Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mindbomb: OK, this is completely insane (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Speechless. Thanks to Eleleth and everyone who caught this.

In my most recent Solar Seminar extravaganza (yes, I know it's been a while since I updated but I've been busy), I asked this impertinent question:
Is creativity a form of shamanic communion with forces beyond our ordinary experience? Are there certain individuals who are able to tap into the deepest recesses of consciousness where the gods are waiting? Does visionary experience allow one to see traces of reality unbound by time and space? There are the questions that lie at the heart of my own work and have led me to obsess further on an already long-standing obsession- the American godfather of the modern superhero, Jack Kirby.

Longtime readers are familiar with the eerie prescience of the late King of Comics, such as this issue of a comic (that was drawn in 1959 but not published until mid-1966) that depicted a strange foreshadowing of the Monolith and Stargate of 2001: A Space Odyssey...

...or this startling depiction of a nuclear-armed jet slamming into a skyscraper 17 years before 9/11...

...or this prescient allegory of the Gulf Wars and the arrest of Saddam Hussein in OMAC (drawn 17 years before the Gulf War), written contemporaneously with a story about a Stargate in another Kirby comic, Kamandi.

Drawn 17 years before the Viking mission

OK, if you haven't read those stories, be sure to check them out. But let's rewind to Moonday, where we were looking at the various theories on the Apollo Hoax meme that the media was shoving down our throats:
Now, let me go on record as believing the Apollo landings were real (they were too ritually important not to be), though perhaps not quite what we saw on TV. However, there's another possibility here that the media is not shoving down your throat- the landings were real but some of the photos and film from them were faked.

Why? Possibly because the real nature of and equipment used in the Apollo missions are highly sensitive and not meant for public consumption...As as I said before, some researchers like Chris Everard believe that there are still active alien bases on the Moon.
Then Jay Weidner posted a long article presenting his theory that Stanley Kubrick helped fake the Apollo mission footage to hide the true mission, which used Nazi saucer technology. This project was worked on simultaneously with production of 2001:A Space Odyssey, according to Weidner. There was some discussion of that story on The Solar Satellite.

But in pondering the third option in the Apollo controversy, I asked this impertinent question about the Apollo 11 crew's quite bold pronouncements that NASA forget about the Moon and focus on Mars:
I wonder if that has anything to do with the strange explosions and flaming debris we've seen falling from the sky over the past few months or the fact that June began and ended with two jetliners mysteriously dropping into the sea.
OK, to recap: Jack Kirby, Apollo 11 hoax controversy, Stanley Kubrick, war in space...

In 1976, Jack wrote and drew Captain America's Bicentennial Battles, in which Cap encounters a sorcerer named Mister Buda. The mini-Magus sends Cap on a trip through time and space, revisiting some crucial moments in America's history such as the Civil War, the White Sands Atomic Test (the same date as the Apollo 11 launch, incidentally) and the Great Chicago Fire. Cap encounters notables such as Adolf Hitler, John Brown and Benjamin Franklin, and winds up in some pretty interesting locations...

...such as the Moon, where he discovers "it isn't as dead as it seems to be," and in fact is the setting for a major firefight...

...between forces Cap can't identify. "But this is impossible," Cap thinks to himself, he's heard nothing about this in the corporate media! How could it possibly be happening?

But no sooner does he try to get a hold on what's happening than he ends up in one of Buda's psychic time portals. Kirby's description of Cap's voyage is almost identical to the language he'd use describing another astronaut's unexplained voyage... Jack's other 1976 Treasury Edition comic, his adaptation of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Just as with OMAC and Kamandi, another strange link between two contemporaneous Kirby comics.

Because sure enough, Cap finds himself back on Earth, smack dab in the sights of a camera lens. Given the You Are There conceit of Bicentennial Battles, it must for a newsreel, perhaps the Hindenberg disaster or something. After all, Astro-Cap is the "truth-seeker" in this story..., Cap goes from the unreported secret war on the Moon, through a Kubrickian Stargate, and straight into a movie studio.


  1. Geeze man, don't you sleep? :D

  2. That is pretty cool, almost feel purposeful, like some sort of inside joke. Good thing, despite the numerous "17" hits, you didn't add the 17 tag to this post, it would have messed up the update I just (this minute) added to my latest post.

  3. That is too crazy...and yet, this short essay 'American Dreamtime' by Heinz Insu Fenkl:

    shows the amazing similarities between the Austalian Aboriginal 'Dreamtime' and our very TV's...

    Their 'Dreamtime', has no time, it is past, present, and future all together...

    So if some people are better able to enter this 'realm', your very hypothesis good quite literally be true...

    Great post once again CK!

  4. In March of 1976, I was experiencing a time rift and shift that gave me such a high as to change my life. I concluded that the Russian "woodpecker" HAARP like apparatus had been unleashed and I was a witness to it's effects. One of the consequences of my March 76 "nocturnal event" was the death of Mao and the Tangshan earthquake which may have "killed" one million Chinese.

  5. What's with the 17.17 in the left corner of the 2001 space odyssey pic?

  6. Hey, Transcend Designs, check out this post at the Quantum Observer about the history of TVs and attempts to contact the spirit world.

  7. 1717 the founding year of English Freemasonery. Egyptians coffin texts present human images upsidedowne in the underworld. As below so above? Dennis. wv heroddic

  8. Great post, Chris!

    And I have lots of comments but Violator and Dennis' interest in "17" caught my eye just now when I glanced up from the computer to see the news report on the arrested African American Harvard professor "Gates".

    On nearly every broadcast since this "racist" arrest occurred, they show Prof. Gates handcuffed on the front porch of his home. And this story is getting "legs" with outraged ethnic intellectuals for some reason.

    BUT... the house number on Gates' front porch on ABC news now? 17.

    I searched for a still photo of the house number and here's one on the The Washington Post site:
    (The seventeen is clearly visible on the left but seems strangely highlighted.)

  9. BTW, the same photo of Professor Gates is also on the Boston Globe website:

    But get this Chris, the same photo with the house number 17 on it is "everywhere!" -on all news reports! Why? And especially why because there were no news reporters at the scene when the arrest occurred.

    So who took the photo? Well, The Globe reports that it was taken by a "neighbor". Yeah, right.

  10. Chris, in your terms: amazing!

    The Harvard Professor Gates arrest and racial profiling came up at the end of President Obama's press conference tonight! The speech was on health care reform but ended with the flourish of a question from the press about the Gates arrest. The President spent more than a few minutes responding and added comments about racial profiling and race relations.

    Of course you realize the President's response on the issue will generate more hits on the story. CNN's town hall meeting folks applauded and cheered during the President's comments.

    And I know that you realize that the question on Gates' arrest was answered deliberately. No matter how unscripted Presidential news conferences question to the President is a surprise nor is any question answered by the President done so without being submitted in advance.

    I really wonder how the Gates arrest usurped the health care issue in a Presidential address to the nation.

  11. The 17-17 is actually a softball game score-it just happened to be in a column right near the 2001 preview.

    Soapie-did you notice the cop who arrested Gates was named Crowley? (!)

  12. Whoah, that's a really cool post. I'm gonna check out some Kirby.

    The Kubrickian moon connection has stayed with me. The Jay Weidner article you posted contained a few factual errors that made me initially dismiss the story. However, I've started to think there might be something in it, though probably not like Jay Weidner has described it. Looking again at Kubrick's filmography you could almost see it as an expose of the elite. Obviously there's Full Metal Jacket and Dr Strangelove showing the machinations of government and the war machine, you've also got A Clockwork Orange with the themes of Mind Control and dictating peoples actions with images on a tv screen and all the culty shennanigans in Eyes Wide Shut. Like has previously been said, in 2001: A Space Odyssey you've got a force that follows humanity throughout it's evolution. In the Shining you've got the idea of people who are above the normal laws of time, able to see both the past and future. Stanley, himself was in effect above the same laws, taking years to make a film. Take into account his coldly intelligent director's style and his gift for manipulating actors (famously Shelley Duvall)and I think you've got a guy who wasn't so much working for the rulers at the top of the pyramid, but was one of the rulers at the top of the pyramid.

  13. By the time you read this you'll probably already have heard, but I just want to say that now we are officially in the friggin' double negaverse Twilight Zone: Buzz Aldrin says that there is a monolith on the Martian moon Phobos.

  14. HOLY GOD!! I just watched that Buzz Aldrin monolith thing.... was he supposed to say that? WOW.

  15. Good catch rubadubdub. This kind of action is greasing someone's agenda.

  16. I'm not a comic book reader, but wow. Chris, you're making me want to investigate on my own.

    Obama: "the stars are aligning"??? Is it just me, or did this comment from last night's press conference seem strangely out of place? It seems like he was talking to someone, like he was placing a classified ad in a tabloid to get someone's attention. Just plain weird.

  17. Freaking crazy!! Wow. Mind boggling, but creativity is SO important and lacking in today's society. Great work Chris, and the 17's ARE everywhere! This past Monday, I kept seeing 17 all day long, and now this post! Dennis made a great point on 1717 too...I think 'as above so below' will play a big role in understanding what 'they' want to do with Mars...but the pertinent question is whats going on with the moon!

    WV = BLESS, so blessings to you bro for your amazing work.


  18. Violator- Jack was tuned in and used a kind of hyper-creativity as his radio. I have no doubt that I will continue to find more and more of these as events unfold.

    Transcend- Dreamtime, yes. Thanks for bringing it up. I'm reminded of Weir's The Last Wave.

    Eric- Very interesting. I'd have to think back on that time. I do remember a lot of extremely vivid dreams around that period.

    Caleb- See previous response.

    Vio- That reminds me of the TV cult in Virtual Light. Thanks for the link.

    Dennis- Thanks for the Egypt tip! I'll have to look into that.

    Soapie- I have to wonder about that whole brouhaha. My agenda detector is pinging again. Didn't see the 17s do you have any linx?

    Panda- Yes- other people have picked up on that as well. I think there was an article on The Konformist ages ago on that. I don't know if he was one of the rulers, but he seemed to be saying a lot in between the lines.

    Eleleth- Great catch. I put that up on the Satellite.

    Oyin- I'll look into that. Thanks for the heads up.

    Skaggsie- Cheers. I think in this day and age creativity is an act of rebellion in and of itself. This Mars thing is insane, no doubt about it.

  19. Another 17 featured prominently, this time in showbiz news!

  20. holy cow!!!
    I'm about to lose my cookies over this one. Buzz spills it about the monolith. Great Scott. Chris, thanks for pointing this one out. Wonder what else Buzz knows that he doesn't often talk about? Sheesh....this one I"m going to have to think about. Gotta go splash some cold water on my face to get my bearings. 'Scuse me....I'll be right back....


  21. David Downey, Jr.2:40 PM, July 23, 2009

    WOW. I just posted the Buzz Aldrin link on Evolver. Thanks for this. I am at a loss for words. They are prepping us for something big.

  22. Photograph of the monolith on Phobos


  24. Great blog by the way been one of my regular stops for a long time

  25. Better resolution image

  26. Well, I just got a Buzz of Al(drenelin) with that update! I agree, with that kind of wording, they are definitely prepping us.

  27. Hi Chris,

    The Harvard professor's house number "17" can be best seen on the Washington Post website here: (it's on the left of the photo)

    President Obama continues today with the support of Prof. Gates and indicates that Gates is a personal friend of his.

    I still don't understand the brouhaha but police Sgt. Crowley still refuses to apologize.

  28. More strangeness: not only will NASA bomb the moon on my birthday, Oct. 9, but the Large Hadron Collider is supposed to go live again sometime in October.

    George Ure: "Is this was [sic] good next door dimensional neighbors would do?"

  29. Chris have you seen the Google home page today?

    It's homage to comic heroes for the Comic-Con 2009! There's Batman, Green Lantern etc. all in the Google logo!

    It's pretty cool. Go Comics!

  30. The link above to Phobos says the company planning to visit Phobos has adopted the mission name "PRIME|"
    Phobos Reconnaissance and International Mars Exploration (“PRIME”)

    prime numbers between 2 and 100 are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83

  31. ok ~ this seal(lion's)it for me.. There's something incredibly interesting on Phobos.. or "in" Phobos.. Every time we've tried to shoot a probe at Phobos or tried to take close up pictures our equipment has "failed." Buzz has been trying to subtly leak something for years now.. and here we finally have something that is not being very subtle at ALL. ;)

  32. Wow. I just randomly wandered onto your blog from a snarky link on Fark (to your Jan. 19th post on Masonic Martyrdom). I was surprised to recognize your name from your comics-related writing (I'm a fledgling cartoonist myself). Anyway, during my initial skim of the said article (skimmed because I'm also soaking up Comic-Con news as it comes over the net), I was mildly startled by your use of the term "space jockeys". It just so happens that, earlier today, I had been searching for images specifically tagged "space jockey"- and here's the twist -in preparation for my own blog post highlighting the visual/conceptual similarities between the fossilized celestial spacecraft at the beginning of Jack Kirby's Eternals(1976) and the gigantic, petrified "space jockey" in the Alien film (1979)!

    Compare for yourself:

    Needless to say, I felt a little synchronistic buzz when I clicked on your blog header and found a post outlining even more cosmic Kirby coincidences! Not sure if I'm adding anything with this post, but I thought you might find it interesting. Ghost in the machine sort of stuff.'ve got yourself a new subscriber!

  33. ...and digging through your archives, I can see you already noted the Eternals/Alien connection back in November of 2008!

  34. I was coming here to drop you the Buzz video but I see you already got it, lol.

    PS I watched the movie "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon". I will have to say once you get past this person who makes the films personal beliefs. The evidence that is presented is pretty depressing IMO.

    I went from like....
    30% (we didn't go) 70% (we did go)
    90% (we didn't go) 10% (we did go)
    after watching this one.

    Did you know there are only 20 known photos on that first mission, I mean come on, I take more photos then that to celebrate a simple occasion like an odd birthday.

  35. Hey, I just wanted to add to the chorus of "WOW, did I just hear Buzz Aldrin say thats". What the heck is goin' on?

  36. Panda- Oh no, Simon Cowell? 17 is truly the number of the Beast! =D

    Thrace- Yeah, this is a weird one. Very interesting times, for sure.

    DD- I'll check that out- Cheers.

    Terry- Thanks!

    Joeds- Great work- thanks for the links.

    Soapie- Crowley? Gate- 17? Crazy.

    Oyin- LHC back online? Oh man. October will be interesting.

    Soapie II- I saw that- very cool.

    Eric- Interesting. Worth keeping an eye on.

    Steve- Yeah, I was just reading about that. Wild.

    Impetus- Welcome to the Madhouse! I saw some of the snark on Fark. Pretty funny. And thanks for reminding us on that Eternals/Moebius/Giger link.

    C- I'll have to watch that. Like I said, I think we've been there, but certainly the Apollo 11 footage seems fishy. But that could well mean the actual mission was not what we saw on TV. That seems par for the course for me- considering the military aspect of NASA.

    Nick- I know. Interesting slip of the tongue, eh?

  37. Thanks for the update Chris, not sure what to make of it...yet.

    Be well bro!

    WV = OR THE...[what?] LOL

  38. At Christopher Knowles I was at the same conclusion before but the main thing that changed that for me was this part with them obviously faking the distance they were from earth with cardboard and camera tricks (THE CREW OF APOLLO 11), watch the link if you just want to see that part. Why would they do this? The only answer I can come up with is they never even left our atmosphere due to the Van-Allen radiation belts.

    STAR WATCHING IT AT THE 2:00min Mark

    A funny thing happened on the way to the moon - Part 4

  39. looking at Captain America -
    at his 3rd eye level an capital A which seems like an uncapped pyramid, Cap.
    Cap may then = the Eye on the pyramid



  40. First visit to this site and I'm gobsmacked:-this is cool!
    Buzz Aldrin's recent comments are the first occasion anyone serious,credible and worthy of attention has, in so many words,disclosed the undisclosable.First he goes on film revealing the green cone thing that followed the moon missions, with supporting footage, and now this!
    Why else would the Russians be so obsessed with Phobos, ostensibly just a 15 by 10 mile rock, when their space programme rarely ventures beyond earth orbit?