Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Inanna Montana (UPDATED 317 EST)

I try not to think too much about Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana, which isn't always easy when her face is everywhere you look. But this image did catch my eye (thanks to Ben at Pseudo-Occult Media). Are we to believe that this image was spontaneous, or is it being circulated in order to gauge the effect of negative attention towards their superstar from the conspiracy audience, primed to spot owl imagery through Bohemian Grove and dollar bill "exposés?"

Or could this be a subconscious identification of Miley with Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of music, sex and war? It sounds crazy but so much of what we see surrounding this girl seems like a provocation to me. We're also seeing sexually provocative pictures of this child being put into the media through "leaked" photos and staged events for the paparazzi. Is this meant to gauge the public's tolerance for adolescent sexuality?

UPDATE: Secret Sun readers are my eyes and ears! One reader points this out in the Wiki-link:
Inanna's name is commonly derived from Nin-anna "Queen of Heaven"... In some traditions Inanna was said to be a granddaughter of the creator goddess Nammu or Namma. These difficulties have led some early Assyriologists to suggest that Inanna may have been originally a Proto-Euphratean goddess, possibly related to the Hurrian mother goddess Hannahannah, accepted only latterly into the Sumerian pantheon, an idea supported by her youthfulness, and that, unlike the other Sumerian divinities, she at first had no sphere of responsibilities..
Inanna comes from Hannahannah? Perfect. Folks, that is what we call a hit. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

And then there is the theme of dual identity, that is central conceit of her TV show as well as the central conceit of her persona- she is known equally as Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana. And the "best of both worlds" meme is driven into young psyches by her theme song. Is it preparing them for cybernetics, bisexuality, dual citizenship, hybridization, schizophrenia? All of the above? Or are we ourselves the "best of both worlds," Earth and somewhere else?

Both of Miley/Hannah's surnames are related to the Sun. The state of Montana uses the rising sun (Harpocrates yet again) in its official seal. We also see the waterfall, which is used in the Masonic second degree tracing board, as well as the statue of Crypto-Mithras at Rockefeller Plaza.

Her surname Cyrus has interesting origins as well. From behindthename.com - From Κυρος (Kyros), the Greek form of the Persian name Kûrush, which may mean "far sighted" or may be related to the Persian word khur "sun". It's also the name of Cyrus the Great, the only non-Jew to be called a messiah in the Bible.

Cyrus was commonly pictured as having wings, and there is a statue in his honor in Sydney Olympic Park, of all places. Cyrus was believed to have been crucified like Jesus and beheaded like the Baptist, and as a martyr, his tomb still stands in modern day Iran.

And surprise of surprises, Cyrus is a hero to the Freemasons, and many lodges are named in his honor. I'm almost given to wonder if Cyrus was something a little bit more than human, given the wings and all. And I also wonder why most people have never heard of this crucial historical figure (I'm sure 9 out of 10 Freemasons would have no idea why Cyrus was so important either).

It makes you wonder if Cyrus is in fact that family's original name altogether.

Perhaps there are two levels of understanding here- the blatant obvious themes of sexuality and duality fed to the masses, and the deeper, symbolic meanings meant for the initiates. Certainly the same can be said for much of our pop culture these days.

In that light, I should mention that Aeolus Kephas had asked if I felt that I was somehow complicit in this process, and if this blog somehow played into the "Revelation of the Method." I'm not sure I answered that question to his or my satisfaction so let me take another stab at it.

First of all, there is no such thing as "Revelation of the Method," it's a speculative concept coined by a extreme-right conspiracy theorist and has no basis in esoteric history or doctrine. Second, I have no interest in talking to people who automatically identify ancient mythological symbols with conspiracy or evil (nor does Aeolus himself, for that matter). I'm talking to open-minded people who are looking for a deeper narrative in all of this.

All I can do is muddle on and try to figure out if our pop culture is in fact the result of repressed genetic memories of a hybrid race trapped in a cosmic foster home. That's a gross oversimplification of a realization so mind-numbingly huge we can't even begin to wrap our heads around it. It could change how we look at history, science, religion, psychology, consciousness, everything.

And as the archives here show, it wasn't until I truly took that concept "Siriusly" that the floodgates truly opened. Since then this blog has very much become a kind of automatic writing, believe it.

Postscript: Aeolus tells me that the second half of the interview should be up tomorrow. I think the second hour is even juicier than the first. I'm going to bug him for another hour at some point in time.

UPDATE II: Reader Jay A points out that Hannah Montana's hometown is called Crowley Corners. You can't make this stuff up.

UPDATE III: Edits made as to minimize misinterpretation, willful or otherwise.

UPDATE IV: Apparently, the frieze of Inanna we saw up top is actually of uncertain provenance, and is identified in the British Museum as also possibly Ishtar or the storm demon Lilitu, who became Lilith 2500 years later in the Bible. How interesting then that we see Lily Allen as LILY ALIEN on the cover of Spin (again, cheers to Ben S and a reader) seeing that the frieze also pictured two large felines. Note the predictable checkerboard and "Utu."

UPDATE V: Inanna meets Isis (played by Rachel York) in a recent episode of Hannah Montana. The episode reruns on March II.


  1. Arizona Wilder, Montana Wildhack.

  2. Curiously, I am looking at all the "Hybrid" logos suddenly appearing on our automobiles - vehicles that run on both oil and electricity. Solar power is the sun aspect, and oil, well it comes from the underworld?

    Cheers, Michael

  3. Excellent article and synchronicities, Chris.

    I can't help but understand what Kephas is saying regarding the "Revelation of the Method," considering what has been accomplished here so far. Though flawed, it is quite fascinating. Like you said, it is mind-numbing.

    However, your concept of the hybrid race seems to me, at least, a better of understanding of it all. Based on your interview with Kephas, I have been doing some reading of Jack Kirby's mythological concepts in the Eternals. I believe we need to broaden the scope of our research to the Babylonian/Atlantean mystery schools and the saga of the New Gods, where super-powers were developed through celestial experimentation and genetic manipulation.

  4. Gin induced opinion... talking apologies

  5. To doubt that the symbols can be used for evil things is to doubt that the symbols hold any power at all. That being said, I mostly agree with your post.

    In any situation, I must imagine being on either side of an argument in order to reach a valid conclusion. To be a "conspiracy theorist" is to mentally associate with a very dark, destructive imagination. It can be quite revealing of one's own twisted perception, in course creating an inner reality which harbors such "dark forces" one often reads about in conspiracy files... Something which really scares me, as I've been exposed to many, many messed up theories on what is really happening in the world.

    Because you are older and far more experienced than I, I'll have to reconsider my (sometimes overwhelmingly negative) approach to these subjects. I am of the opinion that something really bad is happening, but it's nothing new. Put too simply, the symbols/archetypes, I think, are our guides to a better way, in my experience at least. We already know that these symbols appear everywhere, but why are they mostly associated with/being used by things we happen to despise because of their destructiveness? You're right, it's an extremely hard concept to "grok". Could be a form of undoing.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  6. following the wikipedia link to Inanna led to this part of the entry :

    "These difficulties have led some early Assyriologists to suggest that Inanna may have been originally a Proto-Euphratean goddess, possibly related to the Hurrian mother goddess Hannahannah, accepted only latterly into the Sumerian pantheon, an idea supported by her youthfulness, and that, unlike the other Sumerian divinities, she at first had no sphere of responsibilities."

    the youthfullness of Hannahhannah.


  7. I think part of what we have here is a control system at work that is every bit as powerful and systemic as the Mayan calendar. They create cognitive dissonance and double binds to ensure apathy, shame, disgust, anxiety, self-directed rage and embarrassment among the populace: encourage adolescent sexuality while simultaneously condemning it; encourage drug and alcohol consumption while criminalizing the behavior; tell people to be wild and free, be YOU, be independent, don't settle for anything less... but are you providing for your family? Are you a good neighbor? A patriot? Successful? You're a rock star! You deserve to cut-loose! Report suspicious behavior: dial 1-800-snitch, only you can prevent forest fires, etc etc ad infinitum.

    Burroughs was right-- this planet is a penal colony: Kill the guards and walk.

  8. Yeah this is crazy, maybe it's a shirt from Macy's 'Illuminati' line. (Funny you can't see any of those shirts on their website any longer.)
    Love Macy's logo ("the magic of macy's) with the double pentagram as well (tip my hat to R. Arrowsmith for that one).

    The whole 'dual personality' thing always weirded me out as well, then seeing Freeman's take on it really made me open my eyes some more. Now you adding to this, it is almost unbelievable how all this just falls into place whether it's 'consciously done' or not....Thanks Chris...!

  9. your right about this: "I have no interest in talking to people who automatically identify ancient mythological symbols with conspiracy or evil". all too often research gets hijacked by the lunatic fringe and it basically hampers the process. i not sure if there isn't the comic book mysteriously evil/conspiratorial elite that feeds the paranoid of certain members of society but what i am sure of is that there is plenty of sun and sirius worship happening and much of what we see today stems back to ancient (pre-history) times. like 24,000 BC etc.

  10. Hannah Montana's hometown is named "Crowley Corners".


  11. picture this Moloch/Ianna

    "Revelation of the Method" Isn't it possible that we are all dreaming reality into existence?

    hypothesis (flow/wolf) vs. thesis (certainty/dead)

  12. Anonymous writing? Concepts so 'mind-numbingly huge we can't even begin to wrap our heads around' them?

    I think someone's head is getting a LITTLE bit big.

  13. hybrid race like the book of enoch and the nephilim, maybe?

  14. Michael- Interesting- the Morlock-Eloi dichotomy again.

    Andre- Definitely read Neil Gaiman's Eternals as well. Interesting that it appeared on the radar the same time as Heroes.

    Tommy- Remember what I said- I said "automatically identify" as in a kneejerk reaction that bypasses critical thought and cuts straight to the hausfrau hysteria that all of lot of very clever but cynical chaps are make a killing on out there.

    Not to be an alarmist- but it's all a conspiracy- government, business, religion, you name it. It's just the sad, boring fact of life that we have to muddle through. But that's not to place my lot with the con artists who want you to see the Illuminati behind every hedgerow.

    The Symbols are like Abraxas- there is dark and light encoded within them. If you want to see the dark side of the symbols there are some excellent sites in the Synchrosphere. But to see only dark is to project one's own darkness upon the symbols.

    Good and evil are in a perpetual dance. The struggle is to maintain the balance. We start by examining the contents of our own psyche.

    Now, let me get to these other comments

    Anony 753- You get catch of the day. You're up on the post.

    Anony 810- Yes, the double bind. Approach-avoidance. It's a demonically clever system. The prison guard lives in our subconscious minds that way.

    Transcend- I've got a link somewhere on those shirts. That's crazy. It shows you how unafraid these groups are of "exposure". In fact they thrive on it.

    Yahweh- It's hard to pick apart the animism/nature worship from the rest of it sometimes. It makes you wonder what came first.

    Jay A- Great catch, sir. You're up on the front page.

    James- Great catch/synch. Owls are "hot" these days, or so I hear.

    Anonymous 1121- I think you mean "automatic" writing, as in not directed by the conscious mind. Expressing a sense of awe in the face of the oncoming reality paradigm is having a swelled head? Well, that's an interesting way of looking at it.

  15. Vincent Van Gogh12:22 PM, March 03, 2009

    ...to yahweh:

    A world with out a lunatic fringe is a very boring world indeed. Lighten up on us nutcases, and as you say, "Judge not..."

  16. Chris…

    Pertaining to your quote above… “Not to be an alarmist- but it's all a conspiracy- government, business, religion, you name it”...

    Here is a quote from the Scottish philosopher and economist, and author of “A Wealth of Nations”, Adam Smith:

    "Men of the same profession never gather together except to conspire against the general public."

    - Adam Smith

    ya gotta love it...

  17. Wonderful, Sensei. It goes back forever. I highly recommend everyone Michael Clayton as a wonderful dramatization of that.

    Maybe I should put that in the quote box.

  18. In the new "Hannah Montana: The Movie"
    Due for release on 4/10/2009

    The split-personality star, Miley ("Destiny Hope") Ray Cyrus playing Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart, thinks she's on her way New York(OZ) but instead ends up in Crowley Corners, TN.

    Crowley Corners, TN is a fictional town in the Hannah Montana franchise.

    But I find it to be an interesting coincidence that
    in Clinton County, NY is a hamlet called Crowley Corners (you can find it near Altona, NY) to the southwest off of Military Turnpike NY-190 at Devil's Den Road.

    The area has a former high school (Altona Central School building) that is used as the admin offices for the med. sec. Altona Correctional Facility (555 Devil's Den Road Altona, New York 12910). The prison was built around the former HS in the '80s.

    The area itself is infamous. It is around 15 miles from Canada's province of Quebec and was the operational area of Dr. Ewan Cameron from Albany, NY - of MKULTRA infamy.

    12910? (no matter how many times I see it, something about that always resonates 90210)

    Maybe Benjamin Singleton from pseudoccultmedia.blogspot.com knows more about this coincidence that he would care to share?


  19. while were on the subject of pop stars etc. could anyone clear up the symbolism on the front cover of the latest "Q" magazine featuring LILT ALIEN.


  20. http://hitsusa.com/blog/488/miley-cyrus-goth/

    In this episode Miley is compared with Isis.

  21. Hey Chris,

    Great post. With her dual personalities flaunted in the news, I think we see a little mind-control going on here.

    She certainly is a doll.

    But of course, I will ALWAYS automatically identify ancient mythological symbols with conspiracy or evil as theses days they are used in secret and the knowledge of their use is kept away from us.

    But that's how I roll. I'm a conspiranoid.

    The wife and I were talking about this very thing today! And I think I am totally an agent of this revealing.

    You can't fight it if you don't know it's there.

    Also, check out ConspiracyGrimoire.

    See what you think about the latest monster I have unleashed. It's a beast or Gorgon.



  22. And lets not forget about this:

    Anna Nicole SMITH


  23. That's very interesting, Thuthie.

    I think you have a point- we are all automatically suspicious when things are done in secret. It's what Aeolus mentioned that the Other, the unknown is first perceived of as a threat.

    The problem is that those who see themselves as black magicians thrive on negative attention. Additionally, instilling supernatural fear in your target is an age-old weapon of war, so perhaps this "Revelation of the Method" meme is actually a form of counter-intelligence, because it elevates the elites into a kind of omnipotent magical force. Certainly the media- both mainstream and underground- is based on instilling fear in its audience.

    Even the Freemasons, who I don't think are necessarily evil or really very important in the overall Masonic heirarchy, love reading conspiracy theories about themselves. It makes them feel powerful.

    I think a lot of people are fascinated by darkness and evil and like to inflate it and mystify it. I'm not one of those people myself. I find evil to be dreary, sad and embarrassing. Perhaps evil's only true power is secrecy- once it is brought out into the light it is seen for what it is.

    I think as we become more conditioned to the reemergence of these archetypes, both by human design and of their own volition that mystique will fade. And as Aeolus and I discussed I think the superhero mythos is the best way to process the old myths and archetypes. Heck, I even wrote a book about it.

  24. She is the daughter of the man who gave us "line dancing" and Akey Breaky Heart. If that's not evil in the purest form, I don't know what is. ;)

    Great post.

  25. Anony 2:01 here's your SYMBOL ANALysis

    There are SOooman-y symbols in that Lil'Y Alien Q-Mag Pic!
    An image is worth a thousand words they say...)

    in both black and white / half naked suggest duality.
    Telling us there is more than one meaning to the image.
    That meaning is "hidden", like the Gems on her arse (telling us to ANALyze) and the part of the "L" of ALLEN
    giving "EL" and the word ALIEN.

    Birth name: Lily Rose Beatrice Allen
    Born: 2 May 1985 (1985-05-02) (age 23) (TauRus) in Hammersmith, London, England

    Hammer-SMITH = Black Smith. Tubal CAIN
    1985 was the Chinese year of the OX (same as 2009)

    Black and White Diamonds on her arse = Jersey Cow (From TauRus)
    Also DIAmonds are GEMs.
    Gem-INI and Taur-Us = The Minotaur - The MIN~O~TAUR

    The Black Panthers are Panthera = Pan-Thera
    Thera is a greek island also known as SanTORini - San-TAUR-INI
    Thera is known for the MINoan Eruption.
    Minos was famous for the MIN~O~TAUR.

    Leo is the zodiac sign, constellation of Sun transit, folowing Gemini (7/23 - 8/23)

    8 is depicted in ampersand "&" and the "181 Interviews" an 8 (the SUN via the Analemma) between 2 pillars

    Lily is 23 years old between to Panthera.
    W of WICKED is the 23rd letter.
    Wicked Wicked Ways gives = www

    SE-XY Beast synchs to U2's (UTU's) Sexy Boots / Get your Boots On.
    U2 appears in the top right corner with the words "Good Lord"

    "I'm a Tiger" / Eye of the Tiger / Leo / another "Panthera"

    O-A-SIS = O Isis and OA Special Investigative Services

    The Panther on the right showing his MAJOR CANINES = Canis Major = Sirius and resonates "CAIN"

    Canis Major is one of Orion's / Osiris's hunting dogs.
    The brightest star in this constellation is Sirius, often called the "Dog Star".

    Two diamonds (black and white) give the duality of the binary stars "Sirius A" and "Sirius B".

    Orion's hunting dogs, Canis Major and Canis Minor

    The constellation of "Boötes" also has dogs associated the "Canes Venatici".

    Q is the 17th letter and the name of a character in the James Bond 007 series.
    Q for Quartermaster head of Q Branch (branch = Canae) in the Bond franchise.

    Roses in the big font. Red and Lily's Middle name is ROSE. The Ros(e)Tau. Rose Cross.
    Sure enough there's a (+)cross on the paw of the left Panthera.
    The color as the word BEAST is the same as the (+) Cross and the GREATer THANS (>)

    Our attention is reinforced on "EL" (message from GOD) through the Panthera and
    ELBOW (BOWWOW, dog) on the bottom line.

    The Stone Roses can symbolize The Stone Red or the Philosopher's Stone it is empahsized by the words "Greatest Rock"

    "Y" is the 25tgh letter and echoes to the "25" near Greatest Rock.

    Sad that "Working Corpses" appears under "QUEEN".
    A Queen is a MONARCH and also begins with "Q".

    my brain has melted, time for a break.


  26. You deserve a break, Strangey! Excellent work there!

  27. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG2zyeVRcbs

    Check out Miley Cyrus in front of the light pyramid.

  28. Thanks for your response! Really cleared things up.. Deception is a core part of all conspiracy works. These days, everything seems to be a deception in some form, even one's own mental processes. Odd world we live in. At least not everyone is burying their heads in the sand, and I feel the "lunatic fringe" mindset is a necessary part of "waking up", if one is willing to go through the insanity of seeing the Illuminati everywhere you look... It's a state of mind which evolves towards good, as I've learned. I mean, it's almost fun to see (some, not the more prominent masonry symbols which can only make me think of great evil) symbols everywhere now, which made me think that there is a good aspect to them and there is a group which exploits them for bad purposes.

  29. "Is it preparing them for cybernetics, bisexuality, dual citizenship, hybridization, schizophrenia? All of the above?"

    Interesting mix of subjects. Are you saying cybernetics, dual citizenship, bisexuality and hybridization are necesarily bad, or on some level as unpleasant and damaging as schizophrenia? Or am I missing something?

  30. Tommy- I'll tell you- if someone wasn't hiding these symbols we wouldn't be having nearly as much fun.
    Maybe this is all a big Isthar egg hunt.

    CatV- No, I was just tossing out manifestations of duality. If you have some you'd like to add, please do!

  31. Coldplay is doing it world tour, as the big image for the decor of the escenography is the woman (La Marianne) and the child of the painting of Delacroix, La Liberté qui guide le monde, or Liberty guiding the world... This image is now an icon of the (masonic) French Revolution. The hat of the Marriane, is a very old symbol related to Isis, Cibeles... Here is a video from the concert in Barcelona this past september:


  32. Great post as always Christopher! love the comments too-dont worry I wont hit you with 2 more comments in five minutes like I did the other night:-) still fighting the bug -cold -flu whatever it is -I really had nothing to add and maybe should not have commented -especially as this one thought is so off-topic -but the more I watch as most nations struggle hugely with economic problems -the more worried I become about war -Indeed a kind of personal 'synch' hit me the other night -i was doing research for my history blog -this goes back to ancient Rome (Sullas dictatorship) and ever since I have started to know some synch people on the web I thought that I should keep my eyes open for any gods-goddesses -myths and the like that would come up in research-well sure enough -no more than an hour into research -I find out that Sulla thought he was protected by Venus!! and that in his opinion even though she was obviously a female deity -she was more powerful than Jupiter-he also thought that the female version of Mars (Bellona) told him more or less in prophetic vision to save Rome -what is really fascinating is that on the 'earth-plane' of existence it was TWO 'real' females-one his stepmother and one a wealthy courtesan who had fallen in love with him -that left him so much money in both their wills(actually he was sole heir-if memory serves) that without this money he could never have started a political career! I can almost-not quite -but almost see the shadow of what Dr Carl Jung might say about this 'case study' of history -best to you as always and sorry for rambling so much!!

  33. I think as we become more conditioned to the reemergence of these archetypes, both by human design and of their own volition that mystique will fade.

    - Magic is science we don't understand yet, to paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke.

    Certainly we ascribe myth-making powers to those in power. But that's an observation, not an assumption.

    By revealing the intentional creation of archetypes, whether evil or not, and by revealing the machinations behind them, we are not empowering the archetypes we are empowering people to see through them.

    They don't want negative attention. They don't want ANY attention. By breaking apart their secrecy, we are helping to render them impotent.

    Again, you can't fight an enemy that you can't see.

    I think we're just putting their cards on the table for THEM, whoever THEY are, because it's the first step to beating them at their own game.

    If I know that Miley Cyrus is being turned into a symbol, or Jennifer Hudson is being turned into a symbol, I can see that process and in doing so take control of my own response to it, as opposed to simply letting it effect me unconsciously.

    This is a big question in synch-dom. One we've batted about before.

    Wizards or no, and what are their motives?

    I'll have a definite answer in 2013.



  34. I think a lot of people are fascinated by darkness and evil and like to inflate it and mystify it. I'm not one of those people myself. I find evil to be dreary, sad and embarrassing.

    Perhaps evil's only true power is secrecy- once it is brought out into the light it is seen for what it is.

    I think we inflate it - I inflate it - to demystify it by understanding it.

    I think we're basically on the same page. We've both dealt with this question personally. And yet we keep on truckin'.

    I think we're doing good just by talking about how myths are created.


  35. OZstralia's androgenous shape shifting lizards posted on Yahoo at 3/3/2009 12:17 (33/17)

  36. Thuthie, you know I love ya but I'm not budging an inch about these groups wanting attention. Look at all the stuff about secret societies in popcult right now- How many movies have we seen the "Illluminati" in? Look at those Illuminati T-shirts they put in at Macy's. Same with Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove and Bilderbergers- there are thousands of stories in the mainstream media about them every year, yet every single one talks about how secret it all is and no one is supposed to talk about it. It's ridiculous.

    No, the fact is that they want people to talk about them and paint them as some invulnerable band of omnipotent sorcerers. It's called "psyching people out."

    As to the media crap with Miley Cyrus and the rest - The symbols are not some state secret. there are tons of people out there playing with the occult right now who wouldn't know a Bilderberger from a baconburger.

  37. Holy crap, James! That is what they call a great catch!

  38. Pseudoccultmedia has been there and done it. this post is hardly original.

    How disappointing!

  39. I'm not quite sure I agree, Suki. First of all I credited Ben twice in the article, including in the first paragraph, even though he obviously didn't take the picture. Second, Ben didn't go into the mythology or the etymology or the history at all.

    Here's the link, take another look at his piece and let us know what you think:


  40. Thanks Chris. I have read it already. No he did not mention the Inana myth, although his take on Miley's oscar fishy dress was pretty close.

    On another note, i wish that synch bloggers would refrain from critizing each other. It's stinks of "my milkshake is better than yours", and it's very childish.
    So, some of you lean towards the dark conspiracy side, and some towards a lighter take. It doen't make anybody right or wrong. As far as i'm concerned, it's all relevant.
    No one has a monopoly on the truth.

  41. Thanks. Suki. I'm not sure what you're referring to but let me just add that I think Ben's blog is amazing and really exposes the exploitation and degradation of women in the media, which is something that too many people have internalized. I don't know how he can stomach it, but his work is very important. And it explains why women who stay in Hollywood end up looking so disfigured and destroyed by their late 30s.

    But still in answer to your original comment, I still maintain that my post is much different that Ben's, outside of the photo.

  42. This is fantastic--and it's totally freaking me out!

  43. No, the fact is that they want people to talk about them and paint them as some invulnerable band of omnipotent sorcerers. It's called "psyching people out."

    I agree, but our work exposes this and shows the machinations behind their movements - not simply that they exist. It's like telling everyone how the stage trick is done. It makes it loose its mystique.

    I think we're going to have agree to disagree on this - :). But perhaps we agree more than we think. Either way, we're rockin' it!

    Keep on keepin' on my friend.


  44. Maybe off the main subject, but you are assuming Cyrus the Great was a Non-Jew. And this was determined by the same writers that framed the latest edition of the Old Testament. This being done after being released back to Israel by Cyrus. Myth has it his mother was of Median descent and his father Persian. These so called Medians (Medes) are of the same yoke the "Magi" descend from. Things really become confusing try to trace back to these times. One of Cyrus's grandsons (Darius III I think) married Esther. Yes the same Esther of the Old Testament. But again I'm relying on most likely another myth.

  45. Oh, I'm not even assuming Cyrus was human. And many Biblical scholars believe that Esther is an adaptation of Ishtar, with Mordecai playing the role of Marduk.

  46. HI CK!

    I thank you for all the English literature you're putting out. Since I have french base Knowledge, I am happy to discover the Anglo take on those matters.

    The impacts seem to be as high on any culture, anyway.

    I only wanted to point out that the bird in the young lady t-shirt is called the "Hibou" in french. The owl is related to both Lilith, and Ceres.
    The name Lilith in Sumerian means night, nocturnal and she was describe as a owl in her apparitions. in Babylonia She's also known as "Inanna", the prettiest prostitute, a powerful "beast" as in weapon of death.

    I think someone is working hard to keep some HIS/HERstory alive.

    I used to read and old review called "Le soleil mystique" published by the HARVARD DIVINITY SCHOOL, I don't know if they still print it today?

    By the way CK, "the Secret Sun" can be translated easely to: "Le soleil Mystique".
    Strange indeed. Keep up the Good work!


  47. id be soo happy to read this blog, please no masons no masons no....

  48. Earthquakes in Santa Anna



  49. I'm about a week late to this post but I thought I'd just throw out that Miles is Latin for soldier and Montana of course, means Mountain. Soldier Cyrus and Ianna Mountain (Stronghold? Holy places?) are both rather warlike and masculine names for a bubblegum princess aint they? Is it Cyrus or Osiris?

  50. I tend to agree with the commentator Ed.

    But what is country crooner/dancing-with-the-stars has-been Billy Ray Cyrus, if his daughter Miley is an Inanna figure?

    One thing I think I know for sure....the Trickster manifests in Britney Spears. ;-)

    And.... this is a great, mind-bending blog!

    ~ Susan

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  52. I think it's a name combo:

    Hannah Montana > Inanna Montana > Inanna Mo(u)nt Ana

  53. Inanna is Allah. Montana is in the shape of a human face.

    Just take a look at the State of Montana. Who said nobody has seen the face of god at any time???

    Go to google.

  54. FWIW, the surname of Miley/Hannah's family on the TV show is Stewart.

    That sounds familiar. :)