Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Deep Semiotics of Flight 1549: Addendum

I mentioned the correlation between the splashdown location of Flight 1549 and the parallel spot where Ben "Star" Gates jumps from the observation deck of the USS Intrepid into the Hudson in the Masonic recuitment film, National Treasure. Before we put the story to rest, I thought some visual aids might help drive the point home.

Here's a money shot from the film. Note the octagonal radar dish just above Ben (Star) Gates sploosh. It's interesting to note that the media was on the Flight 1549 landing scene at 3:30, given this wacky little coincidence.

UPDATE: 1549 didn't hit birds, but a "soft body?" Hmmm....


  1. Would you suggest viewing National Treasure, just for the symbolism? You bring it up a lot, despite being a tad outdated (that never seems to matter) it seems to be a goldmine of the type of stuff we are looking for, especially now with this sync.

    Nicholas Cage was also in The Rock, (like The Dome of the Rock) where Sean Connery's character is named John Mason, as in John the Baptist. He is mischievous, both a hero and a villain in the movie.

  2. I have files on The Rock, thanks for reminding me. And yes, definitely see NT. And see if you can pick up on the story behind the story.

  3. Well, I'm only 4 minutes into the movie and I am laughably disgusted by the attitude it is taking towards portraying history correctly. I'm gonna have fun with this one.

    "The Secret Lies With Charlotte" or Harlot.

    I also just finished watching 2001 a space odyssey, and it left me with a bad aftertaste. Kind of like "...that was it?", it's pretty outdated with the long, drawn out scenes but I can appreciate it for what it is. It doesn't help that I was searching for "clues" the whole time, which I did find. The plot revolves around Jupiter, AKA Osiris.

  4. softbody eh? could this have been a staged landing with some sort of floating padded device or something in the water where the plane slowly descended? sounds about right. i need to read up on this softbody stuff. i dont think organic material can keep a plane of that size and weight above water like that. i could be wrong.

  5. The Yahoo news article does not elaborate on what a "soft body" is. It remains a total mystery. Curiouser and curiouser...

  6. why are they keeping the pieces and carefully examining them? if 911 taught me anything, its that the remaining wreckage of unexplained failures should immediately be sold for scrap and melted down. how confusing

  7. Hello,

    New to your blog, but seems we think alike on many things. Not sure if you are a Christian but guessing you are not. (Since I found you in a comment on Insideoutthinking, which appears to be a Gnostic blog out of the UK by the author of History of the World. )

    I also have had weird thoughts about the bird attack on the US air flight. Soft body also rang a bell (red flag) in my head. I'm sure you know about the Nephalim in the Book of Genesis, but have you ever read the Book of Enoch? So much of this Shemsu Hor secret society/priesthood stuff meshes right in with the Book of Enoch which was removed from canon around 200C.E. The Book of Revelation was removed too, at the same council but was later put back again. Shows the good church fathers hadn't a clue what to do with a book about cosmology!

    I think if you read the book of Enoch here:
    you'll be able to tie some of your research together.

    Hope it's helpful at least.

    By the way, have you read 'The Armageddon Conspiracy' by Mike Hockney? I don't advise reading the book, but if you can handle such things it gives many clues into the things we can 'look forward' to soon. (in terms of deception.)