Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Astronaut Theology: Transforming the World (UPDATED)

Let's recap: NASA is launching moon probes and alien hunters, Fox News is showing UFO footage released by the Mexican military. Europe has a space freighter ready to go. We haven't had any strange, fiery debris falling mysteriously from the sky recently, but it's only a matter of time until the next event, certainly. Moon bases are in the planning stages, and a new film called Moon is being released to familiarize audiences with that coming reality. Never mind the research being done on warp-drive technology at NASA.

What's happening on the ground? We have an ineffectual new President who seems to be in office purely for some strange ritual purpose the rest of us can only guess at. All across the world, economies are being battered and millions put out of work. It was only a mere ten years ago a permanent prosperity was being predicted.

We are looking at the possibility of a stunning revolution taking place in Persia, one of the world's oldest civilizations, presently caught in the deathgrip of a cabal of insane Theocrats. There's a continuing American occupation going on across the border, which may or may not have something to do with contacting unknown entities once present at the dawn of civilization.

The US defense budget is larger than every other country on Earth combined. It was in the US that computers and microchips and transistors and all of the rest of it appeared almost overnight after...well, after the Roswell incident, whatever that was. Who are we preparing to fight? The Chinese, who manufacture everything for our Wal-Marts? The Russians, whose space program we've essentially merged with? The Arabs, who have little else but oil to sell to the world and fifth-rate militaries? All of them are keeping our warfare economy afloat.

Nothing makes sense anymore, if you follow conventional wisdom. The world economy is in recession, but we're spending billions - maybe trillions - on space hardware (and extremely sophisticated electronics for consumer use). And when you really stop to think about it, we've no real evidence that the defense budget is actually preparing us for war with Russia or China.

Timothy Good- as well as others- have told us that the US was essentially at war with UFOs in the 40s and 50s. This was front page news all over the world: Roswell, the Battle of Los Angeles, the Invasion of Washington. Lucky for the government, an army of cranks came out of the woodwork telling ridiculous stories about anal probes and blonde-haired Aryan queens from Venus. Along with them were an even larger army of debunkers, using every psychological warfare gimmick in the book to harass and ridicule anyone who took a second look at some of the incidents that defied easy explanation.

The pace of technology is now quickening exponentially, almost as if someone was losing patience the doubling of it every 18 months. Now, don't forget that before Roswell you had a gradually but slowly increasing curve of technology following the Industrial Revolution. You had wireless radio and television in the 20s and 30s, and computers, first Babbage's Difference Engine and then ENIAC during the 40s. But these things were enormous and cumbersome and less powerful than the digital calculators you see embedded in ball point pens.

Before that, technology had been essentially static for thousands of years, at least since the Roman Era. The printing press was not the breakthrough it seemed- even before Chinese block printing, you had lithographic printing blocks in Sumer.

Strangely enough, when technology truly became the center of the human story in the 19th Century, a whole host of weirdos started talking about contact with alien tutors (most commonly known as the "Secret Chiefs"), who were guiding this process. Crazy, right? After all, most of the literature these people produced was a bunch of babble, cobbled together from various esoteric sources.

But at the same time, you have this strange collision of fringe beliefs and ultra-high technology. In other words, weird beliefs are a dime a dozen but when you start to see extraordinary results arise from them, it's worth paying attention. You have all of this bleeding into the media sphere, which we look at here all of the time. And recently we had the two political parties fighting over control of the Sirius glyph (Sirius being the center of the occult universe) and the winner being initiated as the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian king in the customary setting of a tomb on prime time news. Weirdos like us blow our stacks in shock while the rest of the world shrugs. Just like they shrug at the busy, busy skies overhead.

So what is this new world order all about? Regular readers know I only have questions. But I can't help thinking about this new Transformers movie, which presents this scenario of Earth being caught in the middle of an ancient grudge match between alien machine intelligences. We have this Sam character, coincidentally played by Shia LaBoeuf who just happened to appear in the X-Files episode produced just before the one that his new movie is ripping off. I hate to keep harping on that, but that simply cannot be coincidence as we understand it.

UPDATE: No, I don't think it is- I think my original theory that someone involved in the writing of that movie reads this blog might be a better explanation, especially given the Egyptian links between Transformers and The X-Files are my interpretation and not part of the surface narrative.

The giveaway may be that the Transformers film opens in 17,000 BC.

Some determinists desperately want to assign human agency to these kinds of coincidences, but the more they metastisize the harder that gets. And I'm willing to bet that a lot of you out there have cataloged your personal synchs to the point that you realize that there's no way some secret cabal are orchestrating them. At least not one that we can understand.

UPDATE II: As I wrote in a comments section, I hope regular readers of this blog will begin to start synching their own lives, so you can see the latticework of connection that defies external agency.

And it's at that point that things get interesting. I can only speak for myself, but I've always thought something is going on that we just can't grasp. I know all of the common theories, but I find them all light on evidence and long on vitriol. Maybe we're being prepared for something we can imagine but can't begin to grasp. And maybe that has to do with the unimaginably huge US defense budget, and those busy skies overhead.

UPDATE: Check out the Hidden Agendas for a massive video presentation by UFO researcher Robert Dean.


  1. Good recap. Your videos and writings as of late seem to be coming from a good place. It's been fun to read and watch. T/Y

  2. Chris said...

    And it's at that point that things get interesting. I can only speak for myself, but I've always thought something is going on that we just can't grasp. I know all of the common theories, but I find them all light on evidence and long on vitriol. Maybe we're being prepared for something we can imagine but can't begin to grasp.

    That is really the puzzle isn't it? I mean, when you examine all these stories (UFOs, high technology, political upheaval, economic collapse, scientific discoveries), they seem to be converging into an inexplicable moment of singularity. A strangely pervasive convergence that seems inevitable, yet almost like the full realization of a hidden neural program or embedded dreams, that can't be explained away with the usual conspiratorial theories of a New World Order.

  3. Interesting syncs all around with Mr. Shia Labeouf from Eagle Eye to Constantine to The Crystal Skulls. In EE there's an interesting Egypt Sync ~ When Billy Bob (who wore vials of Angelina's blood for a time) tells him that he can credit his insanely upgraded bank account in the film to some terrorist faction calling itself Orion Star (Which was the Eagle Eye) AI intelligence program. He's been quoted as saying his mother is the most beautiful women in the world and that if she were't taken, he would marry her.. He also might be striking up a Romance with The Angelina-like Megan Fox ~ Who seems rather mind controlled in her own right. Lot's of oddities surrounding him at this time. Ohh and by the way ~ I have my jaw surgery on the day the new transformers film comes out.. So I'll be transforming too! ;)

  4. [quote]Maybe we're being prepared for something we can imagine but can't begin to grasp. [/quote]

    Thats what worries me most. Beeing prepared, means that we are the passive, manipulated part. The preparartion comes from an outside source, not from a deeper, inner, mystical understanding, therefore its not right, because its a fabricated agenda and not natural evolution.

    Greetings from Germany

  5. I've considered that some symbols are human-produced, and some aren't. Where the non-human ones are from, I don't know, but since they are mostly neutral maybe they are there to tell us (through A.I.: Alien Intelligence) who's doing what, and why, if we pay enough attention to them. I know I've experienced syncs in places where random numbers are generated, but our products (and most everything we see) are saturated with these symbols. It is as if we're being led to something, but I'm not entirely ready to reach a (sane) conclusion.

    This is what I wake up thinking about, so maybe if there was one day where we could just sit back and not worry (like that will ever happen in these times) we would finally reach a state of mind which partially grasped the meaning of the symbol flow...

  6. Ahh great write up and musing Chris,

    Of course, I being one of those skeptics, but recently was thinking that maybe the UFO sightings increasing as we revolve around the Galactic Core/Sun and approach some sort of "event horizon" come 2012? Maybe our location is coming closer to the UFO hot spots?? How many thousands of years is the Milky Way supposed to take around the Galactic Core??? Am thinking perhaps thats contributing to it, but who really knows.

    I've been re-reading "Bad Astronomy" by Philip Plait during this time to keep me focused.

    Love how you squeezed Justice League "Starcrossed" in there.

    Be well bro!

  7. Chris, have you heard the supposed deathbed confession by Werner Von Braun, the architect of the U.S. space program. A secretary of his allegedly transcribed his revelation of a 'plan' to militarize space which would involve first a defense against 'rogue' nuclear powers, then against asteroids and other near Earth objects and finally against an alleged alien invasion.

    According to Von Braun, these would be successive justifications used to sell the public on the idea, and the ultimate goal would be the total domination of the Earth by weapons platforms placed in orbit. Nowhere would be safe from the all seeing eyes and claws of global governance. It seems to me that his predictions have come pretty close to the mark thus far...especially given the size of the Pentagon budget...

  8. Awesome, guys- thanks for the feedback. The gist of this piece is being unsatisfied with all of the explanations out there and wondering after all if anyone really knows what is going on. It ties into the overall theorem I'm working towards here, that specialization itself is the enemy- that only by putting all of the balls in play can we begin to approach an understanding of the world.

    We all sense an underlying order beneath the chaos but we're looking in the wrong places for its source, IMO.

  9. I think every day we're moving away from our biological roots. Our ancient ancestors were so tuned to their consciousnesses and their surroundings. Something you've of course talked about.

    But there's a possibility we getting a grip in the foothold again.

    Mayan prophets and modern scientists have long predicted a universal telepathy happening. Maybe this is what social networking sites are preparing us for -- the new age of connectivity. Of being connected to ourselves, our art, and whatever is out there in the stars.

    Thank you for teaching us that everyday there's a possibility we receive answers for questions we haven't asked yet and the only way to know is to keep asking, contrary to any degree of frustration.


  10. Did anyone see ABC's awful "Impact" on Sunday? It was more suited to bad Saturday programming on the SciFi channel (although I thought "Equilibrium" shown this weekend was pretty good). But I can't help but think that even bad programming has its purpose. It's like Mr. Spock said: madness may not make sense, but it does have a goal (loosely paraphrased).

  11. Great post--really gets me thinking. The other day I stumbled serendipitiously onto a correlation that was intriguing. Senior President Bush was a freemason. He had a tussle with Iraq and his son goes to war with the country--on the 33rd parallel, which is supposed to be a very important latitude for death according to freemasons. Coincidence? I'm sure it all ties together in some amazing way, it'll just take the right seamstress to see how it seams together. Keep asking questions.

  12. I tend to think we are being conditioned to a one world view- as you can see from the Hollywood sector it is total destruction of the planet ( as well as songs and television don't forget.)
    Although many synch-seekers believe it may be a higher source leading us through the rats maze of confusion. Maybe it is both: control and a very obtuse sense of humor on their part watching us speculate about the methods of their madness. I still love your blog.
    Thanks for listening.

  13. "The pace of technology is now quickening exponentially..."


    May just be a coincidence, but didn't Archaeology mature in tandem with the Industrial Revolution?

    From horse & buggy to the moon in 70 years? From WWI muskets to atomic bombs in what, 20 years?

    From the wikipedia article on the Tower of Babel:

    "Some Kabbalistic mystics provide intriguing and unusual descriptions of the Tower of Babel. According to Menachem Tsioni, an Italian Torah commentator of 15th century, the Tower was a functional flying craft, empowered by some powerful magic or technology [4]; the device was originally intended for holy purposes, but was later misused in order to gain control over the whole world. Isaac of Acre wrote that the Tower builders had reached, or at least planned to reach the distance of 2,360,000,000 parsas or 9-10 billion kilometers above the Earth surface, which is about the radius of the Solar System, including most Trans-Neptunian objects. [5]. Similar accounts are also found in the writing of Jonathan Eybeschutz and the ancient book Brith Menuchah [6], according to which the builders of the Tower planned to equip it with some shield technology ("shielding wings") and powerful weapons. Many Kabbalists believed that the ancient peoples possessed magic knowledge of the Nephilim, which allowed them to construct such powerful devices. Moreover, according to some commentaries, some Talmudic sages possessed a manual for building such a flying tower."

    Perhaps there was more in those tombs and ruins than just bones and gold.

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYcHIRkHAek

    off topic but here is the new 2021 trailer.

  15. Oh, my.

    Chalk another one up for Moon awareness.



  16. "Before that, technology had been essentially static for thousands of years, at least since the Roman Era. The printing press was not the breakthrough it seemed..."

    With all due respect, I would take issue with the accuracy of that statement.

  17. Chris…

    When the “powers that be” attempt to control world events, their efforts often have unforeseen and unintended results. More often than not, the unforeseen results benefit humanity in the long run.

    As an example, there are those who believe that the technological advancements that blossomed out of the 60s era space race benefited humanity by placing computers at the disposal of the proletariat.

    As humanity escapes earth’s gravity well and begins to occupy space, a very possible unintended consequence may be the extra-terrestrial enlightenment of humanity.

    See the following article… http://www.tekgnostics.com/terra6.htm

    “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” – Robert Burns

  18. I've thought for about a year now that Obama plays a role similar to Feyd Rautha in the first Dune novel by Frank Herbert. Rautha was the good looking, charismatic, intelligent man groomed by the evil Baron Harkonnen to "rescue" Arrakis from the violent imbecile Beast Rabban.

    The idea being that the populace would readily accept what Rautha did, as he would be perceived as the savior in contrast to Rabban.

    And as you know, Obama is related by blood to Dick Cheney, aka Baron Harkonnen (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/43/Vladimirharkonnen.jpg)

    I actually think that Rautha/Obama/Tutankhamen/Bo has many good qualities, but he certainly has kept busy throwing political progressives under the bus to make nice with the global elite.

    Given the alternative, I can see why we have Obama because our e.t. progenitors would probably turn the spaceship around and go back home if they discovered McCrazy and Caribou Barbie in the White House saluting to the Sirius banner.

  19. Lucky for the government, an army of cranks came out of the woodwork telling ridiculous stories about anal probes and blonde-haired Aryan queens from Venus.lol!
    technology is not the answer...magick is!

  20. I posted this over at RMN, while pondering the many issues you address here.

    In Response To: Vatican Visits CERN...WHO or WHAT Might the Holy See Be Watching & Waiting For???...CERN & NASA Connection???... (LoneStar)

    Reader, Gary, thinks the NASA Mission may be for the purpose of unlocking a Stargate to Release certain Aliens from their captivity...

    Gary says:

    Michael Tsarion's theories are looking more plausible every day. Destroy the moon (the lock to the stargate portal) change energy into matter (CERN) then JAIL BREAK!! The aliens (that have been under house arrest here on earth) go on to improve other civilizations. Think, why were the cast from Battlestar Galatica invited to speak at the UN?


    Thanks for your Interesting Response, Gary!


    Reader, Gary, has additional Important Comment:

    Gary says:

    Forgot to mention ABC is currently running a 2 part series about the moon falling apart.


    Thanks Again, Gary!


  21. Guys- these are really fascinating comments! I had no idea- I must have touched a nerve out there that the rest of you have been poking at as well. Strange days we're living in...

  22. And not to mention, that in Bad Astronomy, Plait mentions how we only see the "near side" of the moon and the "far side" has only been seen by probes and astronauts in orbit of the moon. Hmmmm, the far side has been inaccurately referred to as the "dark side" of the moon. But think about that...if WE here on Earth cannot see the Far Side from the Earth [i.e. telescopes], does that not mean something, unbeknownst to us, could be going on back there? Who knows, terraformed bases for the PTBs to "escape too" when population plague is released, or of course the ever popular "alien bases". Why such a focus on the moon lately? AND, I had no idea it was falling apart? WTF?? Great comments from your readers!

    Be well!

  23. Michael, Plait works for James Randi.
    Before you lend his work any further credence I suggest you and everyone else read this article.

  24. Will give it a looksee, thanks for the heads up!

    WV = stylen :)

  25. Even Richard Hoagland says the moon will move out of orbit with the earth! STRANGE DAYS INDEED!