strong semiotics there, you ask me...

UPDATE: Well, if you thought Lily Cole was alien-looking, take a look at Gemma Ward...

Or, God help us all, Masha Telna...

I used to work in midtown Manhattan, and my friends and I used to lunch at Bryant Park. There was some big agency on 41st St, so I used to see models all of the time. I would see them down near Madison Square when I was working in the toy industry, too. When you see these girls up close, you are struck by their otherness, as well as their existential asexuality. I can only imagine what these girls we're talking about today look like in person...

Whatever you do, please dig into the comments section for some amazing information from Secret Sun readers...

UPDATE: Masha's eyes reminded me of Elizabeth Fraser, star of the Not-Quite-Human series of rants...

UPDATE II: Remember this? Thanks to Donnie.


  1. Don't forget Devin Aoki. She's also totally sporting that new animealien look all the kid's are into.


  2. "Animealien"- I like it!

    She was turbo hot in Sin City...

  3. I wouldn't say she's "hypnotically beautiful" at all. Hypnotic, yes. Creepy, yes. Discomfiting, yes. Somewhat cute, were she not, by all appearances "mind controlled" in some form or another. Honestly, she's ugly and if human, she's had some form of her facial development stunted by either heredity or something else, more nefarious. All in all, the look in her eyes sends the wrong kind of shivers up my spine.

  4. Intriguing.

    I think Lily Cole can stand alone as being enchanted without any linking to the dubious over-fictionalized Indrid Cold in MP. (I was in the midst of all of that, consulting for the doc that was produced for the Special DVD, doing 400 radio shows to discuss the reality behind the fictional movie, and writing a companion book with Sony/Screen Gems' encouragement. I always thought the Indrid Cold element was one of the worst threads placed into the story by Keel for his book and then later warped even further by the movie's script and director. Just one man's opinion, however.)

    No, I think Ms. Cole's place in anomalistic attention is identified intelligently by you for all of the other insightful reasons.

    Needless to say, being a "Coleman," "Coalman," "Coal man," one of the perceivers, the ones that began the beacon fires at the hilltops on the Old Track, the leylines, I've done lots of research on the name "Cole."

    It can be a first name employed as a nickname for Nicholas (one of the powerpoint names identified by Bill Grimstad). But more commonly, Cole is the common surname, derived from the Old English "cola," meaning "coal" - that coal in those Beltane fires on the high points of the leylines.

    Another meaning, the "Dark One," well, you can have fun with that one, in these dual years (2008-2009) of dark movies.

    Remember, "Old King Cole," was a merry ole soul! Now let's figure out the identities of those three fiddlers of his.

  5. To anyone who hasn't read it already, I highly recommend Angels and Aliens by Keith Thompson as an essential UFOlogy book. It was written in the 1990s, and it explores the UFO phenomenon from a mythological perspective. What really impresses me is the fact that it sides with neither hardcore believers nor skeptics.

    I'd never heard of Lily Cole until I read this. The idea of alien-human hybrids is intriguing, but I'm not sure how we would go about proving that someone actually is one. Cole is a case in point, though I can see how one could come to that conclusion. At the very least, the shape of her head and small lips are vaguely reminiscent of typical images we have of "greys."

    Now, back to synchronicity and Oscar Wilde (and Salome)... Jude Law played his lover "Bosie" Douglas in a 1997 films about Wilde, as did John "Well-Manicured Man" Neville did before him.


  6. So let me get this straight-- you think your daughter's roommate is an alien-human hybrid... and you don't think to snap a Polaroid of her/it?

    On a more serious note: I have very good reason to believe that my wife is an alien hybrid. Is there any kind of number I can call for help? A hotline or something? I don't want them to hurt her-- I just want them to take her away... for her own good. Any help on this one?

  7. As probably the only person commenting on this blog who has actually met Lily Cole (at a nightclub), I can attest to her otherworldly looks and mien. But forget all that alien nonsense; long before modern western culture had ever concieved of the idea of martians/greys etc, they had a word for people like her - Fey. It means like the faery folk, who could be little green men or giant trolls, or sylph like undines or whatever they damn well want us to see them as. Bjork also has this quality as do a few other celeb types. In the old fairy stories, these strange children born into human families were sometimes changelings (i.e switched at birth) or sometimes the result of human/fairy couplings.

    These myths exist in all societies and cultures throughout the world without exception. So there's nothing new under the sun here. The alien obsession is just self absorbed westerners putting their own spin on an old old story.

  8. lol....

    there's always some lonely guy looking for some woman.....

    you could call anyone

  9. Anony- Mind controlled? Whatever. That concept has become just another way to absolve people of responsibility for their wrongdoings. Oh, he couldn't help killing all those people, he was mind controlled. Oh, she can't help being a coked-out, vagina-flashing attention whore, she's being mind-controlled.

    Loren- I read that Keel believed that that witness made Indrid Cold up. I believe it, but the point here is the resonance of the myth. So much of this stuff we look at could be made up out of whole cloth but it takes on its own truth in the memestream. My editor was born and raised in Point Pleasant- I'll have to ask her about it.

    Jason- That book sounds right up my alley. After all, that's what I'm kind of doing here. The funny thing about Cole is if we have alien DNA ourselves, it would be a matter of degree, correct?

    Anony-HA! You're on your own there, sir!

  10. Anony 1140- We're not letting you get off that easy- tell us more about your encounter with Cole...

  11. I was thinking the same thing as Anonymous 9:41. After a few minutes of pursuing the Rachael story, I gave up on it. Seemed way too fantastical for my taste, especially with the lack of photos.

    Back to Lily Cole... Even if she is not an otherworldly being (I'm a bit skeptical myself), the fact that she is in some potentially synchromystic movies has to mean something. If nothing else, her appearance might act as some kind of signifier. Just type her name with "alien" into Google, and you can easily see postings where people make that association. (I will say, in response to Chris, degree of alienness seems like another factor to consider... whether that signifies ET's or "feys.")

    Looking at the cast of Rage, the appearance of Jude Law and Judi Dench seems especially intriguing. For starters, they practically share the same first name. I already mentioned Dench earlier, but I forgot to note that her name brings to mind the Biblical Judith, who severed the head of Assyrian general Holofernes. This, of course, is very similar to the tale of Salome and John the Baptist, except she didn't do the deed. Gustav Klimt created two paintings derived from the story, one in 1901 and the other in 1909. The latter is called Judith II, but it is also known as Salome.

    As for Jude Law, I suppose one could associate him with Judas. As an interesting footnote, he also appeared in A.I. as a pleasure robot called Gigolo Joe. Stanley Kubrick was to direct, but Steven Spielberg took over due to Kubrick's death. As a nod to Kubrick (actually, based on a specific request he had made), the waltz theme from Strauss' opera Der Rosenkavalier was integrated into the score with an eerily "futuristic" vibe. It appears as Joe and the central character (a "boy" robot named David) enter Rouge City, which is a simply a very big red light district. At any rate, this might not even be worth mentioning, were it not for Kubrick's usage of Strauss in 2001, as well as the discussion on Secret Sun about gender-bending. Der Rosenkavalier calls for a woman to play an adolescent boy, who has to dress in drag as a disguise. Not unusual in the early days of opera, considering the ubiquity of castrati and women playing "trouser" roles (which are less common in later operas).


  12. But here is the thing we are potentially faced with as a race. And I'll say this whether or not it has ANY validity at all. The potential for hybrids are real. And if they are not a real reality for us so to speak. They may be for our grandchildren. We are moving very fast scientifically speaking. For instance, look at the amount of twins had by celebs. I think I do know why this is. Obviously some sort of in vitro right? But I think it is to lessen the amount of viral entanglement in the children. viruses as we learning, are at the heart of most physical drama. as they said in watchmen the movie,"they maim." thus celebs are in many ways inching us ever closer to conceiving kids w/out sex at all. or this robotic motion of creating genetically pure kids. this may be part of our evolution as a race. whether we like to admit it or not.just like we don't like to admit we like celebs to look perfect, ie like this model.....who is interesting to look at.....but we like to create...well......something perfect. The real question as we race to perfection is this...at what cost? The true gains of science at this point are being corralled by the powers that be. For they are funding them. But eventually even that becomes normalized knowledge. Look at the French Revolution for example.......from the enlightenment to the fleeing to Austria and then to Louis's poor end in downtown Paris. My point is that, industrialization and the concepts of what war constitutes have changed. We are close, real close, to being able to create a thousand living breathing walking Lily Cole's. And I think that would freak Lily out if she read this. It would freak me out to know there's like 5 of me out there you know. But we are also close, really close to being able to create 1000 robotic Lily Coles. Which in some ways is even more freaky than than the living breathing ones. So it is this fascination with faces like Lily that make me wonder about me......

  13. Mac & Chris...

    Again - Dueling blog posts

    Mac Tonnies & and Christopher Knowles compare super-models to alien hybrids. Or, as Budd Hopkin's likes to say, transgenic beings.

    Christopher's vote:
    Lily Cole...or Indrid Cold?

    Mac's vote:http://posthumanblues.blogspot.com/2009/03/masha-telna-alien-human-hybrid.html
    Masha Telna: alien-human hybrid?

    - And -

    There's more, Just so you know Chris, on sunday night, Mac and I talked on the phone about Indrid Cold, and all the weirdness surrounding that. And OWLS?

    . . . and today is St. Paddy's day. I'll add that the Christopher Knowles was caught off guard during a recent podcast with Aeolus Kephas, when Aeolus asked Chris if his very "tell-tale" memories of a Leprechaun at the foot of his bed might imply some sort of contact experience. There was an audible pause - and Chris replied with a shaky: "No."

    podcast link:

    And - Mac and I had a long talk about Aeolus Kephas... And, how the synaptic fiber of the internet may be a new web of synchronistic happenings.

    And - Mac sent me a link to an amazing article ABOUT Whitley - BY Aeolus Kephas. (link: http://www.beyondcommunion.com/2012/20080314aeolus.html )

    And - Chris compared Lily Cole to: "the owl-human hybrid-demon-goddess Lilith"

    And - Lilith is the name of Whitley's heroine vampire in LILITH'S DREAM.

    And - Whitley openly states that his vampire novels are metaphors for his "visitor" contact.

    And - Whitley spoke out on my blog about MY owl story.

    And - Cindy Castle sent me a LEPRECHAUN email today - and the weirdness surrounding HER appearance in my life could be it's own John Keel book. (link: http://hiddenexperience.blogspot.com/2009/03/cutest-girl-in-mrs-dunns-kindergarten.html )

    AND - today is Cindy Castle's birthday.


    A list of Sychronicity WEIRDNESS:

    Super Models
    3 blogs
    Indrid Cold
    Whitley Stieber
    St. Paddy's Day
    Owls (in threes)
    Cindy Castle (a super model of sorts)
    Aeolus Kephas

  14. Damn! You guys are truly amazing psychonauts of the first order! Amazing information here- keep it coming!

    Now let me get back to mulling all of this over...

  15. Chris - I am worried I'm loosing my mind. I worry I'll turn into you! Do you realize what a compulsive frenzy that I just experienced when I wrote up that thing - and - Cindy Castle is super Model in her own right. Alas, with normal sized eyes.

  16. No, you're just losing your boring mechanistic view of reality that was imposed on you as a child.

  17. Hey Chris, you might be interested in a few links I've done on Lily. She does have that strangely alluring alien-hybrid look about her, as you know I lean towards the MK explanation for these girls' looks and how they're portrayed in the media, but I get what you're saying about mind control. Adventures in Wonderland (her with massive butterflies, more on MM's Alice movie [no MK here at all! (more images here)] with her and a white rabbit etc). Mind Controlled Models. Lily pictured with the Russian Rapunzel model who died jumping from a tower. + In my Dark Knight post got some stuff on her in her St Trinians movie and pictured with MK sacrifice Heath Ledger on set (so very near his death, scroll to end).

    P.S. I wanted to comment on your Miley Cyrus post but never got round to it: I thought this was humorously ironic. "Cyrus the Great did not believe in slavery, never took any slaves and hated brutality and injustice." And a quote from his 'human rights' (I think there is some dispute over some translations or something): "So long as, with the grace of Mazda, I rule as the king, I shall not allow any man or woman to be sold as a slave . In this regard, my governors and other subordinates shall be responsible, in the sphere of their influence, to prevent the trade of slavery." And now the Cyrus name is famous for a family of corporate slaves, comical genius!

    I'll leave you with this Lily Cole/Monarch butterfly image (with the whole Ophelia-esque trance going on which all these models excel at ;) And a few more, first one with some more info on MM's movie and the doll imagery (MM in a skull and bones ring too) has obvious meanings (she's a doll mate, not an alien-human hybrid in my opinion but who knows! [and I think it's very important people like yourself, Freeman etc aren't afraid to go there, so keep it up]), #2 and 3 (and a few more) are from the same set with her wearing a butterfly and stuff and some other random ones I hadn't posted (feel free to add some them to your post if you want). 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (shattered glass TV's/red shoes, usual doll-like tranced face in all of these)8 9 10 11 12 Back with Manson [who don't forget is named after mind control cult leader Charles Manson and mind controlled presidential model sex slave Marilyn Monroe (his various kittens going through similar programming to her, Dita Von Teese, Rachel Evan Wood etc)] (white horse, all these photo shoots are loaded with various symbolism) 13

    Thanks a lot, I've been keeping my eye on Lily too so I thought I should post my stuff for an alternative take + some more images for your readers to enjoy of the lovely Lily.

  18. The hybrid idea is interesting, in that we as humans will embrace or learn to embrace a half human robot or a half human alien. Over time humans will learn to like in favor of dislike.

    But this reality will be the real test, or it is the real test of the times we are entering into. What do I mean there? I mean, if you are poor and you hate on the rich, you create a loop which keeps you poor. Usually forever I might add. And if you are rich and you demonize the poor as servant bums, you will stay in that tower forever as well. But now here comes AI, the bots, cyborgs and all of that. Now what? What will you do when you have a robot that does not need the creature comforts, the ACLU to squawk at, the union to petition, recess/work break demands...hell it does not need a break at all. Then what I would say? What if you had renewable energy, a huge life span, and a bot to check your health....well you would have no need to demonize anyone. For you would have no needs. Only if you have a need to control. And it is this control need which is at the center of everything in 2009. Geopolitical warfare and or business, because war is business now a days. Is in fact something the power elite should seriously examine as a possible old mechanism of thought. Yes change is needed and yes a centralized authority may expedite that process. But hear me out.... the UNIVERSE is at stake here, not just the ever changing sands of countries borders on Earth. If we get caught up in controlling the Earth, we may, as a nation lose out to another nation in a big way and a forever way I might add.

    War is being fought as we speak over the atom and the cell. CERN comes to mind as do stem cells. This is the real battle, the real war. We must see that old paradigms of thought, both in how the rich govern the poor and how the poor work for the rich must be discarded. And science should create for man the new reality. There is room for all, as of today....the human, the hybrid, the non terra humanoid, the cyborg and the robot....


    We must choose to not compare this moment to any other that has preceded it or else we risk losing everything....

    There will always be men who seek to control others. They can be poor or rich. Our ability to control that is what will define this coming 10-30 cycle. And no one will tell us that more than the future hybrids and robots we make as our workers....

    Maybe that's why models can look so sad in the eyes....because they are already synchronistically looking back at us wondering why? Or do I please you? Very interesting moment for us as a planet....let us hope for something new, a new cycle....something positive. We need that...

  19. The first thing I thought of when I saw Masha Telna's photo... it looks like a cross between Dave Bowman and the Star Child. Truly bizarre. Proportionately speaking, those eyes are just plain huge.

    What has been done to these women to make them look this way? Is it natural (in some sense), or is it
    an artistic affectation brought about through suffering? I suppose this all ties back to my last posting about the castrati.


  20. First of all, Ben- you know I love your blog and appreciate your work. I've recommended people to it several times here. You are doing yeoman's work in exposing the misogyny and exploitation of women in the media. Look at what happens to these people when they hit their thirties and start mutilating themselves with plastic surgery.

    As far as this symbolism you're looking at there, it's a much stranger and more complex phenomenon than MK, which has been blown way out of proportion by con artists like Cathy O'Brien and Fritz Springmeier. And I would suggest to you this is not unintentional or accidental. Because their sensationalism makes anyone questioning consensus reality look like tin-foil wearing drama queens.

    A lot of the imagery you see in high fashion is extremely screwed up. But that is often a reflection of a mindset and a culture that by definition looks to shock and offend bourgeois sensibilities. And there is no doubt that a lot of these women are exploited and abused- and a lot of them aren't as well. It's a very strange and ugly world that I caught glimpses of when I was working in the rag trade.

    But the point of it is that it is a culture for and by an elite that has no interest in the masses- in fact has utter contempt for them.

    Which is what I would like to impart to a lot of people looking into symbology. The meathead bullhorn viewpoint is that everything is put out there to control us, when it is my thesis that what we are often seeing is a private conversation between "initiates" of a type that doesn't give a rat's ass about controlling anyone but those whom they can exploit within their own spheres.

    I don't think Marilyn Manson is anything but a fading rock star, and his entire sensibility grew out of that Apocalypse Culture movement we saw in the late 80s. He probably got the idea for the Carroll film from Jefferson Airplane and Siouxsie and the Banshees. So I don't know how much I read into that, other than the tantalizing synchronicity of it all.

    But in that light, there is no doubt that all of these stars are real slaves- Scott Weiland explained the reason he's not doing Stone Temple Pilots full time is because of the total control the record companies ask of every aspect of a performer's career and income. It's a brutal, distorting burden placed on these kids- look at how the Olson twins turned into billion-dollar bag ladies as soon as their contracts were fulfilled.

    The culture is sick, the business practices are exploitative and as long as their masochistic narcissists the beast will never been stopped. But do I think this is all because of some cabal or intelligence agency? Sure these groups are involved in the mass media, but simple human greed and sadism is a big part of it all as well.

    To say "programming" implies there is some kind of handbook (which I would argue would then need to be presented for consideration), when in fact I see it as the result of a complex psychology.

    But back on topic, there certainly does seem to be an effort to acclimate us to these very strange and alien looking women out there. And like I said, all of the models look inhuman in persona nyway, I can't begin to imagine what Lily Cole or Gemma Ward would look like had I met them.

  21. I'm adding a link to my blog (alos on the side bar at this blog)


    There is a crazy convergence of multiple weirdness. Please, visit the link.

  22. Anony 305- Well, being older and somewhat wiser I recognize my own impotence in controlling the outcome of these forces you allude to. But let me just say this, because it is over looked too often- science and technology is not the enemy, they are just tools. CERN, stem cells all of these things are not evil in and of themselves. The evil is the greedoids and power pigs who look to weaponize everything that exists to their own advantage. Utlimately the enemy is the idea of separateness, since that leads to fear which leads to hate which leads to war. Listening to Alan Watts for so many years made me realize that your opponents define you as much as your friends. Without those boundaries, there is no identity. So in fact they are not your enemies (ie separate) they are the boundaries of your selfhood.

    Jason- What has been done, indeed. That is the question of the day.

  23. Great Post! I too have been fascinated by these individuals seemingly otherworldly looks. I have always considered Christina Ricci in the catagory for a long time. Not to mention all her symbolic roles in various movies and ads.

  24. Models... opera... It all comes together right here in a recent incident where a model started crying on the runway. A big blogger in the opera world, Opera Chic discusses the incident in the aforementioned link.

    Here's another mention of the incident in a blog with a rather interesting name.


  25. These models look like they've escaped from Wibbley World :)

  26. I've always thought Steve Nash had an alien-hybrid look. And if you've ever watched a few videos of his highlights, it's not too much of a stretch.

    A few pictures-




  27. As the formerly "anony" and first poster on the mind controlled aspect of well, the look in her eyes. Let me just say, don't "whatever" me dude. Seriously. Everytime, I read your blog (which I love btw), sometimes I feel like I could "whatever" you as well. I take it all with a grain of amazement and salt.

    I merely said she *looked* "mind controlled as in "in some form or another". Nope, nothing *formal* was I suggesting.

    My ex girlfriend for instance was "hella" into the fashion and design and trends therein thing. Let me say, in some form or another, there is a shit ton of mind control goin' round when it comes to women, what they see themselves as, who's eyes they see them through and it is PERPETUALLY "changing" -- to them. To them all this fashion and beauty is like evolving and melding and progressing. But, but it's not. No matter what my ex bought as far as her thousands and thousands of lbs of garmentry, she was still this person who I loved. But did it matter when I said, I don't care what you wear, how you do your hair, if you wear makeup or not? Nope. Sho dinnit. Some people (mind controlled?) would rather dump a best friend who just won't admit that any of the pomp and circumstance of "high fashion" reflects nothing of their core entity. I for one, only fall in love with "core entities"

    That to me is mind control, in some form or another. Key words again, some-form-or-another. Was my ex, are most women (ok all men too, but in "another way") mind controlled. Yes, yes they are. Again, in some form or another.

  28. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but I can't find any biographies about Masha Telna. Not even a Wikipedia entry, or a quick biography. Looking over the links, they all just seem to consist of discussions about her "alien" look. Did she just emerge from a lab or an egg, or is somebody systematically denying Telna her identity as a way of amplifying the "exoticism" of her appearance? Whatever the story, the use of Telna's appearance seems to resonate strongly with our perceptions of "otherness."

    In reference to the my earlier post that recommends Angels and Aliens, it would definitely be up your alley, Chris. Jung is mentioned several times throughout. Unfortunately, it is no longer in print, though I suppose you could get it used or borrow it from a library.


  29. Fashion robot to hit Tokyo catwalks

    the comment section is smoking!

    An article about faery folk, where's Anadæ Effro to comment?

  30. you are not what you think you are. rather you are what you think other people think you are. thus you are an electronic projection or digital projection in a physical form. the information, at the level of the atom, or the energy, will always resonate however. but that is not our realm....

    hey dude.....Chris.....are you there or what? I have a question or two...

  31. lol those chicks look like the wibbleys

  32. Just so you guys know I deleted a couple of my comments and a response from an unknown poster to one of them. I really don't want to argue side issues- in fact I don't want to argue at all on this blog. There is too much arguing out there and all it does is harm the community.

    I have so much work to do here and so much to deal with outside of the blog, and what's more I want the Secret Sun to be a place where people can come and share ideas and enjoy themselves. That is my way of fighting the PTB, that want us all to be constantly at each other's throats.

    People can share their thoughts freely but if I don't agree with the post I will simply let it pass without comment. As always I reserve the right not to post comments I believe are non-constructive.

    Please also remember that I will not be reading private messages anymore. I want to encourage everyone to share with the community at large.

  33. Cool....

    I've posted anony all over this post simply because it's easier not to log in for me ;) Sorry but at least I'll admit that clicking anony is easier than logging in.

    Yeah sorry about sending you those pic messages...I just wanted or was hoping you'd check out that picture.

  34. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dpzhMMFk5U

  35. the whole mind control issue is something that is very hard to grapple with. It soon achieves a philosophical status right up there with Free Will.

    The issue is very synchro-mystical to me as it keeps popping up unexpectedly ever since I began my own research into deep politics. (including this blog)

    Obviously at some level we are all mind controlled. But taking someone and subjecting them to bombardment (A Clockwork Orange) is a difference of degree that we would all assent to as immoral. (Isn't morality what we are really talking about here? How does individuation relate to morality? Isn't morality or ethics what the Ancient Astronauts taught?)

    Yet I think the Passover ceremony is a masterpiece of Mind Control. The little guy beating the big guy with G-D murdering babies as they sleep. It has bio-warfare and chemical warfare and infanticide. Then the good guys escape and commit genocide. In the old days Passover lasted an entire week. Even my freakiest friends do it for one night at least, usually two. And of course two other religions are based on it! Yet there is ZERO historical/archeological evidence for it. And almost EVERYONE thinks it actually happened, (minus the miracles for the sophisticated of us)

    I know that a lot of articles and books have been coming out that claim that real mind control was never achieved by the agency, but then I think about Sirhan Sirhan.

  36. Michael- I couldn't access your picture without posting it because you didn't hotlink it and your URLS were like 50 characters long. So please post a link in a message for all of us to check out.

    Donnie- Good call, Donnie! I posted it up front.

    Anony- It's a tough issue, certainly. One that needs to be approached with the utmost sobriety.

  37. Christopher: Thank you for this magnific blog!

  38. Donnie, the link didn't work - said video was no longer available...

  39. Chis,

    I want to throw Amanda Seyfried into the mix.

    She's plays the daughter in both the synch-filled HBO show 'Big Love' as well as the daughter in the film version of the Abba Musical, Mama-Mia.

    In Big Love she has three mothers. In Mama-Mia, she has three potential fathers.

    She definitely has the alien look.

    She played LILY KANE in Veronica Mars (there's a synch name if I ever saw one). Her character has been likened to Laura Palmer of twin peaks, and Veronica Mars stars Kristin Bell.

    Kristin Bell is also quite the interesting character in the synch-field with her lead role as Freya in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

    Thanks for all the hard work Chris. Fun to keeps tabs on The Secret Sun.


  40. Mike ML. Please dont loose Your mind, or
    if You have to, please do it with style;D

  41. "Just so you guys know I deleted a couple of my comments and a response from an unknown poster to one of them. I really don't want to argue side issues- in fact I don't want to argue at all on this blog. There is too much arguing out there and all it does is harm the community."

    "harm the community" eh? and Mr. Know Less is the self-appointed Guardian and Censor of The Community, hmm?


    The Community = whatever Chris Knowles believes, eh?


    isn't that convenient!

    you flee from anyone and anything challenging your weak biases, and then claim you're facilitating The Community

    you're a bright guy, Chris, but you're far more lost in the Matrix than many others with much less intellect

    you'll always be able to attract a group of sycophants -- as you have now -- but you'll never attract the truth, because you're not strong enough to accept the stress and burden of challenging your own psychological comfortzones

    thus, no growth -- only lame rationalizations of how you're Protecting the Community (like a Good Little Hivester!)

    remember, when the time comes, that i tried

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