Thursday, June 04, 2009

"Mr. President, You Look Like King Tut"

So many strands coming together here- Barackobamun as the avatar of restoration, compared to King Tut by none other than Zahi Hawass himself. This is no surprise to attentive readers of this blog, but it's still quite remarkable to see that CNN is now pushing this meme.

  And here again, we see the whole Muslim dodge misdirecting us away from the true story, while the secret hides in plain sight. But the secret itself is so hard to wrap your head around, isn't it? Even now, I have a hard time processing it all. 

 I can't quite say what this all is leading to. But it definitely won't be boring, I can tell you that. 

 UPDATE: Here's some information on the Tomb of Qar, where Barackobamun was anointed and raised. Here's Manly P. Hall on the use of the pyramids for initiation ceremonies. 

 UPDATE II: I hope you guys made note of the timecode on that story. 

 UPDATE III: Check out the original story in which Obama, Tut and UFOs converged in Phila(e)delphia during a Bruce Springsteen concert for the President. After playing the Inauguration and the Super Bowl, Springsteen's next big gig is headlining Glastonbury, drawing the appropriate Arthurian memes into the mix. Some scholars believe that Arthur was an adaptation of Osiris, who may have also lent his name to the Norse gods as well.

UPDATE IV: Eleleth points out CNN's Tut pasteup job- I'm still partial to my version.