Thursday, June 25, 2009

John Cusack, Superstar: 2012 and the Age of Horus (CONCLUDED 6/26)

Well, the full trailer for 2012 is here. And as to be expected from a Roland Emmerich film, it's chock-full of mass destruction and genocide. The guy certainly has a knack for it, doesn't he?

Apocalyptic film seems to have an added appeal during times of malaise like this one- it's the ultimate fantasy of the global reset button. Of course, no one watching pictures themselves amongst the piles of dead the dogs are picking at, they see the blood and fire through the eyes of the stars (John Cusack in this case, re-teamed with Martian Child co-star Amanda Peet) reaching that brand new day on the other side of it- the "Morning After" Maureen McGovern warbled about all those years ago.

So, what is this 2012 thing all about? I never heard about it until Jose Arguelles and the Harmonic Convergence hit the news. My gut tells me it's going to come and go just like Y2K, even if it was prophesied as the date of the final invasion in the X-Files mythos (which Peet is part of herself now, being the Mythos' latest Nephthys stand-in). But my gut's been wrong plenty of times before and certainly weirdness is on the march as never before.

Maybe December 21, 2012 will be the dawning of the Age of Horus, popularized by Aleister Crowley in The Book of the Law. After all, that new age doesn't necessarily need to coincide with the Age of Aquarius, which no one can seem to decide the start of. And these times certainly feel more Crowleyean than Aquarian, don't they?

Maybe the presence of John Cusack is the giveaway here.
Because for reasons as yet unknown to me, Cusack has played characters bearing startling symbolic similarities to Horus and/or Osiris in more than a few films.

The man's career has been a rich and full one, mining that inborn Irish charm for fun and profit. And then there are the symbols, most importantly the ones we looked all those months ago in the context of Pushing Tin, which also featured Ka-Hathor-Ein/Eloah-Isis Blanchett, Billy Bob (Crown of) Thornton, and Angelina Jolie, the Megan Fox of the 90s.

The opening credits featured this stunning image, with Ali/A Li floating enigmatically over the bisected twin towers. A lot of wags commented that 9/11 was like a Roland Emmerich film come to life, so the symmetry is quite compelling here. But we only scratched the surface all those months ago, so in our next installment, we'll go back and pick out a few more compelling details that might illuminate Cusack's overall symbolic role in this collective fever dream that is manifesting in our culture...


Horus was originally known as "Lord of the Sky"

To recap: John Cusack and his Martian Child co-star Amanda Peet are the leads in Roland Emmerich's latest genocide-fest, 2012. The date most famously comes to us from the Mayan calendar, which is especially fascinating to Graham Hancock as well as people involved in AAT research.

Horus decapitated Isis during his battles with Set

I've been watching John Cusack's career for at least 10 years, ever since seeing Pushing Tin, which at plays like a note-for-note allegory of the old Osiris-Horus myths. Let me just say that not knowing the writers or producers of this film, I can't speak to their motivations. But let me also say this: I find it almost impossible to believe that the symbolism in Pushing Tin is not intentional. On someone's part, at least. Knowing what we know about Hollywood, the person credited for a screenplay is not always the true author of the final product.

What exactly the meaning of it all is a matter of pure speculation. Well, maybe not quite so pure- the evidence is certainly building up around these parts, it's just that it's leading in some pretty strange directions.

OK, we've looked at some of the interesting Osiris symbolism in Pushing Tin, so let's backtrack and look at the mythic narrative parallels. Anyone familiar with the film and the myth will be stunned to discover how closely the two hit the same exact plot points:

OK, Nick Falzone (Cusack) is in a rivalry with Russell Bell (Billy Bob Thornton). Nick meets Bell's sexpot wife Mary (Angelina Jolie) at a family cookout and then runs into her while she is weeping at a supermarket.

Here we see what Mary is shopping for- vodka and lettuce. Alcohol was identified with Isis, Hathor and Nephthys in Ancient Egypt. But for our purposes here we should remember that Isis was "the Lady of Beer," since Nephthys dressed as Isis to seduce Osiris (himself also identified with alcohol). The lettuce must be for Russell, since it was the favorite food of Set.

Interesting statement here - a double entendre? From the grocery store, Nick and Mary set out to a very festive Italian restaurant, which parallels the drunken party where Nephthys and Osiris hooked up.

There, Mary and Nick get drunk together and the viewer gets an eyeful of the elemental eroticism that made Angelina Jolie a superstar. As she suggestively plies her full, wet lips with her forefinger, Mary tells Nick that she grows plants. Here is our smoking gun. From Plutarch:
“Whenever, then, the Nile overflows and with abounding waters spreads far away to those who dwell in the outermost regions, they call this the union of Osiris with Nephthys, which is proved by the upspringing of the plants.”

Nick's little death amongst the stars

So right on cue, Nick then follows Mary home where she invites him in for a little "union." Nick's shirt is another interesting detail here.

The dying-rising Osiris amongst the stars

Remember that Osiris is a space-dwelling god, and damn, if that shirt doesn't look like a starry night sky. Remember, the sky belongs to Nick- he tells us so in as many words.

The hits just keep coming- Nick returns from his tryst with Mary and Connie his wife Connie (Cate Blanchett) holds up her drawing of JFK. Killing of the Divine King, anyone? It's Osiris' tryst with Nephthys that brings about his assassination, and here we see recent history's most famous slain king.

How about that?

In the mythology, Set tricks Osiris by inviting him to a dinner party. And sure enough we see the Bells and the Falzones return to the restaurant where Nick and Mary hooked up. Russell dazzles the crowd with "Muskrat Love" (of all songs) and even Mary is seduced by his inexplicable charms.

Here's the very next scene: Nick meets Mary on the banks of the Hudson, where she tells Nick she confessed to Russell about their tryst. The river is self-explanatory, but the rain reminds us that Osiris was identified with all forms of moving water.

Inside the car, Nick refers to being murdered by Russell adding a cryptic reference to eyes. This could either refer to Russell's riveting stare or to the fact that Set had a thing for plucking out eyeballs....

Soonafter there is a death in the family. Now, is this the funeral of Connie's father or of her husband? Nick also inexplicably changes his hairstyle just at the point in the symbolic narrative where he transforms from Osiris to Horus. His struggles with Russell now erupt into open warfare.

Like in this scene, where Nick and Russell wrestle for dominance while ATC is emptied during a bomb scare. Note they are wrestling over Russell's feather- the Ostrich feather was the symbol of Osiris' role of judge, as we see in his mitre.

Nick is forced out of his job and sits at home wearing dark glasses. On an ordinary symbolic level, this speaks to his blindness- he can no longer see the planes in his mind's eye. On a deeper level, this reminds us again that Set tore out the eyes of Horus during their battles. Russell has taken his position as top controller just as Set took the throne of Osiris away from Horus.

So the culmination of their battle takes place on a runway, a nice metaphor for the Nile. Afterwards, Russell and Nick lie together and share a laugh, not unlike Set and Horus during their own contendings. Note the wound beneath Nick's right eye.


So yet again, ancient symbolism and high tech colliding on the silver screen. What could possibly be the connection? We've seen this strange pull that all of the Egyptian iconography has had on people involved in the arts and sciences (and politics), particularly those most intimately involved with ultra-high technology. It seems counter-intuitive, doesn't it? The connection of a sky god and an air traffic controller is especially fascinating here. To a point...

I mean, I love mythology and all, but all of this symbology seems rather archaic in this day and age. It also can get more than a little tedious, unless there is some compelling meaning behind it all. And certainly with Pushing Tin the meaning of it all has always escaped me.

Until yeterday, that is.

Let's take a look at a little visual detail in the film, something that I never really paid attention to until yesterday, strangely enough, even though I've watched this film over a dozen times...

Look at this very strange establishing shot. Tucked away on the lower left is the Bell's house, where Mary is seducing Nick, just as Nephthys seduced Osiris. Maybe the key to it all is here as well- the key to this inexplicable obsession with ancient mythology, to this incessant linking of ancient symbols to ultra-high tech (and flight, especially) that we see over and over and over beneath the surface in big-budget Hollywood films (though with the new Transformers film, the linking is now in your face).

With Diane ("Path of the Moon Goddess") Lane. That dog has star quality...

We're not done with John Cusack by a long shot- we've still barely scratched Serendipity and The Martian Child, but perhaps Pushing Tin gives us a clue to why he's been chosen to be the hero (again, a word derived from Horus) for Hollywood's big 2012 blowout.

But just a clue, mind you.


  1. Hi Chris- Please explain to me why Shia LaBoeuf being in the X-files and Transformers Movie is a synchronicity or even a coincidence...

    "We have this Sam character, coincidentally played by Shia LaBoeuf who just happened to appear in the X-Files episode produced just before the one that his new movie is ripping off. I hate to keep harping on that, but that simply cannot be coincidence as we understand it."

    Why isn't that easy to understand? The money people have an interest in this guy- it's seems a natural sort of thing from a control perspective: not a coincidence and much less a synchronicity.

    Unless they are just coincidence, Synchronicity is impossible to understand rationally. I feel the term is getting used in a sloppy manner in the "synchro-mystic" arena. Of course that term is redundant isn't it? Still It sounds nice.

    If synchronicites are products of "angelic" or daemonic arrangement, (something from the non-material realm) then thats a much different perspective, as is the perspective that Pure "consciousness" or psyche could somehow produce them, or combinations of those two. You seem to imply they are "caused" by aliens. But to me synchronicity gives the lie to the supremacy of the physical. If these aliens can create synchronicities, then they are truly gods.

    Is that what you are saying?


  2. Yawn at the trailer ("i herad the governmet is building ships" ... oh man that made my day)

    To pygmy

    [quote]If synchronicites are products of "angelic" or daemonic arrangement, (something from the non-material realm) then thats a much different perspective, as is the perspective that Pure "consciousness" or psyche could somehow produce them, or combinations of those two. You seem to imply they are "caused" by aliens. But to me synchronicity gives the lie to the supremacy of the physical. If these aliens can create synchronicities, then they are truly gods.

    What if it was our psyche indeed? That would make every human beeing kind of its own god.
    Intriguing thought for us, dangerous thought for others. So damn the expenses, everything is done, to let you believe it comes from an outside source, and you´re just the passive part in all this, unable to create anything of your own withoout the aid of something (or somone) which stands above you.
    Its simple conditioning of slaves (in a very cheap and obvious manner) [Disclaimer: Im not talking about this blog]
    If you believe in god or gods, you dont beleive in yousrself or your fellow man

    Greetings from Germany

    P.S "reektax" is a funny word verification.. i wish some people had to pay this during summertimme^^

  3. Well, on second thought there may be a more mundane explanation for this particular sync- maybe Michael Bay or one of the screenwriters reads this blog. I did notice the film opens in 17,000 BC.

    That being said I think we always need to keep a wall of separation between speculation and fact.

  4. & wahttif the truth lies always in the middle ;) have started reading "Astrology of 2012 and Beyond" by Cal Garrison. Wohoo, after you might know of the Photon Belt we are riding through and the real galactic alignment not happening on 21.12.2012 but it will be the opening of the window and maybe the 21.3.2013 be the real event... reference:

    & many other things like the Hopi, Mayan, Indian, Bible (Katholic) predictions... search for truth in the middle. They can't all be that right and all that wrong after 13.000 years traveling through the darkness (after the fall of Atlantis) maybe...

    & then think about what people in power want to make of it. Example, we all see an illusion, created wars, created financial and government colapse. And we are still here 22.12.2012 would we not ask for a 'solution' to all the troubling of ours?

    & what then the real shift in conciousness and the pole or maybe just one of them came... you already asked them to take care of you and walk blindly onto their ships...

    & why don't we imagine and dream it up like it should be, the emergence of a new way to live in... harmony, peace, love, abundance, inter-relatedness. Would you want to choose that or answers given by someone else... Make up YOUR minds.

    Good Luck

  5. Ibrahim Dincdag, a soccer referee is fired because he is gay, in Turkey. So what? Something very common everywhere... Well, he fights back and the muslim country is supporting him! But beyond that look at this language please. This a case full is symbolic play: sexual ambivalence, asertivity, resurrection, 33 years and more:

    Said Dincdag: "They thought I was an ant that they could crush, they thought I would run away and hide in a corner. But they have destroyed my life and I will fight them to the end. The day the press started writing about me, I went into a coma, and the day I appeared on TV I died. Thirty-three years of my life had disappeared. Since then, I have been trying to resurrect myself."

  6. One more quick thought- don't let Synchromysticism be a spectator sport. Start doing your own work on your own personal syncs- I can't stress the importance of this enough.

    That is to say, if you have not already.

  7. Interesting addition to your Barack/Egypt/Hawass blogs, which I re-read after reading your Cusack/2012 blog and doing related readings. Not sure if you've seen this item from 2007

    See paragraph 4 where Dr. Hawass states "By providing this technology to Egypt, Applied Biosystems is helping to advance science and bring our dead pharaohs back to life."

  8. Oh my God- that's amazing, Arcie.

    Though you wonder if that hasn't been accomplished already...

  9. Going back to a pop culture perspective for a moment. I have to wonder about Emmerich's psyche, why is he so preoccupied with disaster films? Is it strictly a commercial money making formula? Or does he have his own issues he's dealing with? Most artists fixate on the same set of issues they choose to focus on in their work and that's a thread that's pretty common. So what compels him?

    Doesn't this strike anyone as a flashy retread of George Pal's "When Worlds Collide", or am I the only one? Haven't we exhausted this formula, I mean, since these kind of subjects deal with our mortality, wouldn't it be more interesting to ask, if you have a set date, and advance knowledge of the end of your life, would you live your life differently, change how you interest with others, or carry on 'as is'. At this point, isn't that a more interesting topic to explore with these kind of films, even if that thematic thread falls into the sensibility a film art house style of storytelling? Just curious.

  10. Typo folks, the following should read: "and advance knowledge of the end of your life, would you live your life differently, change how you interact with others,"

  11. wklaus23@yahoo.com5:02 PM, June 25, 2009

    If you haven't read Robert Anton Wilson's essays on Finnegans Wake in COINCIDANCE, do so immediately. The art of synchromysticism is explained fully and artfully and with a sense of humor. I think Joyce was the first computer programmer, and through him, the methods of reprogramming the human being in the 20th century began. Flash forward to McKenna's work with the I Ching, and you begin to understand the unveiling of the cyberskeleton, the cosmic genome. IT'S PROGRAMMABLE!!! 2012 represents the arrival of new hardware, a new system emerging out of the evolving physical and mental marriage. I believe that we have been killing dinosaurs over the last 50 years to make way for this new change. 50 years ago, to conceive that the Catholic Church, the Mafia, Big Tobacco, General Motors, Wall Street, and the Republican party would all die would brand you a complete and utter fool. Why is it so strange to conceive that dinosaurs like Money, Government, Disease, Poverty, Time can't also. Yeah, this may be the beginning of a very long process, but 2012 definately represents the moment when theory moves into practice.

  12. I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with the fact that at heart we all feel alienated from this planet- certainly with our governments. Emmerich wouldn't keep making movies if they didnt make money- they must be striking a chord of some kind. A lot of it might also come from the Apocalypticism that's hardwired into our culture through monotheism.

  13. Curious to know if anyone one out there is a fan of Mike Leigh's movie Naked. David Thewlis performance in that film is brilliant. His character can see all these connections, recognizes their importance, but hasn't a clue what to do with it all. A must see.

  14. Hi CK

    The trailer I notice is mostly about the splitting apart of the world and a great surgance of water.

    It looks to me like the breakdown of our worldview and the crashing through of the unconscious. Notice how the boat has JFK on the side and is being toppled. Right now, this IS the event that's happening - it's as though disclosure of the truth (through blogs, movies like zeitgeist, the internet in general) is becoming more commonplace (thankfully).

    Soon we will be in a place where no-one will be able to lie - the integrity of humanity is going to be raised unbelievably.

    When 911 happened I remembered seeing it as a type of global showcase (conspiracies and such aside) and also remember thinking the only way (god) could possibly top this one was if aliens actually came down and presented themselves to us. Because we've kind of seen everything now.

    If you believe in the Archon agenda (of people control due to their envy of our divinity) then it really is the only card they have left to play (ie. their disclosure) - a final desperate bid to encapture our attention once and for all. They are losing us. With each day that passes (literally) they become a day too late. They need to appear before we are all awake - otherwise their presence won't amount to anything - we won't really care if there are aliens or not. And besides that, after a day or so of being here they will become wonderfully last season. We just won't give a shit - the present acceleration of human consciousness is astounding.

    The last thing JC says in the trailer: 'No matter what happens, we'll all stay together" - a salute to the collective - we are one consciousness.

    DD (once again posting way too late)

  15. well listing to your thoughts on this artical is great and in-lighting .i think mother earth at some point when the caos inshadows the earth and at its hight.... motherarth will self cleanse itself
    as her spirit is stricken by the blood of men! and their murdering ways as means to survive MAYBE FOR JUST 1 MORE DAY. MAYBE DEATH BUY DEPRAVITY OF THE BODYS NEEDS,TO BE MET AND DRIVEN BY GREAT DESIRE TO FULFILL THE BODYS IMMEDIATE NEEDS

  16. To be trapped in your body a prisoner of the vehicle . tell you open your eyes and see a close friend or close relative dead, inanimate,until you can look into the eyes of that dead friend and see just his or her vehicle . As the fabric of all our so called civilized societies which has began its CHANGE ever getting closer to the POINT OF = NO RETURN. the point at which mother earth will call in the fat lady to sing her hart out!!! so i belive we can live in heaven on earth if we could only keep our eyes focused on the garden!


  18. To answer the question Who are the real Air Controllers?

    DUAT is the FAA's Direct User Access Terminal (DUAT) service for pilots. This service provides direct access to weather briefing, flight planning...

    In Egyptian mythology, Duat is the underworld, where the sun traveled from west to east during the night and where dead souls were judged by Osiris

  19. The special effects in the trailer were amazing. I still don't see why any of this would scare people. You live in your body, then you leave it. I guess I dont see what the big deal is... This "Way of life" isnt exactly sustainable anyway, so if nature presses the "Reset" button on us, don't we have it coming?

    Shia LaBoeuf - from I, Robot to Eagle Eye to Indy to Transformers, he is definitely synced up with destruction/technology overthrow themes.

  20. Nestle, the worlds biggest "food" company is building a big new factory in Germany for hypoallergic babyfood - and they call this "Project Horus"

  21. Its good to see such an abundance of information regarding the predictions of 2012 and the patterns of human behaviour that seem to be coming to the forefront. The late great comedian Bill Hicks always said that life was just a ride and we shouldn't be afraid, and refering to the vehicle we travel in he was right.

    There definitely seems to be an evolution in conciousness occurring this seems to be connecting all life in ways that we are only beginning to see but can't quite understand. Think about the possibilities when you look at what the average person today knows about evolution the universe and indeed the planet itself, take that information back about 100 years and you must be some kind of genius, what will we know in one hundred years time?

    We are approaching a biological singularity whereby we can recognise our potential and take it to levels we could never have imagined before but only if we can all work together and focus not on the possible results but on the means of getting them.

    Carl Sagan observed "The old methods of man, racism, greed and intolerance are fast becoming irrelevant, a new conciousness is emerging that sees that we are all one but an organism in conflict with itself is doomed".

    In translations of the mayan prophecy they beleived there would be two paths at 2012 and only one would lead to salvation, our mass divergience from nature and natural law coupled with our pursuit of the material will become our undoing and those that are living in natural time in equal balance to the divine shall be saved.

    This being the case i don't know if i can go past 2012 without my xbox 360 so i'll catch all you techno heads on the other side, Peace.

  22. The DUAT thing mention by Anonymous- that DUAT is the realm of the dead in Egyptian mythology- but is also strangely the Direct User Access Terminal Service for the FAA- in this context of Pushing Tin- isn’t it quite weird?! Of course all these comments are from several years ago. It is now October of 2015.

    Ever since I read Mr. Knowles ‘treatment’ of Pushing Tin it has stuck in my mind. Unfortunately at inopportune times I come back to this series of posts to read it again- I don’t believe I have ever seen the movie.. It does strike me as kinda weird that Chris has watched it many, many times… well I think he mentions at least 12… but really compared to this ‘synchronicity’ with Horus et al that curiosity aint much to ponder is it?

    Now in the back of my mind I have wondered whether or not there is another audience- and that other audience may not even listen much to the dialogue but respond simply to this ‘sub-text’ of the film. Perhaps the film was made for this audience… and when Chris openly wonders whether or not this is a coincidence- that somebody in Hollywood surely knows of these parallels with the Horus tradition…

    “I've been watching John Cusack's career for at least 10 years, ever since seeing Pushing Tin, which at plays like a note-for-note allegory of the old Osiris-Horus myths. Let me just say that not knowing the writers or producers of this film, I can't speak to their motivations. But let me also say this: I find it almost impossible to believe that the symbolism in Pushing Tin is not intentional. On someone's part, at least. Knowing what we know about Hollywood, the person credited for a screenplay is not always the true author of the final product.”

    Well I would add that it may be ‘in someone’s mind’ to put this ‘sub-text’ together but it may not be in that part of their mind making it crystal clear. Speculating on another audience sounds absurd and ridiculous. Definitely way out there. Can’t say I believe it… still I can imagine all the pieces falling into place and the responses of that other audience to places and things in this narrative as re-told by Pushing Tin that would make no sense to you and me. They would know things we don’t- they would have more understanding of how this picture came to be what it is. They would know more of our relationship to them. And Horus… and Hathor etc. Well speculating on their depth of knowledge is kind of pointless…