Monday, January 12, 2009

There Will Always Be an England

Ben Fairhall has been following the strange goings-on and wildly-conflicting cover stories dealing with the smashed turbine in Lincolnshire. Whatever happened there is open to debate, but the goon squad has been called in nonetheless.

The Sun web page Ben linked us to is an absolute gold mine of semiotic mumbo-jumbo. We see the Anubian dog standing guard over the wrecked turbine. We see the parents of the coming Siamese twins under the banner MY Sun (meaning, "not yours"), and "devil-headed" beneath them. The completely superfluous story on Area 51 (3x17) that labels anyone who doesn't buy the official line as a "UFO fanatic." A link to Germany, which we saw in the McDonald's ad. I love the Mate 1 logo, with its obvious coital symbolism as well as the pictures of girls you will never have sex with.

Reader William pointed us to a strange photo feature in England's Daily Telegraph. Entitled "Blackjack," it's kind of a low-rent version of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast, only dealing with a fictional terrorist attack. The symbolism is bizarre- the attack takes place around the Summer Solstice and incorporates solar imagery ("New Dawn"). They also incorporate the Ferris Wheel and Seen From Space imagery that we've been looking at so much lately. I don't what they're playing at here, besides the obvious propaganda effect. It's all a jumble. Perhaps there is some subconscious recognition that western hubs like London are in decline as the new megalopolises of the East rise? Stay tuned and tell me what you think.


  1. The "message" is getting a little scrambled. I don't think it's wrong that we (or I, at least) get so worked up trying to come to conclusions but everyone seems to have a different opinion of what's going on. It's a natural reaction to a mysterious situation. I think the focus on UFOs and Britain can tie to the 2012 Olympics more than anything.

  2. Sure, but then how do you explain New Jersey! Poor NJ, first War of the Worlds then The Day the Earth Stood Still. Now I have to see that stupid movie!

    Still waiting on those East Brunswick sighting videos.

  3. And before Weird U.S., the first book in the Weird series was...

    Three guesses, and the first two don't count.


  4. Oh dear - you're not going to spend hard cash on "Day the Earth Stood Still" are you Chris....if you didn't have to 'know' what's going on I'd tell you to keep your Amero's (!) in your pocket lol!!

    Interesting UFO but imho the film was released before it was finished - there's something missing but can't put my finger on what.

    There are a couple of surprising messages in there like 'trigger happy' and 'shoot first, ask questions when it's too late' which I liked.

    'Gort' is similar to the original but with a twist - but I'm spoiling it for you!

    One last thing - Keanu Reeves - same dour character but...swoon lol!

    My review of it - underwhelming but some interesting ideas and quite possibly a slurp of 'predictive programming'??

    Regarding London in decline - England is not a patch on what it was just 10, let alone 50 years ago. My own interpretation is that this country has been bankrupted and asset stripped ready to build the order from the chaos intentionally wreaked upon us.

    Those who would 'rule the world' don't care for nationalism, boundaries or sovereignty - they only care about money which gives them the power to control everything and that's the way they wish to keep it.

  5. I hear you, Suky, but what kind of Synchromystic would I be if I didn't see a UFO movie that takes place in my backyard? It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.

  6. I think NJ ties in because of the War of the Worlds link (think Staged Invasion, false flag alien attack) and all the theories which revolve around a staged alien invasion in 2012. I'll put off seeing new movies that are obviously just chock full of symbolism, only because it's like being a dog fetching a bone thrown by "master". I'm not fetching it OR returning it, for that matter.

    It's like you say: Who is this symbolism intended for? Maybe it's for those in the know, not meaning us. But, the fact that we're picking up on this symbolism everywhere is proof that there are other forces at work.

  7. Oh, there's something going on alright. There's too much weirdness bleeding into the mainstream for there not to be. Of course, all of these UFO flaps could certainly be manufactured diversions to discredit if and when the real thing comes to town.

  8. Over at Red Ice today there's an article about the Lincolnshire wind turbine 'mystery'. I wondered how long it would be before Nick Pope was wheeled out once more:

    Nick is sold to us as a UFO 'expert' and ex MOD UFO investigator. He did work at the MOD but only for around 2-3 years or so according to some bios and that was quite some time ago.

    I met Nick Pope at a live TV show where I went with my own UFO experience in the hope Nick might be interested in what I had to report. He wasn't. In fact he was totally disinterested.

    Consequently, I now believe he is a 'UFO spin merchant' and he is probably using this turbine accident to generate interest in something that perhaps has a less exotic explanation.

    I dislike wind turbines - just because they're big doesn't mean they're efficient.
    I've previously looked at wind turbine accidents and there are a considerable number of them listed on scroogle/google under 'wind turbine accidents' as in this one small collection:

    I had a life-long fascination for UFO's until about 2001, which changed all our lives imho, when my attention was diverted and absorbed by the 'conspiracy' of which I believe UFO's - home or away - are a part.

    My son and I witnessed what to this day we can't explain and which an 'investigation' by BUFORA (Brit ufo research assn) was inconclusive (surprise, surprise).

    IMHO 'they' are only interesting in spinning what 'sightings' 'they' can control or perhaps 'have a hand in' and not what some might actually have independently witnessed. 'They' obviously believe there's mileage to be made from this turbine incident but have a look at some of the many damaged turbines - the pictures speak for themselves.

    Awake and alert are the watchwords - but for now it's time to sleep.

    'night all.

  9. Here are some "synchs" I noticed in the Daily Telegraphs BLACKJACK photo story.

    The "synchs" relate to President elect Obama and come from the dates in the BLACKJACK story:

    John F. Kennedy, was commonly known as Jack.

    Obama has often been compared to John F. Kennedy - hence BLACK JACK

    Ignoring the month June, of the terrorist attack but focusing on the days mentioned in BLACKJACK for synchs:

    20th - In the BLACKJACK story the warning of a terrorist attack occurs on the 20th June.

    20th - Obama is inaugurated on the 20th January.

    21 - In the BLACKJACK CARDGAME 21 is the maximum score without going BUST.

    21st - in the BLACKJACK story the British PM addresses parliement on about the threat on the 21st June.

    22nd - BLACKJACK story, the day of the terrorist attack in the London.

    Collin Powell said that on the

    ** 21st or 22nd of January **

    “There’s going to be a crisis which will come along, that we don’t even know about right now."

    Joe Biden said "Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama
    like they did JOHN KENNEDY,"
    Biden continued. "Watch, we're going to have an international crisis,
    a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."

    23rd January the DARK KNIGHT movie is re-released in the US, captioned "Welcome to a world without rules"

    Obama is the Dark Knight trying to protect America from terrorism.

    29th - BLACKJACK story, terrorist attack in New York on 29th June.

    Note sure if this means anything yet, but time will tell. I thought the synchs were interesting anway.


  10. Aliens/ET/EBE, whatever you want to call them, can navigate their UFOs on a galactic scale.
    Make their way through wormholes bending time and space. Encounter God-knows-what along their journey to our tiny blue planet in the 3rd orbit from the small star in the center of our solar system that we call the Sun, but somehow they just aren't competent enough to navigate around a wind farm??

    Come on, really now, let's just stop and think clearly about this.

    UFOs in this case are OBVIOUSLY being used to cover up some covert unmanned night craft!

    Maybe something new with an A.I. "brain" but can't quite get the concept of spinning blades yet.

    Self-Nav test failed - Time for some new algorithms!!

  11. I like your theory- maybe they were using the windfarm as an obstacle course. Back to the old drawing board.

  12. William - are you aware of the Jupiter sync? The symbol for that planet looks like 21. Some really amazing connections there.

    I'm almost certain it wasn't an "actual" UFO, meaning there was an alien inside the craft. Nonetheless it can be classified as a UFO for general purposes.

  13. From Telegraph... above the Blackjack slide show, "Flooding McDonald's." To the right (at least on 1/13/09 at 10 AM EST), stories about "Three Kings Day" and a new Cleopatra epic.


  14. Tommy,
    Wow, no I wasn't aware of the Jupiter synch. That seems very significant.

    More synchs:

    Jupiter takes 11.9 years (911) to revolve around the sun.

    Jupiter was the patron deity of the Roman state who ruled over laws and the social order.

    Obama ran on the CHANGE ticket, implying there is going to be a change in the social order.

    BLACKJACK - 21 - BLACK JUPITER - Jupiter is an unignited or dormant sun, i.e. it remains dark or BLACK.

    Arthur C. Clarkes 2010 has Jupiter turning into a SUN in 2010.

    Project Lucifer refers to a possible plan by the elite to ignite SATURN using a NUCLEAR explosion turning it into a SUN in 2010.

    BLACKJACK shows a NUCLEAR explosion in London on June 22 - the Summer SOLSTICE.


  15. Yet more BLACKJACK synchs:

    BLACKJACK is a Russian TU-160 Nuclear capable Bomber.

    In a book on the Cardgame BlackJack called

    "Get the Edge at BLACKJACK" by John MAY

    the introduction says, "The book you are holding is a BLACKJACK NUCLEAR BOMB"

    Captain Eric MAY
    was a US Marine officer who ran a group called GHOST TROOP repeatedly warning of FALSE FLAG NUCLEAR attacks in the US.

    BLACKJACK is the 13th episode of JERICHO season 1 about a nuclear attack on America.

    In a Japanese Manga comic called BLACK JACK, by Osamu Tezuka,
    BLACK JACK is a rogue doctor who
    successfully transplants a NUCLEAR BOMB victim's brain and heart into a new body.

    Israeli Blackjack with Iran


  16. Another 21 - Jupiter synch:

    Wednesday 14 January 2009 -
    UK Bank Barclays announces another 2,100 job cuts in addition to the 2,100 job cuts it anounced on Tuesday.


  17. Maybe I'm paranoid:

    Barclays 2,100 job cuts followed by 2,100 job cuts -