Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Transformers, part 2: Ultraterrestrials

Angels=alien androids

John Keel's work has been floating around in my head in a oblique way, as I continue to process all of the Keelian weirdness that's gripping the world. In particular, I've been thinking about Keel's "ultraterrestrial" theory. Ken Korczak wrote about Keel's UT theory in an excellent column from 2006:
People who support the Ultraterrestrial theory, such as authors Jacques Vallee and John Keel, point out that supernatural beings seemingly superior to humans have been reported throughout history. In previous eras they were called gods, angels, ogres, fairies, brownies, little people, demons, and more.

The Bible is filled with references to supernatural creatures, including giants, “wheels” flying in the sky out of which incredible creatures emerge, and more.But references to flying disks were recorded centuries before the texts of the Bible. Cave drawing dating to 30,000 B.C. depict disks floating around in the sky, remarkably similar to modern UFO photographs.
In the wake of the monster success of the new Transformers film, I've been thinking more and more Bruce Rux's theories that stories about the so-called "Greys" seem to describe androids rather than EBE's. And of course, this ties back to what I wrote about here back in March, dealing with the Igigi of Sumerian mythology:

AAT scholar Jason Martell notes that the Anunaki had a servant class called the Igigi, whom he believes could actually be the Greys of UFO lore. These creatures have been described as a kind of wetware, biologically-engineered androids:
Today's modern UFO's and Alien Contacts being reported have a strong similarity to the Ancient descriptions of the "anunnaki" Android Beings. When we look at the descriptions of our modern "grey alien", we can clearly see that they do not look like us, or the anunnaki. Rather, they look like the ancient humanoid depictions of Figurines. The majority of Abduction cases usually have a similar story to them in that the Aliens abducting them will perform medical examination and sometimes experiments having to do with human reproduction.

Is it possible that the Greys were created by the anunnaki as "Watchers" to oversee their experiments here on earth?- xfacts.research
This makes a lot of sense. Maybe the Greys are not from somewhere else- they were left here to keep an eye on the Project when the Anunaki were called back home. This would explain why these types of beings are in the world's folklore and mythology.

Maybe we're not projecting a technological viewpoint on elves and fairies and leprechauns after all.
Maybe the folklore is the filter on a reality we had no framework for before we had technology (or maybe the Greys like to play dress-up and mess with people's heads)
Food for thought, and ties into Charles Fort's theory in Book of the Damned (1919) that the world is a UT plantation:

Why not diplomatic relations established between the United States and Cyclorea—which, in our advanced astronomy, is the name of a remarkable wheel-shaped world or super-construction? Why not missionaries sent here openly to convert us from our barbarous prohibitions and other taboos, and to prepare the way for a good trade in ultra-bibles and super-whiskeys; fortunes made in selling us cast-off super-fineries, which we'd take to like an African chief to someone's old silk hat from New York or London?

Would we, if we could, educate and sophisticate pigs, geese, cattle?

Would it be wise to establish diplomatic relation with the hen that now functions, satisfied with mere sense of achievement by way of compensation?

I think we're property.

I should say we belong to something:

That once upon a time, this earth was No-man's Land, that other worlds explored and colonized here, and fought among themselves for possession, but that now it's owned by something:

That something owns this earth—all others warned off.

Hmm, not a cheery guy, that Charles Fort. Now hypothetically, if that is truly the case the owners wouldn't just leave us unattended while they were off doing their godly business elsewhere. Could all of the strange discs and orbs and all of the rest of it could be highly-advanced versions of the cameras and drones and satellites our earthbound overseers are putting up to keep an eye on their own subjects?

I mean, as above so below, right?

Well, who knows. Maybe all of the hardware that people have been seeing up there for tens of thousands of years is all a big misunderstanding. But the UT theory makes a lot more sense to me than a bunch of humanoids jetting to and fro from the Pleiades. And it certainly sheds a new light on the abduction literature as well.

One thing I will say, though. It's fascinating to me that the American and Jordanian militaries- as well as the Egyptian government- were so keen to cooperate with the production of this film. And it shouldn't surprise anyone that the military was also closely involved with the Stargate series as well.

Interesting times we live in.



  1. Excellent article and compelling points there, Chris.

    Essentially summarizing some thoughts and ideas I have been mulling around in my head following Keel's death and hearing Rux on Binnall. Thanks for the link to Rux. He provided great insight into the subject. I have been listening to the six hours of discourse for the last week or so.

    Now, whether you subscribe to current ufology theories or to Keel's demonology references or to Marzulli's on the Fallen Angels (who, incidentally will be on Coast to Coast AM tonight), one thing that can't be denied is the evidence of the Serpent Race (Annunaki) on Planet Earth. The evidence is overwhelming. The Earth is littered with their footprints. From the human mindset and behavior; to masonic and pop culture symbolism; to the hierarchical structure of our religion, economics and politics.

    Any understanding of the Greys or Igigi and the manifestations of the unidentified aerial phenomenon must start there.


    Keep up the great work.

  2. I've heard this song so many times on FM radio but never payed much attention to lyrics until recently.It would set the mood for many of your articles,i think:

  3. I've a stunning photo inside St Peter's basilica that is quite stunning. Its under the engrave marble plate with all the past and present popes names. Its a devil like face with two snake intertwined. How come nobody picked on this earlier. btw, I will find it and try to post it later

    Good work as usual Chris

  4. Christopher I would like to get your take on a post I just did....

    'Number Freaking in The Time Machine'

    I would just like to see what your take is on all that. Since if it wasn't for your blog I would have never stated one myself. I also started another "private blog' called 'The Order of the Stars', I would like to invite you to. I will be doing most my movie "dissections" there with tons of screen shots you are welcome to use anytime you need to. Might be a good resource for screen shots if nothing else. Thanks and there is a reason your blog is on the top of everyone's list, always good shit!

    PS 'The Solar Seminar' anytime soon? lol. That was the first blog of yours I read.

    Peace "C"

  5. "wetware"... My new favorite word.


  6. My wife told me my mom was watching some show I might like called 'Warehouse 13" and after looking it up ....."Warehouse 13 is an American science fiction series which premiered on July 7, 2009 on Syfy."

    ""Part The X-Files, part Raiders of the Lost Ark and part Moonlighting." The series follows Secret Service agents as they are reassigned to the government's secret Warehouse 13, which houses supernatural objects. They are tasked to retrieve missing objects and investigate reports of new ones."

    Only reason I bring this up is cause of your Hanger 18 post and it's really the only reason I was kinda curious about this show. I might have to check an episode or two to see whats up with it.

    PS when and why did "Sci-Fi Channel" change its name to "Syfy Channel"?

  7. Guys- super busy right now. I have a lot of responding to catch up on- I'll try to get back to some of your questions later.

    One thing- everyone remember links!!

  8. Found them. notice the fleur de lys around it and the cherub look.
    the brotherhood of the snake?

  9. Yo Daniel no matter what the explanation that is some devilish shit to have right there with all those names.

    The shit they get away with right out in the open is mind blowing isn't it? people are fucking dumb, that's my only explanation.

  10. Very interesting article. The official historical explanation of the ancient times make no sense at all. Only when looking at mythology and examimning the many stories from all parts of ther world can the puzzle be more esaily understood. In the olden times we had dragons and similar creatures, these became daemons in the times dominated by centralised religions, now they are labelled as aliens, or inter-dimensional entities (reptilians etc). the consistent appearance throughout time in all cultures of other-worldy beings, and indeed of their machinary (for example the Vimanas in the Vedas) point to theses phenomena being very real.

    Linked in with the Hollow Earth and the Electric Universe theories, it is highly likely that these beings have been in this world for as long as we have. Is it not likely that they are our real hidden rulers - glimpsed in symbolism as the eye in the triangle?

  11. These entities are referred by the Gnostics (who had most if not all of their work destroyed) as the Archons. If you want the sun and the moon to eclipse later on this month, then a balance must be maintained. It's not light if there is no darkness.

    England swings....

  12. best video clip ever:


  13. This just all feels like a very familiar moment in time. Deja vu.

  14. While I agree that the fairies and demons have arisen because of the filtering of phenomena through folk beliefs and religions. However, I think the idea that aliens are visiting (from Mars and Venus and then further afield once they no longer seemed viable) in their flying saucers is the same phenomena seen through our technological (and in the Dawn of the Modern Era of UFOs, science fiction and occult) filter. I don't think it is any more "correct" than earlier ideas (especially as the phenomena still thoroughly defies a scientific explanation - in fact we don't really have any more grasp on the issue than we did 60 years ago - in fact the amount of data leaves the picture far less defined). In fact I feel it might limit the scope of our investigations, as the outer reaches of "Ufology" grade into all sorts of different (superficially discrete) areas like cryptozoology, anthropology and beyond (see for example Harpur's "Daimonic Reality").

    The ultraterrestrial theory is less that they come from "up there" and more that they come from... "elsewhere." It also brings with it the idea that we might not be able to properly understand what is going, which is what has been formalised as the Subanthropic Principle (which I posted on a few years back), we may not even have the mental clout to comprehend what is going on. My favourite summary of the problem is from everyone's favourite theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku:

    "I personally think that SETI is looking in the wrong direction. If, for example, we're walking down a country road and we see an anthill, do we go down to the ant and say, "I bring you trinkets, I bring you beads, I bring you knowledge, I bring you medicine, I bring you nuclear technology, take me to your leader"? Or, do we simply step on them? Any civilization capable of reaching the planet Earth would be perhaps a Type III civilization. And the difference between you and the ant is comparable to the distance between you and a Type III civilization. Therefore, for the most part, a Type III civilization would operate with a completely different agenda and message than our civilization.

    Let's say that a ten-lane superhighway is being built next to the anthill. The question is: would the ants even know what a ten-lane superhighway is, or what it's used for, or how to communicate with the workers who are just feet away? And the answer is no. One question that we sometimes ask is if there is a Type III civilization in our backyard, in the Milky Way galaxy, would we even know its presence? And if you think about it, you realize that there's a good chance that we, like ants in an anthill, would not understand or be able to make sense of a ten-lane superhighway next door.

    So this means there that could very well be a Type III civilization in our galaxy, it just means that we're not smart enough to find one.

    Of course, if we thought the ants had some kind of potential (and we were playing a long game) we might leave some crude (by their standards anyway) automated system to keep an eye on them. Which would probably be defined as a Bracewell Probe, of which the Monolith is the best known example (although it is a class of such probes - like a benign version of the Berserker probe in "A Day in the Strife" Babylon 5 episode).

  15. Wow, terrific article, and whole blog is a veritable feast -- like an 8-course meal with a mint at the end. Also, thanks for quoating my article.

  16. There have been stories of robotic servants throughout history. Obviously, the Golem is very influential, but even in ancient Greek myth Hephaestus had mechanical servants and created the Talos the giant bronze statue to defend some city (later to be defeated by Jason).

    BTW, does anyone here know what Heph's mechanical men were called in Greek? Dan Simmons mentions them in his SF novel Ilium.

  17. 60 foot tall Gundam statue in Tokyo. This is also the same design as the Jetfire/Skyfire Transformer. Interesting how it sorta radiates transhumanism. Kind of a "Statue of Liberty" for the masculine technological ages...

  18. Chris-
    Much appreciation for the UltraTerrestrials moniker. I like it! :-D
    With regard to the greys, I like the questions asked by Clif of Half Past Human - " what is your favorite kind of art? what music do you like? What kind of pie do you like best?" The greys, apparently, never, ever answer these kinds of questions. Clif advises that we should never trust someone who's culture doesn't allow for these simple basics of life. I agree. If indeed they do exist, maybe they really are androids. They're certainly not human, and not what I think of as friendly.