Saturday, June 13, 2009

John the Baptist in Space: Addendum

Cover dated May 24, 1963, which means it hit the stands on the 17th. Note the cruciform star next to Gordon Cooper's name and the cross formed by the numerals - John the Baptist, the Templar Messiah, crucified on the Celestial Cross. Cooper was also 33rd Degree.

Read the original "John the Baptist in Space" post here for context.


  1. whats up with the John the Baptist E-book you workin on?

  2. Glad you asked- it kept growing and growing as I was trying to get it ready, and now I'm on a new book for publication.

    I set out to do a quick book on the topic only to realize it was not a light topic. At all.

    Don't worry- it's still very much alive, but like the scifi book needs a LOT more work before it can see the light of day. The work I'm doing here keeps adding and adding to these issues. I had intended to put it out June 24th, and still may do that. But it will by no means be the final word on the topic.

  3. As always Christopher-thanks so much for the hard and imaginative work you do here! I am in awe of you-best as always-cant wait for the ebook!!

  4. After watching the latest installment of the Terminator movie franchise for the third time today, I am left wondering about the connection with John the Baptist given the 'weird' role of John Connor and the appearance of the character Marcus. As well as the introductory text about whether Connor is a false prophet or a Savior at the start of the flick. Maybe you might want to look into it, Chris.


  5. FYI on another "17" & "13"

    NYT Article URL :

    The New York Times -- June 13, 2009

    Leak Halts Shuttle Endeavour Launching

    From Article : "The planned 7:17 a.m. liftoff was called off at 12:26 a.m. and will be delayed at least four days".

  6. Andre, I heard that Term. Salv. was pretty bad from some peeps. What was it that had you going back for thirds?

  7. Back to the Baptist thing I will post major excerpts on the Seminar on the 24th. Not definitive, but just to get the conversation going.

  8. I'm a bit distracted right now because my wife and I are currently in the process of moving to Canada from North Carolina. Still, I'm definitely looking forward to the John the Baptist e-book / Seminar posting. We'll be driving near the Ripley / Ravenswood / Point Pleasant area in WV on Thursday, so I'll have that as a reminder.