Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Age of Horus: Hancock, Part III

This is the long-overdue third part of the Hancock analysis. My apologies for the delay. You can read part one here and part two here if, like me, you totally forgot what the heck was going on in this series.

The original intent of the screenplay that Hancock is based on is that Hancock is Superman. Although the Jason Bateman character was originally named Horus, somewhere along the line he became Ray (Re, Ra). His character's son was a major character in the original screenplay but was not in the film, since the thrust of the script (no pun intended) became about Ray and Hancock's relationship.

Strangely, Hancock is clearly subservient to Ray, to the point of going to prison at his suggestion. This relationship may not make sense in a real-world context, but corresponds to the mythology, as we see in this interesting story:
When Ra reigned as king over Egypt he sailed up the Nile towards Nubia, because his enemies were plotting against him. At Edfu Horus entered the bark of the great god and hailed him as father. Ra greeted the hawk god and entreated him to slay the rebels of Nubia. Then Horus flew up to the sun as a great winged disk, and he was afterwards called "the great god, the lord of the sky". He perceived the enemies of Ra, and went against them as a winged disk. Their eyes were blinded by his brightness, and their ears were made deaf, and in the confusion they slew one another. Not a single conspirator remained alive.
I'm sure no one will be surprised that when I read "great winged disk," I think "flying saucer." And one can almost imagine some sort of sonic and laser weaponry inherent in this narrative. But this little coda to the story still cracks me up:
Ra afterwards visited the battlefield, and, when he saw the dead bodies of his foes, he said: "Life is pleasant."
This story has an interesting parallel in Hancock when the police summon Hancock from prison to take down a heavily armed gang of bank robbers. Ultimately this episode was orchestrated by Ray, who has a similar epiphany to Ra's when his plan to rehabilitate Hancock succeeds.

So this unlikely relationship between Hancock and Ray has its roots in the ancient literature
, as does the tension between Hancock and Mary (read Isis-Meri), since Horus reportedly beheaded Isis when she took pity on Set.

Given the relationship to Superman (whose own god is Rao) it's should be noted that we also have a tantalizing Synchromystic link with President-elect Obama, a bonafide geek who has not been shy in identifying with Superman. I didn't catch any obvious alien subtext in Hancock, but he and Mary's longevity is certainly reminiscent of the immense lifespans of the Anunaki in the ancient literature.


So, yet another blizzard of weird correspondences to mull over. And a whole host of questions as to what we are actually looking at. Are these just easter eggs or still more evidence of the power of archetypes to tell their own story once set in motion? It could be a little of both.

There's little trace of any of this in the original Tonight, He Comes screenplay, and it's certainly not Vince Gilligan's style either. However, one thing I've learned is that screenwriting credits don't always mean much, and that there are often other hands on deck, often getting producer credit - or often, no credit at all.

Bat-George covers the bases in Batman and Robin (1997)

One of the producers on Hancock is Akiva Goldsman, who is no stranger to hidden messages and secret symbols, having written the screenplays for The Da Vinci Code and the upcoming Angels and Demons. In the Hancock DVD doc, Goldsman gets a lot more screen-time than Gilligan, and seems a lot more involved with the shaping of the narrative.

Goldsman is no stranger to superheroes either, having served as the credited screenwriter for the Schumacher-era Batman films, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin (the latter starred George Clooney, himself no stranger to sun god symbolism).

Who better to write this very interesting film?


Ancient space gods and all the rest of it makes me think of Scientology as well. And of course Will Smith is now BFF with Tom Cruise, High Priest of the Church of L-Ron. After wrapping Hancock, Smith even gave the crew gift cards for CoS "personality tests."

Pondering Cruise and the various scandals over some of the more prominent Scientologists reminds me of L Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons, going off into the desert together in January of 1946 to do a little boundary crossing of their own, the so-called "Babalon Working." Both were members of the OTO at the time (though Hubbard later claimed he was actually spying on the group), though we have no clear record of what degrees Hubbard may have attained.

Hancock paints a giant red heart on the moon for Ray

Regular Secret Sun readers know that this occurred at the exact same time that the US Army was sending radar signals to the Moon from Fort Monmouth, New Jersey with Project Diana, the first known project to make contact with another celestial body (given Parsons and Hubbard's contacts with the MIC, it's possible they coordinated the Working with the radar test).

Interesting then to note that Hancock ends with the image of a giant red heart painted on the moon for Ray by Hancock.

Incidentally, both Parsons and L-Ron were closely associated with Aleister Crowley at the time of the Babalon Working, though I'm not sure how they themselves defined the Eye of Horus, or if that figured somehow into their summoning of the "Scarlet Woman."

How strange that these obscure rituals still reverberate to this day.


  1. " . . .though I'm not sure how they themselves defined the Eye of Horus . . . " -
    hmm that's curious - I might have just commented on this here at Black Dog Star
    Thanks for concluding this series for us Chris - I enjoyed reading your analysis of the semiotics as i could not warm up to the Hancock character at all because he was such a dick -- a hard heart I guess I have - so my inability prevented ne from getting into the movie too much - but wow i wish they would have explored the godhood backstory a little more ... I'm sure i could have forgiven him if we had seen some of their previous lives in flashback etc. However, when they were revealed to be Gods, my mind went immediately more toward Sitchin or Vimanas and such and NOT to Olumpus or the Primal Mound . .. .which i fear might make me as much a true believer in something like Zenu as Tom or Will.

  2. Indians are much more fun! an dirty?

  3. Chris,

    A few questions that may help me to better understand some things, or at least how you're using them...

    What is the Babalon Working, as you understand it?

    How do you define the Eye of Horus?

    What do you think the Scarlet Woman is?

    If you haven't seen it, here's Tommy Davis, spokesman for the Church of Scientology being interviewed by KESQ Palm Springs:

    Here's KESQ's complete Scientology series:


    God love ya man. You epitomize the words "queer eye" - I understand the whole Sex Magick and Tantra thing and philosophy but does everything have to be an "actual anus"??




  4. David- Hancock wasn't a dick- he was an asshole, remember? Important distinction there. And I agree I wasn't thinking Olympus but Nibiru.

    Ninni- Great link- thanks!

    Strangey- I don't define these things personally. I'm not a Thelemite so they don't enter into my personal sphere. I look at what other people see them as and how that enters into the Memestream overall. Thanks for the links- care to give a capsule review?

  5. Ninni thank you for posting that link, beautiful beautiful!!

  6. nor am I a "thelemite" per se -
    not in the organized oTo sense.
    All books LIE!

    I'm more of a practical and philosophical Al-Khem-ist really...

    If you recall my luminous diatribe on the LILY ALLEN (Lil Y Alien) Q-mag pic awhile back...

    You'll find my EXACT take on the whole thing in the links in there.



  7. Chris,

    It is another powerful day for synchs, everything in alignment, so to speak.

    Grab your surfboard and ride that wild wave today.



  8. Everything is in motion and constant change. A sea of waves, light, and matter. It's easy to hook a comet or ride a wave when you realize that all is in motion and a state of change. The more we pull it apart, the more we see and define, the more abstract it all becomes!

  9. The big bit of Will Smith and Scientology news (which still doesn't seem to "stick" on his Wikipedia entry) is his donations to them as well as his funding of a local school which will now be using Hubbard-developed teaching techniques. I don't really know if this itself is specifically a big deal (although if they haven't had him in for auditing then the Scientology hierarchy must be having sleepless nights, as he is smart, funny, charismatic and tall - the ideal ambassador for them) but it does create an interesting atmosphere of denial or ambiguity, which may be more intriguing than any black and white Truth.

    The big red heart recalls Valentine, pierce that with an arrow and you get all sorts of symbolism.

    The whole immortal superhero bit seems to owe a lot to Kirby (they are eternals after all ;) and it riffs on the theme that behind every myth lies a truth) and the lack of memory for his former life recalls Gaiman's reboot. How long is it going to be before the Hollywood types pick up the option for the Eternals and mine the Scientology-friendly actors in their casting - surely Smith has to be Makkari which allows him to riff off his being identified as Thoth. The Celestials can be a stand in for Xenu.

    That said the sequel might do this anyway, as Smith has said: "we are building out an entire world; I think people are going to be very surprised at the new world of Hancock."

    As he mentions there being more superheroes, who presumably have no memory of their history and abilities, then perhaps not that surprising, although I suspect they'll load it with enough raise an eyebrow or three.

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  12. Guys, I want to second what Emperor mentioned and recommend you guys get a copy of Neil Gaiman's The Eternals. I didn't dig it when it came out in periodical format, but as a book it blew me away. So many of the issues we look at here are addressed, particularly this Gnostic concept of existential amnesia-forgetting our divine nature- and amanesis- recovering it.

    I think having the actual book in hand has an added impact in and of itself, as well. I'm a hopeless bibliophile, but I think there's a great power in making that kind of investment in important art- it shows a commitment to the power of ideas. The old comic book format demeans powerful work. I'm constantly rediscovering work when it's collected (particularly in hardcover)and not just some throwaway pamphlet.

  13. the night before you posted this I watched Noam Chomsky call Obama hawkish on a re-run

    1.resembling a hawk, as in appearance or behavior.
    2. advocating war or a belligerently threatening diplomatic policy.

  14. Yes, while Neil Gaiman's Eternals didn't get instant acclaim at the time (the series was a little too slow and left a lot of things unresolved, as will happen with franchise reboot and some editorial mandates to deal with) but it works much better as a hole and there is a lot people here enjoy without needing to be grounded in decades of Marvel continuity.

    What I thought was intriguing was the main underlying theme - that there are former gods who just live their daily lives without realising what powers they once had. Oddly these memories only seem to kick back in fully following death/rebirth and rehousing of souls.

    He might not have been that aware of where all the influences were coming from but it struck me that this version is closer to the space opera aspects of Scientology - in which we are all souls rehoused in bodies by a galactic tyrant, not knowing of our vast cosmic potential. Of course, he was brought up in a Scientologist household and seems to have reached Class VII on The Bridge, which I believe corresponds to OT III where all the space opera business kicks in (and also where you are sworn not to discuss it).

    I took a long hard look at Scientology recently (and Hubbard's history and occult connections) and there are a few ways you can read this. Of course, he and all the Scientologists might believe Xenu actually existed but it struck me it could also be seen as a kind of parable and asking a Scientologist if he believed in Xenu is like asking a Christian if they believed the Good Samaritan existed. Equally, it could be seen as Hubbard's reaction to being hounded by the IRS and medical associations over Dianetics. He went to ground and came back stronger than ever with Dianetics buried in a tonne of UFO Religion. In fact it could be a bit of both (and there are obviously less charitable interpretations but that takes us off track here).

    Whatever his motivation the key point is that he did suck up a lot of occult information. He was already a low ranking member of AMORC before meeting Parsons and (to partly avoid answering the question about what level he was) his level in the OTO is a bit of a moot point. The Parsons' biographies suggest that Parsons was so impressed by Hubbard that he let him in higher level teachings than he would normally have access to.

    Clearly when he was putting together Scientology he was able to call on his existing ability to bang out vast volumes of science fiction and he had a lot of occult teachings to draw on. It should be no surprise then that there are clear Gnostic themes running through the big story - a sci-fi Gnosticism that gets its greatest expression in Gaiman's recent reboot (although messing with people's memories is a theme that has reoccurred - they removed Thor's memories for example).

    And that is just the big theme, he was toying with other clever ideas. I am unsure how the Knauf's, now cancelled, series did picking all the threads left hanging and running with them (although an ongoing series seems a venture doomed from the start unless you've got some great ideas for some BIG stories - a number of limited series to keep them in play seems wiser) but the trades are already on their way so I'll check them out, despite the... mixed reviews.

    On a lighter note part of Hubbard's Scientology mythos is a planet called Arslychus, which is funnier to we Brits, but if felching is The Big Sex Magik Secret Crowley stumbled across by accident then it takes on a whole different angle (especially as we have to assume, as The Scribe, he witnessed such acts).

  15. The environment fostered by Scientologists is not unlike the Hell described in CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters.

  16. "All devourer, all begetter;
    Give me the sign of the Open Eye
    And the token erect of thorny thigh
    And the word of madness and mystery,
    O pan ! Io Pan !
    Io Pan ! Io Pan ! Pan Pan ! Pan,!"

    Crowley's Hymn To Pan...

    "Give me the sign of the open eye"

    He means the 'asshole'...sorry to be crude, but it is... what it is.

    higher OTO rituals.

    "And the token erect of thorny thigh"

    He means the hardened phallus.

    the OTO symbol itself is phallic...even has testes. :-)

    The IO is self explainatory imo.

    Buggery in the desert with Neuberg...ring any bells?

  17. Yeah, that's all referred to in another part of the series.

  18. what really interested me re: Hubbard & Parsons & Babalon Working.

    Was the comparison between Dee & Kelley's workings and their own (Hubbard/Parsons).

    The circumstances seem identical to both...Hubbard was the scyer btw...and absconded with Parson's girl. The same occurred with Kelley and Dee.


    "I have the text of Dee's skrying in the Seventh Aire, which as he
    said " terrified me that, beseeching God to have mercy upon me,I finally answer that I will from this day forward meddle no more herein".

    The voice, speaking from Kelly, resulted in a sinister
    dissociation of Kelly's personality. The parallel with my own Working with Ron, is appalling. After this Kelly robbed Dee, absconded with his wife, and developed a criminal confidence career."

    There are rumours that Edward Kelley (the scyer to Dee) could have been an ancestor of Rose Kelly...who received the message from Horus...that he wanted a chin-wag with Al.

    Its all conjecture...but interesting none the less.

    Polanski's 9th Gate is a blatant allusion to the Enochian magickal system.... that came from Dee through Loew the golem creating Rabbi.

  19. I viewed Hancock yesterday, I'm glad that I wait for a while to these films now. Gives me time to lay the hype and the criticism to one side. The film was solid I thought.

    I guess the "a**hole" motif could be interpreted as (in the beginning of the film) Hancock thought that the sun shone out of his a**, being the sungod himself and so far up his own butt. Heh. I guess its another reason he was threatening to put people's heads up there.
    "I'll shove your head where the sun does shine!"

    I saw that Mary was of course, being female, exhibiting some moon goddess qualities at times in the movie. The thing that got her goat during the battle with Hancock was being called crazy. Lunatic? Dunno, seemed that way maybe. She was definitely radiating that during the skirmish.

    Anyways, it was good to read this series after finally watching the film.

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  21. Re: Flying disk; Hancock does actually flatten out a metal lightshade into a disk and throw it to chop off the hand of one of the villains!

    I wonder what the name of the candy bar he throws at another robber later on is...

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