Friday, October 01, 2010

Something's Happening Here (UPDATE)

Where were we? Well, we were talking about the UN alien-ambassador story which was announced, then denied, then "debunked," then the subject of a legal complaint against the would-be debunkers.

The story seems to have kicked up a hornet's nest behind the scenes, with claims and and counterclaims and denials, giving the distinct impression- to me, at least- that someone's been telling tales out of school. It all seems to have died down a bit, though the bookies seem to the think that odds are good on some kind of contact in 2010. And if you can't trust a bookmaker, who can you trust?

This story doesn't seem to have died down - if anything, it's picking up. Longtime UFOlogists are familiar with reports of aliens monitoring nuclear facilities- peaceful or otherwise- so it's not surprising to them. What is surprising is how this story- which arose from a press conference called by retired Air Force officers - seems to have struck a nerve. Is it because we are an inherently militaristic culture and these men are the closest things to a priesthood that we have? Or is there something more immediate going on here?

The timing certainly struck me because we just saw the same kind of event discussed at the press confernece happen over the summer; UFOs were seen - and caught in TV news footage- over a massive wildfire at the Idaho National Labs, a very sensitive nuclear facility. Was this the trigger that broke this story open? We've also seen Leslie Kean's UFO book garner a lot of serious attention (albeit along with the usual kneejerk ridicule). So it seems there's something stirring here, but at the same time you can feel the reluctance, the hesitation as the media struggles with its automatic need to ridicule whenever the subject is raised (see that Guardian piece above)

The thing is that we've been through all of this before and it usually tends to fizzle out. Things get quiet, heat up and generate a lot of excitement and then fizzle out again. Rinse and repeat. Whatever else this phenomenon is, it's certainly elusive. But a lot of researchers have speculated on a gradual disclosure process- Timothy Good has stated that he was told that the process is ongoing but is going to be extremely gradual and cautious. If that's true it would certainly jibe with what's going on this year.

And there have been a lot of strange stories popping up that don't fit the usual patterns- the lack of response to UFO speculation on recent satellite imagery is particularly puzzling. But things got considerably more compelling with the discovery of what we hopeless geeks call and "M-class planet" in the Gliese 581 solar system, which the media has nicknamed "Goldilocks," since the conditions are just right for life. We've heard all sorts of reports of gas giants and super Earths, but this is the first twin we've spotted.

But wait, there's more...
Odds of Life on Newfound Earth-Size Planet '100 Percent,' Astronomer Says
An Earth-size planet has been spotted orbiting a nearby star at a distance that would makes it not too hot and not too cold — comfortable enough for life to exist, researchers announced today (Sept. 29).

If confirmed, the exoplanet, named Gliese 581g*, would be the first Earth-like world found residing in a star's habitable zone — a region where a planet's temperature could sustain liquid water on its surface
Granted, this puppy is a long way away- 120 trillion miles, to be exact- but scientists are already trying to figure ways to study it more closely, maybe even communicate with its inhabitants.

But as the Fates would have it, it turns out they may have already been trying to communicate with us:
An astronomer picked up a mysterious pulse of light coming from the direction of the newly discovered Earth-like planet almost two years ago, it has emerged.

Dr Ragbir Bhathal, a scientist at the University of Western Sydney, picked up the odd signal in December 2008, long before it was announced that the star Gliese 581 has habitable planets in orbit around it.

A member of the Australian chapter of SETI, the organisation that looks for communication from distant planets, Dr Bhathal had been sweeping the skies when he discovered a 'suspicious' signal from an area of the galaxy that holds the newly-discovered Gliese 581g.

The remarkable coincidence adds another layer of mystery to the announcement last night that scientists had discovered another planet in the system: Gliese 581g - the most Earth-like planet ever found.
That, my friends, is more than a coincidence. I'd say it's even more than Synchronicity. It could well be the reason they looked in that direction in the first place (just like the Stanford remote viewers allegedly spotted the structures at Cydonia years before the Viking mission) but are spinning it all as a big coincidence.

This could in fact be part of that slo-mo disclosure process that Good talked about. Get people used to the idea of a twin Earth (speaking of which: FRINGE!), gauge the reaction and then take it all to the next level. If so, I'd offer that the gradual process could well get a lot un-gradual and snowball over the next few months.

Either way, I can't repeat this enough- keep your antenna up and keep your ears to the ground. Having spent several decades watching the Establishment ridicule and harass UFO researchers - and pee all over the very idea itself - I can't help but wonder what's at work here. It's more than a bit dissonant to see all of this UFO stuff taking seriously in the media these days. As Mike Clelland said in our first podcast, the UFO phenomenon has been a fascinating modern mythos to explore- what happens if it's suddenly demythologized?

But it will be the sensitives who'll intuit what's coming down the pike first, and those are the people who I'll be looking to for clues. For my part, I've sensed that there seemed to be an expectation among the elite classes (see here and here), starting with the election (here). It was all very nebulous and hard to pin down, but it certainly hasn't been contradicted by recent events.

Not at all.

PS: I thought that Newsweek cover looked familiar...

PPS: An interesting story on using alien tech to save the US economy.

UPDATE: Man, I'm getting severe 90s flashbacks with this story on the Stuxnet worm. There are so many old school memes being dredged up I feel like I'm on AOL, browsing through alt.conspiracy again. But this is on a mainstream computing site, not SOTT:

Who, or maybe WHAT, is behind the Stuxnet worm?

The infamous Stuxnet worm is surrounded by cloak and dagger reports and conspiracy theories worthy of a movie plot. However, it's time to break out the tinfoil hats as some people question if nuclear systems have been attacked by an extraterrestrial cyber-worm. Wait, it gets even more bizarre than alien written worms because psychic spies are in on it too.

The "some people" are not named in the piece. Then the remote viewers come into it, fresh out of nowhere, but with an up to date transhumanist spin:

The American Chronicle wrote, "Sources to STARstream Research have reported that U.S. government intelligence agencies targeted Iranian underground nuclear facilities using 'psychic spies' -- a method left over from the cold war, when the Defense Intelligence Agency collected psychic intelligence against the Soviet Union."

Furthermore, the article talks of a Department of Defense report. "Questions of interest to the members of the intelligence community include discovering ways of reading the human mind (artificial telepathy), improving human cognitive performance, remote control of mental states, and machine-mind interfaces."

There's no reason to believe this bug is anything but the product of some perfectly terrestrial intelligence contractors. And this isn't much in and of itself- just some journo hypothesizing on what is most likely a dangerous and exotic but otherwise conventional bit of malware. If this is meant to be some kind of disinfo feed, it's a very clumsy one (the writer is all over the place with the conjecture and argues herself to a standstill).

But it helped feed into my 90s nostalgia- which seems to hit hardest on Fridays for some strange reason- and for that I'm grateful.

UPDATE: Sheesh, did I just say AoL? They've gotten a lot more interesting since they split from TimeWarner (and since Facebook essentially stole their 90s thunder). Picking up the memory lane vibe, they interview Rev. Barry Dowling, of all people:

"If UFOs are some type of intelligent power from another world, they may have been around for millions of years and may have been involved in the development of the biblical religion, and I do believe that is the case," said the Rev. Barry Downing, a retired Presbyterian minister.

The Rev. Barry Downing, a retired Presbyterian minister, believes Earth has been visited by extraterrestrials, with accounts of encounters going all the way back to biblical times.

In his 1968 book, "The Bible and Flying Saucers" (Marlowe), Downing suggests that extraterrestrials in technologically advanced spaceships played a major part in events depicted in the Bible.

"You can go through the Bible and look for signs of things that hover in the sky and seem to be intelligently controlled and interact with the biblical people," Downing told AOL News.
Things must really be changing behind the scenes, since this kind of talk had been relegated to the far corners of the Internet, at least in the Bush years, in favor of the whole Collins Elite UFO/Demon meme. Of course the story is in the "Weird News" ghetto and it may all switch back to the Collins/Heiser weltanschuuang after the elections, but it all of this 90s nostalgia makes me want to pull out my old Porno for Pyros records.


  1. It's crazy to me how much things are heating up. I'm getting that flutter-in-the-gut type feeling about all this. Like it's game-on, for real. But, until my mother starts to warn me that demons are visiting earth and it's time to prepare for the rapture, I won't consider this fully mainstream yet;) But at this pace it might not be too long of a wait. And yeah, that's the kind of thing I have to look forward to when and if the beans get spilled about ufos:(

    For further consideration:


  2. Scientific, Religious and Military-Industrial Complex figures all talking aliens at once...something is happening, indeed. I'm curious to know how long the UN, in particular, might have known about this exoplanet before the whole ambassador fiasco blew up (but perhaps weren't at "Libra" to tell?)...

    I also find it interesting that most of these "alien" news items rolled out against the backdrop of the Stuxnet worm attack on Iranian nuclear computer systems. Call me paranoid, but it seems there is a certain parallel between the narrative put forth at the disclosure press conference this week (UFOs thwarting nuclear technology, Hastings' book itself is titled UFOs & Nukes) and the cryptic one emerging in this xenotech attack (as suggested by possible Biblical allusions hidden within the Stuxnet programming code). Notice how whispers of UFOs & "psychic spies" have entered this mystery as well...

  3. I'm not sure if it's because this is all heating up or if it's just that Chris used a link I posted in the comments, but I got the butterflies too.

    Nice way to round out the ET ambassador stuff, Chris. I had not seen the SETI contact from Gliese, that is simply astounding.

    'This planet doesn't have days and nights. Wherever you are on this planet, the sun is in the same position all the time. You have very stable zones where the ecosystem stays the same temperature... basically forever,'

    Sounds like about as optimum conditions as you can get for life. I guess we will have to continue to wait and feel it out.

  4. @Chris K,

    This time in world history is most fascinating...

    But I can't help feeling that we may be the teenagers that had a wild party while mom and dad were on vacation!

    A party that got a little more than out of hand and we've ended up trashing the place!

    We're at a critical point in history where our (un)duly elected officials, governments and militaries have the ability to restrict any information under the guise of national security simply at the whim of corporate lobbyists and overly-powerful contractors.

    A time when instead of any real advancement we are held in the 'status quo'.

    Instead of remarkable energy technologies being introduced worldwide, we restrict, classify and disseminate to the most favored contractors and highest contributors to 'The State' and its various tentacles.

    This is the time when (whether real or pretense) the promulgated knowledge of the existence of superior intelligent extraterrestrial life can truly be of benefit to us all!

    Imagine, if you will, for just a moment, the difference that would be in a world where energy was freely available to all...

    The current psychotic aspects of the Eugenics movement would be as dead as the people it seeks to eliminate!

    There would be no more reason for mass kill-offs of the world's population.

    The damnable Malthusians would have to find a new theory to espouse.

    We would truly be a "free" world.


  5. (part 2)

    Imagine the untapped human resources and brain power that simply goes to waste daily because our current system of energy production demands our enslavement - and our unavoidable eventual devolution to nothing more than livestock - because educated slaves, as history has proved to us time and again, eventually revolt against their masters!

    Science, real science, that works for the improvement and betterment of all mankind in every area of existence would be not only possible but the de-facto norm!

    With energy available to all, We would experience near incalculable exponential growth in our technology and innovation. Our food production, terra-forming and peaceful weather-mod technologies. Those along with a vast increase in the available brain-trust would guarantee that even double or triple our current population could easily be sustained on this planet - all could eat their fill off little more (or even less) resources than we now consume, with little to zero environmental damage!

    Instead, under our current energy production and trade system we are held to only destructive technologies. Technologies that benefit a mere handful, who, in order to maintain their seats of power and industry must dumb-down, enslave, restrict, control, and even eliminate large portions of the world's population.

    Every single day we see these Malthusian "eliminations" occuring under the various guises of illness, famine, terrorism, warfare, and (un)natural disaster...


    perhaps, at long last, some measure of mental sanity has returned to the bureaucrats that awaken daily and believe themselves to be wise enough to truly control the Destiny of the World.

    Perhaps they are finally coming around to the side of management through "creation" rather than "destruction".

    Heck, we've tried all possible world-management experiments save one - free energy.

    Its time has come and its time is now before the true insanity of our current system destroys us all. (which it, whether we fully realize it or not at this point, absolutely and most assuredly will!)

    ... and with that one change in our world economy, WE (a collective MANKIND) is free to clean house and make this planet Earth into something truly wonderful for everyone on it, in accordance with the highest ideals of the Will of the Universe in which it exists.

    ... and should any superior celestial 'mom and dad' eventually walk through that door, they won't find a trashed home filled with irresponsible and selfish spoiled brats existing parasitically but instead would find beautifully maturing children working diligently together, improving and thriving on this little blue ball in the vastness of space.

    A little optimistic?
    but true none-the-less!


  6. Hey chris,

    Something IS heating up, but the question is "What exactly is it that's heating up?" Like you wrote, we've seen this kind of thing before - it fizzles out and then reheats eventually.

    But the thing that fascinates me is that every time it fizzles out, that's also an assimilation of the new info, speculations, competing theories etc, so consciousness is subtly changed. Which means parameters of possibility and expections are also subtly changed.

    This being the case, could we figure this as circumstantial evidence for the gradual disclosure that you outlined and referenced in connection with Tim Good? I myself would give such a possibility serious consideration.

    Don't misunderstand me here, dude, but I think an apocalypse is happening right now - in the linguistic sense of 'revealing' or 'unveiling', and perhaps it's been happening for a long time.

    In your interview you mentioned a breach between rock n roll and the current mainstream youth music, like we're in a new , far weirder place in terms of music history. Maybe the same thing is true of disclosure/contact? What if disclosure really started happening with the birth of the internet, or one of the world wars, or even the beginings of industrialisation? Just food for thought.

    It might be a stretch, but what if the past decade or so is somehow a similar kind of breach to the musical one you discussed, where the phenomenon's antecedents stop taking priority and something weird, elusive, and non-linear arrives in our perception instead?


  7. There is an image in this post of people on a road looking at a dot in the sky in the smoke from a wildfire.

    Link to footage from local idaho news:

    I live pretty close to the very creepy Idaho National Labs. I would be SUPER interested in finding more info. My next step is to call the TV station that shot the footage. It seems there were a variety of video clips that showed the object in flight, but, as far as I can tell, all have been pulled and none are available anymore - except the one linked above.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Click on my little profile photo for my contact info.

    Mike C!

  8. Another video clip relevant to this post.

    British prime minister Cameron and Obama discuss Gary McKinnon in a press conference. Please note, they are openly talking about the issue of UFOs, without ever mentioning that hot-button acronym.


  9. The habitable world is very exciting! But I think some disinfo may be going around.

    Chatter at at says that the optical signal recorded by Dr Bhathal in 2009 didn't originate in the Gliese system (in the constellation Libra) but in a different constellation, Tucanae.


  10. Gilese is... what... about 20LY away? At .1C (10% Speed of Light) that's 200 years plus maybe another 20 for acceleration and deceleration so 220 years.

    Quite a journey, but not technically infeasible. A sleeper ship would be the most likely way to go.

    .1C is attainable using thermonuclear "Orion" pulse rockets and other technologies that were worked out on paper in the 1960s and that people like Seth Shostak like to pretend are impossible because you "can't get here from there."

    (warning: big scanned PDF)

  11. Jim- Interesting criteria you have there! Good links btw...

    250- Oh boy, did you win star of the day. Will be updating soon....

    Bufton- Butterflies in the stomach seems to be a thruline today!

    SE- Oh, you have no idea how much I hope you are right. You know there's a lot of really dumb conspiracy theories about red-robed black magicians running the world out there, but I've come to realize how all of that is just a compensatory fantasy for the truly chilling, truly depressing conspiracy reality of cold-blooded plutocrats methodically draining the world of its resources and lifeforce using a vast array of scams, tricks and armies of lawyers and software engineers. How I hope something or someone would change that equation.

    Raj- The funny thing is that everytime you really dig into these streams of inquiry you can't help but end up staring at those alien eyes. It's interesting that with the rise of the Industrial Revolution you had this evolution from earth spirits to space brothers, just like in the ancient myths. Funny how it works.

    Mike- It's gone- try ATS. They did a big thread on it and post a bunch of different sources. Someone might have done a rip.

    Lynn- Chatter among the pseudonymous exophobes on the boards? There's a rock solid source for you! ;-) If you get any legitimate corroboration on that though, please post!

    Adami- Impressive! Thanks for the input there.

    Synchro- Speaking of which did anyone hear of the man who literally fell to Earth at Egg Harbor NJ a couple weeks back?

    And how about that Fringe, eh?

  12. Chris, I actually thought of Ragbir when I first read about Goldilocks, because I mentioned him on Tumblr last year...however, the "chatter" is a bit more than forum debunkers. Ragbir himself offered a response:

    "An email from Dr. Bhathal:

    Thanks for your email. I think a couple of people from the European press made a mistake and associated my work with the work on extra-solar planets. I am carrying out a search for ETI in the optical spectrum. We are looking for laser pulse signals from outer space.
    The signal we detected came from the southern constellation Tucanae. Please find attached the signal for your use in your publications. We are still in the process of trying to figure out whether it is an ETI signal.

    Then again, of course, he could be lying, the email could be fake, it's a long hall of omnidirectional mirrors.

    The original story is surprisingly vague -- nowhere in it does he mention the source of the signal, and indeed, the only specific location that gets mentioned in the interview is this:

    "And this magazine called Cosmos got everyone to send messages to them, which will then be sent to a planet called Gliese which is 20 light years away."


    Here's another strange detail from Andrew Collins (a name I know nothing about, grains of salt and apologies if he's been flagged before)

    "Beyond that Dr Bhathal is not prepared to make any further comments until he and his team have checked and double checked all possible explanations for the laser flash. In May, he would not even be drawn to reveal the direction from which it originated, telling me on June 1, "We have not released the location from where the signal came from yet. We are still analysing it and trying to explain it."

    That was from August 2009, and that's when Bhathal first mentioned Tuscanae:

    "he has exclusively revealed that the source of the signal is the area of sky marked by a group of six faint stars that create the constellation known as Tucana, the Latin name for the South American toucan bird. This small star cluster, which was designated its name as recently as the late sixteenth century, is visible only in the Southern Hemisphere and the lower latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. Its stand out feature is that it harbors the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), a dwarf galaxy that at 200,000 light years distance from our solar system is the second closest galaxy to the Milky Way galaxy."


  13. Slightly off-topic, but with undiniable links to this meme-stream...Have you looked at the storyline for Assassin's Creed 2? Mother of Gawds, the syncs are HUGE!! AAT, Annunakki, etc. MUST look at this!
    They are not subtle about it at all; it's a pure and open call to war against the current consensus reality! Please look at it and tell us what you think.

  14. Long live the cargo cults! I still stager drunk in the dark, falling into walls on my way to drive the porcelain bus, after having been drinking like mad, trying to deal with day to day earth based reality, and the callous ignorance of my fellow man. Upon "true contact," they will lose their mind, soil themselves, and riot, that is before they finally "self" organize into paranoid local tribal like units, to hug tattered gilded paper wads, and murmur, before launching themselves jihad style into a frenzy of unholy destruction. Enjoy your sci-fi salvation and redemption from above fantasy.

  15. Regarding the Stuxnet angle, it's probably important to point out that the NSA, et al, are clamoring for the right and ability to 'wiretap' internet communications:

    For some reason I'm reminded of the infamous Reagan unity-through-alien-invasion-speech. Not that they really need an alien false flag attack to tighten the lasso.

  16. @Anonymous 2:40

    riots?? organized ??

    We're murdered every single day as we stand in place like a deer in headlights by our very own Frankenstein monsters right here on this planet

    ... and ...

    do you see any widespread mass rioting and organization into jihad style unholy destruction???

    Put that numbskull 1950's Rand no-think-tank mentality away, it truly no longer has a place in reasonable discussion.


  17. Strange eye I'm liking your thoughts. The truth is that people discover the truth - eventually. I think free energy has probably been available to all throughout all of time.

    Surely if we all run cars on water it wouldn't be long before Earth looks like Mars? Just a thought. Maybe there are good reasons for things being the way that they are.

    Chris - physic spies hey. I don't remember seeing them much in movies. That's a chilling thought.

  18. And of course Chris, now with this new NBC show THE EVENT, having a strong Alien presence theme. I know you're not excited about the show yet, but do you find interesting how all of these things are being added to the soup of our mass media culture.

  19. @Wotie.

    Why would U run cars on water??
    w/ Combustible Engines???

    C'mon... Tesla solved all this early last century fer godsakes!

    U really think any (potential) arriving ET species are running craft with combustible engines??


    We've already got better..MUCH better!
    IF only the powerbrokers would allow it out!

    Though you're right, "Eventually" is true! Unfortunately we can only hope that Oopsie moment is not the final truth discovery of the very last man standing!


  20. Some people are running there cars on water though that or vegetable oil that fish and chip shops are discarding. It's crazy but true.

  21. @ Strange Eye. The possibility of reasonable discussion and a passable semblance of consensus has no recent verifiable, historical president. I am so truly sorry. This blog is a refreshing island, of the mostly like minded, in a sea of utter confusion, but don't get carried away from reality. You'll get shanked in this madhouse anytime, every time, for crossing the ruling thug on the block irregardless of virtue, rightness, or the common good. Violence and extreme coercion is king and only through "rods from god" and "struck by lightning," diving intervention will there be any lasting peace and order. Enjoy the chip and immanent threat of disconnection from the life sustaining grid. It won't require green men from Mars to implement. Good day, if such is possible.

  22. Chris - that's just so freaky! Something really weird is going on!

    "Enjoy the chip and immanent threat of disconnection from the life sustaining grid." - wtf!

    ( - please don't show that but I just thought I should say)

  23. "what is most likely a dangerous and exotic but otherwise conventional..."

    That would appear to be an oxymoron.

  24. "the writer is all over the place with the conjecture..."


  25. @Wotie

    don't ever be staggered by the idiosyncrasy of someone talking brave while hiding behind an "anonymous" post comment!

    @trash talkin anony

    Happy to assist you in your growth today! Best of luck to you as well ... like it or not we're all in this together!


  26. Chris this is your Star Trek / Gene Roddenberry expert here with his take on all of this. As you know I attended 3 academic lectures by Gene in the early 1980's while living in my native State of Oregon. Gene was asked about the Fundamentalist Christian support (hostile to his faith of Scientific Humanist Rationalism) for the Reagan Administration, and it's political champaigns. He said the movement had only 20 to 25 years to live before an event/crisis will destroy their movement forever. Gene had a very fierce look to his eyes when he said it! I will remember the fierceness in those eyes forever. Here we are that 20 to 25 years later, where are we? We have this event coming. We have Sisko (sorry Chris) Obama as President. So what's going to happen? Obama is going to allow this event to be used as a Nolan Ryan Fastball to literally slam the Fundies (his critics) in the face at Warp Speed! It's as Gene hinted, the Fundies and their allies are going to be slammed so hard in their psychological well-being they'll never be functioning participants in our society again! An unacceptable scientific truth will be used as their weapon of destruction!

  27. Gliese 58-17 is suggested to be located 20 light years away. However, this distance calculation is based on the methods of establishment science.

    Scientists such as Halton Arp allege the distance estimates of modern astronomy are nonsensical groupthink. And of course, like many other innovators, his findings have been quickly consigned to the Heretics Heap.

    Hence, the distance to Gliese may be much closer than conventional wisdom estimates. And contact between the worlds may be much easier than envisioned.

  28. Slightly off topic - but a synch made me do it. I cancelled the first post and went back to the blog - where there was a link back to Pay Careful Attention - Hammer of the Gods and the mention of Chrislam.


    During the Pap-al visit to the UK, the head Bishop of C of E was interviewed, there was talk of unity, and meeting Islam to find common ground.

    It's probably not significant, in the circumstances, that Israel wasn't mentioned?

    There can be only one ;-)

  29. I believe an EVENT may be coming also, my concern is that said EVENT may not be used towards a positive change in consciousness and culture, but for the advantage of an elite few! Historically the minority of those in power have never worked diligently for the betterment of the masses. Power I don't believe automatically corrupts but has a tendency to do just that. George Orwell I believe described this powerfully in ANIMAL FARM. As a person of Christian faith myself, I can testify that many men and women of power an influence from the 70's to the present have rarely lived our the radical life that Christ called his followers to live in the Gospels!

  30. This has become almost like a ritual. Every year now come September, talks of "disclosure" begin. So many people were so certain disclosure was imminent two years ago, then it was imminent a year go. And here we are again…Yawn…

    People are making themselves sick worrying about and anticipating what may come. Mainstream news getting on the act is merely helping the sickness go viral.

  31. i could care less about what people think of me, im not that crazy, anyways i was in telepathic communication with some entities the other week while on a vision quest, they were communicating that they were getting ready to disclose their existence to us earth folk, they already have been disclosing to individuals for some time, keep your eyes open because we should all be able to see them here real soon. o yeah and they mentioned a galactic war that is going down, it seems that no matter how intelligent we become we wont be able to escape war..

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