Friday, March 06, 2009

Atlantis Risen: A Picture Story

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  1. that atlantis place looks hella scary, i wouldnt not ever want to rest my energy there via sleep.

    keep the memestream coming on chris!

    we are that synchromystic revolution!!!

    -andy christ.

  2. Did you know that the Jonas Brothers' "3D experience" movie is number 2 (heh) in the box office this week? I haven't heard a single song by them, and I'd like to keep it that way.

    I like the picture story posts. That golden bull looks awfully familiar...

    Since the human body is mostly water, I think all the Atlantis symbolism is meant to be perceived as being inside the body. Do we need vast amounts of money to be inside of our own body?

  3. Atlantis rising. So synchronized with the possible extraterrestrial disclosure.

    Are we living out a carefully planned existence?

    The ALIEN Project

  4. You'll like the first sentence of this CNN piece:

  5. Dubai is running into financial issues. I wonder how they'll keep Atlantis risen.

  6. Found your work here, courtesy of Andre at the Alien Project. I must congratulate you on the great job you are doing.

  7. Andy- It's certainly very loaded symbolism for a vacation spot.

    Tommy- Water seems to be the key to it all. I'm still working on that.

    Andre- Certainly not by any conception we can hold in our heads. We still work in a grid, the old organizations. What this plan seems to be is deeply fractal, complex, mutating, interlocking.

    Anony 920- You got it up on the Satellite. Cheers!

    Anony 1226- Yes, fascinating. Worth monitoring, indeed.

    Tess- Well, thank you! Nice to have you aboard!

  8. Chris - Says the water sign... You're right, though.

    Could this Jonas Brothers in Atlantis theme appearing be related to the sun's current position in Pisces, a water sign?

  9. Reed Smoot.....research this man, cinematographer for the Jonas 3D movie

  10. Dubai real estate crash: