Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Russian Roswell

The Tunguska event on June 30, 1908 has come to be known as the "Russian Roswell," with almost as many wild theories circulating about it as about the 1947 incident. Like this one:

Dr. Yuri Labvin, president of the Tunguska Spatial Phenomenon Foundation, insists that an alien spacecraft sacrificed itself to prevent a gigantic meteor from slamming into the planet above Siberia on June 30, 1908.

Most scientists think the blast was caused by a meteorite exploding several miles above the surface. But Labvin thinks quartz slabs with strange markings found at the site are remnants of an alien control panel, which fell to the ground after the UFO slammed into the giant rock.
Of course, scientists scoff at this kind of thing but still have no definitive theories as to what caused it, only their own speculations. The latest speculation is making the rounds today, as we see in the Space.com headline, "Space Shuttle and Strange Clouds Key to Mysterious 1908 Explosion:"
New evidence from an unlikely source -- water vapor in the exhaust plumes of space shuttles launched a century later -- points to a comet. The potential solution comes courtesy some strange clouds that scientists have only recently begun to understand.

Noctilucent clouds are brilliant, and visible only at night. Made of ice particles, they are Earth's highest clouds...in fact, space shuttle launches have been found to cause or enhance the formation of noctilucent clouds.
The article goes on to add that scientists have been able to observe these clouds during a shuttle mission:
Noctilucent clouds were tied to the launch of Endeavour (STS-118) on Aug. 8, 2007. And high-altitude clouds were detected over Antarctica shortly after the fateful launch of Columbia, which along with its crew was lost during re-entry. Columbia's plume was 650 miles long and 2 miles wide and reached Antarctica in three days.
OK, help me out here, I'm not a scientist. We're being told here that the Tunguska event was the result of a comet and not an exploding spaceship.

And what are we being offered as the observable evidence of this theory?

An exploding spaceship.


  1. I love a good mystery.Someone knows what happened here,but they are probably dead.

  2. Noctilucent clouds? more likely artificial chemical clouds created by the Military with their chemtrail program, you should see the sky in Britain, we are being sprayed like hell with these chemical aerosols and the atmosphere has been turned into a milky white metallic substance, absolutely saturated in the stuff, this year we have been sprayed every single day. HAARP has really been turned up full with HAARP waves rippling through the chemtrails. The Met and NASA say that this is Gravity waves and some weird new cloud formations that haven’t been seen before, what a joke. I think everything that happens on this Planet is Military engineered including the crop circles and all other phenomenon, and that they have always had advanced technology, even as far back as Tunguska and way before.

  3. Hi Chris, Has anyone ever mentioned that Nikola Tesla ran a test of his Death/Peace Ray the exact time of Tunguska? I found out about this through serendipity? http://ff.im/4DQ8F gotta scroll down a bit to get it. I suggest just googling Tesla / Tunguska....

  4. I've never heard that before, Peg. It's a very interesting theory. It might tie into what Arthur was talking about.

  5. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this post...I really like any and all info on Tunguska because it was really one of my first forays into the mysterious.

    Way back when I was 12 years old, I discovered the Tunguska event in a very old World Encyclopedia at my grandfather's house. All it had was moldy black and white photos about a mysterious explosion. But it fascinated me and was a main impetus for learning more about mysterious events around the world.

    Bear with me, please, on this one. I was a pretty smart kid back then and wondered so heavily about Tunguska that I started integrating information from all sources: the library and strangely, from my religion.

    I've mentioned before that I was raised as a JW and the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society advocated at the time that the War in Heaven between the Archangel Michael and his rebellious angels from the Bible Book of Revelation, took place in "our modern time" specifically in 1914.

    That wowed me to learn and I always wondered if the Tunguska event of 1908 was part of that Great (I don't know maybe a stray "bolt" from the battle?). The arithmetic to determine the 1914 date for The War in Heaven is often a dissenter's target against the JW sect. But that was the first big synch hit for me way back in the day.

    Also, back in the day, Michael Jackson was famous to most JW's because he was baptized in the faith at an Atlanta convention my family attended back in the late 70's. I was pretty young but I remember his photo being splayed on the Jumbo-Tron during the convention and the announcement that he was baptized in a private ceremony earlier in the day there.

    Interestingly, none of Jackson's affiliation with the faith has been mentioned now. Although it was announced at a Jehovah's Witness convention we attended in the 80's that Jackson had disassociated himself from the religion.

    This all came flooding back to me last night as I watched Katie Couric's CBS 48 Hours presentation on Jackson and his life. So far it had seemed that there were no synchs lining up for this tragic event with Michael Jackson.

    But on the Couric presentation last night CBS laid it all out: They began a montage of Jackson's life with, get this, a black and white archive film rocket launch! Then the moon landing complete with "...one small step..." Couric narrated that this was 1969 and then she immediately added that in 1970 Michael Jackson and his brothers appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. The regular music events followed in the montage.

    Then the montage ended with the Twin Towers collapsing and jets leaving the decks of carriers as Couric narrated that the Gulf War raged when Michael Jackson released his 2001 album "Invincible"!

    Now, what in the heck did Michael's career have to do with news footage of the Apollo Moon landing and 9/11? It was completely obvious that CBS was making these synchs deliberately.

    It seems to me that these events had no more to do with Michael Jackson's music than any other mundane event...unless one is as aware as we are lucky to be here on your site, Chris!

    Thanks, and sorry to be so lengthy!

    BTW, I checked and last night's 48 Hours Mystery episode "Michael Jackson: Picking Up The Pieces" is not on the video on the CBS website yet.

  6. Interesting stuff. An Italian team says they found the impact crater from the Tunguska event. Whether it's true or not is, I suppose, another story.

    You can find the story here:


    Have you ever read Welcome To Mars by Ken Hollings?

    If not, I highly recommend it.

    Cross-correspondences and "coincidences" ooze out of every pore of this examination of the US, circa 1947-1959.

    Nazis, UFOs, radioactive calcium fed to schoolkids, LSD, proposed Total Body Irradiation experiments that Dr. Joseph Hamilton described as having "a touch of Buchenwald" about them, etc.

    In other words, it has it all.

    Oh yeah, it's also quite funny.

    Being a Jack Kirby fan, I'm going to give your other blog a good read when time permits.

  7. That's really fascinating, Soapie- MJ was obviously another strange attractor. How can you reach that level of fame and not be? Very interesting grist for the mill.

    Cool link, JAD- cheers.

  8. Couple Moon syncs for MJ:

    He was famous for his dance "the moon walk"

    Micheal transform into a wolf via the full moon in Thriller.

    "Dirty Dianna" not-so-famous song, Dianna is the Moon Goddess.

    In Micheal's lifetime he went from black to white... Full moon to New moon.

  9. Hi Chris, I have been reading your blog for a few months now and finally joined your list of followers. I am also a member of another site called Evolver and I recently posted a blog encouraging others to read your stuff.


    I really appreciate what you are doing so THANK YOU!!!

  10. Awesome, David- I've done likewise. Where outside Boston are you originally from?

  11. Thanks Chris. I grew up in Medford or Meffa as people like to jokingly call it. I'm guessing you read my ufo experience so you can see why I dig your blog.

    On a side note, I had wanted to sign up on here for months but hadn't gotten around to it. When I finally did so today, the moment I hit "enter" I knocked over a glass of water onto my lap. Now this is weird because I almost never have water near the keyboard. The other thing is--nothing got wet except for my notebook and I. The universe telling me to not to hesitate or something...

  12. Hi Chris - nice post. I never knew about the esoteric phenomenon recorded ( crystal fragments and noctilinear clouds ) until this blog. Good things come in numbers. Of seventeen years.

    I am not sure how familiar you are with the Law of One or so-called 'Ra Material' channeled by a group of sincere paranormal researches in the early 1980's - Similar to the concept of 'The Nine' channelings and the late 60's Seth works by Jane Roberts, in some circles the Law of One: Ra Material is considered the grandaddy of all channeled messages. It was first published *cough* 17 years ago, in 1982.

    Early on in the channelings, session - umm.. #17, the interviewer, Don Elkins, asked the entity Ra about the Tunguska event:

    17.3 Questioner: In meditation I got the question about the crater in Russia in the, I believe, Tunguska region. Can you tell me what caused the crater?

    Ra: I am Ra. The destruction of a fission reactor caused this crater.

    17.4 Questioner: Whose reactor?

    Ra: I am Ra. This was what you may call a “drone” sent by Confederation which malfunctioned. It was moved to an area where its destruction would not cause infringement upon the will of mind/body/spirit complexes. It was then detonated.

    17.5 Questioner: What was its purpose in coming here?

    Ra: It was a drone designed to listen to the various signals of your peoples. You were, at that time, beginning work in a more technical sphere. We were interested in determining the extent and the rapidity of your advances. This drone was powered by a simple fission motor or engine as you would call it. It was not that type which you now know, but was very small. However, it has the same destructive effect upon third-density molecular structures. Thus as it malfunctioned we felt it was best to pick a place for its destruction rather than attempt to retrieve it, for the possibility/probability modes for this maneuver looked very, very minute.

    17.6 Questioner: Was its danger both blast and radiation?

    Ra: I am Ra. There is very little radiation, as you know of it, in this particular type of device. There is radiation which is localized, but the localization is such that it does not drift with the winds as does the emission of your somewhat primitive weapons.

    17.7 Questioner: I believe that analysis has detected very little radiation in the trees in this area. Is this low level of radiation a result of what you are speaking of?

    Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The amount of radiation is very localized. However, the energy which is released is powerful enough to cause difficulties.


    I have always been fascinated by that rather dry explanation. Nice to see a sync here.

    Cheers surfing the 17's.

  13. Oops - my math is bad - it was 27 years ago - feel free to correct the post or let it rip -

    at any rate, it still session 17 when the message was recorded. While the originally published Ra Sessions edited out much of the esoteric and alien visitation topics, they amended the series with Book 5 in 1990 which includes more than a few sessions that discussed alien contacts in our past and what the governments were dabbling in at that time ( 1982'ish )

  14. I like how according to this clip the meteor exploded at 7:17.