Saturday, June 27, 2009

Remembering George Carlin

The older I get, the more sense George Carlin makes. We lost him this week last year, and boy, we could use a dozen or so more where he came from. 

Carlin's genius was in deconstruction- he took apart all of the bullshit we tell ourselves to get through the day and threw it back in our faces. He carved up our pretensions like a turkey on Thanksgiving. I think about his methodology all of the time and I hope that a new generation of big-hearted cynics discover his work and blow all of the Dane Cooks of the world off of the stage forever. 

His UFO bit is classic, but his extremely NSFW bit on the Gulf War is one of the greatest revelations you will ever hear. I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted with most of you, but if you aren't familiar with Carlin's flamethrower wit, take some time to check out his videos on YouTube. Especially his bits on politics. 

When motion pictures were first invented, some theorists said that death had been conquered- at least some kind of immortality could be achieved on celluloid. George Carlin left an enormous body of work that is available at your fingertips in the Digital Age, and in that way he will live forever. Genius never truly dies.