Friday, June 05, 2009

"Mr. President, You Look Like King Tut" (UPDATED)

So many strands coming together here- Barackobamun as the avatar of restoration, compared to King Tut by none other than Zahi Hawass himself. This is no surprise to attentive readers of this blog, but it's still quite remarkable to see that CNN is now pushing this meme.

And here again, we see the whole Muslim dodge misdirecting us away from the true story, while the secret hides in plain sight. But the secret itself is so hard to wrap your head around, isn't it? Even now, I have a hard time processing it all.

I can't quite say what this all is leading to. But it definitely won't be boring, I can tell you that.

UPDATE: Here's some information on the Tomb of Qar, where Barackobamun was anointed and raised. Here's Manly P. Hall on the use of the pyramids for initiation ceremonies.

UPDATE II: I hope you guys made note of the timecode on that story.

UPDATE III: Check out the original story in which Obama, Tut and UFOs converged in Phila(e)delphia during a Bruce Springsteen concert for the President. After playing the Inauguration and the Super Bowl, Springsteen's next big gig is headlining Glastonbury, drawing the appropriate Arthurian memes into the mix. Some scholars believe that Arthur was an adaptation of Osiris, who may have also lent his name to the Norse gods as well.

UPDATE IV: Eleleth points out CNN's Tut pasteup job- I'm still partial to my version.


  1. Hey - the low rezolution frame on the frozen video image (above) is totally creepy. The guy in the hat looks like he had huge almond shaped black eyes.

    And gray skin...

  2. slap me! this is teetering on the edge of all the sync looks at this subject you've been blogging on for nearly a year now.

    *sticks fingers in ears, wiggles tongue at mass media *

    Ok enough of that.....they couldn't make this piece more pedestrian either, could they?! Down to the porkie press secretary drowning in his husky gel, & Barky going into the E Pluribus Unum schpeel........the "pedestrian fascism" angle is driving me batty.

  3. Yeah- the E Pluribus bit. Maybe Arthur C Clarke was onto something in The Hammer of God...

  4. Thank for that additional insight Chris

  5. haha ~ unbelievable man. "Look at the Big Ears ~ looks like Me!"

  6. The snapshot in the video looks almost Joker-like.

    And to think, it's not even the Dog Days of Summer yet. Why so Sirius?

    I would say they're hiding in plain sight, but they're not even hiding anymore.

  7. ...which makes you wonder what's in our near future, doesn't it?

  8. Pyramids and the Sphinx, how much more incredible will this overtly, yet covertly, get?

    Literally, something earthshaking is on the horizon before November, and maybe as soon as around the 4th of July.

    Stay tuned.

  9. Last year I told my family and some of my friends to not be surprised if there is some kind of alien disclosure in 2009. I am not given to saying things like that to those not naturally inclined. Of course I owe that insight to you, and others.

    But now I'm feeling like it may not necessarily be an alien disclosure, as in revelations of saucers and humanoids, but more of like a deification of a few. I'm feeling that chosen few could involve some usual suspects, and some surprises.

    Ever since POTUS's speech in Cairo I've felt a very strange energy running around in the collective consciousness...different then I've ever felt.

    Or, maybe it's all the beans and veggies i've been eating lately.


  10. Ahahaha! This whole video is a trip, but the CNN-approved Photoshop of Obamun seals the deal. We're officially now living in some sort of bizarre dreamscape of the unconscious.

  11. did ya hear the bit with Zahi Hawass mention too Barak about Alien Technology?(I forget the exact dialogue though).It was in one of the many clips played on CNN the last 2 days, it came a few moments after looking at the Barak look-a-like hieroglyph.

    i also had a dream yesterday before i woke up in which the last thing i saw was a hieroglyph of a monkey and before decoding/understanding it i woke up, needless to say i had the joy of seeing the monkey eared/obama look alike a hour after waking up giving a conclusion to my prior confusion.

    Obama was brought in to be the "link" between the white mans world and the rest of the world aka new age vs old age.I think i would have been more shocked if any comparisons werent brought into the spotlight this week then having the connections that were made.

  12. and also the news yesterday was spelling the Tomb which Barak visited as "Kar"-Ba"RAK", even thought its actually spelled Qar the K and Q are pronounced the same.

    Barak (Hebrew: בָּרָק‎, "Lightning; Shine"), Al-Burāq (Arabic: البُراق‎ al-Burāq "lightning")

  13. He looked right at home in those old pyramids.

  14. "We're officially now living in some sort of bizarre dreamscape of the unconscious."

  15. Initiation into mass psychosis? This kind of thing seems to be what happened before other micro-cultural cataclysms, only now its happening globally... but I get a feeling everyone here already knows that and I'm way behind the 8 ball!

    Meh, weird as... anyway, after reading this my neighbors were cranking a rap song that said "yellow brick road" so I looked up the lyrics, and found:

    "It's not the Yellow Brick Road, it's called the Foothill Strip
    Stand on your toes, make your heels go click
    Three times, it's no place like home
    So why you wanna bury me all alone
    I bring a new meaning to underground rap
    Dead or Alive, I'm still Born to Mack
    Always on the pop charts, straight rapping
    I'm not dead, I'm just macking

    So as the word turns, I'm a living soul
    I even heard a rumor that I overdosed
    I'm not a reincarnation of something old
    Like King Tut I was buried in gold

    Funny... I never heard of that rapper before, but underground hip hop has some extremely interesting synch themes lately for me... most notably Edan's "Beauty & The Beat" and Mr. Lif's "Sleepyheads II", also a few interesting things in "Pigeon John and the Summertime Pool Party".

    I've been avoiding reading blogs on synchromysticism since I first started notcing it because I wanted to be sure I wasn't purely just being influenced by other's ideas, but that also has the negative effect that I have been re-inventing the wheel to some extent, because I keep reading exactly the conclusions I have been slowly and tortuously arriving at in the more insightful blogs like yours.

    Thanks for confirming that I'm not crazy, we all are!

  16. I mean that I may have been wasting my time trying to figure out ABC by myself, while many people have already worked a lot harder on the same subjects, and already gotten to XYZ long ago, so I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort and benefit from their work and look ahead.

    Although I must say its an interesting process to participate in, although I also sometimes find it quite exhausting... do others feel like this, like it just takes something out of you and you just want to watch a movie or something WITHOUT seeing any synchs whatsoever, like we used to back in the eighties and nineties?!

  17. Remember when Hawass wanted to cap the Great Pyramid for a new millennium ceremony that was to be held 12-31-99? The idea was ultimately canned. Maybe it was too soon?

    Maybe. Tantalizing tidbit from Robert Bauval: "Capping pyramids with gold and timing important events to the setting and rising sun [son??] are very much part of the ancient Egyptian pharaonic tradition." (my emphasis)

  18. Obama is God!!

  19. Chris, Have you ever read or heard of "The Secret Teachings: Unveiling the Luminous Sun Within" by Gene Kieffer? It syncs right in with your line of study and very much with the GnosticMedia video.

  20. When I first watched the Obama speech from Egypt, I noticed immediately that they purposefully made him up for the cameras and the crowds to look decidedly "ancient" Egyptian. It's up to interpretation why they would do this, but I am fully convinced that they did. Just watch the speech and pay attention, you'll see it.