Friday, January 23, 2009

The "Do-Over"

Oh, my, the hits just keep on coming. Chief Justice Roberts "flubbed" his lines at the Inauguration, causing President Obama to also "flub" his lines. This necessitated a "do-over" in the White House Map Room, under the watchful eye of Benjamin LaTrobe. Who is that, you may ask?

Let's consult the official website of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry:
Latrobe, educated in England and Germany, studied architecture under Sir William Chambers and civil engineering under John Smeaton, then the outstanding civil engineer in England. After working in a subordinate capacity, Brother Latrobe opened his own architectural office in 1791 in England, but, as none were for major projects, he was dissatisfied with the commissions he received. Early in 1796, Brother Benjamin Henry Latrobe arrived in Virginia from England to seek his fortune in America. Had Parliament approved the proposed Chelmsford Canal project in England, Latrobe would have been its chief engineer, and other commissions would have followed. But Parliament did not, so this turn of fate gave us the "Father of Architecture in America."
And adds:
Regarding Brother Latrobe's Masonic membership, he was initiated in the Lodge of Antiquity No. 2, London, 1788, and served as Junior Warden 1789–90. When he came to the United States, he affiliated with Lodge No. 54, Richmond, Virginia.
It's a whole "New Age," all right.


  1. Great find. I have been trying to track down whose portrait that is almost all day today!

    Strange Days indeed.

  2. Thanks for bringing that up, Todd. I hadn't given it much thought and I'm glad I looked it up- that's another extremely interesting detail in the career of President Obama-son.

  3. DO you know how masonics never refer to God and always refer to "the Great Architect"? Well the obvious symbolism of the much-publized Lincoln Bible, that must of been cursed with a Kennedy-Lincoln who both had Johnson VP's that followed them both, not to mention Abe being 16 and Barry always drying 17, I thought it fitting that the mystery portrait behind both Roberts and Obama is "the Great Architect" of the White House.

  4. "Latrobe" came up recently during my research on the D.C. Capitol and its dome

    no surprise he was apparently a Virginia colonist -- the Virgin Commonwealth's university is again in the news, such a coincidence!

    so they managed to "seal the deal" beneath the visage of a hiramic brother....

    if they're this devious and clever on the first day, what'll the other four years be like? lol


  5. Very interesting, Chris. (I believe Loren Coleman has also been researching this same matter.)

    Ellis Taylor noted that Obama's inaugural speech contained a factual error. Something about the number of presidents (or VPs) who have held office prior to him. Ellis wondered whether the 'mistake' wasn't semi-intentional.

    I doubt the same force is at work in this case, but the unconscious effect is very interesting.

  6. very interesting about the portrait! The Do OVER...Total lawlessness and changing the time and law right out of scriptures from Daniel 7:25 and Daniel 11:36- no regard for any GOD symbolized by the do over without a bible or scriptures of any kind...

  7. Now this might be a bit of a stretch, but if you look at those candles/lights... doesn't it sort of look like a human figure standing between two pillars? Isis perhaps?

  8. No hand on a Bible this time, I see.