Monday, January 12, 2009

The (Star) Gates of Heaven

If you're going to be in Paris anytime between the beginning of March and the end of June, you may want to check the "Gates of Heaven" exhibition out at the Louvre:
In the Ancient Egyptian language “The Gates of Heaven” meant the doors of a sanctuary housing the statue of a divinity. Symbolizing the passageway into the afterworld this expression also applies to other points of contact between the different elements of the universe as conceived by the Egyptians.
Ah, yes, The Gates of Heaven. Interesting timing, given current events. Interesting also that the Louvre chose Horus as their mascot for this show, seeing that he was the last god-king to rule Egypt and all. Horus imagery been certainly showing up in the media a lot lately, wouldn't you say?

I'm not quite sure what this image is meant to symbolize, but it certainly is a very interesting one to promote this show with. I saw news of this on The Daily Beast. Note this very interesting headline for the link:

Here's a blurb from a page on the Louvre's Pharaoh exhibition:
Sachez que tout don en faveur du musée du Louvre est déductible à hauteur de 66% de l’impôt sur le revenu : à titre d’exemple, un don de 50€ vous permet de bénéficier de 33€ de réduction d’impôt. - Louvre
My French is a little rusty, but my numerology is pretty sharp. 6+6+5+0=17, which goes nicely with the 33, no?

Here's an interesting piece on Stargates in religion from Adrian Gilbert.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Well, well, well - I just posted a reprise of the 'Anubis on a barge' picture on the Icke forum:

    It would appear that 'Barky' is almost ready to make his decision about 'that dog'...

    I wonder if they'll call it Anubis lol!!

    Talking of gates - well, doors:


    "Anubis, called, ‘the opener of the ways’ is a fitting figure to open this new Egyptian presentation. The face of the boy-king has become a global icon; it gazes back at us as we gaze upon it, and in that brief moment as his image becomes imprinted in the mind, we glimpse the Egyptian aspiration to honour and sanctify the divine life.

    The image of Anubis in his familiar resting pose was placed within Tutanhkamun’s tomb. The jackal face guardian of the Duat as the guardian of the necropolis like a faithful and most beloved dog was ready to lead the soul of the king back to the greater world. But the less familiar image of Anubis as a jackal headed young man carries a different message.

    He is The Keeper of the Great Door. What lies beyond the portal is for the true spiritual seeker to discover.

    But in the time honoured tradition, “Ask and it shall be given. Knock and it shall be opened.”


    Rest at:

    Haarping (!) back to this week's Gary Bell mp3- he's talking about our being 'set up' for contact with aliens or as we lovingly refer to it: 'disclosure' and the use of 'blue-beam'/trickery/magic (imho to ultimately convince us to remain under 'their' control). Sounds about right.

    Sure as 'eggs is eggs', something's 'going down' and you, me, WE all recognise the signs - is that what we're supposed to do?

    Strange story this morning about Siamese twins AGAIN here in the UK - one body but TWO HEADS....

    Is it me being very rude Chris - but do the parents of the twins look...strange - as in not quite human??
    Gary also talks a lot about 'hybrids' which we're being indoctrinated with through car ads etc.

    Curiouser and curiouser as usual!

  2. Yet another one from the UK.

    Todays Telegraph online has a slide show story of a Nuclear Terrorist Attack on London.

    Attack warning on June 20
    Attack on London June 22


  3. Oh, there shall always be an England.

    As to "disclosure," I've heard that song so many times before it's been worn out. There's really no good reason for it, unless the issue if forced by the ETs.

  4. Suky, there is something very X-Files about that twins article, absolutely.

    I'm thinking Per Manum, with the two-headed babies and the ultrasound and the alien parents. Plus you have your Anubis with John Doggett.

  5. my computer just freaked out, I hope I didn't post twice

    .33 a third
    .5 a half
    .66 two thirds

    the numbers are like a palindrone, because .5 can turn .66 into .33 or .33 into .66 with either multiplication or division

  6. Always be an England, too damn right. But look, Chris, all this trouble over a fireworks display. Who could have guessed this was coming?

    UFO site becomes a no-go zone.

    Looks like MoD have decided to take an interest after all...

  7. Thanks, Ben. I think we need a new post here. Coming right up...

  8. I don't know about Britain always being around, guys. First the story of "nuclear attack" posted above, now this: Britain has "disappeared from the map" of Europe in a controversial European Union sculpture to be unveiled on Monday in Brussels. Predictive properties?

  9. My French is rusty too, but I think think its just saying that a donation can be write of on your taxes. So if you donate 50 you can write of 33 haha

  10. Weird, my link got messed up. Sorry about that, real story here.

  11. GATES of HEAVEN at the LOUVRE - that is a fascinating in light of Goro's work.

    He's had overhead pics of the Louvre on his Super Torch Ritual site that resemble his stargate/cross-quarter days images.

    Goro, if you're reading this maybe you could provide a link to that overhead Louvre image for everyone.

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