Monday, January 05, 2009

Seen From Space: The Magic of the Moon

A recent article on the BBC entitled "Moon's Magic Still Shining Bright" caught my attention:
The magic of the Moon has once again captured the imagination of politicians and scientists around the world.

Forty years ago, the largest TV audience in history tuned in to watch the Apollo 8 crew reach lunar orbit. It was during this mission that the famous "Earthrise" image was captured, changing forever our perception of the planet and its place in space.

And in July 1969, a small step by Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 mission guaranteed his place in human history as the first person to set foot on another world. These pioneering missions captivated everyone's attention and seemed to herald a brave new world.
The question is raised yet again: what's so compelling about the Moon now, particularly as the worldwide economic infrastructure is unraveling? What's the big attraction with outer space all of a sudden? When you look at all that is going on in space and take into account all of the pyramids and obelisks being put up all over the world, a very strange picture comes into focus. One not unlike the must-see visionary Masonic landscapes painted by former NASA artist Robert McCall.

But wait, there's more!

I'm sure many of you have run across the strange and enigmatic videos of British amateur astronomer John Lenard Walson. And I'm sure a lot of you probably experience the same eerie, dislocated sensation that I do after watching them. There's been a lot of controversy- even within the UFO community- as to their credibility. But when faced with one of these unsolvable enigmas dealing with black ops and mysteries in space, the first thing I ask is, "Yes, but is it Art?" Then, of course, I ask "Yes, but where are the synchs?"

The video above seems to be of structures built into impact craters on the face of the moon. I don't have the credentials to vouch for their veracity, but taken as psychic artifacts of this disjointed age, they are pretty potent stuff (here's another interesting video showing what looks like a giant cuboid structure on the Moon).

Walson's work first came to my attention with some videos of alleged secret orbital installations, which looked more like Lovecraftian space demons. They ignited a firestorm of controversy, as you might expect. I'm not exactly sure why, considering that there's a whole host of objects floating above our heads we're only dimly aware of. It might have something to do with the fact that most "skeptics" these days seem to possess the social skills and maturity level of an anonymous poster on a World of Warcraft message board.

In addition to the big NASA missions we heard about and the covert ones we don't, there are any number of private companies launching strange things into orbit (as we looked at a couple weeks back). The BBC has a nice puff-piece on this new commerical space program:
...when the ageing space shuttle fleet is retired in 2010, the US space agency (Nasa) will lose a principal means of ferrying crew and cargo to the ISS. The shuttle's replacement - Ares-Orion - will not enter service until 2015 at the earliest...

That leaves the US dependent on European and Japanese spacecraft for delivering supplies to the space station. But Nasa has also been pursuing a commercial approach. Three years ago, the space agency took the unprecedented step of fostering the development of private spacecraft designed to carry crew and cargo to the ISS.

One of these companies is SpaceX, a startup created by Elon Musk, who made his fortune selling PayPal to Ebay:
"The Falcon 9-Dragon System is intended to replace the function of the space shuttle when that retires in 2010," says Musk.
But SpaceX isn't the only new name in the space game:

The other winning bid in Nasa's cargo re-supply contract was made by Orbital Sciences Corporation, based in Dulles, Virginia.

Orbital's vehicle consists of a medium-lift rocket called Taurus 2 which will be used to launch the Cygnus capsule.
And when you consider the pile of high weirdness that Gene Roddenberry stepped in back in the 70s it's worth noting that there's a new private "space habitat" named in honor of one of his failed 70s pilots.
Genesis II is the second experimental space habitat designed and built by the private American firm Bigelow Aerospace, and was launched in 2007. As the second module sent into orbit by the company, this spacecraft builds on the data and experience gleaned from its previously orbited sister-ship Genesis I to continue testing the viability of long-term inflatable space structures. Like its sister-ship and other modules being designed by Bigelow Aerospace, this spacecraft is based on the NASA Transhab design, which provides increased interior volume and reduced launch diameter along with potentially reduced mass compared to traditional rigid structures.

As with Genesis I, it was launched aboard an ISC Kosmotras Dnepr rocket from Dombarovskiy missile base near Yasniy, Russia. It successfully reached orbit after separation from the rocket at 15:16 UTC. - Wikipedia
Given all of this private hardware I guess it's no surprise that Obama keeps fighting with NASA over budget cuts. But they're also fighting because Obama is in a big hurry to get to the Moon, and is using the old "we gotta beat the Commies in the space race" routine:

President-elect Barack Obama will probably tear down long-standing barriers between the U.S.’s civilian and military space programs to speed up a mission to the moon amid the prospect of a new space race with China.

Obama’s transition team is considering a collaboration between the Defense Department and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration because military rockets may be cheaper and ready sooner than the space agency’s planned launch vehicle, which isn’t slated to fly until 2015, according to people who’ve discussed the idea with the Obama team.

The potential change comes as Pentagon concerns are rising over China’s space ambitions because of what is perceived as an eventual threat to U.S. defense satellites, the lofty battlefield eyes of the military.


  1. The moon--it's color is purple, its metal is silver and it stands for the astral--i.e., the imaginative--plane. It guides connections that don't exist directly or in a physically causal manner (hmmm....). The attention it gets though, what with the all the solar-phallic new years' obelisk rituals, that's hard to sort out. I think Crowley's Tarot depicts the Moon as the passageway between two pillars where it is necessary to rely on the "older senses" (or something of that extent) to avoid deception...

  2. Fascinating you mention Crowley, especially with his very strong link to the space program vis a vis his spiritual son Jack Parsons.

  3. Regarding your link to the "Science Rules" post... interesting stuff about Bill Nye, though really a shame. He should stick with teaching what we know/understand about science to the general public, and leave the skepticism to less hyper types. (Too bad Carl Sagan isn't around anymore.) His performance on Larry King last week was rather pathetic, especially when the one guy (Bob Jacobs?) kept referring to Nye as a comedian. If I were Jacobs, I would have let Nye finish what he was saying, and then respond with a good rebuttal; he seemed to have enough material, and enough people on the panel for support.

    I do have to wonder, though, why Nye appeared in this? Just for fun, I suppose.

    And why did a skeptic like Mr. Nye decide to have well-known evangelical Rick Warren perform his wedding ceremony? I wonder what George Carlin would make of that.


  4. the moon has always controled the current in the sea, the currency

  5. James- you read my mind- coming up soon on that one.

    Jason, if I were given to paranoia I'd think that any differences between Bill Nye and Ric Warren and Barack Obama and George Bush are purely meant for our benefit. If I were a cynical type I might think that it's all one big club behind the curtain.

  6. Wow, drank a bottle of Purple Moon wine this weekend (from Trader Joes). Majel Barrett-Roddenberry's funeral was yesterday - random Trekkie synch.

  7. That's bleedin' typical - to go out into space, with a nationalistic mindset.

    Even from outside the globe, the whole sham play of borders and that won't drop. Carve it up then conquer it eh. Lofty ideals? Don't forget to bring them down a few levels by equating them with nationalism. And when you're out there in space by god don't you look at that planet like it's One Whole Object! You'll look at it with the flags superimposed over the relevant areas.

    Speaking of what blanket organisational type of bodies may be responsible in the first place for the strange way of doing things that is considered ordinary here - I think the Crowley Tarot has the Moon card down as being representative of illusionary things, based around the Moons light being a reflection of the Suns.

    One of my favourite representations of our possibly-placed-deliberately satellite is the one in The Mighty Boosh - "I'm the Moooooon"

    It's an oldie but goldie - "To boldly go where hundreds of folk have already been before."

    Virgin Galactic are thinking of building a spaceport here in Scotland for the space tourism - but they just reopened the trainline to London, and it's still way cheaper to get the plane down. How did that happen; how come flights are so cheap here but the train costs a fortune?

  8. I'm kind of thinking the whole beat the Commies thing is just propaganda. I'm sure half the hardware we're sending up will be involve Chinese manufacturing and vice versa.

  9. almost thought that was rhetorical,Jordan Maxwell is known for saying that about the current or the juice, whether that be purple juice you traded from Joe for silver

    hey here's an article that looks like it might have some meat on its bones for one more capable of carving

  10. Totally unrelated to the moon, but I figured this link was worth passing on to you anyway:

    Researchers create all seeing 'eye'

  11. Unrelated to the Moon per se, but very much in the mix of everything we're looking at. Thanks, Ian.

  12. Some phenomenal images there from Robert McCall- truly fantastic stuff!

    'The Apotheosis of Technology'... What is it? The craft, or the obelisk in the centre, somehow indelibly linked to them?

  13. That masonic space artist painted my nightmares. It's like a Jetsons version of current architectural themes and slave-wages but with the "ends justify the means" technological mastery of the Solar Cult to achieve a goal they already had in place. The "tracing board space port" is a good example of what I mean

    Stepping into a pile of high weirdness is a great metaphor.

    As much as I wanted to like Bill Nye growing up, he turned science into a weird little parlor magic trick as far as I can remember. He's the last person I would choose to represent any sort of serious insight into this current wave of extraterrestrial interest.

    Jake has related JC (in the form of... Jim Carrey! Super twin powers activate) to the Moon (man on the moon, The Truman Show, Dumb and Dumber "We landed on the moon!"). Just take the sync nuggets, no charge.

  14. Ben/Tommy

    McCall's paintings are much like the work Syd Mead did for car companies- it's concept art for future development. Don't forget to read this post on the McCall exhibition I saw back in '98.

  15. Hi Chris,

    How does one become a member of the roster: Links to Live by.

    I'm sure there is an application, a test, and the correct answers to questions three at the bridge of death.

    Please admit me for candidacy:
    My name is Sir Lancelot of Camelot.
    To seek the Holy Grail.

    (From The Belly Of The Whale)

  16. Oh, and I meant to say "wonder twin powers activate". Nerd shame.

    I see, so the paintings are another piece of the "there are people who are interested in constructing our future for us" puzzle.

  17. Well, maybe not for us, mean the US. Our future may be more Mad Max than McCall. Certainly Asia's future.

  18. Agreed. Still, the paintings are interesting in their own creepy way. This is awesome being able to communicate these things, by the way. I know my ideas aren't that groundbreaking, but actually getting the thoughts out there is just crazy, I've been reading your stuff for a while and never really thought I'd be a part of this exchange. Thanks again for the time.

  19. The future - is what people decide it will be.

    Years ago when I heard about what the 'mystery schools' consider is going on as of now, that consciousness in general is being forcibly moved into 4D or 5D, I wondered in what way is it meant to be a success this-time-around, if people don't know how it works? If you don't know that we're say in 4D, and in 4D then thoughts manifest as reality far quicker than they have been thus far (within this 'false' ie - artificially-incomplete world), then how can you possibly guess that is what is going on?
    Let alone do anything about / with it.

  20. since there's usually a several decade time-lag between technological advances and public disclosure of them (and the more "sensitive" the technology and its uses, the longer the lag), is it worth considering that the talk of future space colonization is tipping us to an already decade-long program now nearing its final (i.e., public) phase?

    In which case maybe there was more to Alt 3 Moon and Mars colonies scenarios than just smoke?

    Why do so few parapolitical/occult researchers talk about secret space colonization? Mostly it still has credibility only in the kookier, New Agey, nuts n' bolts ufo true believer crowd, a good way to render it as "damaged goods" that more serious researchers refuse to touch?

    But it may be a key thread in the whole "return of the gods" end game - if an actual (as well as holographic) "invasion from Mars" is being planned, i.e., one that really WILL come from Mars, tho not by aliens. Any humans who are based "off-world" become, by definition, ETs as well as "overlords."

  21. Why do so few parapolitical/occult researchers talk about secret space colonization? Mostly it still has credibility only in the kookier, New Agey, nuts n' bolts ufo true believer crowd, a good way to render it as "damaged goods" that more serious researchers refuse to touch?

    Yes, that is the question, isnt it? There's more going on with UFOs and space than any time in history yet the usual conspiracy gurus are merely putting their own spins on what the mainstream media talks about. Maybe their secret ambition is to be the "edgy" guy on Fox News.

  22. maybe the 4d/5d transition is going on as we speak and what we call 'dreaming' is actually a kinda 'training wheels on' session we go thru every night/day/once in a while?

    and these training wheels themselves evolving; bnw to color, lucid dreaming.

    just sayin