Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alien Dreaming: In Excelsis, Part 10/13

By the time you read this, the headlines will be screaming about
mass UFO landings all across the globe or it will be just another ordinary day in October. I'm not a betting man, so I'll keep my own counsel as to which is the more likely scenario. But let me just say that I've seen a lot of mass landing prophecies come and go, along with a whole host of second coming prophecies.

The two expectations are closely related.

Here on The Secret Sun we've been looking at all kinds of more intimate contact narratives, including a whole host of plotlines from various fictional sources that bear a striking resemblance to divergent reports from shamanism to psychedelia to abduction literature. There's a host of narratives describing what some would dismiss as hallucination, but seem to have improbable thrulines. All the more improbable when you factor in the vast geographical, cultural and temporal differences among them.

One of the reasons that my X-Files obsession outlasted the series itself is the layer upon layer upon layer of hidden meaning woven through it. It was well-known that they dropped "easter eggs" throughout the series- names, dates, trivial nonsense like that. Less known is all of the heavy, heavy weirdness hiding beneath them. It just takes a lot of time and patience to pick it all out. Here's one of my discoveries, from an earlier Alien Dreaming post:
Through the series, episodes centered alien identity and AAT would be preceded by episodes dealing with either hallucinations and/or hallucinogens. The first explicit inclusion of AAT in the Mythology was The End, which was preceded by an episode about an insectoid vampire (nearly identical to the ancient Martians from Quatermass and the Pit) that disguised its appearance by psychically implanting a hallucination of itself as human in the observer.

The major revelations of Biogenesis/The Sixth Extinction (with "Dr. Sandoz" and his revelatory "alien tablets") was preceded by the giant magic mushroom in Field Trip, as we looked at previously. The episode in which we first saw Scully's baby (conceived following her exposure to ancient alien technology) was produced right after Via Negativa, an episode about a Iboga guru who kills his victims in their dreams. William's alien identity was explored in two separate arcs: in TrustNo1, aired after Lord of the Flies which had a Syd Barrett subplot, and in Providence/Provenance, preceded by Hellbound which dealt with hallucinations of murder victims.
The problem with all of this is that I was wrong- in the second season the Mythological blowout preceded the explicit entheogenic episode. But there was no shortage of mycological symbolism in the MythArc ep either.

The episode Excelsis Dei was a spin on the Ron Howard film Cocoon (which we recently looked at in the Atlantis Rising series) in which a group of elderly people are magically rejuvenated by an external force. As with Cocoon, there was the requisite water symbolism, but unlike Cocoon, the seniors were also endowed with frightening psychic powers....

...which summoned our old friends the Walk-Ins (though a more malevolent variety). And unlike Cocoon, the rejuvenation powers didn't come from alien intervention... came from the use of psychedelic mushrooms. Or maybe that's like Cocoon as well, if you're initiated into these strange Mysteries that lurk behind so much Hollywood sci-fi. As I said of Cocoon itself:
And as usual, the mothership strongly resembles a mushroom cap with the heavenly beam acting as the stem (a common icon well familiar to Secret Sun readers). Again, we're square in the middle of AstroGnostic territory - the alien gnosis offering escape from the fallen world that sickens and kills good people, and deliverance to the higher planes where the power of the Demiurge and his archons is broken and the knower is given eternal life.
As to those Mysteries, compare this shot from The X-Files (a show about extraterrestrials)...

...with this one from E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial. Is Spielberg telling us where he first encountered those xenomorphs he's seems to be so obsessed with? Terence McKenna wouldn't even blink.

He'd love this, though. Before Excelsis Dei came Red Museum, an episode that absolutely blew my mind when I first saw it, and retains its mule kick with repeated viewings. As I wrote about it in the I Want to Believe series:
(A)n earlier episode called Red Museum, which deals with hallucinogens, ancient aliens as gods and DNA manipulation, all of which is exposed by the actions of a sexual predator. Both stories hinge on the concept of "Walk-Ins," a type of spiritual intervention popularized by UFO cults in the 1970s.
The "Church of the Red Museum" are radical vegans who are purifying their bodies so that they can host the alien walk-ins when the Apocalypse strikes in 2012. They are led by a man who calls himself....

Some folks will recognize Odin* from shamanic lore identifying the god with you guessed it:
Mythology recorded in modern times contains some stories in which Wotan (Wodan or Odin), the shamanic god of ecstasy and knowledge, was associated with the fly agaric mushroom. According to legend, the fly agaric mushroom grows where Wotan rides on his horse through the clouds with his followers, the members of the wild hunt, in the dark nights around the time of the winter solstice.
That connection should be pretty clear from the distinctive outfits worn by the Red Museum themselves....

...don't you think?

Scholars tie this all the way back to the earliest peoples of the North, stretching a far east as Siberia, which itself has a rich shamanic tradition:
The characteristic red mushroom with its white dots is the Nordic shamanic drug par excellence. Most shamans of the Northern Hemisphere ate it ritually. Its shamanic use can be traced to the Lapps, the Siberian nomadic peoples (Samojeden, Ostjaken, Tungusen, and Jakuten), and the North American Indians.
Speaking of Siberia, guess where Mulder was first injected with alien DNA (which was activated by his exposure to the Godship, which brings us all the way back to the first part of this sprawling series)?

Damn strange coincidence, no?

* soon to be played by Anthony Hopkins, star of Silence of the Lambs- a huge influence on The X-Files. Ah, those full circles...


  1. 10-13-the miners emerge from the underground

  2. OT: Chilean miner story made me think of you. 33 miners. Found alive after 17 days. Rescue capsule: Phoenix. Brought up from nether regions to surface. Add the Chilean flag. The star. Oh! And a dharma wheel. More I am certain you will see .

  3. Hey Chris- Got a 10-13 for you.
    That "Chilean Miners Rescue " story, which the news media must think is the only story on EARTH today is of course everywhere. And the fact that it's happening on 10-13 is not the only fascinating numerical occurance with it. I know it sometimes irks you when I pull out the numbers, but I think it's important to note the other significan numbers that inundate this tale. The Miners became trapped, and were then discovered on Augst 22nd. There are 33 Miners. They were trapped for 69 days (there's a 23 buried in there, a favorite of Crowley and the Templars )
    They are being rescued by an "elevator capsule" thoughtfully dubbed the "Phoenix". The Phoenix is 22 inches wide. Again, as they're rescued today on 10-13, it's exactly 18 (note the 6's) days from All Hallows Eve. I could go on, but I won't. The other thing of note here is I personally beleive this story is being blown WAY out of proportion, as if someone in power feels its imperitive that the world watch closely. Seems to be working. It's kind of hard to miss the whole death/burial/resurrection parable being played out here, live and in color on every news channel, but I suspect there's probably even more at play. I'm not experienced enough to know if there's any AAT or ET significance, but I bet there is, somewhere in this tale.
    Thanks for your indulgence, as always -

  4. Hey Chris,

    I'll try not to geek-out over my excitement about another X Files post, but I sure do love talking 'bout them Files!

    This entheogenic-consciousness-alien identity theme that runs through so much of the x-mythos is particularly fascinating. I've always been well aware of it, but your work on the Secret Sun helped elucidate so much of my thinking regarding these themes.

    To me it appears that entheogenic narratives usually involve liberation and transgression from imprisoning forms, but it seems that expansion of consciousness is always the primary function of these stories. Any theorising about spiritual prisons, archons and demiurges seems to come later, at least narratively speaking.

    I often toy with the idea that it is the destiny of each individual consciousness to eventually BECOME the stories that they love. This was definitely true for Fox Mulder. He started off as an intuitive obsessed with aliens and magic, he then morphed into a powerful psychic (or a magician who's prime skill was mytho-poetic association)with incredibly accurate hunches, eventually becoming an alien god.

    I used to think of Cancer Man as analagous to Milton's Satan in Paradise Lost, somehow standing against the demiurge's tyrannical kingdom. This was perhaps admittedly a lenient view of CSM, but by the end of the series it's made clear that CSM is what he appeared to be all along - a creepy, cowardly old fossil - and it's Mulder who more resonates with Milton's Satan. Mulder is now Lucifer, the lightbearer - the alien god with the Truth literally INSIDE him. I hope Christians don't misinterpret my meaning there; I'm just speaking figuratively. To me it's interesting that little William was concieved around the time of Mulder's godhood.

    I was always amused by how Duchovny played Mulder in these later seasons. Mulder seemed to have a more impish yet bemused conviviality in the latter seasons, almost as if he was fully aware that he was the lead character in an epic mystical narrative called The X Files. Chris, I'm guessing you've already considered this reading of Duchovny's performance? We could argue that the actor was bored with the character, which might be true, but I suspect that Duchovny was still trying to portray a convincing rendition of an alien-man-god with a quirky sense of humour.

    If the almost reptilian Greys of the x-mythos, with their black oil consciousness, are analagous to the archons and the demiurge then Cassandra Spender's comment about them taking over the universe (taken over?) through Purity has far more resonance. Purity. Purity Control. It sounds like something is trying to contain consciousness and knowledge/freedom at its most fundamental genetic-meme level. To me at least, that's about as astro-gnostic as you can get.

    Great work, dude.


  5. Makes for interesting reading, the Nasa Authorisation Act of 2010. Signed off by Obama in what's been widely touted as Disclosure Week. Coincidence?
    Well, if you read the Act you'll see stuff about research into "non-human primates" and sites of "historical and scientific" interest on the moon. It's all grist to the miller. See full Act below.

  6. P.S.

    Thrace's comments made me consider the fact that if Mulder is Osiris and Scully is Isis, then a 10/13 parable about burial/dying/ressurection is weirdly apt here.

    Is this story a kind of gradual disclosure event, at least from a certain perspective? I might be stretching credulity here, but we have some unfortunate miners toiling away in the underworld on behalf of corporations-empires, they become stranded there, and then a divine bird of fire (pheonix) carries them up into the overworld and into the peircing brightness of day (dei? As in god?).

    Is it just me sensing the shades of AAT here? Is this a parable like that of the dying/reborn vegetation gods of old? Is this also an intelligence giving us a certain kind of disclosure about how we humans often imagine a transformation into godhood?

    It reminds me of Mulder trapped in the buried train-car in Anazazi. He was reborn of fire, like a pheonix, in that ep too, just like the Chilean miners. What exactly are we looking at here, on 10/13? Something orchestated, or 'mimetic blossoms from the depths of the psyche' as you eloquently stated in an earlier post? Or, BOTH? It makes me feel like, whatever the 'actuality' of these events, there is far more semiotic richness to this theme of disclosure than is apparent at first glance.


  7. 33 miners reborn from the earth on 10 + 13 + 10. Initially found after 17 days. A Luciferian ritual is taking place before your eyes.

  8. a capsule named Phoenix. Lucifer rising and reborn from an atlantean-subterranean realm expressed by numerology. Chilean president Sebastian Pinera openly states that 33 is a "magical number".

  9. Today 10 / 13 / 10


    Retired Air Force officer, Stanley A. Fulham, tentatively predicts October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities.

    According to Fulham, the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.

  10. Also in today's news:

    Sadly, Roy Ward Baker, the director of Quatermass and the Pit has died at the age of 93.

  11. Concerning the 33 miners: a proper Jungian would point out that the gold miners are trapped under the eartH (= Heart), symbolizing the Self trapped in the darkness of the unconscious.

    "Luciferian"? This rising out of the depths is part of the universal Monomyth. ("For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale's belly, so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.") It is a flowering of consciousness, happening in the "year we make contact."

  12. I've been watching the miner story- I might post on it tomorrow when all is said and done. As to "Luciferian," I always stop listening when that word comes up. It's just a Fundamentalist code word. But the Masonic symbolism here is pretty hard to miss, intentionally or otherwise.

  13. OT Re miners: BBC was saying the rescue operation started 9/17, which is clearly wrong it started 8/5 or one could argue 8/22 when they realized the miners were alive.
    33 days of drilling, apparently, to complete the rescue tunnel. Rescue tunnel was completed last Friday or Saturday, so I'm not sure how they got 33 days of drilling out of that, but it was prominently stated in a CBC article.
    CBC journalist also said some were saying the miners had been in hell and were being reborn.
    And if all had gone according to plan, the first miner would have been rescued before the end of 10/12. Tests with the capsule had gone fine earlier, but they had trouble with the final tests, delaying the first miner's entrance by a few hours until 10 or 11 minutes into 10/13.

    I wish I knew if anything was going on here, weird date coincidences are one thing but fudging the facts like BBC did seems almost deliberate.

  14. It's past noon on the East Coast, and still no gosh darn UFOs. Where's an alien invasion when you need one?

  15. Speaking of the non-invasion (so far, the day is still young) Richard Dolan smashes the Project Blue Beam meme to pieces:

  16. "Red Mueseum"... greately underrated episode. A generally creepy mood, kind of akin to "Gender Bender" (also underrated). Considering its themes, rather anachronistic as well since 2012 themes weren't really explored until much later.

    Speaking of Wotan/Odin, Erich von Däniken has a brand-new book out called Twilight of the Gods. Original in German, of course, published as Götterdämmerung (of course).

    Bonus: first air date of "Red Museum" was 9 December.


  17. @Chris Knowles

    Agreed! Definite MASONIC Symbolism going on! Not surprising since miners work with stone!

    as for code words...
    Most people are shocked to learn the following...

    JESUS = 10,5,19,21,19 = 74

    MASONIC = 13,1,19,15,14,9,3 = 74

    LUCIFER = 12,21,3,9,6,5,18 = 74

    Now go read "Revelation 22:16" KJV...

    You get all kinds of argument and nay-saying, but those who contradict simply don't know that "the people" who make up words for languages use mathematics in their creation!

    And the "Lucifer" connection to something "evil" is NOT from the Bible! It's from fantasy and imagination brought on by Milton's "Paradise Lost".

    In, fact, quite the opposite, if you read that Rev 22:16 KJV verse. You'll find that "JESUS" identifies himself as "the bright and Monrning Star" (aka "LUCIFER", in the LATIN)

    Any Christians reading are free to gasp and panic... then please educate yourself!

    Remember the movie ALIVE('93) -
    based on this...,

    a plane that crashed in the Andes on October 13, 1972.

    38 years ago to the day.

    @Eleleth, You bet! I'm with you on that!


  18. if you want to see a DEEP exploration of what's going on with the 33 Miners... check out my blog...


  19. Director of Quatermass and the Pit dead at 93, eh?

    It's noon here, and black ships have yet to eat the sky. Gray clouds have been loitering, though.

  20. Just one more thing I'd like to add to the JESUS / LUCIFER thing...

    Please, naysayers, for the Love of JESUS, be astute enough to see what is right before your own eyes...

    Verse 16 (1+6=7) of
    Chapter 22 (2+2=4)

    now where did we see that same "74" pattern...


  21. @Chris:

    Am I the only one who wonders why “trapped underground” accidents have such a profound effect on our psyche?

    Like, it's some deep, subconscious fear the entire world can identify.

    When I was younger, I remember watching the “Baby Jessica down a well” fiasco; which seemed to have ubiquitous 24 news updates, even on non-cable news networks.

    [from Wikipedia:] This massive media saturation of the ordeal prompted then-President Ronald Reagan to state that "everybody in America became godfathers and godmothers of Jessica while this was going on."

    What was that quote from the Iran-Contra affair report? “- If the president did not know what his national security advisers were doing, he should have." I guess Reagan was too busy worrying about Baby Jessica!

    ...Anyway, I can't help but think these incidents are more than just examples of the media hyping tragedies to capitalize on the general public's reaction.

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  23. Chris,

    Dolan's article on Bluebeam is open-minded, perceptive and full of insight. Awesome.

  24. Thanks as always, guys- I'll return to your comments later- I'm working up a post on all of the excitement today.

  25. Project Blue Beam is called the Phoenix Project now according to this...

    I get the feeling there's something really big going on behind the scenes.

    I love the x-files - haven't seen them for a while but the ones I've seen tend to stick in my mind like that woman with the tooth picks or cotton buds propping her eyes open.

    Thanks for another fab post.

    Maybe the UFO's got stuck in traffic.

  26. 10/13:

    Slight of Hand ?

    Looking DOWN while we should be
    looking UP?

    UFOs over NEW YORK - New York Daily NEWS


    FAA Evacuates Radar facility in NEW YORK - WCAX


  27. Good thing the ROSWELL incident was only a BALLOON ;) Huh?


  28. Dude I think you need to look at this - I recently bought the NORAD officer's book about the 10/13/2010 ufo's etc, turns out he lives in my neighbourhood!! Delivered the book to my door sand everything.. Anyways, they showed up over New York City today, and to a lesser degree seattle and san fransisco, not quite the "mass landing" some people were expecting, but interesting nonetheless. As far as I can tell these are the real deal. Check it out, and I love your blog!

    New York Story:

  29. The timing of this "explanation" seems rather curious:

    An asteroid collision?

  30. During the making of Close Encounters, Jacques Vallee told Spielberg that ETs are not from outer space -- Spielberg replied that he knew, but it wasn't what audiences wanted to see.

  31. Most of the underground miner stories just happen to cover vast amounts of time in the media. UFO sightings on the other hand, are dismissed out of hand very quickly. This must be the "bird in the hand" parody that the press likes so very much.

  32. Ela/Song/Thrace- Yup, and hopefully by now you saw my post on it.

    Raj- Thanks, man- and the same goes for your wise words.

    923- Cool- thanks for the info.

    Raj-- Absolutely. If you haven't already read this entire series. It will give you a lot of grist for your own mill.

    Mike- Interest that Fulham seems to have gone into hiding.

    Eleleth- Lucifer never appears in any Bible translation before James and even there it's a reference to King Hyllel, not Satan. It's a title meaning "Lightbearer." I can see why those trying to bring back the Dark Ages would be afraid of that. There are certainly Satanists and those in positions of power who practice Satanism without acknowledging it, but there's no such thing as a Luciferian. Well, maybe outside of some tiny fringe groups somewhere.

    Nancy- It seems like Blue Beam's fallen victim to the recession too.

    Jason- I'm glad you have my back on RM, brother.

    StrangeEye- What fun is it if you can't gasp and panic? Nice Gematria btw.

    Riotfish- Well, the remake of QATP. My heart belongs to the TV version.

    レベッカ - And at the same time there was that Woody Allen movie, too. Interesting timing there?

    Daria- Interesting how that turned out no?

    Raj- Dolan's great.

    Wotie- Yeah, X-Files! Maybe I'll start a rewatch club.

    1052- Check in again! I want to hear more info on that Fulham cat! Where do you live?

    Brooke- Interesting- thanks for the link.

    442- Yeah, I respect Jacques but his thinking is a lot more mystical than people might expect.

    Eric- The real UFO phenomenon seems to be out of their control. Which I hope doesn't mean that they'll manufacture their own.

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