Monday, July 06, 2009

Transformers: Ra vs. Apophis (Part 1)

OK, I finally saw it. In optimal conditions, no pun intended. It was the 10 PM showing on July 4th, so we literally had the theater all to ourselves. Got a parking spot right outside the front door. The environment is usually very important to me when I'm watching a movie - and this was definitely a movie where I wanted to pay close attention - so the absence of NJ knuckleheads was appreciated.


Now, I didn't go into this film expecting a masterwork of modern cinema. I've seen all of the bad reviews, so my expectations were low. But the reviews haven't stopped people from swarming into the multiplexes, given that it's earned almost $300 million domestically and twice that worldwide. It's Crystal Skull all over again- everyone busts on it but can't help but see it. More on that later.

I understand a lot of the criticism this film is receiving and I'm not going to argue with it. I will say, however, that it seems to me Michael Bay was going for a live action Anime/Manga approach with this film, particularly with all the kineticism and hyper-goofiness and jerky transitions, as well as the multiplicity of characters running on and off screen without any introduction or exposition. This is the same kind of ADHD storytelling that makes most Anime completely incomprehensible to anyone born before 1990 or so. Perfectly appropriate to the subject matter (in theory, at least) but not necessarily to the live-action format.

The missus and I both agreed that the animation on the robots was truly awesome, and would have been a lot more effective had they kept their damn mouths shut. But they also would have been a lot more frightening, which may have kept younger kids away. But when the Transformers were fighting, the effect was pretty damn impressive.

The film really set off some subconscious bells and whistles. One of my earliest 'secret sun' dreams from my childhood actually had a giant robot stomping through my old neighborhood, and I caught some of that vibe throughout the film. But so much of this movie seemed plucked from my subconscious- and was filled with some pretty startling personal syncs here and there. More on that later, too.

Back to the complaints- I really didn't care for the sound design. Given their size, the Autobots should have had disturbingly mechanical voices drenched in reverb, particularly Optimus Prime. All of the voices were too cartoonish, and made zero sense in the environments these characters were living in. During the battles I also had a hard time keeping track of who was who. It would have been nice to see some color design on the Decepticons, since they all tended to look the same.

OK, enough of that. What about the symbolism? Well, it's as in-your-face as the rest of the movie is. A movie about fighting robots from outer space (especially one that starts out in New Jersey and ends up in Giza) is not going for subtlety. The whole plot revolves around this struggle between the Fallen and Optimus Prime, with a whole host of characters revolving around that. But the conceit of it all centered on resurrection, not only of the Fallen but Optimus himself.

Did I mention this all takes place at Giza?

The whole thing is a Jack Kirby Eternals comic come to life* with the Primes bearing a very strong resemblance to the Celestials, the only difference being that the Celestials would sooner incinerate your solar system than turn into a stupid truck, buddy. Certainly the Tomb of the Primes at Petra strongly resembles the Tomb of the Celestials in my beloved Eternals #1 . None of this should be surprising at all, given that a good chunk of the Transformers' original backstory was worked up at Marvel Comics in the early 80s.

So before we look at the ritual drama lurking just below the surface narrative, let's look at our cast of major characters and their mythic parallels. Of course, I'm going to give the game away (hell, I did with the post's title) but the devil is in the details, isn't it? Be advised that the roles jump around a bit in the film- exactly as they do in the ancient mythology.

Sam Witwicky plays the part of Osiris (yes, Osiris) before his encounter with the Doctor, and plays the part of Horus thereafter.

Megan Fox, before all of the surgery

Mikaela plays the part of Hathor in California, Isis in New Jersey and then Hathor again in Giza. Confused? Good.

Leo Spitz plays the part of Thoth/Hermes.

Alice (don't ask) plays the part of Nephthys in her role as seducer.

Seymour Simmons plays the part of Anubis.

Optimus plays the part of Ra in life, Osiris in death and Ra again when resurrected.

Megatron plays the part of Set in his post-unification role as the destroyer of Osiris (Prime).

Jetfire (or "Set-Fire," as I like to call him) plays the part of Set, the ally of Ra.

• Finally, the Fallen plays the part of Apophis, the great serpent who swallows the Sun.

The Fallen- note reptilian appearance and cobra-like hood

Got all that? Well, from there it's simple- The Fallen wants to consume the Sun to power the Decepticons and Optimus Prime and his gang aren't having any of that. Like Apophis, the Fallen is primeval being who exists only to destroy. He battles Optimus Prime, who like Ra is also one of the original gang of space gods. The battle hinges on the Matrix of Leadership, a totem that both revives Optimus and powers the Sun Harvester (and reminds us of the Udjat's role in the battle against Apophis).

The crucial player in the drama is Jetfire, a Decepticon who changes sides and joins the Autobots. This mirrors Set's role (which prefigures the expulsion of the Hyksos, whose primary god was Set) in the battle againt Apophis, albeit a bit retroactively. The voice actor who portrays Jetfire is British, which is usually Hollywood's shorthand for "gay bad guy," but gives him a working-class British accent, which usually signals a good guy.

Sam is Osiris who is seduced by Alice (an android working for Megatron) but is then ritually embalmed (the Doctor tries to pluck his brains out through his nose in the Egyptian style) and then rises again as Horus, who is trying to resurrect the fallen Osiris Prime (who is killed by Megatron). Orion's Belt is a key plot point in the story, as are the pyramids themselves.

Sam and Mikaela in front of a UFO Egyptian thingy

Mikaela flies to New Jersey to be with Sam just as Hathor left Dendera to be with Horus at Edfu and we see them confess their love at Giza (and in between there's the obligatory seduction by an imposter). Leo is the information gatherer like Thoth and Seymour runs a meat shop reminding us of Anubis and his role in the dressing of the dead and the weighing of the organs on the Scales of Justice. He also protects the Giza necropolis by ordering the air strikes.

OK, OK, just your average monomyth, hero's journey, whatever, go back to sleep. But this Aphopis thing is grabbing my attention, especially since the Apophis asteroid was first spotted 5 years and 5 days before Revenge of the Fallen opened in the US. Add to that the killer asteroid movie Michael Bay did a few years back. And there is all of that "17,000 BC" stuff in there which follows the X-Files' mytharc in more ways than I previously realized. And lo and behold this is Spielberg's second AAT blockbuster in as many years.

What's up with that?


* I don't know if Kirby was aware of the Transformers, but if he was I'm sure he would have been kicking himself for not thinking it up himself. I'm sure there are dozens of similar concepts in his comics that I'm not recalling at the moment - and there was an animation concept for Ruby Spears called "Cary Becomes a Car."


  1. I check your blog everyday and I get excited when I see a phat Posty McPosterton like this one.

    Keep doing your thang!


  2. You really made sure to cover all the bases with this one... Awesome post.

    I wasn't expecting the solar theme. I've been wondering if the giant robot thing is simply there to tell the real, slightly-hidden story better (visually at least), same with the superhero movies. You won't see a light comedy-drama where Catherine Zeta-Jones threatens to devour the sun for energy.

  3. Good grief this is a fun read. I had a really rough night so this was good for me to read. Thank You.

  4. Chris, for what it's worth, I think I've realized why our opinions differ. You obviously have the patience to dissect pop culture iconography, while I spend much of my time avoiding it.

    The only television show I followed in the last 20 years with any regularity was the X-Files, & movies have become, for the most part, a thing of my pre-parenting past.

    I can't say that I agree or disagree with your interpretations of mass iconography.

    It may all be perfectly true.

    I don't know.

    But I can't help wondering what would happen if they held a huge, multi-million dollar, ritual laden circus and no body showed up to watch.

    Would it still have any power?
    Maybe if more folk chased their own personal gnosis,
    they wouldn't spend so much time drooling under hypnosis.

    I also wonder if these "PTB's" are playing the myths or are the myths playing them.

    Maybe the power of pop culture myth making lies in its similarities to pre-Christian myth-making, when myths constantly inverted on themselves, changing with the times and thereby remaining relevant. The Christ myth is the Horus myth is the Mithra myth, etc.

    But the rise of institutionalized Christianity caused the mutable myth making to grind, for the most part, to shuddering halt around a dogmatic re-hashing of the religious experiences of people who have been dead for thousands of years.

    There are some shaman like offshoots in, say, snake handlers or Christian based peyote cults, but the mass of organized religion that I've seen is a dreadful bore.

    I also don't find mass spectacles of secular myth making all that awe inspiring either.

    The ruling elite have always used mass ritual to unify the Fatherland. Right anony from the previous thread?
    For example,the Incas liked to climb really high effing mountains all over their domain and bury young children alive.
    Here they hold kitschy, Elvis in Vegas style, Odes to Horus.

    To me, the interesting thing is that, here, they make ya pay an exorbitant amount of money to attend their creepy little seminars in social engineering.

    At least the Incas did their stage show for free. And if they picked your kid for a quick freeze internment, they treated the little bugger like a prince until his offing, and then they had the good graces to deify him afterwards.

    Here all you get is a lighter wallet and a few hours less breathing time.


    Hey Dennis from Rigorous Eye, this was just a drive by brought on by clicking that little "next blog" button a few too many times.
    Usually all I get are a few sites in Japanese, maybe 1 or 2 in German, and then the obligatory site with 1000 photos of someones beloved dachshund, or maybe an equal number of tot photos from proud mommies. This time I landed someplace interesting.

    I have a fairly rigorous suspicion that I'll stick with the empty room over at rigorous intuition.

  5. You will "be back" Richard.

    I emailed Goro to remind him that the grand ritual over at his blog that takes William (Billie Jean) to the throne was brought to the level of sub-genius by Rik Clay and not "Strug" as he claims. Nonetheless, his look into the cracked mirror of reality is brilliant beyond measure. My reasoning for bringing Michael Jackson into this "mix" is the 17's cropping up in his funeral arrangements where the lottery to get in reminds me of the lost penis of Osiris where millions go out in search of the missing peace but only 17,000 plus dignataries will be allowed into the ceremony.

    Goro mentions the triumverate of deaths in 1997 (birthday of Prince Michael) where Mother Theresa, Princess Diana and Perez die in quick succession but does not mention the conjunct of Hale-Bopp and Algol in his synopsis. I mention this conjunct here because 17p/Holmes conjunct Algol in 2008 which to me is the magic mirror of Medusa somewhat symbolic of the big screen TV followed by the falling stars of the man in the mirror, Farrah Fawcett, (ra+cet) and Neda (Iran).

    The videos of Michael taken 2 days before his death which show he and his entourage mimicing the Nazi goose step, suggest there is some truth to the rumour (Sorcha Faal) that Michael was hit with the heart attack beam to prevent him from exposing the NWO.

    There are two websites now that have leakers to satellite spy networks which can detect the deployment of e/m weapons including weather control. One of the leaks is Russian and the other is in California.

    The fact that three comets (virtually in a row) turned the corner with a conjunct on Algol, might be best understood in this construct of the universe and it's mirror image (Algol is Medusa's still powerful severed head) can be found here.'s_looking_glass.htm

    The satellite leakers...

  6. Goro's response to my email....

    Rick Clay. He was YEARS late. I did that interpretation one month after the logo was unveiled. For all I know he copied me (probably not but possible). I was aware of his stuff so that's why I actually indicated in the article when I did the interpretation on STRUG so there wouldn't be people accusing me of copying him when almost always it's the other way around (again not saying he copied me but the sequence is, me first, then years later, Rick Clay).

    Got it?


    I apologise..eric swan

  7. I do remember pulling an allnighter in late '79 at Marvel with Frank Giacoia and Vince Colletta inking "Rumble at Rampage Rock" for FLASH FORCE 2000 -a giveaway comic accompanying some Matchbox car toys... was this before Transformers went on the market? The cars had android brains IIRC...

  8. Excellent post, Chris.

    I'm reminded of Werner von Braun and Freeman's predictions on Apophis when I read your thoughts on the Fallen. Makes you wonder if this isn't more than just a retelling of an ancient mythological story, but moreso a foretelling of whats to come.

    By the way, did you manage to catch a glimpse of the press conference with President Obama and Medvedev in Moscow a short while ago. There was a massive image of the cosmic eye (sun, winged disk,...) several feet above the heads of the Presidents with sun rays emanating from its center. You need to see it.

  9. Unfortunately, I fell asleep during this movie. How is beyond me, with all of the ADHD jerky, flashy, non-stop 2.5 hour long American automobile commercial (like all of his movies)which succeeds in employing 2000 Art Center kids. I think all I missed was sections of desert fighting, but anyways...

    A few things:

    Pyramid power: Reminds me of Chris Dunn's work on the machining and possible powerplant use of the pyramid; stargate, coupled oscillator. Also William Henry on stargates.

    Matrix of Leadership: looks exactly like a Tibetan/Buddhist/Bhutanese Dorje/Phurba to me. See Wikipedia

    In ancient India, the vajra, as a thunderbolt, became the chief weapon of the Vedic sky-god Indra. It controlled the forces of thunder and lightning, breaking open the monsoon storm clouds, bringing the welcome rains to the parched plains of an Indian summer. According to legend, Indra's thunderbolt was fashioned from the bones of the great Rishi Dadhichi, who was decapitated by Indra in sacrifice. Dadhichi's 'indestructible' skull-bones gave Indra the most powerful of weapons. By its energy he slew innumerable of his enemy demons.


    The Bell and Dorje, or thunderbolt, are inseparable ritual objects in Tibetan Buddhism. They are always used in combination during religious ceremonies.

    The Bell held in the left hand, representing the female aspect as wisdom; the Dorje, or male held in the right hand, aspect as method. Together, they represent union of wisdom and method, or the attainment of Enlightenment.

    The transformative enlightenment experience is recounted in the various religions. In the Christian tradition, the conversion of Saul of Tarsus is a well known example and that of Muhammed on the mountain is fundamental to Moslem belief. For Buddhists, it is what occurred to the historical Buddha and to all those who experience kensho-satori, the dropping away of 'self'. The Tibetans call this "the Great Death" to distinguish it from that physical one which will be the experience of us all.

    There is also more, somewhere, on the shamanic use of these "tools". I browsed a book, which I am looking for, which covered use of these with mushrooms/entheogens; Bhutanese/Tibetan Shamanism. Another interesting aspect to look into.
    Cool stuff.

  10. Wow Eric, ya actually managed to tail me here.

    Although, if I were you, I wouldn't worry about the loss of all the super secret NWO game plans that Jackson was going to reveal.

    You Tube has a recent video from The Night of the Living Larry King Show where Mike's shade is visible at the end of a Neverland hallway.

    Come to think of it Eric, Jackson would make the quintessential numinous Child/Man Deity for this modern Age of the Stunted Adolescent, where grown men fawn over kiddie movies, video games and comic books while grown women surgically alter their flaccidly aging flesh into weird approximations of teen sexuality.

    For a guaranteed example of Things to Come, just take Megan Fox's photo & project it 20 years and 20 face lifts into the future when her skin will be as taut as a well tuned violin string, and all those young gents who are now furiously masturbating to her image will then be mainlining Viagra in their vain attempts to breathe life into their aged flaccid members. My guess is they'll still be collecting comics and playing video games even as their bodies push towards systemic failure.

    Those old shamans, for all their supposed primitiveness, recognized the necessity of a good old terror-filled initiation ritual to help signal the transition from childhood to adulthood. Here in the West though, perpetual childhood appears to be the norm.

    I do wonder what new date will obsess Internet paranoiacs when 2013 rolls around though.

    If past experience is any indication, a failed Doomsday prediction won't deter anyone from latching on to some new source of panty bunching hysteria.

    As far as future predictions go, I'm still waiting to get my space grown vittles .
    I suspect that every occult symbol addict/singularity searcher/& elitistly organized Doomsday scenario decoder will eventually be just as disappointed about their well constructed, yet failed predictions,as I am that I'm not driving one of these babies.


    What a hoot!

  11. The Apophis asteroid stuff reminds me that they're making an Asteroids movie based on the arcade game.

    The Dick said: "Those old shamans, for all their supposed primitiveness, recognized the necessity of a good old terror-filled initiation ritual to help signal the transition from childhood to adulthood. Here in the West though, perpetual childhood appears to be the norm."

    So the 9/11 ritual was entirely needed and necessary to force people to "grow up"? I guess we should look up to whoever pulled it off as modern-day heroes, then. Personally, I witnessed people grow up too fast, completely ignoring their traumatic childhood and jumping fully into what they thought was adulthood, but it was really just the memory of losing their innocence replaying in their minds over and over again.

  12. Hi Chris,

    Great post and a lot of what you wrote were exactly my thoughts too. I saw Transformers 2 yesterday with a packed theater.

    (To Ryan above, I thought it was just me but I nearly dozed off too during the movie, even with all the explosions!)

    Chris, I also thought it was just me noticing the jerky transitions and characters appearing out of and into scenes with no intro or apparent reason.

    Get this, Chris. A SIXTY year old relative of mine (retired Air Force Pentagon employee and Harley FatBoy rider) completely "got it" when we discussed "Transformers 2's" excessive militarism, the Transformers as "Angels," and the myth-making directed at the younger generation. My thoughts were that people aren't nearly as stupid as these myth-tellers think we are! There are some sharp folks out there and are not being fooled one bit.

    And Chris, I still feel, as posted elsewhere on the Sun, that Bay has an eye on this and other websites. So much was lifted from what you write here that I really think you need to sue!

    It almost appears that with Transformers 2, Bay was showing what we discuss here, which in turn is HERE from your background with Jung and comics. So is Bay's "art" imitating life or is life imitating art that is imitating myth imitating art?

    I hope I wasn't to confusing!
    Thanks Chris!

  13. Prove 911 was a ritual. & while you're at it Tommy, explain its intent. I've read about a hundred different ones over the years, but I'm sure that you've stumbled on the real and genuine reason for it.

    And don't you remember your Christian theology?

    No one is innocent. You're guilty until proven saved.

    I also suggest that you study a bit of primitive myth making.

    The initiations didn't occur until adolescence. Up until then the little kiddies were allowed to cling to mommy's titties as much as they wanted. &, in case you haven't figured out the obvious, the abusers are as lost as the abused.
    They're as much a product of this cult-ure as those 40 year old guys in comic shops all around America who just can't bear to break up their continuous run of Spider-Man comics.

    But those primitive "occultists" weren't pampered overfed Westerners were they?
    They understood that the next meal wasn't as easy as a trip to the supermarket.
    They understood the ambiguous & fragile nature of life.
    They couldn't very well have their 30 year old men fawning over their collection of Batman comics or their shelves full of Star Wars figures, could they?
    If ya wanted to eat, ya had to get your hands a little bloody.

    Ever seen a kid born all up close and personal. When that 1st geyser of blood squirts out from between your loved one's legs, one tends to realize how similar life and death really are.

    The Internet seems to be filled with folk who feel the need to justify their addiction to vacuous Hollywood light shows & pop cult-ure twaddle by trying to convince everyone they're really decoding the
    "elite's" secret plan for world domination.

    It always strikes me as being a tad bit disingenuous.

    I suppose this is the crap folk do instead of actually attempting to change things.

    "...until, down in deep Hell, they no longer care about God, only what is said about Him..."

    If more folk just hit the off button and refused to fund all the "ritualized symbol fests" that seem to scare them silly, then maybe the crap would evaporate.
    But without that TV & movie symbolism to constantly decode, all one would be left with is silence & the inside of one's own head.

    Personally, I think that scares the majority of folk way more than any "elite" plot ever will.

    I suspect that's why the legions of "elite plot" groupies who profess horror & moral indignation ad nauseum never seem to have the least bit of an interest in turning away from the "occult" symbolism that supposedly feeds their nightmares.

    I guess it's the intellectual equivalent of rubber-necking at an accident site.

    Considering that most westerners can't breathe without their Batman Walkie-Talkies/Cell Phones being within arm's reach, or their TV's endless chatter filling the void that's really deep inside them,
    I don't see change happening any time soon.

    When folk continually behave like skittish lambs in need of shepherding, why are they so effing amazed when shepherds constantly appear?

    The thing about shepherds is that they always eventually lead their sheep to the slaughter.

    Anyway little Tommy, without the "elite plots" in badly written Hollywood movies, what would you blog about anyway?

    I did enjoy this line from your blog:
    "Something very bad happened to our ability to educate children after 9/11."

    That is so naively amusing that I really don't have the inclination or the character allotment to correct you.

    "The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic. The truth is, that it is not the Jewish banking conspiracy or the grey aliens or the 12 foot reptiloids from another dimension that are in control. The truth is more frightening, nobody is in control. The world is rudderless."
    Alan Moore

  14. Man, I always end up stirring up the hornet's nests with the most talkative hornets inside...

    This isn't the place to do this. You wanna talk, pop me an email.

  15. Great post as usual Chris... and great comments Andre. I've been digging your site lately!

  16. Interesting info. Have you ever heard of Sun Ra the jazz musician. He claimed to be the physical incarnation of Ra. You can see some of his videos on youtube. I would like to get your reaction to some of his work.

  17. ... A few more notes on the Matrix of Leadership (Dorje). Besides the aforementioned aesthetic derivation or inspiration of the Dorje/Vajra for the Matrix of Leadership (MOL), I discovered the earlier versions. Take a look at this Eye of Providence/Horus!

    Here it is being wielded by Hot Rod. Glowing rays and all.

    This link here states the MOL was the physical gate to the Allspark (extradimensional source of all transformer life). Interesting.

    Last, I thought this was an interesting sync with my older post regarding Stargate/Oscars posters.

  18. I have always had an an aversion to transformer plastic. I prefer real people. The Asian Manga is a little better, I find myself watching it late night sometimes. The hyper sci-fi computer generated stuff is also not for me. Thank you Chris for telling me about Transformers 2. I now need someone to tell me about Transformers 1? Hey, JAD the personal approach we take for granted at RI is new here, I for one think you were spot on in your latest comment. One thing I would like to add is that the world might be rudderless and chaos driven, but we as spiritual beings can have solace and hope for our race. Our minds eye is shining forth, looking for meaning with love and compassion. Shine forth brave souls! Dennis

  19. My childhood nightmare was an expanding universe which in my case was laying in a bed with no edges. There is a conspiracy and it all comes down to those who want the world to shrink and those who want it to expand. It's globalism versus self sufficiency.

  20. Great post Chris,
    I can't say it makes me want to see T2, but thank goodness for someone being able to report on it with that disCERNing eye!

    I think the 'Dick' above had some good points, but I think your head needs to be deflated a bit, as you don't need to talk to anybody like that...that kind of energy is disempowering to everything that is going on here.

    Funny how you quote Alan Moore like he's the be-all-end-all thinker of mankind.
    If you think the world is 'chaos', that's exactly what you'll reap buddy.

    Time to help each other, not bash each other...

    Keep up the great work Chris!


  21. Here's a link to the picture I mentioned from the Obama/Medvedev press conference: The Hall of the Order of St. Andrew in the Grand Kremlin Palace.

  22. Wow- this has been wild. You guys will have to excuse me, I was laid out all day yesterday with a nasty infection so I wasn't able to weigh in. But you all have done quite nicely without me!

    I'm working on the second installment of this series but will try to dig through some of your always-amazing contributions later on.

    But let me just say this- if you haven't seen Transformers and are interested in how all of this weirdness is working its way into the Memestream, you really should check it out. Not a masterwork of cinematic brilliance but a motherlode of semiotic nuttiness.

  23. Ericswan...I don't really understand a lot of your comments about Goro's article on Michael Jackson but I read the post and it was very interesting. Nevertheless, I don't get all the royal family connections. I personally adored Michael Jackson through the years and yes there are a lot of coincidences about his life but nothing to me like what Goro's post implies.

    Maybe I'm just a little bit too realistic about syncs with a real person vs. those with a fictional movie.

    However, it is odd to read on TMZ website ( this morning that Michael Jackson signed his last will on 07-07-02 exactly seven years to the date of today's memorial and funeral for him.

    Maybe you and Goro have a point.

  24. Hey Knowles ~ I'm still in Costa Rica recovering from jaw surgery at the moment ~ But I caught the film as well.. and this one deserves some visual critiques a la soundlessdawn style.. One question. When a decent torrent becomes available for the flick.. I'd like to basically just make a video accompaniment for your Transformers posts.. you or I could do the VO's.. it doesn't matter to me. Shouldn't take me more than a week. What say you? Willner Knowles part II?

  25. Chris, I noticed that while much of the battle between the Autobots and the Fallen happens in Giza, the temple at Karnak is also included in the fireworks, as is the very same temple at Petra (in Jordan) used in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - the one where the 'Holy Grail' is guarded by remains of the Templars. In the Transformers 5 of the 'prime' guardians fused their bodies around the 'shard' key right in the same mountain where Indy Jones almost secured the 'Holy Grail.'

    What I found interesting was that when the movie shows the Fallen encountering primitive humans, these Decepticons stomp the poor cavemen and in every way flesh out the old tales of ancient 'giants' that came from the stars. Also interesting was the quip about ancient transformer glyphs being present in all the pyramid building cultures - Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Mayas, etc. The pyramid being a massive 'sun destroyer' blends well with the whole ancient astronaut angle.

    Interestingly enough, the Fallen appears to have a base in one of Saturn's moons. The moon Iaepetus happens to have a massive 'Death Star' looking crater on it, along with a 2-mile high 'ridge' encircling the planet. Ben Kenobi's line "That's not a moon, that's a space station" eerily kind of resonates here, at least to me.

    Your post fills in a lot of mythological planks in regards to the plot. Did you find that the 'seductress' Decepticon turned into a mechanical 'Gorgon' with tentacles coming out of its head when your 'Osiris' character rejected her advances to pursue 'Isis?' It's almost as if someone is trying to neatly tie up all the old world creation myths by using popular culture as the glue...

  26. Dick - I was in a bad mood yesterday, so here's my real reply:

    Don't call me "little". Thanks. Also, don't talk down to me over the internet, just makes you look foolish. I think if anything I've invested time in over the last 5 years concerning 9/11 is remotely valid, it was definitely a false-flag "ritual" (not to mention all the symbolism of the event, which is impossible to shrug off at this point). Not pulled off by your typical occultist attempting to escape this realm (as I once was), but by a highly corrupted group, usurped by royalty early on and perpetuated ever since. It's entirely plausible, definitely not the most popular theory, but the evidence is still there shining in all its sick, homicidal glory.

    I disagree with "terror" being a tool needed to wake people up. I agree on most comic book fans being dopes (I used to have one as a roommate, he was like a combination of everything I hated, a good ol' boy son of a politician) who need a rude awakening of sorts, but I don't think violence and terror are needed for anything, since the comic book fans basically thrive on that sort of thing I don't think it would change them at all.

  27. Speaking about ancient Egypt, today I watched on VH1 a Michael Jackson´s video where he entertains Queen Nefertiti, and it has the appropiate name: Remember the time...

    Maybe MJ can be seen as the ultimate transformer in a way...

  28. JustWonderingif3:47 PM, July 08, 2009

    I don't know if you noticed, but during the part in Mikaela's garage and the little robot dude with a new york accent is looking for that shard, it says something like "this is a real house of horrors". It sounded alot like "house of horus" which is the well known translation of Het-Hert or Hathor. Then he keeps calling her warrior goddess.