Thursday, July 02, 2009

Astronaut Theology: Pets (UPDATED 7/3 - 1017 UST)

When you start to look for evidence of a subliminal alien agenda at work in the media, you begin to find it in the most unlikely places.

Last year we looked at this extreme strangeness, where a "UFO" landed at the closing ceremonies of the 1984 Olympics. I'm not exactly sure what the point of it all was, and I'm not sure a lot of the visiting athletes- many of whom come from extremely conservative traditional societies- appreciated it either.

So that was the in-your-face symbolism. Most people laughed it off and chalked it up to the Hollywood angle, probably not thinking that the announcer framed the ceremony in magical terms, immediately calling to mind a mass-scale version of the Amalantrah Working for those well-versed in their occult history.

But for my money, the closing ceremony from Sydney is a lot more disturbing, and even more tinged with some of the deep, hidden esoteric symbolism we've been trying to decipher around these parts.

The exoteric presentation is your typical Olympic pomp- you have the usual militarism and one-worldism on full display - not to mention the obelisk and the Eternal Flame - all presided over by the precocious little Aryan girl singing "We'll Be One," which offers up praises to unity and submission. Leni Reifenstahl must have been gnashing her dentures with envy. I'm not sure if little Nikki wrote the lyrics herself or if they're simply translated from the original German, but the syntax throughout is very strange:

When nations join to be a better world, So let's reach up to the stars, Together we'll get hope and joy, To walk the world

Reach up to the stars for what? The only reason I ask is that that gigantic Olympic torch looks a little more like a prop from the '84 Olympics in some of the angles, where Nikki sings her heart-warming paean to the dissolution of borders and national sovereignty. Check it out around the three-minute mark. And the whole bit where Nikki is raised into the air reminds me a lot of the Mithraic liturgy, if not something a bit more sinister. Make sure you make it to the end- there's an interesting little surprise waiting.

And call me crazy if you like, but the entire display can't help but remind me of this old Alt-Rock classic...

...particularly in light of all the color guard routines and the athleticism and such. Watch both videos together and see if they don't start to blend together in your imagination. They certainly do in mine.

Nikki sings to the Atlantean ruins

Nikki made a go of it as a pop star in the wake of the Olympics, and made a few interesting videos. One of which has an explicit alien/UFO angle, one is set to clips from Disney's Jungle Book, and yet another not only features an explicit Atlantis subplot, but also has her snuggling with a suspiciously Lovecraftian cephalopod.

After a break from recording that saw her star in an Australian production of The Wizard of Oz, she's back and all grown up and looking and sounding suspiciously like Britney Spears in her brand new single, "Devilicious." Quite a comedown from her Olympic days.

UPDATE: Yikes! Lunatrope points us to this wackiness - Christine Anu (ANU!) performing in front of an obelisk that transforms into a solar phallus. Wow.

UPDATE 7/3: Holy crap! Thrace points out that just before the three minute mark a piano chimes in with the five-tone alien signal from Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Listen closely starting around 2:45 or so. Not having been to Australia, I can't say I understand the connection with aliens and Oz...oh, wait. Never mind.

Remember that the Olympics were originally created to honor (and to make sacrifices to) the gods of Greece, so why should we surprised if today they still pay tribute to strange, superior creatures in the sky? Mr. Panda notes in the comments that "Maybe they're like an audition for joining the galactic order. "Look how advanced we are space people."

Which is another way of saying, "we'll make great pets."

And didn't anyone note the weird flyover at the end of the "We'll Be One" video?

UPDATE 1o17 UST: Let's not forget that Sydney hosted another bizarre spectacle on New Year's Eve as well.

UPDATE 1945 UST: More of the same, this time from Beijing.


  1. To give another perspective on AT, Mount Kailash in Tibet is known as the Grand Central station of interdimensional and interworld transit in both Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.
    Just caught a video of a 2007 group pilgramage there by American hindu devotees on youtube, and couldn't help noting this quote by the leader -

    "This is a place where there's a constant traffic of beings and energy forms which are not of this earth...not in this volume and this variety.. since yesterday evening, what I am seeing here, I'm willing to believe any damn fib that anybody says because this is bigger than the tallest stories that I've heard..."

    Interesting eh? But shhhh, don't tell Hollywood or the next Transformers movie will be set there.

  2. I love it that she's standing on a glass pentagon and being raised up to a giant solar symbol.

    Who can doubt any more that something very strange is going on in the world.

  3. Wow-
    Yeah, I noticed the Pentagon too. There's some deep stuff going on here. Nice catch. But I wonder what all this is supposed to LEAD to? Wonder what the End Game is, for all this is. I don't think this is always well spelled out. Or maybe I just need to learn what to look for!

  4. First, the underside of the Olympic torch looked like a space ship to me. At the end of the video, it looks like Nikki, the young virgin, is being sacrificed in fire/pyre. The choir of children looked really creepy. Enough already!!

  5. Also during Sydney 2000, here's "My Island Home" with a mermaid-dressed chick in front of a Greek Column set in the Statue of Liberty's basestand. Nope, nothing symbolic going on there.

  6. These kiddies preforming for who knows who, are very disturbing to me. Cookie cutter trash, Britney Spears cash, is de-humanizing. Their handelers should be horse wipped. That is not music, it is pre cut trash.

  7. that's a scary thought actually. pets. you talked about how scotty weiland felt like a rock and roll pet as well. here's my thing, art is not a one way street. it takes an interaction, a sharing. well good, resonating "art" does. I'm using the word art to involve a wide range of things there. take kubrick for example, he was into film and the making of it. not the selling of it. much like this website, he wanted you to take away more questions than answers. so the idea of the pet/slave is troublesome on many levels. ok g'night, great bloggings as usual Sir.

  8. That first video was down right strange as all hell, wow just wow.

    Seemingly unrelated i was wondering about your title and then watched the Porno for Pyros video "Pets" you posted, BTW I love his voice man, very cool. if you ever get a chance to hear a long interview with Perry Farrell, i suggest you listen to it. That guy is insanely relaxed and cool to me and says some really off the wall quotable shit from time to time.

    Well the sync for me was, one of my "pets" died today. My cat and I had posted about it over at my blog, strange again to say the least.


  9. The song that plays while the UFO is landing in the first video (at around 5:00 in) is the ending of Igor Stravinsky's Firebird suite. Looks like they opened a stargate when they turned on their blue flashlights at the beginning... Is it just me or is the alien that steps out extremely Reptilian looking?

    Interesting Isis symbolism with the girl in the second video. Virgin sacrificed in fire? I would be pretty scared if I was lifted that high on a small platform. Seems really creepy and irresponsible to do that to a little girl.

    Lots of Sirius stargate ritual symbolism, that's for sure...

  10. Chris-
    in the Anu video, listen carefully to the song when she's NOT singing, but is merely standing there, making motions with her hands and arms. Lodged inside the music, you can hear the 5 notes made famous in " Close Encounters of a Third Kind". La la la, la la....
    In fact the melody forms the musical basis of the song.
    ( really prominent at 2:49) in vid.

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  12. I'm finding it weird that out of all the blogs I check out regularly, you were the one with the least to say about Michael Jackson!

    Surely he's one of the most 'synchromystic' sci-fi/horror pop culture 'things' ever? There's all kinds of weird associations around him, well-known and not-so-well-known. His movies alone (The Wiz, Captain Eo, Moonwalker) are so riddled with mystic/futurist weirdness.

  13. Do you know that your link is using the truncated version of Crowley's Lam portrait?

    The full image doesn't exactly mesh with the "gray alien" hypothesis very well, as pointed out by Alan Chapman here.

    As the chap who runs Cabinet of Curiosities has pointed out, the Crowley/gray alien hypothesis doesn't account for the the reported existence of these odd creatures long before Crowley exited Mom's birth canal.

    Patrick Harpur would probably say that most, if not all, of these outbursts of "magick" in our rationalist world are just examples of the banished daimons subverting our materialist culture from within.
    The daimons having become demonic primarily because our rationalism denies their existence, and that seems to generally piss them off.

    I'd say the Olympic videos show, if nothing else, that not much has changed since Shakespeare's day.

    "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
    To the last syllable of recorded time,
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
    Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing."

  14. That olympics ceremony looks like an offering to alien overlords, it all looks like a deliberate attempt to attract the attention of ufo's,ie- the use of lights, the sacrificial metaphors and symbolism. It's like a huge neon earthling cake, filled with the most nutricious, physically advanced members of our species (the athletes) and topped with some sickeningly earnest and virtuous, mewling youngsters. Its knid of funny how little these ceremonies have to do with the actual sporting nature of the olympics. Maybe they're like an audition for joining the galactic order. "Look how advanced we are space people."

    Its interesting that the next olympics will be held in London, what with the u.k being u.f.o's r us at the moment. Also, there's already been a Doctor Who alien/olympics episode.

  15. You know, I think of myself as a fairly rationale and sane person. If you would have told me about all of this zaniness two years ago I would have suggested that you get yourself to a capable psychiatrist without delay. But now.... I mean how can you deny that there are people in the world... people with a lot of power and money... who are extremely interested in some really weird stuff. What does it all mean?

  16. in the Anu video, notice that she's surrounded by umbrellas or parasols which means "for the sun"

    word veri- cable=cabal?

  17. Sorry, don't mean to be a nattering nay-bob of negativity, but the alien/Olympics bit is sticking to me like molasses. Since this was the '84 Olympics, doesn't it infer that the planning for this over-priced light show probably started around the time that Spielberg's Close Encounters was all the rage in filmland?
    Not that I'm insinuating that it looks like an overblown Spielberg rip-off...

    I doubt that ET needed a 100,000 flashlights to see us when we had previously sent our ET neighbors quite a few megatons worth of nuclear TNT beacons to notice.

    On a more positive note, your secret sun meme seems have infected me.

    I logged off earlier and picked up The Black Mirror & other stories, Franz Rottensteiner's anthology of early German science fiction.
    The bit that I read dealt with German dime novels, known as "filth and trash" to the more staid members of German society.
    More specifically, a series written by Paul A. Muller entitled Sun Koh, Heir of Atlantis, that eventually ends with the rising of Atlantis.

    Muller also wrote another dime novel entitled The Blue Sphere. This novel's storyline involves an alien spaceship that's found in the Andes. Some folk believe that this German pulp novel from 1938 was a big influence on Erich von Daniken and his ideas of God-like aliens from space.

    Of course, the Incas found those same high mountains the ideal place to contact God, and leave Him little sacrificial meat offerings as personified in The Prince of El Plomo.

    The early Hebrews seemed to have a thing for human sacrifice and high mountains also.

    Which brings us back to the 7+ foot god-like Olympic alien and his "Gee, ain't humanity great" Olympics marketing endorsement.

    Hmmm...come to think of it, if one believes Hopkins and crew, it appears that the rise of rationalism has forced those god-like ETs to come and forcefully take their little meat offerings.

    Is that what's known as "progress."

  18. Astronut- That looks very cool- shame they didn't film any of them! Very good grist for the mill nonetheless, cheers.

    Anony 540- Yeah, there're all sorts of weird symbols in those vids. If I were her father I'd be having angina with all the wind in that stadium.

    Thrace- Lead to? I don't know. There are cave paintings with UFOs in them. Maybe this is just the way it is. Maybe there is no endgame, just the game.

    Oyin- Bingo. And the sacrifice angle plays right into AAT, especially when you take the abduction phemomena and work of people like Freer. What if there were this ongoing accelerated evolution project going on- when the most promising mutations sprung up wouldn't the engineers take them for study? And since we have all of this horrible chimp DNA still infesting our genome like a cancer, when the engineers stopped returning and giving us goodies we naturally revert to ritualistic murder (like what chimps practice) in order to entice the "gods" back. Maybe Nikki's "sacrifice" is a signal that we finally understood what all that was really about. Especially since these big Olympic shows are clearly designed to be seen from high altitudes.

    Or not. Just a theory...

    Lunatrope- You're up! Star of the day for you.

    Dennis- No doubt. I hate all that pedo-pop shit with a passion.

    Michael- Maybe Kubrick knew something. He was working on 2001 for almost 5 years. Maybe he was working on something else at the same time...

    C- Man, I'm sorry about that. As a big time cat lover I know how hard that is. My sympathies.

    Tommy- Yes and Yes and Yes. See above for further elucidation.

    Thrace- You get catch of the month! Awesome work!!!

    Jishnu- I'll check it out- thanks for the heads up.

    Anony 653- If you can read about MJ on other blogs, there's not much point in me writing about it. It's all too creepy and sad for me. He was an awesome talent, but a broken man.

    JAD- Interesting- thanks for the LAM link.

    Mr Panda- Another thing are how controlled these athletes are. I heard one former Olympic athlete complain that she and others were "raised like veal." I knew really good athletes in school and their lives seemed intolerable to me. And nine times out of ten it was their parents forcing them into that life, which doesn't prepare them for much else once their bodies leave their prime.

    So very apt metaphor.

    Anony 1121- Welcome to my world! What does it mean? Well, I'm hoping we can figure all of that out together.

    Z- Yeah- the umbrellas. That's a gimme, particularly when they form the rays of the Sun.

    JAD- No, these are good points. CE3K was 1977, a full 7 years before the Olympics so it wouldn't make much sense at all. And the "alien" didn't much look cute like ET (or the CE3K aliens, certainly), so I doubt there was a tie-in there. I don't know of any big UFO flicks that summer, which is what they'd want to tie into. So to answer your question, I can't see any real zeitgeist tie-in there. Spielberg's big flicks were Gremlins and Temple of Doom (with Lucas) and the Star Trek and Dune movies don't jibe either, being futuristic space operas and not UFO films per se.

    As to the AAT scifi, Muller was probably tapping into Fort, who first popularized an explicit form of AAT twenty years earlier. In addition, we also had Alice Bailey and that ilk reinterpreting Blavatsky's Secret Chiefs as aliens in the early 20th Century as well. The Blue Sphere may well have influenced Kneale, though. Lachman makes a pretty convincing argument that Von Daniken was influenced by Morning of the Magicians.

    So what we're left with vis a vis the 84 Olympics- never mind the 2000 Olympics- is "what the f**k...?"

  19. "WTF" indeed, Chris... Man, hearing Porno for Pyros reminds me of woodstock '94 (not that I was there or anything, I was 6 years old at the time, it's just nostalgic).

    I did notice the light flying over at the end of the video of the girl singing. Strange (actually, fits right in, with everything else)... I sometimes wonder how more people don't notice the symbolism of these events. It was obvious in the first video (1984 olympics) that people in the audience felt like a bunch of guinea pigs, there was a sense of discomfort among the commentators as well. One of them said "the spaceship is powered by jet fuel", but it sure didn't look like it...

    There was a great video on the fascist Olympics a while ago on Red Ice. Makes the alien's comment about the "olympic ideal" seem that much more ominous.

  20. My google account is refusing me access so this anon-y-mous post is from just another dick.

    Ah, but Chris, CE3K was released as a director's cut in 1980.

    Also, LA was selected as the host city in 1978. I'm sure that's about when they started planning their presentation.

    By the way, the outer space/occult connection has a long pedigree.
    Johannes Kepler's novel Somnium, in which a man is sent to the moon with the assistance of his mother who happens to be witch is one example. Kepler's mother was actually tried, but not convicted, for witchcraft.

    On the subject of human sacrifice to the Gods, you should check out Hyam Maccoby's The Sacred Executioner along with Patrick Tierney's The Highest Altar.
    They might help you on your quest.

  21. To each his own Chris. Truth be told, I could direct you to guy on the internet who insists that Spielberg's output is completely directed by the CIA. But, then again, he also believes the CIA arranges the order of magazines in grocery checkout lanes in order to subliminally distract folk from potentially embarrassing news stories that will appear that month.

    Like I said, to each his own.
    From what I've seen of Olympic pomp and circumstance, it all looks like good money thrown away on banality and cow flop.

    I'm curious if, as a comics fan, you're aware of Alan Moore's foray into Magick?

    Moore's idea of Magick, which, in essence, overloads one with meaning or coincidence or synchronicity, isn't much different than your blog.

    Moore also cautions that one shouldn't ascribe too much material reality to any of it. He describes himself, in much the same way as Robert Anton Wilson describes himself, as being a model-agnostic.

    He illustrates the danger of "belief" by detailing how a friend of his decided, on a lark, that the British children's character Noddy was really God. He quickly abandoned this "belief system" when he started finding all manner of information that was reinforcing his lark idea of Noddy as God.

    Moore happens to worship an entirely fictitious Roman Snake God named Glycon.

    As you know, serpents, both fictional and "real," play a part in almost every religion in the world.

    Jeremy Narby, in his book The Cosmic Serpent, postulates that these serpent motifs are, in actuality, examples of DNA talking to us.

    In conclusion,(really, I'm done beating your ear, or your eye I guess) I'll leave you some Alan Moore:

    "I think that what we’re heading for is a kind of reintegration. Kabbalistically speaking, the gods of magic and language are the gods of science. Mercury is the science god; he’s also the magic god. I sometimes wonder if perhaps there’s never been as much of a dichotomy between these things as we imagine that there is. I mean, of course more than two or three hundred years ago, any scientist was a magician. Newton was an alchemist. Because alchemy was a respectable science back then.

    It starts to look as if, yeah, science is the offspring of magic, but science has kind of grown up, and being a rather snotty, ungrateful child, it’s now embarrassed by its parent, because Magic just sits there in the corner drawing shapes in the air, muttering incantations and dribbling into his beard. I think that Science, if it could, would like to have Magic placed in a mental home somewhere, or a retirement home, where it wouldn’t be so much of an embarrassment. Now, as is often the case with children who rebel against their parents, the older you get the more you find yourself turning into your parent…

    I believe that, to some degree, magic and consciousness are intimately connected. Having had these experiences with magic– or things that I believe to have been experiences –the best model that I can come up with for consciousness is consciousness as a form of space. There was a quote from the British Journal of Consciousness Studies, which seemed to be taking up a similar idea: they were talking about something called qualla space, but it seemed that they were talking about something broadly. They were saying that this qualla space was a space in which mental events could be said to happen–which is pretty much what I mean by “idea space.”"

  22. Again, I doubt the CE3K promotional idea very much. It makes no sense, especially since VCRs weren't universal then and movies tended to fade in people's memories. In addition why wouldn't they use the music or the ships or the aliens from the films if they were trying to tie into that? (then again, why use the music in a song about Australia in 2000!)

    None of it makes a drop of sense in the context of the Olympics at all, especially when you factor in the 2000 videos (which I recommend that you watch), which have no connection to LA, Spielberg of any of it and yet still use the CE3K five-tone signal (which ties into the idea of reality being woven into scifi as a kind of inoculation). But what's the tie-in there- celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the film?

    But your theory is as good as mine because I don't know if I have one, other that some weird ritual being performed. Or maybe CE3K was part of the ritual too. Certainly Kubrick and Clarke admitted repeatedly that 2001 was a big-budget religious movie, for what religion I have no idea.

    But there is a more interesting connection with the LA games to consider and that's that 2010 was released in late 1984, which also used the Strauss theme. But again, there's no obvious connection there either. But we have a pretty interesting body of these kinds of displays now (Dubai, most certainly) to start to construct theories on what these people might have on their minds.

    Whatever the case, you can rely on your basic psychology- people do big things expecting big rewards. Most people- particularly powerful people- are not motivated by a bunch of abstract flibbledy floo- they're motivated by reward and punishment. If they're trying to get some unknown entities' attention, they are doing so in hopes of a tangible reward.

  23. Moore is a genius- I've been reading his stuff for a quarter century. But he's not one of these characters, who spend millions of dollars putting on these weird symbolic rituals for unknown audiences. Maybe Moore is agnostic because he doesn't have access to all of the facts. Maybe that's the difference here.

    Keep watching- I'm sure tomorrow will be a big day too.

  24. Think 2012, surely it is to the future that we should be looking ?


  25. Sorry Chris, the Olypics London 2012:


  26. Well Chris, not to be pedantically obsessive, but why do they spend millions upon millions making films like Transformers, which is the intellectual equivalent of eating a huge box of Ho-Hos?

    Why do people turn out in droves for something they will most likely forget 2 minutes after exiting the theater?

    I could probably summarize the new one for ya:

    Big robots make many BOOM-BOOMs and come perilously close to destruction before puny fragile little human saves day with bravery and pithy one-liners.

    Its like science-fiction for the brain-damaged. But since America has an estimated 89 to 94 million functional illiterates wandering around with money to blow, I don't expect the depth of Hollywood's output to increase any time soon.

    Western culture seems obsessed with super-sizing. We do it with our meals, our corporations, our lifestyles, our films, and, since the introduction of Extendz into late night infomercial land, even our penis's get the super-sizing treatment.

    Why should our secular rituals be any different? Also, the occult has always slithered its way through mass consciousness. That's Harpur's point, that the daimonic shadow can never be eliminated, only banished for a bit. It was Jung's point also.

    I would be a bit more concerned if, instead of interpreting occult symbols displayed by 'the PTB," someone actually highlighted some real world effect of the ritual.

    Maybe such a huge ET spectacle had no other point than to distract folk from the hollowness of the message. After all, Mr. ET talks about how we humans honor the best the world has to offer, while 14 Easten Bloc countries, along with Iran & Libya, were boycotting the games. '84 was practically the height of Reagan's over-inflated anti-Russian rhetoric, when the Gip was using his "evil empire" claptrap to line the pockets of defense contractors while inching us perilously close to nuclear Armageddon.

    America has always been obsessed with preserving its "good guy" image even at the cost of annihilating the entire world.

    Truthfully, the only Olympic ceremony I ever sat through was the most recent, in China, where circumstance gave me little choice but to watch. While I'm sure one could find much of an occult nature in the ceremony, I was only struck by how utterly boring and overblown the whole affair was. & when they trotted out a deballed Jimmy Page to perform like an air guitar playing circus monkey, I found myself hoping for a good power failure.

    Also, as far as Moore's agnosticism goes, I'd say that he's agnostic because he knows that facts are slippery & elusive little bastards that are as hard to pin down as quantum particles.

    More Moore:
    "Truth is a well-known pathological liar. It invariably turns out to be Fiction wearing a fancy frock. Self-proclaimed Fiction, on the other hand, is entirely honest. You can tell this, because it comes right out and says, "I'm a Liar," right there on the dust jacket."


  27. I like that line "I think that Science, if it could, would like to have Magic placed in a mental home somewhere, or a retirement home, where it wouldn’t be so much of an embarrassment."

    It's quite scary that when you express yourself to someone who is not an intellectual (99% of the population). Shit half the time I can't even talk to my own wife about anything, cause I can see it in her eyes "she really thinks I am nuts, lol". What a cruel fucking world we live in. I think this is why most of the time I am a pessimist.

  28. cool link newspaceman, cheers

  29. The girl singing is synbolically not other than Isis abd her pillar...

    The pentagon is abviously the five pointed image of her star: Sirius...

    And about more Isidian magic in action:

    President Obama today friday (day of Venus in ancient Rome) joins family in Camp David, MARYland to celebrate Malia´s Obama birthday. She is eleven tomorrow 4th of July...

  30. I think that what appear at first to be nothing more than over blown pyrotechnic shows (Olympic closing ceremony etc) are actually-- on another level-- rituals for the PTB.

    I agree with Chris-- the people that put up the money for these events are totally reward based-- that's why they're in charge. They're doing these things because they believe in them. Literally. They understand that 'magic' (for lack of a b3tter word) works. They don't put up millions of dollars just for quaint traditions. They understand the ideas discussed in Culianu's Eros & Magic in the Renaissance.

  31. Anonymous 4:24, you may be right, but I'd need to see some examples of these overblown rituals actually accomplishing something.

    The "PTB," as you call them, do real world things that have huge consequences that no one pays the least bit of attention to because they're staring at crap like Transformers.

    For example, at the end of WW2, the US decided that Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyons, would be a good intelligence asset. They scrubbed his record clean & admitted him to the US.

    In 1951, when the US decided Barbie was no longer useful, US Army Intelligence, with the assistance of a Roman Catholic priest, helped Barbie escape to Argentina. There he eventually helped found a group of ultra right wing thugs known as The Fiances of Death.
    To say they made torture a high art would be an understatement.

    In Ron Siegel's book, Fire In The Brain, he deals with one man who suffered extreme post traumatic stress induced hallucinations because of his treatment under the Fiances.

    The man was in Argentina to broker a cocaine deal an was snatched off the street and interrogated by Barbie's pals.

    He was strapped face down & naked on a table. An older man with silver hair then leaned over, softly laughed, & asked the coke dealer if he liked sardines.

    The silver haired gent then took a scalpel and made a sizable, 3 sided square incision into the man's ass. He then took forceps, clipped them to the top flap, and then slowly peeled back the huge skin flap like he was opening a can of sardines.
    While he did this he asked the man a series of questions.
    This was repeated one more time on the man's other cheek before they were satisfied that he was truthful and he was released.

    These are the kind of people we loved & supported for years with our good old fashioned tax dollars.

    Before the ink was dry on the Nuremberg guidelines for human medical experimentation the US had fed radioactive iron to 18 pregnant woman to test the effects of radioactivity on fetal development.
    They followed this up by feeding radioactive calcium to school kids, telling their parents that they're children would be receiving a "special breakfast" for awhile.
    They fed LSD to 7,000 US servicemen without their consent, with over 1,000 developing lifelong mental problems as a result.
    They intentionally detonated nukes in the atmosphere for no other reason than to test the dispersal pattern of fallout. All without consent, thereby violating the very rules we formulated, & committing the same crimes that we hung people for at Nuremberg.

    This is barely scratching the surface of the bloody price tag on all those Big Macs we eat and all that freedom we waste on TV & Hollywood blockbusters & reality TV shows, etc.

    Somehow badly executed dances around pyramids & cheesy UFO light shows don't seem all that scary.


  32. JAD-- you're preaching to the choir partner. And I don't think the rituals and the torture are mutually exclusive... on the contrary, I think it's all part of the same show-- just like the Nuremberg Rallies were directly connected to Auschwitz. Triumph of the Will was one hell of a light show.

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