Sunday, June 28, 2009

Astronaut Theology: I'm sorry, what was I just saying?

I was just saying this:

The US defense budget is larger than every other country on Earth combined. It was in the US that computers and microchips and transistors and all of the rest of it appeared almost overnight after...well, after the Roswell incident, whatever that was. Who are we preparing to fight? The Chinese, who manufacture everything for our Wal-Marts? The Russians, whose space program we've essentially merged with? The Arabs, who have little else but oil to sell to the world and fifth-rate militaries? All of them are keeping our warfare economy afloat.

Nothing makes sense anymore, if you follow conventional wisdom. The world economy is in recession, but we're spending billions - maybe trillions - on space hardware (and extremely sophisticated electronics for consumer use). And when you really stop to think about it, we've no real evidence that the defense budget is actually preparing us for war with Russia or China.

Now read this BBC story:

Russia and Nato have agreed to resume co-operation on security issues, after nearly a year of difficult relations.

The deal came at a meeting in Greece of foreign ministers from the two sides.

Ties deteriorated sharply in 2008 after Russia's brief conflict with Georgia. Nato chief Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said differences over the issue remained.

But he said Nato and Russia would nonetheless resume co-operation on issues such as Afghanistan, drug trafficking and piracy.

OK, fair enough. But what the hell kind of logo is that NATO-Russia Council? Note how both the NATO star and the Russian two-headed eagle are distinctly subordinate to the big blue ball there. And I'm not getting the star map connection to either Russia or NATO.

But I'm sure as hell getting an interesting connection here...

UPDATE: More extremely strange symbolism in Russia here and here.


  1. Hi Chris,

    These logos are definitely another What? moment for me!

    My first thought was odd because the NATO-Russia Council image reminded me of the defunct Flat Earth Society's image of the Earth under a dome.

    See "Zetetics" image here:

    And my second thought was of the classic water door Star Gate.

    Remember that you have noted many times, Chris, that these folks are becoming more blatant and not caring about obviousness?

    And NatGeo has been debunking all thoughts here and elsewhere with their "Secrets of Washington" series. I was so proud to see that they're combing the synch blog-o-sphere for material!

    Thanks, Chris!

  2. When you consider Werner Von Braun/Freeman predictions regarding asteroids, I really must wonder what the hell is going on? Add to that Stephen Hawking's belief that there is a high probability of an asteroid or comet colliding with Earth soon. Is this some form of preparation for an event of that magnitude or something more frightening?

    That surely is a most massive budget in a time of global recession. Something don't add up here.

    On another note, why do I get this distinct impression that the logo is a reference to Sirius given that the 1st century AD poet Marcus Manilius described it as "sea-blue" binary star system consisting of two white stars orbiting each other. Clearly seen on the left side of the logo within the blue sphere.

  3. Andre and Soapie- there's a lot to consider, certainly. So much to shift through. There are a couple interesting little clues out there, it's just a question of adding it all up. And trying our best to divine the bits of truth amongst all of the disinfo and misinfo we are constantly being bombarded with. I find the best results come when I pay attention to what is being done, not what's being said.

    The asteroid theory is certainly interesting, but it could well be a cover story too. A very convenient story, kind of like the Global Warming thing, since the enemy here is a force of nature. Who's going to argue with it?

    PS- Soapie, you got a link? I didn't see it on their site yet.

    Anyhow, awesome comments as always- what a joy it is to see so many smart people reading this blog. I can't begin to tell you how gratifying that is.

  4. "All that we see or seem
    is but a dream within a dream."

    Tattoo from Evan Rachel Wood. Check out more HERE: Wordy Celebrity Tattoos: What Does Their Skin Say? (PHOTOS, POLL)

    More symbolism regarding the neural programming and AAT?

  5. Let's face it syncro masters, The USA is the dominant military power of the entire world. If people won't take the silver they will certainly get the lead. Mess with Yankee business, see what happens. That said, our worthless bonds and financial acumen are less than they used to be, however our military industrial complex is thriving/unbeatable. So my guess the empire never ended, it continues with Pax \Americana. We are seeing the reach of our military capabilities as I speak. Every contry knows who can throw their weight around, the USA. People pay for protection, country's pay alot for it,the game is in play. Oh? now we are not going to destroy poppy fields, 30,000 more troups to protect the opium. Who's boss? The USA, believe it! The Washington monument, the f-22,lasers in 747's, space dominance, Dick Cheney! Shine forth brave and inteligent souls. Dennis from Oregon

  6. IMO, the big cluster of stars resembles the Pleiades... Interesting, because it's the C point in a line which starts at Sirius (point A), goes through Orion (point B) and ends at the Pleiades, which is associated with Taurus. Goddess riding the bull? So the big blue ball thing ties in that way... There was also a Peter Gabriel/VA cd released called "big blue ball". I think I mentioned it here sometime in early 2008...

  7. Excellent observations, Tommy- now what the hell does it have to do with Nato or Russia?

  8. Hi Chris,

    Sorry to post the wrong channel but NatGeo and Discovery Channel are side by side on my cable company's lineup.

    The series is called "Secret America" and it airs on Discovery Channel. The Discovery website is "secretive" on a synopsis of the show. The site search doesn't list it.

    I caught the first two episodes Friday night (6/26) at 8 and 9 PM.
    A brief description of the show is on the TV schedule here:

    (Secret America
    Episode 1
    TV-PG, CC

    They are the most iconic symbols of America, but lurking behind each one are conspiracy theories, myths, and lies.)

    The show really made me roll with laughter because some of their "secrets" are as old as the hills in internet terms and like baby food: Persephone on the Capitol rotunda, Washington, DC maps of owls, tunnel in Mt. Rushmore, secret crypts, etc.

    But the big issue for me was that all of it is lifted from current internet "conspiracy" web sites and the narration says such very plainly. I consider that to be a nod in our favor from the universe of paradoxes!

    Thanks, Chris!

  9. Beats the hell outta me! :P

    NATO=ATON, though. Methinks there are definitely links to AAT in their actions and their chosen logo. Could they believe they are doing the work of our ancient alien overlords?

  10. The U.S.A. spends more on de-fence/offence, than all the other countrys combined. Please respond to that, syncro masters. Bring that fact into the open!!! What does this mean for our future? How immense is this fact. The essence of all thought should be brought to bear on his fact.!!! Why is America spending so freaking much on weapons/military??? Dennis

  11. That's what we're trying to figure out here, Dennis...

  12. The NATO-Russia Council just shows the number of stars equivalent to the number of states that form it.

    If you stop your "pleyades" imagination, you could see from the left Canada and the US, then Iceland in the middle, and the rest, from Spain in the west of Europe to Turkey in the darker blue.

  13. Interesting. Which Nato state is on the North Pole?

  14. Greenland is part of Denmark...

  15. But not itself a signatory. Interesting nonetheless, not only the sync but the parallel with the Federation logo. Especially considering that Russia is now the "Russian Federation." Which opens a can of worms we don't have time to open here.

  16. LOL, Russia and US. This:
    makes sense as well. I saw news reports on this when Bush was in office and now they all have mysteriously disappeared. Good thing I saved a screen capture jpeg from one of the news posts or I might have forgotten it. Just my humble opinion, but I think this is all just being done to surround Israel.

  17. Andre Heath, did you see on that link you gave, the 3 girls that have "shhh..." tattooed on her pointer finger, strange to say the least.

    I remember watching a documentary (don't remember what one) that basically said we have a 3 month time frame as to when we know an asteroid would hit us. Basically with the observers we have looking for them, they don't find them all and they can only see them when they are 3 months within impact. If that is true, I always thought that was funny and scary within itself.

  18. The Nato-Russia council icon looks at a quick glance to be the locations of NATO member capital cities on the Terrestrial globe. The star at the top of the globe would be Reykjavik.

  19. Sure- plus it looks like the Federation logo. Which is the interesting part of it.