Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Out of Egypt

OK, this is interesting. This little bit of evangelizing starts with a cute premise, goes on a bit too long and then ends with a thud. The chap on the right bears a very striking resemblance to Marshall Applewhite circa the mid 70s (which merits a post in and of itself) but the central conceit of the skit- two angels weighing the virtue of the confessions of those seeking entrance into the Pearly Gates didn't sound anything like I was taught in Sunday School.

I know there are a couple metaphorical references to scales (judging the living, not the dead) in a couple of the later books of the Old Testament, but certainly nothing like this little skit.

This scenario is actually straight out of Egyptian theology, not Christian. Surely a coincidence, but there have been a lot of similar coincidences popping here and there (not the least of which is all of the Solar imagery popping up in church logos and icons.)

Some of you have probably seen quite a few depictions of the Weighing of the Ka in the Egyptian afterlife, where Anubis and Thoth weigh the heart of the dead to determine if they should join Osiris in the afterworld or be devoured by the demon Ammit. Here is a an excerpt from the writings of Setna (son of Rameses the Great) which dates to the 13th Century BC:
So each Ka passed through the doorway and in the Hall Thoth was waiting to receive him, saying: 'Come with me. Yet why hast thou come?'

'I have come here to be announced,' answered the Ka.

'What is thy condition?'

'I am pure of sin.'
Sounds a bit like modern Masonic ritual, no? The liturgy read by the hopeful applicant is now known as "Negative Confessions" from the Papyrus of Ani, aka The Declaration of Innocence which is included in The Book of the Dead.
But before the Weighing of the Heart, each dead man's Ka spoke in his own defense, saying: 'I am pure! I am pure! I am pure! I am pure! My purity is as that of the Bennu bird, the bright Phoenix whose nest is upon the stone persea-tree, the obelisk at Heliopolis...

...with the good man the Feather of Truth sank down and his heart rose up, and Thoth cried aloud to Osiris and the gods, 'True and accurate are the words this man has spoken. He has not sinned; he has not done evil towards us. Let not the Eater-up of Souls have power over him.

Surely a coincidence, right? But there's one little detail towards the end that caught my attention- when "Jesus" takes the humble do-gooder (a white male, of course) by the hand and leads him to God's waiting room. It turns out that this too has a precedent in Setna's account:

Then Horus took the dead man by the hand and led him before Osiris, saying, 'I have come to thee, oh Unnefer Osiris, bringing with me this new Osiris. His heart was true at the coming forth from the Balance. He has not sinned against any god or any goddess. Thoth has weighed his heart and found it true and righteous. Grant that there may be given to him the bread and beer of Osiris; may he be like the followers of Horus!'

"Followers of Horus" is the English translation of Shemsu Hor.

Is Acharya S in the house?


  1. Have you ever watched the series by Michael Tsarion, “Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology”, he covers a bit about the different cults (ie Stellar, Lunar, Saturnian and Solar cults of antiquity) Even when i was a child I knew that Christianity was a solar cult, even if it was subconscious.

  2. I'm Libran. I couldn't find the constellation so I try to make sure I always have scales somewhere in the house. Sometimes we just have symbols thrust upon us. I'm a tiger, a 6, a Canadian, a WASP, a smoker, a blue collar worker, a joker, a sinner, a handyman, a rock hound, a blogger, a loser...........

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  4. I apologize for the uncouth and very long double-post, but I was suddenly reminded of this excerpt from The Divine Invasion. Are these evangelicals Philip K. Dick fans?

    Zina told Emmanuel about an early identity that she had once had. Thousands of years ago, she said, she had been Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess who represented the cosmic order and justice. When someone died his heart was weighed against Ma' at's ostrich feather. By this the person's burden of sins was determined.

    The principle by which the sinfulness of the person was determined consisted of the degree of his truthfulness. To the extent that he was truthful the judgment went in his favor. This judgment was presided over by Osiris, but since Ma'at was the goddess of truthfulness, then it followed that the determination was hers to make. . . .

    In these judgments of the dead, stemming from Egypt and Persia, the scrutiny was pitiless and the sinful soul was de facto doomed. Upon your death the books listing your good deeds and bad deeds closed, and no one, even the gods, could alter the tabulation. In a sense the procedure of judgment was mechanical. A bill of particulars, in essence, had been drawn up against you, compiled during your lifetime, and now this bill of particulars was fed into a mechanism of retribution. Once the mechanism received the list, it was all over for you. The mechanism ground you to shreds, and the gods merely watched, impassively.

    But one day (Zina said) a new figure made its appearance at the path leading to the sifting bridge. This was an enigmatic figure who seemed to consist of a shifting succession of aspects or roles. Sometimes he was called Comforter. Sometimes Advocate. Sometimes Beside-Helper. Sometimes Support. Sometimes Advisor. No one knew where he had come from. For thousands of years he had not been there, and then one day he had appeared. He stood at the edge of the busy path, and as the souls made their way to the sifting bridge this complex figure-who sometimes, but rarely, seemed to be a woman-signaled to the persons, each in turn, to attract their attention. It was essential that the Beside- Helper got their attention before they stepped onto the sifting bridge, because after that it was too late.

    "Too late for what?" Emmanuel said.

    Zina said, "The Beside-Helper upon stopping a person approaching the sifting bridge asked him if he wished to be represented in the testing which was to come.

    "By the Beside-Helper?"

    The Beside-Helper, she explained, assumed his role of Advocate; he offered to speak on the person's behalf. But the Beside- Helper offered something more. He offered to present his own bill of particulars to the retribution mechanism in place of the bill of particulars of the person. If the person were innocent this would make no difference, but, for the guilty, it would yield up a sentence of exculpation rather than guilt.

    "That's not fair," Emmanuel said. "The guilty should be punished."

    "Why?" Zina said.

    "Because it is the law," Emmanuel said.

    "Then there is no hope for the guilty."

    Emmanuel said, "They deserve no hope."

    "What if everyone is guilty?"

    He had not thought of that. 'What does the Beside-Helper's bill of particulars list?" he asked.

    "It is blank," Zina said. "A perfectly white piece of paper. A document on which nothing is inscribed."

  5. No big deal id say.
    With my band i use lyrics full of symbolism or alchemical significance.

    These beliefsytems are way better than standart christianity, so why not use them?

  6. If people could only see these religious stories as archetypal myths we'd all be so much better off. There'd be no need for the hatred and fundamntalism that comes from taking them as literal historical events.

    Unfortunately most followers of religions have very little knowledge of comparative religion or astrotheology so they have no framework for seeing that the ideas expressed in their religion have antecedents further back in time.

    I've encountered many fundamentalist King James Bible believing christians on other conspiracy blogs where all these ideas on astrotheology and egyptian religion have been comprehensively presented and they still don't get it.

    They just cannot believe that their their religion could be anything other than literal historical truth.

    Quite incredible to witness, really. The power of indoctrination.


  7. Good one Chris, love those short sweet posts that make you think and feel, always a nice mix here at SS.

    My thought is a bit more outrageous than most, as I see "answering to the so called gods" as outrageous itself! Could that be a recycling trap, rehashing energy/souls via judgment? I think so...if I've journeyed to the point that "I GNO" who and what I am about, I am not about to answer to anyone to be judged, especially those "hands off gods" that wash their hands entirely in all situations, malarkey! LOL

    Point being, our existence is weighed on good/evil based decisions, so what does balance bring? Socially engineered society will make sure your consistently running around in a circle and hoping from one foot to the next. Thoth and Osiris...well, I'd have some choice words for them at that point.

    If we take a symbolic look, alchemically the birds represent the soul journey correct?

    Thanks bro!

  8. Is the TV series Lost building to an AAT finale? I found this over at Jay Dyer's Nicene Truth:

    ABC's "Lost" Hypes Up the Mysteries - the Occult Mysteries.

    Dyer is of the opinion that which is lost is the power/technology of the gods.
    I think we're talking lost alien technology. My brief blog post here features my thoughts on this:

    Is that which is "Lost" alien technology?

    The fake promo vid that ABC is using to tease the audience checks all the boxes that Lost has filled thus far: conspiracies, cults, paranormal, secret societies, ancient civilizations; and then there is the single mystery they haven't covered that is in the "Mysteries of the Universe" promo: aliens.

    A pointer perhaps? Could just a another Lost red herring.

    And then there is this:

    Ion engine could one day power 39-day trips to Mars

  9. From the very beginning of Æons -- in time and space on our Round and globe(3) -- the mysteries of nature were recorded by the pupils of those same now invisible "heavenly men,"(4) in geometrical figures and symbols. The keys thereto passed from one generation of "wise men" to the next. Some of the symbols, thus passed from the east to the west, were brought therefrom by Pythagoras, who was not the inventor of his famous Triangle. The ten points inscribed within that "Pythagorean Triangle" are worth all the theogonies and angelologies ever emanated from the theological brain. For he who interprets them -- on their very face, and in the order given -- will find in these 17 points (the 7 mathematical points hidden) the uninterrupted series of the genealogies from the first heavenly to terrestrial man. And, as they give the order of beings, so they reveal the order in which were evolved the Kosmos, our earth, and the primordial elements by which the latter were generated. He who will master the mystery of our Earth will have mastered the mysteries of all others.

  10. Eric, you rock. El-el-th you rock. Hamlet's mill, The Golden Bough,Anacalypsis"The saitic Isis" present the story has been told for ages. The feather and heart are a great analogy. Is there any thing good inside of you? If there is I really want to know! The Satrun cult seems to be gaining ground here on terra forma. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis

  11. hi Chris...just dropping in a note to say that I have a big piece up on my blog...incorporating Kubrick 2001/Carter Xfiles/Nichols' Working Girl/OZ Baum/Speilberg/Landis/Henson 'muppets' etc

    Some aspects of your own work have been included...many thanks for those.

    It may be of interest to you (or anyone else)...apologies if not.