Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seen From Space: Planet 51

Thanksgiving? Pretty long lead time, especially given all of the scenes in the trailer. A couple of the shots here remind me of the Dubai development video we saw a couple months back, with all of the satellite shots and sacred geometry. "Planet 51" is obviously a nod to Area 51 of UFO lore (and, of course, 51=3x17). Interesting that they would depict aliens living an idyllic suburban existence as our own dissolves before our eyes. Maybe this Planet 51 is meant to somehow symbolize Dubai.

And guess who does the voice for the astronaut? Yes, you guessed it, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Hollywood's second-favorite Obama resonator (here's the first). Bonus Southland Tales resonance with Seann William Scott thrown in.


  1. i forget too mention that, had it too, good thing it didn't get looked past. the all seeing eye was also seen in the first released pictures of the film. nice too see the trailers for these movies released.

    Planet 51 also looks like the Atlantis/UN/Ember city circular motif.

    Also Gary Ozman and Justin Long(Alvin the amanita apple guy) will be heard in this film as well.

  2. Wow! Planet 51, Area 51! We are definitely being prepared for Obama to make contact with the aliens and usher in the new age.

    I noticed at 0:22, where the narrator says "...children are carefree..," the children seems to be playing a game where the markings etched on the pavement closely resembles crop circles of planetary or galactic alignment.

    Notice too that the spaceship enters Planet 51 around 0:51 seconds. And the music of Strauss' "Also sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra) playing in the background upon the arrival of the spaceman, with the American flag, a clear link to Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey," and the new age of the Starchild.

    Finally, Thanksgiving Day in 2009 is November 26. 2+6 = 8. Which plays well into the numeric symbology of Obama's inauguration - 17, 1+7 = 8.

    Good find, Chris.


  3. That movie kind of looks like Shrek in space, storywise, (in Shrek there is a Donkey [democrat] voiced by Eddie Murphy, resonating with Obama. He is a "follower" [literally] of Shrek/Green Man/Osiris) and it looks like a green sun/light when they show the title. 51 is 5+1 which is 6, 3+3 or 33. If 17*3 is 51, we can turn the 17 into 8 like Andre mentioned and multiply that by 3. 8*3 is 24, a number associated with Jupiter and one that is popping up a lot, for me at least.

    The little Xenomorph "dog" is important, it represents Sirius, "leashed" by Orion. There was a "queen" xenomorph in the movie Aliens, and a Dog xenomorph in Alien 3. In Alien Resurrection there is a hybrid humanoid xenomorph which is green colored, like Osiris.

  4. first time i hear about the city of ember - but it is an intresting motif, (searched dome info about the novell)
    what i can tell about the name is that Ember is the hungarian word for Human and if is written with caps than means human as good, probably it's paralell with Lucifer (lightbearer and owner of the Hell) / Ember (good, owner of the underground) was ment to describe better the first

  5. What I found interesting was the apparent nod to the first steps taken on the moon as the astronaut steps off his ship into what appears to be moon dust. Is this moment in the movie and the fact that he landed on a planet inhabited by aliens recognition of present or past civilizations on the moon?

  6. http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Earth-51

    In D.C. Comics, Earth 51 is the setting for the great disaster and Kamandi.

  7. Ahh, Kamandi. Probably the character I identified most with as a kid. And Kirby's only hit for DC, which all of the New Gods bores tend to forget.

  8. In reference to Andre Heath’s post…

    What about the news coverage (by Fox) of the RAF policy for engaging UFOs in sensitive airspace?


    ...being prepared indeed

    - Sensei

  9. Here is the correct link to the Fox News story...


    - Sensei

  10. Interestingly, 'Britain's Obama'- David Cameron- has promised full disclosure of all secret UFO files.

    Check out the photograph!


  11. Chris Impey's book "The Living Cosmos," is quite a journey into Astrobiology and the idea of ET. It is one worth reading, If you are into the phenomenon of ET.

  12. Hi,
    It looks like a mix of various Crop circles.
    I wonder why they made the dog look like the "Alien". Things are seeding up. this movie won't wait that long.

  13. Aww so cute, look at the astronaut trying to mimic the slow motion jumping of the moon.

    Heh, yeah PJ that crossed my mind too. The Dog Star is a cute version of the "Alien". Man's best fiend!

  14. 51 is also a pentagonal number: 1, 5, 12, 22, 35, 51, 70, et cetera.


  15. I really like animation movie with hightech. It's cool