Friday, March 13, 2009

Secret Sun Picture Parade: Cybele Rising

Back in May, we looked at the fascinating architecture around Columbus Circle in New York, particularly the Time Warner building and the so-called Maine Memorial, a breath-taking depiction of the ancient goddess Cybele, the Magner Mater of the Roman Mysteries.

Although contemporary critics were puzzled, the statue of Cybele symbolizes the female component of the Masonic superstructure (of which Freemasonry is just a very small part, remember) that was extremely active in Manhattan while the city was being built into a (temporary) world headquarters. 

Since the Masonic systems all ultimately derive from the warrior cult of Mithras, we should look for the Great Mother (whose cult Mithraic wives joined) where ever we see the footprints of the Invincible Sun, and Columbus Circle (ostensibly named for one of history's most enigmatic explorers, now linked to the Templars) is no exception.

Or here. CNN is owned by Time Warner, so this headline about intramural power struggles at NASA takes on added resonance with its prominent black statue of Cybele. If you've never been on the Columbia campus, you should Google Earth it, since it is a neat simulacrum of an ancient Roman metropolis. 

Note the convergence of symbolism here- Cybele, NAZCA, "watchdog"- get used to them, since they will be the lingua franca of our militarized Star Trek future.

Here's a fascinating convergence of symbolism from Yahoo News- a family living in a cave reminding us of the Mithraeums (which were ritual caves), a shooting spree in Samson, AL (Samson being a Hebrew hijacking of Hercules, who also lent parts of his identity to Mithras), a typically imperial Washington landmark, and what's this? 

Elle McPherson's dress being a top headline? How is that considered news?

Well, perhaps it's because Cybele's own dress was green. McPherson certainly got my attention in the 1994 film Sirens (which resonates Sirius) and if you saw that film you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Scholars now agree that the Purim story, in which Esther and Mordecai free the Jews from the tyrant Haman is in fact an appropriation of the Babylonian Winter Festival, in which Ishtar and Marduk free the earth from the grip of winter. This picture is from a Purim celebration in Israel, where high school kids cross-dressed. 

This corresponds neatly with ancient priests of Cybele (often identified/combined with Ishtar), the Galloi, who were cross-dressing eunuchs. Note the 89 (17) and twin 5s, resonating the 5-pointed binary star of Sirius.

Strangely, TV host Jimmy Kimmel showed up in drag on The View on the first day of Purim to discuss his breakup with Sarah Silverman (Sarah derived from another Magner Mater, Saraswati, mother of the Vedas). 

This was shot on the Disney lot in Burbank, unsurprisingly.

Here's another remarkable image from the Mouse Factory, for the 3/9 episode of superhero drama Kyle XY. A girl being initiated into the Solar mysteries, as we all are these days? 

Speaking of the Solar mysteries, get an eyeful of this image... 

It's no surprise that new, more mystical forms of the faith are coming to the fore as the Evangelical subsidiaries begin to fail. One of these new projects is the Order of Christ Sophia, also known as the Centers of Light. 

 This group is in the news since they are trying to purchase a $1.6 million mansion in Quincy, MA (again, my old stomping grounds). 

How is this group, who hardly anyone has heard of, getting the money for this building? 

How does this group have other, similar buildings across the country? Well, how do any of these groups find the money? 

Who was financing the 70s cults, or the 80s Religious Right groups, or the 90s megachurches, or any of these other religious groups that pop up out of nowhere with vast, well-appointed and pre-fabricated infrastructures? 

 Who, indeed. Mysteries within mysteries...