Thursday, June 04, 2009

The (Secret) Sunrise: A Picture Story

This is how we do it- each image clicks to a link providing further information pertaining to the overall narrative. What is this story all about? You decide.


  1. The google picture of the day, or the differing images they use to showcase dates and what not in their search engine homepage is very interesting as well. I think you could make a great coffee table book on those images alone. I also feel going church to church, denomination to denomination, and seeing what videos and images they use would make for a good book as well. I hate to generalize but I have asked people, in business arenas and in others like praise/worship, what they see when they look at a particular image. Usually they will respond superficially for the sake of conversation. Keep it lite and play it cool so to speak. If you ask them if they think it could be more, most will respond something like,"no, and I am sure if it was is all somehow unintentional." The promulgation and subsequent frequencies of use of certain words is rarely seen unless you put them all together in this way that you just did. So, job well done I should say.

  2. If the Ancients want to put us up at a Howard Johnson, I'm not going.

  3. Howard is a jewish name. Johnson is a penis. Getting screwed by the Jews! Kabbalistic ritual sex to gain the upper hand using the left hand path. OR The installing of the wisdom learned by the elders into the son before the singluarity so they may again have the upper advantage, importing apple cores, cheating the system (Star Trek - 2012). Obama's symbol? - The road leading away from the singularity is escaping the time loop....? And the bad guys (Dracos) waiting on the other side.


  4. No bullshit... I love when you do this! It's like a comic book!