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Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre, pt. VI: Transmission

The Heavenly Mushroom inseminates the Terrestrial Yoni

[UPDATED 11:00 AM EST] When you study mythology and symbolism in depth, you constantly run up against the problem of transmission- how are symbols and myths transmitted across time and geographic barriers? It was this very problem that inspired Carl Jung to devise the theory of the Collective Unconscious- a kind of universal database which holds all of these symbols, which we access through psychic means.

This theory has never been popular in academic circles, and perhaps Jung didn't have access to the data he needed to better argue it. But increasingly we are seeing fascinating evidence bolstering Jung's intuition- the only problem is that pursuing this evidence takes you completely out of the reductionist, deterministic mindset so dominant in academic circles.

And thank God for that...


A 17th Century coin depicting the solar phallus in a flying disk

Strangely enough, Jung's inspiration for the Collective Unconscious theory came from a schizophrenic patient who was experiencing hallucinations that a tube or phallus burst forth from the center of the Sun. Jung had been studying the Mithraic liturgy, recognized this icon from it and was struck by the synchronicity. Ever since critics have been trying to poke holes in this story, but as we recently saw here, the Mithraic liturgy has extremely powerful and compelling parallels to hallucinogenic ritual and to alien abduction lore, parallels that cannot be dismissed or explained away through cultural contamination.

Despite what Jung's critics may claim, experienced psychonauts would take the solar phallus hallucination for granted these days. We have a large and fairly consistent corpus of reports of shamanic visions from all over the world, which Jung did not have in his day. But for many reasons too numerous to discuss here, that corpus is a minefield, completely out of the realm of acceptable discussion.


One thing both scientific and religious fundamentalists find common ground in the controversy over apparent UFOs in Medieval and ancient art. One of the big skeptic groups consulted with a Medieval art scholar to "debunk" theories that certain images of Jesus depict UFOs, floating around in the background.

One of the images he focused on was the Visoki Decani Crucifixion, found in a monastery in the former Yugoslavia."
...this Crucifixion also follows the common iconographic model of the Middle Ages. The “Deposition from the Cross” of Benedetto Antelami, in the Dome of Parma in particular resembles the Crucifixion of Visoki Decani:.

On the edges of the composition, in the same position as in the fresco of Visoki Decani, the Sun and the Moon are represented as human witnesses to the Crucifixion just as they are in the previous painting. In both art works the figures who represent the Sun and the Moon look towards the Cross that is located in the center of the composition.

OK, sounds reasonable, right? Not really...

Yes, the Sun and the Moon icon are in their places in other Crucifixions, but they are absolutely nothing like the depictions of the celestial bodies in the Visoki Decani example, which pictures two full figures enclosed in what very much look like sci-fi spacecraft. I would argue that the artists who created that image could well have tapped into the same precognitive aspect of consciousness that Jack Kirby did, and had seen visions of Mercury-era space capsules.

Or it could also be based on visionary experience of alien craft, if not eyewitness accounts. UFOs have been recorded as long as we've had writing- there's a book coming out in the near future from a prominent researcher that catalogs thousands of UFO reports, all throughout history, compiled from primary sources. That will change the discussion on the topic, I guarantee you. If it isn't supressed, that is.

Back to the Crucifixion- the supposedly-eminent Medieval scholar completely ignores the fact that this crucifixion iconography is lifted from a common icon of Mithras, like so much religious symbolism we take for granted today.


Here it is the model for the Medieval/Byzantine crucifixion icon- the common Mithraic Tauroctony. We see the Sun and Moon in their places, the Solar sacrifice marking the passage of the Zodiacal Age (Taurus to Ares, in this instance), and the two witness to the sacrifice.

The UFOs of the Crucifxion image and the Solar phallus hallucination of Jung's patient both directly tie to the Mithraic liturgy, which as we saw opens with a recipe for a kykeon-like potion. And what would you expect to experience once you partook of that bitter potion?
You will hear nothing either of man or of any other living thing, nor in that hour will you see anything of mortal affairs on earth, but rather you will see all immortal things.
For in that day and hour you will see the divine order of the skies: the presiding gods rising into heaven, and others setting.
Now the course of the visible gods will appear through the disk of god, my father...
...and in similar fashion the so-called "pipe," the origin of the ministering wind. For you will see it hanging from the sun's disk like a pipe.

Exactly as Jung described in his account of the schizophrenic.


Now, the transmission for the Mithras-Christian symbolism is a little less mystical- it's the Emperor Constantine himself. Constantine is the man who took hundreds of competing doctrines and texts and hammered them into what is practiced the world over today. But long after his conversion, Constantine was minting coins with Mithras Sol on the reverse. Bart Ehrman has explained the apparent contradiction- Constantine believed the god of the Bible was Sol.

And when you begin to look at the original inspiration behind these dying-rising archetypes, you realize he may well have been on the right track. And the potential for a new revelation in that possibility is nothing less than earth-shaking.

Mithras as Harpocrates

But even hoary old Mithras was drawn on an earlier tradition- the Mysteries of the Egyptian Trinity. The astronomical alignments of the Tauroctony appear in the Pyramid Texts, thousands of years before Mithras entered the city walls of Rome.

Thou hast come that thou mayest command in the regions of Horus;
(thou hast come) that thou mayest command in the regions of Set;
that thou mayest speak in the regions of Osiris.
May the king make an offering: Thy son is upon thy throne...
thou goest in sandals; thou slaughterest an ox;

Pyramid Text, utterance 224

A servant (holy person) who belongs to the Ennead (pelican) is fallen in water.
Serpent, turn over that Rï‘ may see thee.
To say: The head of the great black bull was cut off.
Hpn.w-serpent, this is said to thee. ...-scorpion, this is said to thee

Pyramid Text, utterance 227

This kind of transmission has always been with us. But what about when it leaves the mythic realm and enters our own?


Isis and Mary
or Mary and Isis?

The connection between these ancient Mysteries, modern religions and UFOs continues to this day. In early 20th Century Portuhal, a phenomeonon that Jacques Vallee described as a classic UFO sighting was recorded as the "Miracle of the Sun." Here are a handful of eyewitness accounts:

"Before the astonished eyes of the crowd, whose aspect was biblical as they stood bare-headed, eagerly searching the sky, the sun trembled, made sudden incredible movements outside all cosmic laws — the sun 'danced' according to the typical expression of the people."

"…The silver sun, enveloped in the same gauzy grey light, was seen to whirl and turn in the circle of broken clouds… The light turned a beautiful blue, as if it had come through the stained-glass windows of a cathedral, and spread itself over the people who knelt with outstretched hands… "

"The sun's disc did not remain immobile. This was not the sparkling of a heavenly body, for it spun round on itself in a mad whirl, when suddenly a clamor was heard from all the people. The sun, whirling, seemed to loosen itself from the firmament and advance threateningly upon the earth as if to crush us with its huge fiery weight. The sensation during those moments was terrible."

Fascinating. But certainly consistent with the ancient traditions, in which gods and UFOs seem to keep very close company...


This image comes to us from a 1900 edition of Egyptian Religion by Wallis Budge, published long before ET or Close Encounters, and is a tracing of an ancient bas relief from where?

Why, Philae, of course!

Here we see Isis traveling across the sky, following a path of stars to the Moon. And what do we see following close behind her? We see Osiris and Harpocrates in a flying disk, sitting in positions not unlike the Visoki Decani Crucifixion. Several questions are raised:

  • What is the chain of transmission here, from this ancient image to an Alexandrin liturgy to a Medieval tableau?
  • Why would the Sun and Moon be seen as vehicles that the gods sat within, as we read in the Mithraic liturgy? Where would that idea possibly come from?

One answer is that between Philae and Visoki Decani we have the Mithraic liturgy, that presents us with a sun disk with doors, exhaust, a beam of light, ramps and several gods casually going about their business within it.

The absolutely-essential documentary The Pharmacratic Inquisition helps explain this chain of transmission, in part. We see a long and consistent chain through visionary experience and Astrotheology. But as compelling as all of this is, it's still only part of the puzzle.

There's still a very strong reluctance among some scholars to connect the dots between Astrotheology and Astro-naut Theology, between AAT and DMT. Even in alternative scholarship, there is a still a very strong territorial instinct, as well as a reluctance to not be too challenging to prevailing orthodoxies - at least not publicly. And yet all of these subjects offer tantalizing links to one another, connections which could very well revolutionize human history and human consciousness...

We see these connections put into a fictional context in The X-Files (and following Carter and Spotnitz's lead, the recent Indiana Jones film and the new Transformers movie). But how compelling do the connections have to be before we start to tie all of these loose strands together in the real world? And where will all of it take us, in the end?

It's so strange- a couple years ago I wasn't looking for any of this. I was working in a completely linear and deterministic paradigm. But I made a decision to follow the evidence, and not my preconceptions of where that evidence was supposed to lead. It's how I discovered the lingering footsteps of the Shemsu Hor, and how the Sirius and 17 memes caught my attention as well, among many others. And in many ways, the question of transmission has been at the heart of it all. And from those questions a whole universe of possibility has opened up in front of me.

The Secret Sun is not about either's and or's- it's about and's. We've had amazing work done in all of these new disciplines- alternative history, Entheogenic research, UFOology, depth psychology- but no single discipline has yet been able to break through and really set the world on its ear. I think that the breakthrough will come only when all of it starts to work together...

Stay tuned, in the John Murdoch sense...

PS: Don't forget to watch UFOs in the Bible!


  1. Osiris was identified with the moon, though. That's why you have Plutarch saying that the 14 pieces and 28 years had to do with the phases of the moon. And there is plenty of evidence in the Egyptian rituals as well, as this page evinces. As for the rest—there are only questions, and no answers.

  2. The "deterministic, reductionistic mindset prevalent in academic circles"? Indeedy. I've been on various philosophy "fora" and the topic of Jung and the Collective Unconscious, when raised,is either ignored or ridiculed.

    "Does not compute, does not compute," they cry.

    What is interesting is that I've seen a move towards the likes of David Chalmers and his "Hard Problem of Consciousness" which seems to show a glimmer that the rationalistic, empirical methodologies bound with up the "scientific priesthood" package modern schools of philosophy are in bed with may, just may, indicate they have a glimmer that all the answers aren't necessarily found within the sterile walls of sci-tech. At least as we know it.

    Evolve the reality model people.

    Good post Chris.

  3. Eleleth- Good catch- here's a bit from the link: Osiris is not the moon, but his rebirth, new moon by new moon, is like the birth of the moon. Osiris is connected to a monthly moon cycle; each new moon is a remembrance of his rebirth (not birth).

    I'll update the post.

    Sub Specie- Maybe the real problem is all the gov'mint beasties lurking behind every corner handing out the dosh-- or withholding it...

  4. i was wondering when DMT was gonna come up. This as Bonnaroo is gearing up, i believe this week. Great place to catch some i've heard. Oh and Joe Rogan Fear Factor host and UFC commentator has some videos on Utube about the spirit molecule, this as the LHC is lookin for the God Particle, well, i think someone has found it!

    ugh ugh ugh ah yeah!

  5. Your blogs are fun to read :)

  6. Great article as always Christopher! I very much enjoyed the video also. I agree that this won't come together unless people start working together in the different disciplines and beliefs.For some reason as I read your article -I kept on being reminded of "The Invisible Landscape" by Terrence Mckenna. I think it is also interesting-as to my own blindness about certain things-is that with that "UFO" coin-I have had it saved to my pics for a long time-haha and me of all people didn't see the phallic shape coming out of it. When you talked about it I thought sheesh am I blind?? I also think that incident with the patient of Jung's and the Solar phallus making the wind blow was one of his most intriguing incidents or discoveries in a lifetime filled with fascinating thoughts and discoveries. I would love to have seen (or course it is all guesswork now) about what Jung could have discovered with the contextualizing help and interface of the internet. Thanks again Christopher-I am becoming more fascinated in the Sirius and 17 information whereas before it was so-so to me. I will have to look back over all of your articles on these subjects-thanks again for all of your hard work!!

  7. I was reading over the Book of the Dead (Birch trans.) and happened across a couple of references to the solar phallus:

    "The white lion clawing the head is the phallus of Osiris, or the phallus of the Sun."

    "I should go, or I should pass, to the East, for all the evil things in the festivals of the wicked are known to me, if Khepera should twist the horns, or wish to take and eat the phallus of the Sun or the head of Osiris."

    I suspect that at some very remote period, the genders of the sun and moon were switched; Pike actually alludes to this in Morals and Dogma. As to the actual implication and significance of such a swap, I have no idea.

  8. Have you checked out the new video from freemanTV? I think you might find it interesting especially the SG1 TV show connections, were pretty funny.

    Peace, That Guy

  9. "The Secret Sun is not about either's and or's- it's about and's. We've had amazing work done in all of these new disciplines- alternative history, Entheogenic research, UFOology, depth psychology- but no single discipline has yet been able to break through and really set the world on its ear. I think that the breakthrough will come only when all of it starts to work together..."

    I think William Irwin Thomspon expressed it fairly well . . .

    "To understand how a myth about the origins of the calendar can also be about the origins of the solar system, we need to understand that a myth is not a linear code, but a polyphonic fugue. One single myth can be a narrative about the formation of the solar system, the seasonal movement of planets and stars, the formation of civilization in the shift from Neolithic matriarchy to the patriarchal state, the development of consciousness in the emergence from the great mother to the fully individuated being, and finally, the transformation of the central nervous system in the yogic achievement of illumination. A mythic narrative works through a system of correspondences, so a god is at once a principle of order, a number, a geometrical figure, a dancing measure, a mantra, a special planet, and a heavenly body. If one puts together the analysis of Jung, Levi-Strauss, von Dechend, Neumann, and myself, one would still not have all the dimensions of the myth drawn out." - WIT

    This one's good too...

    "Each person always thinks that he is right, but the model enables us to see that such a claim is the equivalent of an iron filing proclaiming that it is the total magnetic field. In terms of the total field, an individual cannot be a container of the truth; his action can only embody certain aspects of the truth. He can act out his role as superb tragedy or comedy, but he can never be the truth." - WIT

  10. Justie- Yikes! Bonnaroo, DMT? Careful there, tiger...

    Anony- On purpose, I might add..

    Devin- It was weird to find myself arriving at the same point (ish) McKenna was and talking about in the very same rooms he first unloaded his theories on the sweaty global brain. As to the archetypes- go with what speaks to you- one size does NOT fit all.

    Eleleth- Interesting- I haven't seen much evidence of a sacred mushroom tradition in Ancient Egypt - some scholars think they used some variety of lotus as a hallucinogen, but that is a very strong hint there. Great find!

    That guy- I'll be checking out the new Freeman today, sir!

    Palisade- those are awesome quotes- perfect wisdom. Thank you!

  11. Etymology would also have much to contribute to transmission studies ("language is the carrier of culture"). I just edited a book on strange biblical phenomena, and the author used etymology to do his detective work. Fascinating.

  12. Re: "The Exegesis: The People's Evolutionary Army"

    Some questions.

    "There's infinite room for improvement in the human condition and it's time we radically embrace that..."

    What model are you comparing humanity to? Is there an infinitely better race of aliens, angels, or gods out there somewhere we can juxtapose ourselves against?

    "All of these great myths that we discuss mean absolutely nothing if they are not battle-cries for an Evolutionary Army..."

    Over a few beers, late one night at a hostel in Japan, some travelers and I got onto the topic of the environment. One Western fellow said the planet couldn't sustain this large a population. He was of the opinion that population reduction is an absolute must. When I asked who must die, he answered plainly, "Africa, China, India..."

    I pointed out that 90% of the resources are burned by 10% of Earth's population... and that, for the planet to survive, the white man (us) must be among the first to go, he lost it...

    My question to you: should all the races form their own "Evolutionary Armies" and battle to the last? Will the newly-evolved shrug their shoulders at the extinction of the Amish - who refuse State-enforced mandates such as placing RFID microchip into their cattle, horses, and sheep?

    "Religion should not be about faith or belief - it should be about extraordinary knowledge and extraordinary experience. It should be about putting that knowledge and experience into action..."

    Extraordinary knowledge and extraordinary experience is what took us from calligraphy to the internet, from horse and buggy to the moon, from muskets to Hiroshima - in less than a century.

    I take it this is not you're idea of religion. Could you please specify what you mean by extraordinary knowledge and experience? Do you mean gnostic mysticism?

    "Think of all the great visionaries of the past 100 years- Jules Verne, Nietzsche, Nicola Tesla, Carl Jung, Alan Turing, Jack Kirby, Philip K. Dick, Stanley Kubrick, Albert Hoffman, Buckminster Fuller - they must rolling in their graves..."

    As must Mahatma Gandhi, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Martin Luther King, César Chávez, Mother Theresa, Leo Tolstoy, and Dorothy Day...

    In the Garden there was this serpent who told us we were less than God. We've been ashamed of our lack of perfection ever since. And we're driven to become perfect by any means necessary.

    As Galadriel screamed at Frodo when he offered her the Ring:

    "Instead of a Dark Lord, you would have a Queen! Not dark but beautiful; and terrible as the dawn! Tempestuous as the sea, and stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me and despair!"

    There's your battle-cry for an Evolutionary Army. No offense.

    Please keep up the good work. I've been following your blog for about six months.

  13. So genocide and autocracy is your answer to humanity's problems? Interesting.

    Anyhow, from what I hear the Serpent was actually Christ-consciousness come to bring Adam and Eve the true Gnosis- and that that fruit had some rather interesting chemical properties.

    Was I misled?

    And no offense taken- you follow your path and each of us will follow our own.

  14. I'm not worthy. Jung actually worshipped a phallus in an underground secret society. As for your phallus craft, I see a spinning top. The forces of centrifugal/centripedal/Bernoulli's principle leads us to the widening gyre/torus (taurus) that is the physik used to build pyramids or as Schauberger reveals, builds flying saucers, floats logs up hill and allows the fishes of the sea to climb a waterfall.
    Your spacecraft looks like an egg to me and in the chapter called "The Mundane Egg" Blavatsky writes; In chap. liv. of the Egyptian Ritual, Seb, the god of Time and of the Earth, is spoken of as having laid an egg, or the Universe, “an egg conceived at the hour of the great one of the Dual Force”

  15. Hi Chris,

    Fantastic work, again!

    You wrote:
    ..." * What is the chain of transmission here, from this ancient image to an Alexandrin liturgy to a Medieval tableau?

    * Why would the Sun and Moon be seen as vehicles that the gods sat within, as we read in the Mithraic liturgy? Where would that idea possibly come from?

    One answer is that between Philae and Visoki Decani we have the Mithraic liturgy, that presents us with a sun disk with doors, exhaust, a beam of light, ramps and several gods casually going about their business within it."

    Sorry I couldn't post earlier, but NatGeo was hot on your trail last night with the Nebra Sun artifact discovered in a German filed that was analyzed to be 3600 years old and emphasizing Egyptian mythology (religion) of the Sun, Moon, Stars (Pleiades) and get this... a boat with the stars traveling within it!

    It was a fascinating documentary that at first traced the "transmission" of Egyptian religion to Germany (Europe) through some trade or contact with ancient Mediterranean societies...until the researchers discovered that the artifact was original (in ore from nearby European copper mines) to the region. So the question remained at the end of the documentary as to how these Bronze Age Europeans had such knowledge of Egyptian religion. We were reminded that 3600 years ago the Bronze Age in Europe yielded no great thinking or evolution was tremendously unlike the comparable time period of the Egyptian society (pyramids and organized religion etc.)

    Here's a link to the description of the Sun Disk and hopefully it will be replayed soon on NatGeo.

    (It seems that it will air again on 06-14-09 at 11 AM)
    Again, you are miles above the curve, Chris!

    And BTW, check out the NatGeo channel. All during the star disk episode last night and at every break a commercial ran that began..."On June 21...the CIA will reveal all." This is spoken to a backdrop of the famous Solar Disk in the lobby of CIA headquarters. My guess emphasizing the Summer Soltice on June 21. Why would they be playing on the image and the solstice?

    Anyway, the announcer says we will "learn the truth" about "Al Qaeda in Iraq" and how some CIA head person was instructed to capture bin Laden and bring his severed "head" back to the President Bush Jr.)

    Chris, that was way beyond weird for me!

    All the best!

  16. Chris,

    I apologize for not making myself clear. No, I don't believe genocide and autocracy are the answers to our problems. During the environmental discussion explained above, a gentleman posited the (popular) theory that the world can't handle our present population, that overpopulation causes Earth's environmental woes, and hence overpopulated continents ought to be depopulated.

    I simply stated that, if this is the case, then - logically - the 10% of the world's population that creates 90% of the world's pollution ought to go first. That is, the West. Being American, he was none to happy about the prospect.

    I was showing him how ludicrous it is to blame the world's environmental problems on the 90% of humans who cause 10% of the pollution... when 10% of humans cause 90% of the problems. I was not arguing for genocide.

    That said, of course - follow whatever path you choose. I just wanted to share my belief that an artificially enhanced, or highly-evolved, or selectively bred, race of cyberpunk supermen mystics, Muad-dibs, or whatever, will never cure humanity's evils.

    The only type of Christ-consciousness I appreciate is the one that shelters the homeless, clothes the naked, feeds the hungry, visits the lonely, defends the powerless, who loves and uplifts the unlovable, ugly and damned of this world. Just one human affirming and helping another. Slowly, one at a time.

    Maybe I misunderstood what you wrote. Sorry if I did. It just scared the hell out of me is all.