Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Knowing: Addenda

ITEM: For those of you who haven't seen The Forgotten, here's the trailer. Note that yet again we see aliens connected to memory and amnesia and identity.

ITEM: Spoiler alert: Here is the final scene from The Quiet Earth, for those of you that have seen both Knowing and this film. See if you pick up on the similarity.

ITEM: Here's an interesting story on Nic Cage's now-defunct comic series, Voodoo Child:

There aren't many bigger comic book geeks in Hollywood than Nicolas Cage. After all, the guy has a tattoo of Ghost Rider on his arm. But when executives at Virgin Comics approached the actor about starting his own line of books, Cage shrugged. "I said I didn't have any ideas, but I told them my son might," Cage says.

So Cage and his 16-year-old son, Weston, brainstormed an idea that would become Voodoo Child, a six-issue illustrated series that hits shelves July 11 and marks one of the first launched by an A-list actor. Hollywood directors long have been fans of comic books. Those who have written Marvel and DC stories for years include Kevin Smith, Bryan Singer and Joss Whedon.

Voodoo Child is different because it's "more spiritual than, say, a Superman or a Batman," Cage says. "That's always been more effective because there's more believability to it." The stories will be rooted in some real-world scenarios.

Set in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Voodoo Child tells the story of Gabriel Moore, a child murdered in the antebellum South by secessionist soldiers. Just before dying, the boy puts a voodoo curse on his soul, leaving him in a netherworld to cope with gang violence and abductions in the modern-day city. Weston says he had tinkered with the idea since seeing hurricane damage in New Orleans, where he and his father lived part time for years.
ITEM: I was struck by the synchronicity between the Plymouth Air crash in Knowing and the connection between National Treasure and Flight 1549. Here's the link for the post making those connections.

ITEM: And on the Google alien tip, a fleet of UFOs flying in formation photographed over Bethnal Green.


  1. the internet is full of videos on youtube and the like showing old programming vids. Like hypnosis and suggestion. And in those, memories are erased and added. the interesting thing about both(added and erased) is what part of the brain controls where the,"person," allows the hypnotist in! In the real world we are hypnotized daily by our addictions. The things we feed. They become a loop and we take our subjective stance and walk all over. For me, the way in would be through woman I would imagine. Since I do not smoke, drink, or even consume large amounts of meat. The Forgotten seems interesting because of this. I mean was the alien abductor an inserted memory or real? Did she know real all along and was told what was inserted was real? Or was the false reinforced? In our world we are bombarded, sensory overload, like a synethesia of light and sound when it comes to fighting for our attention. And because we use very little of our minds, like they said in what the bleep, we all have a form of add. Knowing and The Forgotten, from a neuro stand point are very interesting stories. I need to see knowing before I can comment. But I know enough already, the trailer was pretty tell tale. In what the bleep a few highly qualified Neuro types say the brain can defy time somewhat and be pre-cognitive. Or it can know things without the symbols of numbers. And it is into this abstraction we are all heading. Our kids are for sure headed there, this I can precognitively feel. Once again Ill quote What The Bleep, but the Joe guy says and Ill paraphrase,"If you try something new or want to try something new you inevitably compare it to all that you've known. and some people, because of trauma or for whatever reason, have a real tough time decyphering the stimuli. Especially since you have no point to compare it with." And so if you are headed into a world of abstract concepts like modern day particle physics is and our lives are becoming, what can you compare it to. This to me is the whole basis of the 2012. It has nothing to do with a real shift or war, but rather the idea that all that was is now shifting. So these movies are really period pieces, they are the moments we collectively held onto before we make the jump. Whether there is a direct hand moving the pieces for us, or we are collectively telling the hand how to move us, we now we the hands moving us about. And that is quite frightening to some, me included. I have not seen knowing, but at first glace I was put off. I'll go see it now......and Ill see forgotten. So thanks Chris....

  2. well would you look at that - the Revolution logo in the Forgotten clip has the Contact Device that Gosporn and others have been talking about - my my .

    And thanks for the link to The Quiet Earth clip - I had forgotten about that movie - but you posting it was way too timely Chris - I spent the evening reading the Wrong Way Wizard / his discussion of Kubrick movies / and the idea the we are all dead now and don't know it - TQE is kind of about that in way . . . . -
    I left a little sync mentioning Kirby and 2001 in his comments which you might find interesting..
    I want to wait till my right eye starts seeing again before i go to have a boo at Knowing - but I am looking forward to it - thanks for your review in thew meantime.
    Oh and I'm glad it was his older son who co-wrote the Voodoo Child - I don't know if I am ready to read a comic that was written by Kal-El.

  3. Hi Chris,

    You won't believe this but in this sphere maybe you will.

    I just watched Knowing (2009) here on the Chinese site:

    As the final scenes were playing in which Cage was enveloped by the flames with his family, my mother called and told me to tune to CNN because President Obama was landing in the UK. I did and just as the final scene of Knowing with the children racing to the tree on the alien world, Obama and his wife were descending the stairs of Air Force One!

    Also, CNN had the scene in a small inset with the DOW below the frame. The numbers on the DOW fluctuated UP (Represented by a green triangle/pyramid) from 171.8 to 183.7!

    This stuff is amazing and more and more obvious everyday.

    I saw The Forgotten and it was very creepy. Now all odd shaped clouds get my attention! And there are lots of photos online showing UFO's as "cloud ships" too.

    Also, the shiny rocks in Knowing resonated heavily with me from a couple of years ago when a Nickelodeon episode of "Jimmy Neutron" was on about rocks being sent to the Earth by aliens as messages.

    This may not be the place to relate this but...At the time, I was collecting strange rocks that I happened to pass on my daily walks (There were always different ones on the same trail everyday and I had no idea where they were coming from)and I "knew" for a fact (tongue in cheek)that the Earth was facing some sort of a world crisis that I couldn't quite put my finger on AND a Coronal Mass Ejection occurred to me because the NASA website I'd been frequenting "just happened" to post animation of a CME. I mentioned a NASA article back in 2006 on my blog on mass extinctions from gamma ray ejections:

    and here:

    And noted research from Los Alamos on the solar wind:

    "December 1999: On the Day the Solar Wind Disappeared,
    Scientists Sample Particles Directly from the Sun

    >From May 10-12, 1999, the solar wind that blows constantly from the Sun virtually disappeared in the most drastic and longest-lasting decrease ever observed. Dropping to a fraction of its normal density and to half its normal speed, the solar wind died down enough to allow physicists to observe particles flowing directly from the Sun's corona to Earth. This severe change in the solar wind also drastically changed the shape of Earth's magnetic field and produced a rare auroral display at the North Pole.

    Starting late on May 10 and continuing through the early hours of May 12, the density of the solar wind dropped by more than 98%. Because of the drop-off of the wind, energetic electrons from the Sun arrived at the Earth in narrow beams, known as the strahl. Under normal conditions, electrons from the Sun are diluted, mixed, and redirected in interplanetary space and by Earth's magnetic field (the magnetosphere). But in May 1999, several satellites detected electrons arriving at Earth with properties similar to those of electrons in the Sun's corona, suggesting that they were a direct sample of particles from the Sun..."
    ...this read like a near miss of a CME to me.

    So, for me, the movie Knowing, was way too close to my notions back then! I did dabble a bit in screenplays back then too so maybe I'll dig those out.

    Great observations here, Chis.
    Thank you!

  4. http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20127005.700-lifefriendly-worlds-may-snap-crackle-and-pop.html

    More alien life interest from the sci community - constantly.

  5. Wild stuff, Soapie- you are really tuning in to the Source. Having kids really helps you to become aware of all of these memes, since kids TV is constantly pushing this stuff out there.

    And thanks to all for the always-enlightening comments! I truly appreciate the broad spectrum of viewpoints expressed here and it really goads me on. Just the other day Joe Linsner emailed me because he was blown away by the high quality of commenters on my blogs.

    So I raise a metaphorical toast to you all!

  6. WHOOOPS. Forget all that about Saturn - the d@#n piece is Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity.


  7. Can't resist adding Chris... we have a five year old pet rabbit raised from a baby...our second!

    And I have to add that my favorite soap operas are still keeping pace with the rest of media entertainment. "In synch" with Knowing...story lines of forgotten "whispering" children on The Young & The Restless, trying to burn actors alive on The Bold & Beautiful and the ever present Osiris-Isis-Horus re-tellings daily over and over again and don't forget resurrections galore!

    I'll have to keep detailed files for you to match some of your posts!

    And David Stewart...great comment! I read the WWW on that "black box," "we're all dead" post too and immediately thought of the aliens from the film A.I. (who looked like the ones in Knowing) and how they allowed the robot boy to relive his time with his "mother" by "resurrecting" her and her memories in an effort to preserve the extinct human race.

  8. great post chris, btw, i found a rough cut of the x men origins: wolverine movie, hard to figure out at first glance, but anyone wanna take some synchromystic stabs at it??

    heres the link:


  9. oh, and the alien robot with nipples in japan was introduced today, breathing fire and all, strange and the stranger...

  10. Apologies if this is double posted...

    I made some observations comparing The Last Mimzy, Knowing and a few others as well; rabbit symbolism, etc. The notes were too long, so I posted it on my blog. I also make movie poster analyses of these movies and more there too. Click through to my blog via my avatar to take a look. Thanks all! (Great posts again all!)