Sunday, June 28, 2009

Astronaut Theology: What was I Just Saying?

I was just saying this:

The US defense budget is larger than every other country on Earth combined. It was in the US that computers and microchips and transistors and all of the rest of it appeared almost overnight after... well, after the Roswell incident, whatever that was. Who are we preparing to fight?


The Chinese, who manufacture everything for our Wal-Marts? The Russians, whose space program we've essentially merged with? The Arabs, who have little else but oil to sell to the world and fifth-rate militaries? All of them are keeping our warfare economy afloat
Nothing makes sense anymore, if you follow conventional wisdom. 
The world economy is in recession, but we're spending billions - maybe trillions - on space hardware (and extremely sophisticated electronics for consumer use). And when you really stop to think about it, we've no real evidence that the defense budget is actually preparing us for war with Russia or China.

Now read this BBC story:

Russia and Nato have agreed to resume co-operation on security issues, after nearly a year of difficult relations.

The deal came at a meeting in Greece of foreign ministers from the two sides.

Ties deteriorated sharply in 2008 after Russia's brief conflict with Georgia. Nato chief Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said differences over the issue remained.

But he said Nato and Russia would nonetheless resume co-operation on issues such as Afghanistan, drug trafficking and piracy.

OK, fair enough. But what the hell kind of logo is that NATO-Russia Council? Note how both the NATO star and the Russian two-headed eagle are distinctly subordinate to the big blue ball there. And I'm not getting the star map connection to either Russia or NATO.

But I'm sure as hell getting an interesting connection here... 

UPDATE: More extremely strange symbolism in Russia here and here.