Monday, March 16, 2009

Oscars Update: The Semiotics of Celluloid

I've been very busy with work, but I wanted to do an Oscar follow-up. Esoteric themes seem to multiplying in Hollywood at an astonishing rate, and the follow-up projects we see this year's winners involved in reflect this trend.

Slumdog Millionaire
star Dev Patel is slated to star in M. Night Shayamalan's live-action adaptation of The Last Airbender, which is rife with mystical and occult themes (like nearly everything else on kids TV these days).

Sean Penn and Brad Pitt are slated for an upcoming film called The Tree of Life. It's Zechariah Sitchin's contention that the Tree of Life we see in ancient Mesopotamian art is actually a corrupted depiction of a DNA helix. Speaking of which, there's also the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, but has little visual connection to DNA.

After The Reader, Kate Winslet starred with Leonardo Di Caprio in domestic melodrama Revolutionary Road. DeCaprio is reportedly attached to Christopher Nolan's mysterious project Inception, which is described as "a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind." Hmmm. Winslet is not attached currently to any announced projects, but after Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind she doesn't need to be.

Heath Ledger's next and last film is the occult extravaganza The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Robert Downey, Jr. (who actually deserved the award and would have won in a landslide had not Ledger died) has full slate of heroics ahead, playing Sherlock Homes as well as Iron Man in two different pictures.

Penelope Cruz will be in a CGI film with Nic Cage and will also portray a character named "Magdalena." For the semiotic hat-trick she'll be also be in a film called Nine.

Best Director Danny Boyle actually had two films premiere in 2008. One was Slumdog Millionaire, the other was Alien Love Triangle, which starred Kenneth Branagh, Courtney Cox and Heather ("Hathor") Graham. In the film Branagh plays a scientist whose wife is in fact a genderbending, green-skinned male alien (are there any other kind, really?). Originally made in 2002, don't be surprised if this re-emerges as a feature sometime in the future.

As discussed earlier Boyle's previous film was Sunshine, a 2001-analog in which the Sun is resurrected. Pretty hardcore in the symbolic realm, to be sure.

Benjamin Button director David Fincher had previously directed Zodiac, the poster for which made me wonder if there is in fact some kind of Stargate symbolism connected to the Golden Gate Bridge (besides this, I mean). His next project is a film tie-in to Heavy Metal. Enki Bilal's Immortel Ad Vitam might seem to make any further adaptation of Heavy Metal redundant. It certainly makes the depressing Heavy Metal cartoon from 1980 redundant. More on Immortel in the near future.

WALL-E director Andrew Stanton is attached to a planned film version of Edgar Rice Burrough's occult superhero John Carter of Mars, which was Jack Parsons' favorite pulp character.

Speaking of the Oscars, I had a "When Mythworlds Collide" moment watching How to Lose Friends and ALIENate People when I saw Simon Pegg, Megan Fox and Gillian Anderson sit down to dinner. Pegg is slated for the new Star Trek remake as Scottie, Fox will be in the afore-mentioned Transformers sequel, which reportedly borrows heavily from the ancient astronaut storyline in The X-Files.

In the film, Fox's character wins an Apollo, obviously modeled on the Oscars. What caught my eye is that Apollo is not modeled on any version of Apollo I've ever seen, but on AT&T's Golden Boy, himself an incarnation of Mithras. Fascinating choice if imagery there, which surely went over the heads of the handful of people who saw the film. But par for the course in this reality paradigm we find ourselves immersed in.

Speaking of which, you may be wondering where all this Mithras stuff is coming from. Well, we'll be looking into that very soon and I think it will tie everything together.


  1. Wow! This is going to be one interesting year watching movies. So many symbolisms.

    Nice job, Chris.

    The ALIEN Project

  2. We're certainly going to be busy, that's for sure, Andre!


    your pics remaind me of this

    Have a happu day!

  4. so are certain areas of hollywood (the producers and directors etc)openly involved in worshipping ancient sun cults etc? i really have no idea where all this is leading but it seems to be becoming a bit of an onbsession in hollyweird. do you think they're aware of forthcoming events and are after a little soul salvation perhaps. who knows but it sure is an interesting time to be around.

  5. Andre, you are listed in the syncromystic blogspotter page. Do you need to hot link your site on the Sun,s blog?
    I have not seen half of this years synch movies, but thank goodness for the synch masters of a mystic nature to get me aware of what is out there. Thanks. Dennis

  6. "When Mythworlds Collide." That might be a good feature on Secret Sun, actually. Perhaps set to some zany circus-like music. (Okay, I've been watching too much Letterman.)

    I've been thinking of an opening to discuss a weird dream I had last night / this morning, and "WMC" seems to be it. I dreamt that I was watching a movie that seemed to be made sometime between
    the late 1960s and early 1970s. Some spacefarers were on what appeared to be the bridge of a spaceship, albeit with no controls. It was around one of the gas giants, more specifically Jupiter or Saturn. They were singing a chorus based on part of the final aria from Strauss' Salome, featuring the series of notes I mentioned last week in relation to "No Line on the Horizon." The words are more or less as follows:

    Naught in the world was as white as your flesh.

    Naught in the world was as black as your hair.

    In all the world, naught was a red as your mouth

    It almost sounded as if the spacefarers were engaged in some holy rite.

    And that's all I can remember.

    Somehow, I figured out that this was supposed to tie in somehow with 2001, as a kind of sequel not even dreamed of by Clarke. And yet, the bridge seemed more reminiscent of Star Trek. As for the ritual, it reminded me of a scene I happened to catch on TV many years ago. It was an apparently satirical scene in one of the Planet of the Apes sequels, wherein a bunch of people were engaged in a rite worshipping the atomic bomb. This must have been it.

    Any ideas what the hell all this might have been about? I will say that I woke up feeling rested, but mystified.


  7. Another footnote about The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: I found it fascinating that due to Heath Ledger's death, one of the actors hired to fill in for some of the parts Heath would have acted was Colin Farrell.

    Farrell is a recent focus of my attention because of his remarkable acting in what I think is a highly synchromystic film, In Bruges, which I discuss in "Suicidal Dwarfs, Jokers And All That."."

    Jude Law (Doctor Watson in the forthcoming Sherlock Holmes) and Johnny Depp (is there a twilight language film that Depp has met that he didn't like?) are the other two transformation actors filling in for Ledger. Much to be said about those two too, of course.

  8. Ninni- Yes, isn't that interesting? Alchemy and all of that were really an attempt to recapture something that we didn't even realize we forgot...

    Anony 1134- Well, some folks will automatically answer that with a yes. I once was convinced of that myself but the more I see the more I start to wonder. Even those who are putting this stuff in intentionally aren't really sure what they are playing with. And once these symbols enter the Memestream there's no telling what they will manifest. I think there are several factors at work at once and the trick is to make sense of it all.

    Dennis- I most enjoy when you see the symbols pop up where they don't belong. And the flipside of that is when the symbolic manipulation is obvious- that always falls flat.

    Jason- its funny mentioning POTA and 2001 and Trek, since there is that classical, theatrical influence on all of those things. I think that's why they still have that resonance, when the things that have tried to retrace their steps do not. I think we've lost an element of storytelling in recent times, and that has a lot to do with a de-emphasis on form and structure. Even something like Dick Van Dyke or Andy Griffith- the writing is so tight because it is based in those traditions that inform theatre and opera and all of the rest. Maybe it's because those writers came from radio which was often performed in front of an audience.

    Loren- I'll have to see In Bruges because everything I've seen Colin Farrell in- with the possible exception of Minority Report- he's been absolutely terrible. Interesting that Law is playing a trannie in his next film Rage- his costar is the English model Lily Cole. If you had proof that Cole was the result of a human-Grey breeding program, I wouldn't blink.

  9. its how to lose friends and ALIENATE people! But you may be on to something entirely different and probably are, as usual. I took a leadership class and we had a semester long debate about if there is such a thing of a form of leadership that isn't coerced-for ulterior or selfish motives.

    I picked up the Santigold cd, and you are on the money, i love it, thanx for the nudge, snoochy boochy

    Oh and my "friend" thinks you are C.I.A.

  10. "I think there are several factors at work at once and the trick is to make sense of it all."

    That is the answer...


    She has the model/scorpion ankle tattoo. The print on that is pretty, well.........yeah.

  12. Justie- Hot damn- Alienate! Of course- fixed. Thanks for the reminder. CIA? I don't think so.

    Anony 550- Or is it a question? Or both!

  13. I have a Lily Cole post going up at Midnight...

  14. kind of off subject, but, i juss caught some of Stuart Little 2 and Stuart has to go to the top of a really tall building to confront the Falcon, who the little yellow bird ran off with, call me crazy but is that blatant or what?

  15. oh and my 'friend' thinks i am C.I.A. as well, so take that with a grain of salt

  16. Chris, Loren,
    I found it fascinating that "Heath Ledger's death" really "marked the beginning of the economic "death".

    You know, as a Ledger is used in accounting procedures. The accounting of the economy.

    "Heat the Ledger", "Burn the books"

    Sheds a whole new light on his character "the Yoker". Through the burning of the money, "the Yoker" took control in Dark Knight.

    Through the burning of the economy "the people were Yoked" in the year of the OX (2009).


  17. StrangEye, to which economic collapse calendar or timeline are you looking? Since Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment on Broome Street, near Lafayette Street, New York City, on the Full Moon of January 22, 2008, I think that's pushing it to say that was the "beginning of the economic death."

    Chris, well, Colin Farrell did not play Alexander the Great as gay as the role called for, but I thought his Bullseye in Daredevil and his Ray for In Bruges were, as they say, spot on. Farrell deserved and won the 2009 Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical for In Bruges.

    Hey, Farrell was born in Castlerock, Dublin, a definite power point in Ireland. The village is bordered to the east by the Phoenix Park.

    St. Brigid is the patron saint of Castlerock, and she is widely considered on a pare with Saints Patrick and Columba, among the Irish saints. St. Brigid shares both her name and her feast day with those of the earlier pagan goddess Brigid, after whom St. Brigid may have been named.

    The pagan goddess Brigid's day, Feb 2, was converted to Groundhog Day as a day of prediction for the length of winter and the coming of spring. In Ireland there is an early struggle with the continued celebration of Groundhog Day, given its pagan origins. Brigid is also celebrated as a time when the growing sun must be encouraged throughout the coldest of winter months.

  18. Chris: That sheds some light on how my dream came to be. I would love to know what the rest of the non-existent "Space Odyssey" movie was actually like.

    StrangEye: Your commentary on Heath Ledger was interesting. In one scene, I distinctly remember Rachel Dawes specifically asking a question about ledgers in The Dark Knight. I wondered if it was originally intended as some kind of inside joke.


  19. The Golden Gate is "Golden" for a reason, as it bridges the gap to Marin (Marina, Mary, Gaia, Cybele, earth) county.

    Cheers, Michael