Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Schoch, West Vindicated on Sphinx

For fifteen years, orthodox Egyptologists- all of whom are directly or indirectly beholden to Zahi Hawass and the Egyptian government- have berated, mocked, blacklisted and ridiculed John Anthony West and Robert Schoch. Their transgression? West and Schoch inconveniently pointed out that the scientific evidence shows that the Sphinx is much, much older than we are properly supposed to believe that it is. Or were supposed to believe, since two orthodox scientists have now come forward and corroborated West and Schoch's theory that the Sphinx was a (badly) revised statue of a lion.

How many times have we seen this before?

There seems to be a certain bureaucratic type of personality that has no interest in any evidence that questions or challenges the status quo. West and Schoch and so many other brilliant researchers know all too well that those who see themselves as the guardians of orthodoxy will never admit when they were wrong, no matter how much evidence piles up against them. It's not about truth or fact for these self-appointed gatekeepers, it's about stroking their egos. It's about protecting a pathetic little fantasy of being the last custodians of the Enlightenment, even if their reductionist fundamentalism is actually anathema to the philosophy of thinkers like Newton.

But all of that is rapidly changing.

The boring old media monopolies are rapidly crumbling. And we're sitting on the threshold of a time when information itself seems to be taking on a mind of its own. The Internet is creating a whole host of problems, but it's also helped remove so many of the old filters and bottlenecks on the flow of information and data.

I think we're all in for a pretty rough ride in this world, but I also think that an entirely new vision of our origins- and of our future- will emerge from the chaos. And it must, because there's no future in the status quo.

Link credit- The Anomalist


  1. Chris, I am thinking you must be something of a night-owl-unless I am wrong about you living in the UK. Sometimes I see a new post of yours come up at my place and thinking of the time it is there you are either burning the midnight oil or a night owl! I have long thought that the Sphinx and other artifacts from the past are much much older than 'scientists' tell us-When I saw your post here the Vimanas of ancient India came to mind also. Thanks for this post and more and more I am thinking along the lines of wise woman's thoughts of getting rid of the 'logic bleach'-wise and others-especially you synchromystic people are on the right track-I wish my brain functioned fast enough to be of help-maybe if I can start to listen to my intuition better and get rid of my logic bleach-maybe I can. Peace and best to you!-Devin

  2. He he-should have checked your profile-for some reason I thought you lived in the UK! as you can see late night moving around in the blogosphere-best to you!-Devin

  3. Thanks, Devin- the thing is with this kind of research is to approach these types of mysteries by tracing their footprints. You can't argue with power, you have to build around it, using any means at hand.

  4. "Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained." – Gandhi

    You've really have to learn to love the resistance to your ideas. Because the thing is if you are right about whatever it is you are saying or researching...time will vindicate you and it then makes victory that much more sweet. But never underestimate the power of the status quo. The status quo is comforting to leaders and followers of ANY realm, business or thought process. In the words of Bob Marley,"Don't rock my boat, cause I don't like my boat to be rocked." I can understand why there were those who were against West's ideas though. Nationalism, culture and developing a concrete historical lineage and or outline are a few posible reasons. Also Ancient Egypt is a hotbed for those not grounded in anything tangible as far as science goes. So everyone comes in there saying ET, the occult and so on when they are at Giza. So you naturally develop a resistance to change. Whatever really happened or who built it will all be known someday. Eventually our race of people will figure out the exact nanosecond the pyramids were built and both sides will rest knowing the truth.

  5. Michael- it's true, there's been a whole bunch of dumb stuff written about Egypt. Fly-by-night authors who come and go with strange theories. However, John Anthony West is not one of them. He's been working on these issues since before a lot of you guys out there were born. And the Sphinx theory was grounded in hard science, not astral projection, and they were still attacked.

    I guess in the long run, the worst thing you can do to a researcher is ignore them. If you encounter strong opposition, that's usually a good sign you're upsetting the apple cart.

  6. Consciousness has been pointing me in the direction of "Forbidden Archaeology" for the last week it seems. I have been aware of the work of people like Hancock, Bauval, West, and Schoch for a while now and it has always fascinated me. Recently I came across Michael Cremo, an archaeologist who studies the hidden history of the human race. He cites evidence of the presence of humans on the planet up to 300-500 million years ago!! Pretty amazing stuff. The following link is an interview he did on Coast to Coast... Thanks for the awesome posts as they are always eye opening.


  7. This is a bit of a late response to a previous post but I think it fits here as well.

    Plug these coords: 50° 0'38.20"N 110° 6'48.32"W

    Into google satellite and let me know what you think. To me it is the clearest ever "what does this look like" feature I've ever seen.

  8. Yeah, the Badlands Guardian- that thing is amazing.