Friday, March 13, 2009

Mithras Rising: Utu and the Cross of Light

Bernie Madoff's new neighborhood, as seen from space. Spot the Solar symbols!

Tonight Bernie Madoff spends the night in the Metropolitan Correctional Center (zip code 10007), awaiting sentencing on June 16. It was reportedly a cathartic experience for many of his victims, and the New York Times report had it that...

Maybe it was cathartic for Wall St as well, seeing that the Tao Dow closed up...

There will a US Senate hearing on reimbursing his victims on March 17. I've read he might cost the IRS $17 Billion, but I also read he only embezzled $17 Billion, not 50. It's very confusing.

What's not confusing is that Madoff did his dirty deeds on the 17th floor of the Lipstick Building, on 53rd St. Of course, 53rd St was in the news for another reason recently, since a block of it was recently rechristened U2 Way.

We looked at some of the strange synchs surrounding U2 (or "Utu") here and here but there's another one that caught my eye. It was from a bit on Letterman, where Dave had the boys shovel the snow off of "U2 Way."

Here we see Adam Clayton crowned not only with the Sun, but with the Cross of Light as well.

Those of you who've seen Zeitgeist might recognize the Cross of Light, but for those of you who haven't here's a short primer on this ancient Solar icon:

The doctrine of salvation by crucifixion had, like many of the ancient forms of religious faith, an astronomical origin. The sun is hung on a cross or crucified when it passes through the equinoxes. People in northern climates were saved by the sun’s crucifixion when it crossed over the equatorial line into the season of spring, at the vernal equinox at Easter, and thereby gave out a saving heat and light to the world and stimulated the generative organs of animal and vegetable life.

The sun that is crucified is the dark winter sun, lacking the warmth and brightness of the summer. It is resurrected as, or supplanted by, its twin, the bright warm fertilizing summer sun that continues on to ascend into heaven.-

Last year we looked at a remarkable use of the Cross of Light in the film Across the Universe, a tribute to the Beatles. The cross was used in a performance of "Happiness is a Warm Gun" which featured multiple Salma Hayeks (there were 5 in the film but there were originally supposed to be 12). And who was one of the stars of that film? Why, none other than Paul Hewson, aka Bono Vox, singer of U2.

The Cross of Light was sacred to the Mithas cults, who were supplanted by a new religion that also was inspired by a cross of light, in this case Emperor Constantine's dream of an illuminated Chi-Rho icon. Constantine's vision was by no means unique- there have been sightings of crosses of light in the skies over California, which have been classified as UFOs. I wonder if they came from "across the universe?"

But getting back to that shot of Adam Clayton and the cross of light; "Adam Clayton" is a fascinating name given that Adam was made of clay in the Biblical rewriting of the Sumerian myths. Clay has an interesting Masonic resonance as well. But the reason I was so struck by that image (which most people would think was just more U2 media white noise) is that I've been working on the dense and rich symbolism in the film Michael Clayton, starring Chris K himself, George Clooney.

This is one of those films that flew beneath my radar (like Solaris itself, actually) but I've come to see as incredibly profound and quite possibly prophetic. We'll be looking at it soon and I promise you will not be disappointed.

UPDATE: Sensei has some deep background on Mithras here. Much more to come on this emerging old/new archetype....


  1. The real interesting thing of course would be that the word behind them(U2) spells out Roselyn. Obviously in a different way though. And so the cross of light and Roselyn....

  2. I'll have to watch Michael Clayton now... I was wondering what the "Dow" thing meant the other day, placebo "tao" fits quite well. When these solar symbols are applied to figures who do/support bad things behind the scenes, it's no wonder they're so loved by the masses.

    Thanks for putting my blog on your site! I really appreciate it.

  3. never though tings 'were in the air' so long ago
    these lyrics are stunning

  4. woah, strange days indeed, this is a cosmic correctional facility? this is even weirder with U2 taking their part, goro talking about the shoe/boot theme, templar alchemy touchdowns, and U2 singing orwellian songs about the same used in nfl programming, ths is nutty buddy...

  5. anyone catch stewart ripping cramer a new one last night, that was AMAZING and yet, quite painful to watch...

  6. or cross + rose =rosecroix...

  7. Did anyone happen to catch 30 Rock last night, you know, with Alec Baldwin - spokesman for Hulu? There were a number of references to Dubai and Atlantis / Phoenix rising. Sure it was just in jest but I'm sure it sailed over a lot of peoples heads.

  8. That's was a great article.

    The Citi Group Center down the street is a famous NYC Architectural disaster. Wiki says the sloped roof was designed for solar panels but they didn't point it directly at the sun. I heard the engineering nightmare was pursued because an egotist wanted to show off, just like the UN building and the Ford Foundatioin. Raimund Abraham's Austrian Cultural Center is a few more Avenues down, he's interesting.

  9. Anony 134- Yes! Great catch. Plus Roswell by association.

    Tommy- Yeah, Michael Clayton is hardcore. Rent Devil's Advocate too. Tony Gilroy is a genius.

    Ela- Ha! I saw that when it came out. John Savage is an amazing actor.

    Andy- And it's very strange U2 seem to be everywhere all of the time. But I still always cherish my memories of listening to Boy while staring at the stars on the roof of my garage. Now I look at them as a commodity.

    Bliss- Damn! Thanks for the catch. I'll have to watch that on Hulu and see what other gems lie within.

    Lynnertic- Thanks!

    James- Yes, ego is the blessing and the bane of archtitecture. Thanks as always for your fact-checking skillz!

  10. CK,

    Very good catches on this post man!
    Good job! It looks and feels like the Circle is closing. The end is coming "Fast and Calm".

    I know you like the Confusion. check Yahoo here:
    It's now 65 Billions = 11 of course.

    I am now convince, That Letterman, Stewart, and Others inside the même-streams media are sending us, some powerful, yet subtle messages. the clean Up is take speed.
    Thanks for keeping me Up to date.
    I have read this post, many times now, still very fresh each time.
    Really good job!


  11. michael clayton was amazing, when the best half and i watched it we were all symbolical and knew about the shiva the destroyer references, as for that, we were just blown away. im ready whenever you are chris.

  12. The opening credits of 30 rock are filled with interesting imagery.

    Oh and check out what's on CNN today:

  13. PJ- I'm loving what Stewart is doing. When is the last time you saw anyone on TV standing up to corporate criminality? He's pissed as hell and we all should be as well.

    Andy- Well, it's obvious that Michael Clayton is really about Monsanto and/or ADM, two sacred cows we never hear anyone whisper a word of criticism about. Desperately appropriate in this age of terminator seeds and congressional puppets.

    Andre- Cheers, man!

    Anony- I'll go check it out on Hulu now. Thanks for the tip.

  14. i just thought when cloonz wanted the check towards the end, funny.

  15. when it comes to Monsanto and that ilk Chris, what unnerves me more than just a TERMINATOR seed is the MIXING of food plant DNA with microorganism DNA. Nasty little things like e.coli and other such enterobacters.

    Always made me wonder when we'd hear about the tomatoes, and lettuce and spinach and the like in the NEWS coming from those Monsanto seeded farms if it wasn't some geneticists' mistake as opposed to post-harvest contaminations.

    Those guys run around their research departments like a dozen monkeys! I guess when you control about 90% of the entire world's food production, nobody asks questions.


  16. Fascinating as always!! hehe good ole Bernie Madoff-as in made-off with the buckage:-) surprised they didnt give him the keys to a city or something -best to you as always Christopher and all who comment here!!

  17. CK,

    I don't know if I sent you this already, anyway here it is again.
    The Cross of light is also known in other mystical practices.
    check this out:

    aka Cross of Utu. EPISODE NO. 31 : Students disappear while searching for the Haitian Cross of Utu.

    This powerful object is supposed to be "Moses Staff".
    And people in power(and looking for more) have done some extra activities trying to locate somewhere in the southern part of the Island.

    I have forgotten about that TV series.
    Will try to find that episode again.


  18. PJ,
    remember how Moses threw down his staff and it turned into a serpent?

    Take look at this

    and then you can find some more on the light aspect in my post

    Off on a tangent - our quantum bodies and our evolution

    Although I didn't cover the counter-rotating fields in that post.



  19. off topic...

    Bill HR 875 is wrong, not only in it's timing but also in it's wording. Please start following this one from start to finish...if this bill is not rewritten and reworded, well, it's counter everything that's been said. It would be a complete reversal.

  20. Thanks for the heads up-Anyone concerned about this bill please leave info and links for us here...

  21. Syncrhonistic news from Scotland:

    Customers and workers at an Banffshire pub had to be treated for sunstroke after a bar boss accidentally installed powerful ultraviolet lights by mistake, it emerged on Friday.

    The flourescent bulbs behind the bar at the Pub in the Square in Buckie were unintentionally replaced with bulbs normally found in sunbeds.

    NASA yesterday published a story about moon rocket technology tested over the AZ desert 2/28: An Ares "Super Chute" will allow NASA to recover/reuse rocket boosters.

    Space Shuttle mission STS-119 was scrubbed 3/11 due to a hydrogen leak. It's rescheduled to launch tomorrow. This mission, which would last 13 days if the Shuttle launches tomorrow, would add another module to the ISS. See wikipedia for the interesting patch.

    Here's the page for HR 875. It was introduced 2/4 and has been referred to committee. The sponsor Rep. Rosa DeLauro [D-CT], is the wife of a Monsanto employee. There is good debate on this bill on the page.

    I'm not worried about it, personally. Its knee-jerk reaction to the FDA's failures are too extreme (new bureaucracy?) and too costly to implement. Furthermore Pres. Obama announced a new FDA head and his administration's determination to overhaul food safety today in his weekly radio address.

    PS strangeye - you're right that microbial DNA is used in genetic engineering. It's added as a genetic marker - the process of engineering a seed is kindof like sending a shotgun blast of new DNA into a petri dish of seeds. Then seeds are treated with antibiotics and only the seeds containing the antibiotic-resistant DNA survive.

    It's thought that DNA is absorbed by e.coli in our animals' guts (such a process has been proven possible) and then antibiotic-resistant e.coli is present in manure used to fertilize non-GM crops. Another theory is that antibiotics given to livestock as a matter of course triggers the evolution of antibiotic-resistant e.coli.

    Tell me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that lettuce and spinach are GM yet.

  22. lynnertic,

    NASA's doing the funny numbers again with STS-119 ...

    Next Estimated:
    March 15 2009 7:43 PM
    3 / 15 / 2009

    9 11 7 7

    and also a 17 synch with
    1900 hrs 43 mins
    10 + 7 = 17

    19:43 echoes of Richard C Hoagland in that number as well.

    as for the DNA mods... can't say, your guess is as good as mine.

    but if you're curious you can check these resources...

    Marketing Assoc

    Fruit PLU numbers

    Most Produce Look-Up numbers (PLU) consist of four digits. They are mainly used in supermarkets to identify fruits and vegetables at the check-out.

    Some four-digit PLUs are prefixed with an 8 (8xxxx) which denotes genetically modified produce and a 9 (9xxxx) which denotes organically grown produce. Both numbers are prefixes to the standard four digit PLU numbers.

    Rats fed GM corn due for sale in Britain developed abnormalities in blood and kidneys"

    What does ORGANIC really mean?

    GM pea causes allergic damage in mice

    and when it comes to finding anything on the Net, if you ever get "page not found", don't worry it likely still exists - Just copy the URL and check it in the Wayback Machine archives


  23. A heads up- Dave McGowan, ever in the lead, exposed Bono mercilesly three years ago! Also Kudos to all ya'll down to earth mytics getting knowledgeable about HR875. Resistance is not futile.

    here's the great one on Bono, Jan 8, 2006

    "Not long ago, a Ronald Brownstein column in the Los Angeles Times had this to say about Sir Bono: “A few hours after lunch with his old buddy President Bush last week, the Irish rock star Bono, a guitar slung low over his hips, paused near the climax of a raucous U2 concert to ask 20,000 fans to sign up to save the world .. The organization that Bono asked his fans to join is called One: The Campaign to Make Poverty History. It was formed last year by 11 leading anti-poverty and charitable organizations, including Care, World Vision and Bono’s own group Data – an acronym for debt, AIDS, trade in Africa.” (Ronald Brownstein “Hearts That Beat as ‘One’ Could Shake Up American Politics,” Los Angeles Times, October 24, 2005)

    A nominally progressive rock star working with World Vision to save the planet? Who would have guessed it? I should probably mention that World Vision has been identified as a longtime intelligence front that is heavily steeped in mind control and assassination operations. Its distinguished alumni include, according to published reports, notorious patsies/assassins/Catcher in the Rye-fans John Hinckley, Jr. and Mark David Chapman. All of which makes it rather ironic, I would think, that Sir Bono is now falsely assuming the throne left vacant by Chapman’s target, John Lennon (whom Bono criticized, curiously enough, in the Time magazine article).

    Brownstein also noted that Bono has “unexpected allies, like conservative televangelist Pat Robertson.” Actually, a quick scroll through the list of One’s partners-in-crime reveals that the majority of the organizations tied to Bono’s ‘cause’ appear to be either intelligence fronts or fundamentalist religious groups (