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Doctor Who meets the Mushroom of Horus (UPDATE)

Updated new trailer

The big "news" this week was the so-called "discovery" of water (or past evidence of it, rather) on Mars. Of course, they've known about all of that for ages, but the announcement was surely timed for some obscure/arcane purpose we can only guess at. Check out The Alien Project for a semiotic rundown on the event.

The timing is even more compelling given that the Doctor Who serial premiering this month will be called 'The Waters of Mars'. We talked about that series a few months back, but I had no idea then it would sync up with a real life Martian revelation. We also looked at 'The Pyramid of Mars', in which the good Doctor and Sarah Jane do battle with Set and his robotic minions. That particular episode preceded another Martian revelation, in that case the Viking missions that first photographed the controversial structures on the plains of Cydonia. Quite a batting average for the good Doctor.

I hadn't watched the whole 'Pyramids of Mars' series until recently, and boy, it's 1000 proof Astronaut Theology-slash-AstroGnosis. I mean, the Eye of Horus is hidden in a pyramid on Mars? But wait- there's more. Here- take a look at that eye:

Recognize it? I can't speak for the Who folks, but for money that Eye of Horus looks suspciously like a stylized depiction of one of the growth stages of a mushroom, done up in Amanita red and white. Here- look at this:

Or better yet, this:

I'm not much of an expert when it comes to the fine details of entheogen culture and symbolism, so I welcome any elucidation from any master entheogenauts out there. Maybe that icon has a deeper meaning I'm not grasping. And if any of this is brand new to you, read the 'The True Eye', which explores the real origin- and meaning- of the Eye of Horus.

Now, as I've written about in the Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre series, ancient astronaut theory and entheogen theory are not mutually exclusive or antithetical. On the contrary- they're actually profoundly interconnected in ways I can't begin to understand. And from that mysterious connection came all of the great gods, myths and heroes of human history.

Of that I'm sure.

UPDATE: And I was sure I'd seen that Horus icon before- it adorns a bust of Isis kept in the Vatican. Strangely enough, this is the growth of development where the mushrooms breaks the gestational 'universal veil'. Isis, unveiled- why does that sound so familiar?


  1. Amazing stuff, Chris. Everything is so intricately interwoven. So interconnected.

    Have a look at this video: The Sun of God and the Mushroom. The common origins of world religions.

    I have been doing some private research on the topic since I read your article on the movie Altered States (which I have now watch for the umpteenth time) and your deduction seems spot on as it relates to the correlation with the Cosmic Eye. Have you ever heard of or read the book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross by John M. Allegro? Very interesting read.


  2. "which grows on cereal grains"
    I guess Trix aren't just for kids after all.
    Awesome post!

  3. At the risk of being perceived as having an unhealthy obsession, what do you make of this?

    "The buttocks of Osiris Ani, triumphant, are the buttocks of the Eye of Horus." (The Book of the Dead translated by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge)

  4. Chris
    I was just going to post a comment on your Cern article re an episode of Dr Who which I wrote a post on my blog about called Dr Who and the Large Hadron Collider ( link- ).It shows a clip from a Dr Who episode which I think explains the possible outcome of the experiments at Cern . I come on the computer to write the comment and lo and behold I see you have wriiten a post re Dr Who .Weird ( or not maybe ).
    I have seen the Dr who and The Water on Mars episode and it is really quite strange even by Dr Who's standards , but well worth checking out when you get a chance to see it .


  5. Wasn't most ancient cultures involved with intoxicants? Entheogens? Looks at (South) americanas - all indeginous people do some kind of stimulant plants - so WHERE IS THE NEWS??

    Dont overlook that what happened in Egypt was getting lost in EGO (using healing stones... pyramids, limestone chambers as body preservation portals).

    This is what we are still suffering from. Their humongous ego's having been moved to the western cities...

    think why the mummies are still standing in the centres of most capitals, preserved, obelisks, freemason pyramid gravestones ETC...

    Dont underestimate the power of the spirits...

  6. Andre- That's a great vid- favorited for future reference. The same chaps who brought us the Pharmacratic Inquisition. And Allegro's work is fascinating. And boy did he get himself crucified for it!

    LIza- Uh oh- a whole new can of worms there! Rabbits, eggs, egg hunts...hmmm.

    Eleleth- Oh, it's obvious- same reason of the veneration of the dung beetle. Amanita - and I believe psilocybin as well - grows best on manure- which also accounts for the veneration of the bull and the bull's blood.

    Frank- Good stuff- I especially like this line " Governments do not put huge sums of cash into projects , unless there is a return of sufficient value and this could be the biggest pay out ever."

    Deprogrammie- Well, that's the universal story. Loss of the original revelation and its replacement by mere power politics. Most of the occultism we know today comes from the Middle Ages when the source of the revelation was either lost of demonized.

  7. The connection between the mushroom, the cosmic eye and the third eye also plays into the subject of the Vatican as well.

    The Pineal gland, so called because it is shaped like a Pine Cone, is the psychedelic single eye located at the exact geometric centre of the brain. In the Vatican Square, there is a statute of a Pine Cone, the largest statue at the Vatican. The Court of the Pine Cone. The Pine Cone is also located on the staff of every Pope, which resonates with the staffs of Osiris, the Babylonian Winged God Tammuz, the Greek God Dionysus and the inscriptions on the Egyptian cuneiform.

  8. ...and yet being the total "religion is really science encoded" nutjobby that I AM...

    instead of the 'shroom...

    I can't help but see the stone positioned neatly on an egyptian-styled inverted boiling flask smashed open at the bottom. Which also just so happens to be the only way to snatch it from the mouth of the dragon!

    ...Or maybe I didn't see Dr. Who make "the flask" around the girl disappear by pressing the red-button near the bottom!
    Luckily, he bypassed the "false prophet" and pushed the correct red button, after RE-assuring her by telling her to "RE-LVX"!

    It is so, Very 'Tazz-Vince'!


  9. Andre Heath said... "The Pineal gland, so called because it is shaped like a Pine Cone, is the psychedelic single eye located at the exact geometric centre of the brain."

    Yes Andre, that the reason for the Pineal Gland to be refered to as the "3rd Eye".

    LSD...Stand Aside!

    Understand that a function the pineal gland is to produce a natural no-toxic chemical called "DMT". It's released when we sleep & at the time of our human death. This might explain why people having near death experiences often see all kinds of things & to them it seem real, but it's not exactly what they think it is. Some say it's a connection to the one source of everything.

    One of the reasons why we don't remember much from our dreams when we sleep, is because the drug is so powerful, it is designed to wipe-out our memory as we wake. Think about it!

    DMT stands for N,N-dimethyltryptamine. It is a semisynthetic compound similar to psilocin (the hallucinogenic substance in psilocybin) in structure.

    Quote: "Under the influence of DMT, the world becomes an Arabian labyrinth, a palace, a more than possible Martian jewel, vast with motifs that flood the gaping mind with complex and wordless awe. Color and the sense of a reality-unlocking secret nearby pervade the experience. There is a sense of other times, and of one's own infancy, and of wonder, wonder and more wonder. It is an audience with the alien nuncio. In the midst of this experience, apparently at the end of human history, guarding gates that seem surely to open on the howling maelstrom of the unspeakable emptiness between the stars, is the Aeon." - Terence McKenna

    I could go on but I'd need to do a post. You can see that this is the type of experience our Ancient Cultures would use. DMT is found in many planet & animals naturally all around the world (in grasses, certain tree leafs, berries, toads, etc), it's easy to make tea or smoke it, to connect with the portals! Connection to a prowerful dream state, to the all knowing wisdom & energy of the Universe.

    The question I ask? Why are all the best & safest drugs the hardest to find & ALWAYS ILLEGAL? :)

  10. i wrote on this last week

    The new Doctor Who special (Water of Mars) has some direct synchronicity with our early Life on Mars series via David Bowie and Rovers. Then both of these series sync with the real life discovery of water/bacteria (Life on Mars before and Doctor Who After the discovery)

    Also the Water on Mars Special leads up too the final 2 episodes of the current Doctor so his death and rebirth revolves around Mars it seems.

    And it looks like there are "2" discovery finds on Mars within the same week your article links too Spirit water discovery but there was also the Bacteria Meteorite discovery a few days ago.

    And The Eye looks like it being held in a Blue Lily (another Psychedelic)

  11. The Egyptian Martian has one of the greatest costume designs of all time. I'm loving that mask!

  12. Dear Christopher...

    ..well, this usual line of Freemason nekromantic BS that "the occult" was "misunderstood" is mildly stated a reversal of truth.

    True: a lot of the ancient knowledge, secret sacred spiritual insights were demonised by an even greater ignorant Christianity.

    HOWEVER the fundamental question IS EGO - and what happens to ego when it uses occult knowledge to gain power, material, spiritual. The ego that tops the ego of the ignorant blob, is the raja, the ego of the titan who is submerged in egoism in indulgence of his new founded spiritual, material powers .. he thinks himself GOD..

    This is how Freemasons can deliver reversals and use dualisms they dont understand. I have seen many good people fall into the trap of symbolism, which is ancient, ancient. To think God is a symbol.

    The only true art of the enlightened truth seeker is to spread love and healing, universally.

    Do you see masons, and notoriously the ancient Egyptians do that?

    This would be some what self-cancelling, but I had numerous experience from a past life, or maybe its just imagination, ancient Egypt. It was how a culture could fall into death worship (like e.g. their after-commers.. the Masons) by thinking that somehow this is the portal to "life". Because they adored the beauty of the people they loved. Its the worst ignorant, half -truth out there.

    Life comes through death sure. But if you end up worshipping death - you are going to spread it. Not love. not healing. Not life worth living.

    Immortality is letting go of the body, letting go of ego..

    Wake up. Open your eyes...

  13. not to poke the proverbial turd or anything but...

    I do believe the Shriners and the Scottish Rite Freemasons both operate many hospitals around the world. That would indeed be the modern day "accepted" form of healing.

    Being an alkhemist myself, I usually opt for more 'natural' remedies and have, on several occasions bested modern medicine by curing those declared terminal.

    Healing, is in the eye of the beholder!


  14. You know, I just don't see it. Do we really know what Alchemy was about?

    "This essential and very secret vessel has been given various names chosen in such a matter, as to mislead the uninitiated not only to its real purpose, but also as to its composition.

    "The initiates understand me and know what vessel I am talking about.... Now this alembic is the last twelve inches of the lower intestine."

    What is the answer to the riddle of the Sphinx?

  15. @eleleth,

    perhaps you missed this line...
    "It is only to inform the reader of the authors’ findings. We encourage the reader to do his own research and not to trust our opinion." ?


  16. Well, yes, that's exactly it, I have tried to do my own research, which is why I have cited authentic Egyptian texts whenever possible. And I have to emphasize that I am not trying to be confrontational here—like everyone else, I just really want to objectively get to the bottom, so to speak, of what is really going on here. At the very least, we can try to explore these different avenues.

    The problem, as far as I see it, is why do the Church Fathers never mentioned the sacramental use of mushrooms among Gnostic sects, yet document so much freaky sex? Allegro and the Gnostics both seem to have known that "Messiah" meant "one smeared with semen," yet the Gnostics seem to have skipped the symbolism of the phallic mushroom and interpreted it altogether literally. Perhaps something got lost in translation, I don't know.

  17. "The problem, as far as I see it, is why do the Church Fathers never mentioned the sacramental use of mushrooms among Gnostic sects, yet document so much freaky sex?"

    They most certainly did- it's just that the word pharmakeia is usually translated as 'sorcery'. And remember also that the secret of these rites was kept secret on pain of death. But I'm not sure how well entheogens were understood by a lot of the Gnostics either- they were all pretty late in the game here. Remember Gnostic itself in this context is an almost meaningless term- it describes a wide swath of beliefs and practices from monastic asceticism to wacked-out hedonism.

  18. @Eleleth,

    the way I see it is, that indeed 'hallucinogenics' were used in antiquity. The were understood to be 'sacred', as in not for everyone. While the trained mind of the "priest/scientist" could manage the effects of the hallucinogen, the untrained mind would "trip-out" and be "destroyed" (suffer long lasting ill-effects, essentially flashbacks) or receive nothing but the horrific.

    The understanding of the animal creation is where the "sex-magic" thinking comes in to play. Through the divine sexual interaction of the male and female of the animal species, an offspring is created. Of course the "anal" path seeks to intercept the divine energetic outflow and use it in "kundalini" elevation it is part of The tantric path.

    These, while a subset of, should not be confused with the totality of Alchemy. The totality of Alchemy is the totality of everything!

    Many investigators make the mistake when publishing on the topic with the claim "This is what it is and nothing more." - that their word on the topic is the revelation of the Ultima Occulta.

    I would make no such claim about it myself. I would however share that there are indeed two sides, two faces to it. There is the deep philosophical and spiritual practices and then there's the actual real chemical work to it. The kind of work that takes place in a real lab environment. To ignore that part of the practice is to ignore a full half of Alchemy.

    Alchemy, at its core, sought and seeks one thing, Truth - and through that truth they sought (and still seek) to understand all matters and things in Creation.


  19. @Chris: Yes, and I should say again, I don't think you are entirely off base here. In Clement's Stromata, it says:

    "The remaining six [books] are learned by the “Shrine-bearers”; these are medical treatises dealing with (37) the Constitution of the Body, with (38) Diseases, (39) Instruments, (40) Drugs, (41) Eyes, 4 and finally (42) with the Maladies of Women."

    Gnostic is, of course, a term of convenience. What I can say is, the forms of the Gnosis detailed in the church father Hippolytus' Philosophumena are unmistakably physiological, and not necessarily in a hedonistic way.

    @SE: That's true too, of course. That's why the Kabbalists say that Malkuth, the sphere of Earth, is the anus. We are all, quite literally, divine sparks of the logos spermatikos planted deep within the black feces of the universe. Will we ever spring forth, reborn, as does Harpocrates from the mire?

  20. @Eleleth,

    yes we will... either by chemistry or by time!

    And part of what I was trying to get at in the last post is that just because I happen to see the creation of The Stone in the Eye of Horus in an episode of Dr Who from the 70`s, does not in any way negate the validity of what Chris sees.

    That is the beauty and genius of symbol - it can encompass many meanings in one device.

    This part of symbology is often difficult at first. The human mind likes black and white, left and right, even democrat and conservative. We like definitions and each thing in its own place with a label for all to accept.

    Symbols on the otherhand abhor being defined. They speak to each individually and their words to one, being no more valid than to another!


  21. Chris, certain interpreters of the historical record believe some of the fly agaric's less helpful side-effects- increased physical exertion and occasional violence- were tempered by the simultaneous intake of any of the several varieties of psychoactive Lotus plants, which are sedatives.

    The best known Lotus is the Egyptian Blue Lotus, and in this Dr. Who picture we see the red fly agaric "eye" sitting on top of what looks suspiciously like a Blue Lotus "column"- signaling the "stabilizing" effects of the Lotus supporting the "eye opening" fly agaric trip.

    You can readily find pictures of similar Lotus-shaped columns holding up temples in Egypt.

  22. I have tried to do my own research, which is why I have cited authentic Egyptian texts whenever possible.

    Yes, and that is a good thing. But have you TRULY kept an open mind when doing so? Or have you fallen in the trap, as so many do, with missing parts of the bigger picture being constructed by the words or the symbols?

    What I mean is, that I could write a paragraph about sex, that would definitely for all intents and purposes appear to be solely about sex.

    And rightfully, it IS about sex.

    But there, in this example would also be a deeper meaning hidden behind the obvious in which I also describe a process of physics or chemistry or some other imparting of knowledge and wisdom - pehaps even the description of a formulation using the imagery of language as my symbols.

    And in the same breath, we can't get too caught up our modern propensity towards literal definitions when reading ancient works - we may miss the deeper narratives taking place when we do.


  23. Quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius, my friend. Macrocosm and Microcosm.

  24. All I can add is that whatever secondary correspondences there may be to the Eye, I think the fly agaric cap explanations are pretty convincing. The Set/Horus myth may well come from the structure of the fly agaric cap (the Eye) and the stem (or pillar, which is the meaning of Set's name), particularly when the two were originally pictured as conjoined.

    Strangey- it's important to note that in many of these cults celibacy was usually part of the ritual and often prescribed as a lifestyle (certainly the Isian Pastophori and some of the Mithraists). You have the exceptions- the Dionysians certainly- but it's a mistake I think to automatically conflate sexual symbolism with sexual practice.

    Kabbalah and Alchemy are much later- to be honest I see Gnosticism itself as more or less after the fact in this context as well. I wonder if a lot of the Gnostic sects even knew about hallucinogens in ritual. Burkert saw Mithraism as "anti-Gnostic". Which is fascinating because we know of the entheogenic component of Mithraism but Gnosticism is a little less certain. But as you said there are so many double meanings at work it's hard to say who believed what!

  25. This conversation has wandered very far from the usual subject matter of the blog—there is a quote from Alvin Boyd Kuhn that will tie everything together. The concept of the "seed" being sown in the "black earth" should now be well-understood in its sexual aspect, but here he writes of its greater significance:

    The vegetable buries its seeds in the soil of the kingdom beneath it, the mineral. The animal’s life is embodied in a corpus built up of vegetable material taken in each day as food. The human is rooted in an animal body. And now comes the pivotal fact in theology. The lowest ranks of gods, in their position just above humanity, must, by the Law of Incubation, send down their seeds, plant (incarnate) them in the bodies of humans, and win their next cyclical generation of divine life in that ground!

    This is only a few missing terms away from pure AAT. Remember Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End?

  26. Heya Chris
    According to the Doctor Mars has quite an interesting history:

    Also, the actor, Gabriel Woolf, who played Sutekh in Pyramids of Mars does the voice for the Great Beast in the episode 'Impossible Planet' and 'Satan Pit.' Just found that interesting.

    The writer for 'Pyramids' is Robert Holmes, credited as the best Doctor Who script-editor of the show. He wrote an episode called 'Ark in Space.'

    An older man had told me before that his favorite episodes were during the late 60s into the 70s because he's convinced some writers were on lsd.
    It might also be noteworthy that Sutekh was known as Sutekh the Destoryer, destroyer of all living things. I wonder if that ties in with CERN..

  27. @Chris
    Oh indeed Chris! The sexual symbols have many different levels and meanings and, from personal understanding, most have nothing at all to do with sex or sex acts as we understand them.

    (and Al-Khemia is truly far older than you might suspect!)

    I'm not really referring to the "alchemical writings", most of which I would testify lack any understanding of the real practical (chemical) side of alchemy.

    Let me give you a real-world example of what I was referring to in my previous post.

    Let's take the story of Moses and the Exodus, from the Torah/Bible.
    To the mind without the deep dual understanding of Al-Khemia it would appear as simply a story of a lost baby who grows to lead a people out of slavery. To the Al-Khemical mind, it is also the story of a chemical formulation, and quite detailed as well! In fact, the Al-Khemical mind upon the revelation of the deeper meaning hidden within the words may question the "historical value" of the story entirely. (Something which is most certain to upset your average practicing Jew, Christian and maybe even Muslim). But, like the Freemasons, they don't all know what they really hold in their scripture and philosophy.

    Moses (Moshe/Moshiach) of the Exodus is indeed the freer of slaves!
    Just as much today as any time in antiquity. But whether the Moshe is man, both man and thing, or thing alone is something easily proved to AlKhemical mind through actual chemical operation based solely on the words of scripture!

    ... and through that practice one comes to understand the setting and plot of the story, and why the Moshe leads his people out of Egypt (AL KHEM).

    I'm not one to say that nothing of what the general belief of religion and history is, is invalid or not true historical fact, however I was not personally there to witness it and have only stories to guide my way, but I can MOST CERTAINLY tell you that if you study and open your mind a WHOLE (HOLY) new meaning, and practice (that would truly SHOCK), will arise from most scripture!

    Perhaps I'm just some Nut Job whose mind can inject formulations into the words of religious works -that can then be followed, transcribed and carried out in reality - that aren't in fact really there and with no actual intent by the author of the work for such understanding to ever occur, or then again, maybe, that was the intent of the author all along! To hide all the means of salvation in plain sight and to perpetuate it intact through the aeons to future minds that would come to understand the true purpose of the words.


  28. How about the incredibly suppressed opium poppy. Raw opium (poppy sap) is an amazing plant medicine, that is so connected to our current never ending war model. Do the plants have the ability and desire to point humanity is the right direction, Is this the reason they are forbidden?

  29. Christopher, I also found it fascinating that the recent AMC three part "Prisoner" remake had as much to do with as search for WATER as it did with anything else.

  30. Hallucinogenics the Nile blue lotus seeped in wine Bachus style seems to have some potential too.

  31. As a side note, Christopher, the hip-hop group CYNE ("sign") released an their latest album "Water For Mars" earlier this year.

    If you are into underground hip-hop, I highly recommend the group, Lost Children of Babylon. Their works are a veritable synch and meme-fest.