Sunday, October 03, 2010

Something's Happening Here: The Beat Goes On



The question still stands - why all of the sudden interest in UFOs and aliens in the media and among the scientific establishment lately? The recent discovery of Gliese 581G is certainly a milestone, but there's a lot more going on out there. Things you might not expect at a time when budgets are tight and science is so highly politicized.

October looks to be a banner month for Disclosure watchers (or should I say "Disclosure?" watchers). Luckily, a helpful reader- who by some bizarre struck of fate is actually named Helpful Reader- caught some of the upcoming events on extraterrestrial life out there in venues you might not expect to be hosting them. Well, up until recently, that is. The first one up is the Royal Society, where the M.Othman story originated.

Towards a scientific and societal agenda on extra-terrestrial life
Starts: 9.00am on 04 October 2010
Venue: Kavli Royal Society International Centre
Organised by Dr Martin Dominik and Professor John Zarnecki

Should extra-terrestrial life exist, upcoming efforts will provide living generations with a realistic chance of its detection. Even more than the scientific agenda, a corresponding complementary societal agenda needs to be debated. With a mix of invited talks and panel debates, we particularly look into the detection of life, the communication with potential extra-terrestrial civilizations, the implications for the future of humanity, and the political processes that are required.
The same room is hosting a different group following the same topic, just days later:
The International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)
"Second IAA Symposium on Searching for Life Signatures"
6-8 October 2010, at the Kavli Royal Society International Centre

50 years ago, from April to July 1960, radioastronomer Frank Drake carried out humankind's first search for other civilizations by scanning 400 kHz of bandwidth for interstellar radio transmissions. Since then, much has been learnt about life and its evolution, and over the last 15 years, more than 400 planets orbiting stars other than the Sun have been detected.
While humankind has probably always speculated about life on other worlds, we now know that such worlds exist, and if the conditions on nearby planets are right, current or upcoming technology provides living generations with a realistic chance of witnessing the detection of extra-terrestrial life.
The folks at NAZCA NASA are getting in on the act too (does October have some exo-significance I'm not aware of?):
Seeking Signs of Life: A Symposium Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of NASA’s Exobiology Program
Thursday October 14, 2010
Global Vision Center - Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co.
Arlington, VA
Sponsored by the NASA Astrobiology Program

In 1959, NASA funded its first exobiology investigation, a life-detection experiment for a Viking mission to the 1980s, NASA expanded its exobiology program to encompass studies of evolutionary biology. In the 1990s, NASA again expanded the breadth and depth of this program, broadening the boundaries of “exobiology” to establish “astrobiology” as a program encompassing studies of chemical evolution in interstellar space, the formation and evolution of planets, and the natural history of Earth in addition to exobiology and evolutionary biology.
As tempting as it is to say we've seen this all before, we actually haven't. Mainstream science has been resistant to talking about ETL, publicly at least. This is all very cautious, very tentative- meaning I'm not seeing this as prelude for a Halloween mass landing- but it's definitely news. Then there's this story:
What Contingency Plans Does the U. S. Government Have for a "First Contact" Scenario?

A recently formed small group of legal professionals based in Arlington, Va. - the National Security Counselors has embarked on a bold, creative pursuit of official information not readily available to most of society's inquiring minds.

Their chief tool in this public-interest pursuit happens to be the U. S. Freedom of Information of these themes should pique the interest of this blog's readership: Contingency Plans for a "First Contact" Scenario. The pertinent request letter went out individually on May 13, 2010, to the following agencies: U. S. Air Force, U. S. Army, U. S. Central Intelligence Agency, U. S. Defense Intelligence Agency, U. S. Department of State, U. S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration...
Does any of this prove anything? No. But no one is trying to disprove anything, either. And that's certainly news, too.

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  1. how about Disclosure of The Watchers ( aka Fallen angels)?

    2010 is the year of contact so the obvious symbolism is there and was expected sometime this year.

    however on the more esoteric level the timing of the these 4 major "disclosure" moments from sep 17-29th, through scientific, faith, and prime time tv sources it all points to a hidden pattern.

    its all about the symbolism. contact (film) = birth = lucifer.

  2. Gee Chris, a TV show episode starting with an airline crash in a desert that looks suspiciously like Syria! Looks VERY Roddenberry to me! Well if the extraterrestrials have come this far, with advanced technology, how do Governments control this event at all? They don't have a chance, especially with secret inner group of world citizens in the Cult of Grissom (Archbishop Roddenberry who think contact is indispensable to our evolution. Could this Cult be worldwide? Remember that the alter at the United Nations Chapel is a huge meteorite! Is nationalism, national security dead in this case? Well behind the scenes at the UN Security Council is a Committee of all armed services of member countries, The Military Staff Committee. Remember the Apollo 8 Astronauts looking back at Christmas at a borderless Earth. We are all one, and all one with the event. No filtering is possible!

  3. Clandestine Human Experimentation Disclosed: More to Come?

    Revelations yesterday (Friday, Oct. 1) that the United States government in the late 1940s conducted clandestine medical experiments on mental patients, prisoners and soldiers in Guatemala rocked western hemisphere international relationships, with more such disclosures apparently on tap.
    The Guatemalan disclosures likely signal a "climate change" in how such alleged reports are considered, as much so-called "UFO" activity and claimed conspiracies involving citizens of countries other than the US have been the centerpiece of "retail UFOlogy."

  4. Hey Mr. Knowles, have you ever heard The Stranglers "The Gospel According to The Men In Black"? I think you'd like it if you can find a copy. I'm on a flying saucer rock kick ever since I heard "It Came Out of the Sky" the other day. Weird thing about the record is some of it sounds like, y'know, house music, but it was released in, I think, '81. "Two Sunspots" is a great tune.

    I dig how all the different rivers you've been exploring over the years are merging, keep up the good work.

  5. Hello there, could Venus turning retrograde around Oct 8 till 17? I found this series of posts particularly interesting in that sense, and looks like (if you didn't know each others) you're picking up the same thing...

  6. This is pretty hard to keep up with. The bigger question: Is this somehow orchestrated?

  7. Hey Chris,

    You know, all this disclosure stuff might seem to some like a rehash of previous years, but you're right that there's something kind of weirder about it - the Press Club conference on CNN, for instance.

    While there might be efforts in some circles to downplay or ignore that story, it seems pretty bold to me that a major mainstream media outlet would even broach the subject directly.

    Also, I was saying to my girlfriend recently how when I was studying this stuff back in the early nineties I had the sense that the phenomenon was infinitely more complex than I could really pull together from the books I was reading. I felt like I had to turn to fiction to draw a closer paralell between what I sensed internally to be truth.

    But today it feels like fiction can almost no longer keep up with peoples hunger for knowledge of these subjects - like the internet conspiracy memestream has exploded far ahead of sci-fi or horror or fantasy fiction's ability to contain such speculations. There are exceptions to that rule, I'm sure, but I hope you get a sense of what I'm trying to convey.

    That's why I still turn to The X Files as my touchstone to help me think creatively and critically about all this stuff (or possibly just my geek reflex to relate everything to the X-Mythos).

    Why did Chris Carter chose 2012 for the date of the final alien invasion, or the completion of The Project? He was a little ahead of the internet curve in that regard. I remember in back in 2006how there wasn't half the 2012 stuff online as there is now.

    It's not just in the X Files season finale, or the syndicate eps of seasons 4, 5 and 6. I caught an implicit mention of 2012 in Red Museum when the cult leader is channeling/automatic writing through his laptop. Ok, so Carter et al were at least semi-aware of 2012 theories back in Season 2 - so what?

    Well, there's an aspect of the X Files world that is pure nuts-and-bolts LITERAL alien presence influencing earth, but there's also this consciousness/underworld/apotheosisstuff that you've explored and I was also well aware of. It makes me wonder if there's a creative tension that's been gathering for a long, long time. And we've decided to call that tension 'disclosure' (with or without a question mark). What if the best sci-fi simultaneously observes that tension AND becomes it?

    What if the 2012 date isn't just arbitrary, something for apocalypse nuts and flakey new agers to toss around - what if by observing that date we are giving it a preternatural significance that in hindsight might actually come to represent some kind of broad watershed or turning point. I'm really not a big believer in dates and prophecies, but it makes me wonder.

    I'm sure none of what I'm saying here is an original observation, but if we're creating reality on some level through how we percieve then we might truly be on the cusp of something huge, however we come to define-organise-percieve it in hindsight.

    To paraphrase Fox Mulder, "The Truth, it'll come to you, as it's come to me, faster than the speed of light." I get the feeling that it wasn't the 2012 alien end-date Mulder was referencing with that line, you know? It was something far more synchromystical.


  8. Great comments, Raj. It reminds me of Richard Hoagland's long-held belief that calendars have been changed and tweaked over the centuries specifically to bring everything to a head on a symbolic 2012 date. He's been talking about it since the 90's on his Enterprise Mission website. Of course, Hoagie's all over The Event. He is now asserting that the show was created to sell us disclosure over the next two years. Guess we'll see...


  9. Hey Chris,

    I just listened to your red ice interview. There is something I want to share with you, can I have your email address? Post it here, or send it to me at



  10. Terry- Hmm. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, as far as you're concerned?

    Carto- Yeah, that's a pretty amazing reference there. Is it intentional or is it accidnetal? And there's no shortage of people from X-Files and Millennium involved in this project- James Wong has signed on as a producer.

    341- Speaking of X-Files. Reminds me of "Redux."

    542- I'm familiar with it, and the MIB song was on Stranglers IV which I have. I've read the lyrics to the album online- trippy stuff.

    Peach- Elaborate.

    Mike C- And then if it is by who and for what purpose? Strange times.

    Raj- You start talking X-Files in regard to this and you open up a whole can of worms. If you watch it carefully, you realize it's all about POV, so it could be literal for one character, mataphorical for another and total nonsense for still another. Red Museum is a fascinating ep because the contact there is a metaphysical one, almost with one of the countless Star Trek disembodied intelligence.

    Deb- Do you have a link on Hoagie's Event thing? I'm doing one for tomorrow.

    Mike- Sure Mike- my addy is in my complete profile.

  11. It's all a bit too much to just be a coincidence. I think some people out there can see into the future and know what's coming up. Some people create the future. Terry I find you first comment a (very scary) possibility. Not sure about the lucifer bit though, they seem to be going for an aliens, ufo, magick, wiccans and vamps type of thing. Which I guess can appear evil to a lot of people. Watchtower magick? Jehovah Watchtower? or was it Watchers?

  12. Hoagland on C2C last week, about the event end of last hour:

  13. i "personally" dont view it bad or is what it is as the symbolism speaks for itself.

    although the underlying themes of the data ive collected points to it being dark or evil on the exoteric.

    esoterically the knowledge should help you grow/learn intellectually.

  14. more october events - romanian NAZCA named ARCA (as Noah's ark) have succesfully lauched rochet Helen2

  15. Hello Chris, I'm new to your blog, and have listened to some of your online interviews over the past few weeks. Thanks for introducing me to the terms ‘synchromystic’ and ‘synchwink’ – explains a lot! I'm not much of a blog post commentator, and I wasn't sure where to post my comment - it’s more a sharing from my side, with someone who values synchs.

    I'm 42 years old this year, and ever since I can recall I have always *loved* my birth date, October 13th (1975), and still do. The date (the numbers) always resonated as being meaningful in some way, well to me anyway. You talk about the date a few times on your blog.

    And then there's my name.
    Angela Dawn Phillips

    My friend/mother-in-law/seeker has called me ‘Angel (of the) Dawn’ for many years, as a reference to being a harbinger of new beginnings ala Dawn, a new day. My parents told me that my great aunt (Ida, on my father's side) was vehemently opposed to them calling me Angela DAWN, which she had apparently expressed over the phone soon after my birth, after they had named me, and before she knew what name they had chosen. She was a devout Catholic. Makes sense. Interesting choice of name my folks decided on for me (Father = Michael, Mother = Sandra). And, I always seem to pull the Hermit card as a self-descriptor. The Light Bearer.

    Anyway. You take care. And thanks for your efforts here.