Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stargates in the Snow

Here's a big story coming out of China:
A Disneyland made entirely of ice and snow has been built in China's freezing northern city of Harbin as part of the city's Ice Festival.

Local authorities hope the park, featuring Disney characters and rides made of ice, will help attract around 800,000 tourists.

Harbin, on the edge of Siberia, is one of China's coldest places, where temperatures can drop to -35 degree Celsius. - BBC

Quite an amazing sight. Asia seems to be producing amazing spectacles at an astonishing rate. And all the ritual bases seem to be hit, yet again. Here we see a nice collection of illuminated obelisks. There's also a nice display of glowing, pulsating steeples on the BBC video.

And there are the obligatory fireworks and the now-obligatory Ferris Wheel, with the obligatory illuminated sun rays. Some symbols are universal, I guess.

Like Stargates, for example.

In the past we've looked at ice as being a metaphor for the cosmic void, so this particular symbol is extremely tantalizing in this context.

Speaking of illuminated obelisks, the always-reliable Yahoo! News has this on the front page:

Do you ever feel like we're all stuck in a reality TV version of The Lathe of Heaven?


  1. the other watermelons at 7 minutes and 30 seconds

    Then John Kings says "If your point is, is Barak Obama in for a New World Order, I think you're correct" at 15 minutes 15 seconds

    "Puppedential Debate" at 10 minutes.

  2. no one should want to miss the latest high weirdness from Yahoo, so here's link if they get lost in the shuffle

  3. As Seattle comes out of an unprecedented "deep freeze" thanks to a "pineapple express" I find this post quite timely (as per). Isn't it great how the Space Needle keeps showing up? I keep noting how we North westerners have a noticeable lack of symbolic imagination - the park in downtown Kirkland with a marina is called... Marina Park. Wow.

    So y'all can get by with lyrical symbolic capstones and pyramids and obelisks and such, while we, in our usual literal provincial style, just have a freaking orange flying saucer landing on a mooring mast!!


  5. This movie's pretty good. What's with that car they're driving at 1:07 in?

  6. A view of the 'space needle' is always awaiting is within the grasp of my kitchen window.
    Being a Seattle native, it is etched upon my memory like a past life. It is a part of my unconscious.
    ...but it's true...besides representing an afternoon stop for is mainly 'caviar for the generals'...part of the ever-growing elite club of illuminated obelisks around the globe.
    Interesting note...the 'Space Needle' was built for the "1962 Seattle's World's Fair".
    It was privately built and financed by the "Pentagram Corporation"...
    ...the wonders never cease...

  7. Fire [works] and Ice - Didn't the Nazis make a 'covenant' with Fire and Ice, or it appeared intheir BS in some form or other.

  8. I peeked at ''The Lathe of Heaven''
    video.Looks like THEY'RE stuck on an escalator all movie along.

  9. Ooh, all sorts of juicy tidbits to chase down! Thanks, kids! Let me get cracking on some of these leads...

  10. Hey Chris,

    I’m wondering if you’ve ever crossed paths with another New Jersey son who deals with esoteric themes in pop culture: Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet. The other day I was re-watching a DVD interview from a couple years ago and couldn’t believe my eyes when they went to the wide shot. Check out this screen grab I made:

    Is that the World Financial Center in the background? Notice his t-shirt. As above, so below? This fits right in with the theme of many of his lyrics. The symbolism escaped me the first time I watched the interview, which was before I started reading your blog. Thanks for opening my eyes, and keep up the outstanding work!!!


  11. The BBC did a series of the wonders of China recently that was darned good - one of the highlights for me was a similar ice city. It may be related; the one in the series was made every year for a festival (which is what I recall offhand from the commentary).

    That said, am I glad that where I am in the UK right now isn't at all frosty.

  12. Ratteie- Great links on the cosmic stuff. Fascinating to see how little we know of the Universe outside our little nest.

    Tommy- 1:07? I didn't see anything. Do you mean 01:0700?

    Ralph- Awesome find of the Space Needle. Will definitely be looking further into that.

    Ferris- Fire and Ice just means the old Frazetta cartoon to me. Which shows how infantile I am!

    Marquee- I briefly played in a band in that scene with MM, but never met him. Will definitely check that out, though.

    Zuppie- thanks for the heads up- I will definitely try to track those docs down and see what other Easter eggs await.

  13. I hope that Alex Ross is wrong about this guess related to Obama's inauguration.


  14. "The Edge" starring Anthony Hopkins, you can form ice into a lens and cocentrate sunlight to make fire

  15. There was were several noticable stargates in The Lathe of Heaven. When he is in the office mentioning the mountain, Kahn, Rain and an Umbrella. Then again at the groovy scene from the end where he defeats the scientist. Don't forget the enormous letter H either.

    I like all the Niburu refences from the space articles, about the planetary collision and the placement of the moon, blame it on Mars huh, makes sense. Then the twin core, probably a cube inside a sphere or something. The mentioning of Galatic Center. Then that article about the 222 places which will compete to be in the 77 finalists for the New 7 Wonders of the World.

    I like how you knew my friends call me Ratteie.

  16. I bookmarked LOH for future viewing. I haven't seen it in 8 or 9 years. I gotta see the remake with Lisa Bonet too.

  17. If you want esoterics up the wazoo, check out the album Scorpio Rising by Prong (a group that had Paul Raven from Killing Joke in its lineup for two of its albums):

    Much of Scorpio Rising is based on Crowleyan concepts.


  18. yeah, an hour and seven minutes in. Nothing important, really, just a cheesy looking faux-future car. I really enjoyed that movie, it was a breath of fresh air. No one (on the world stage at least) talks about dreams anymore and I'm getting more sucked into mine than ever before.

    "The Edge" starring Anthony Hopkins, you can form ice into a lens and cocentrate sunlight to make fire - James Ratte

    Bingo. When I was watching that movie and he says "You can make fire out of ice, you know" I thought of alchemy. I like movies about surviving in the woods but seeing someone get torn apart by a big funky bear is intended to make you think twice.

    Portland always seemed like a cool place to me, it had an impression on me when I was young because just about all the cartoons I watched were from the Northwest and I would sometimes have dreams about being in forests that I knew were in that area because I had seen pictures of it. Maybe it's just from being on the east coast all my life, but I am a nature-lover and I'd love to see the west coast.

  19. Good post. For some strange reason after reading it I keep thinking of the line in "the Running Man" where Schwartzenegger says "Now subzero is just plain zero!"

  20. right, overtly phallic ... like mumbai, eastern magick, imprinting the dreaming mind's imagoes

    Harbin Hot Springs in northern Kalifornia has been an infamous goddess grove for decades, a center of wicca, kaaba-la, and ecstatics for a mostly bay area clientele

    at least back in the late eighties, nudity was common, it was all very dioniso-fem

    like Harbin's eastern twin, the Hot Springs is paradoxically a Kold place, disneyland mediterranean climate of permanent ice

  21. I found this interesting concerning the "wheels":


    The Paris 4:

    c) Your awakening, we are afraid to say, is not the 'whole awakening'. We recommend the part in which somebody says (Reich-article): you apparently need the whole thing (decapitation/little wheel in the head etc.).


    Difficult to say: we all use different terms and/or analogies when describing this ‘indescribable’ experience. At the climax of this experience, I felt as though my head had become detached from the body, as if I were just an orb of light which encompassed everything.

    As for the “little wheel” in the head, I experienced this too at the climax – and as the energy ends in the head. During the first phases of the experience one will feel “two wheels” going up and down the body – indeed like two “hoops” of energy separating and uniting as they pass each other at the centre of the body. There is also a loud roaring noise which fades and grows louder as the energy passes up and down the body.


    found here

    weve got decapitations as the head leaving the body like an orb if light

    wheels important in the process of the grail (considering it is a DO'ing process and not just something to behold)

    not to mention Jake's basketball hoops!

    and if the spinal is the djed pillar then would the mind be the watery nature atmosphere that other things like your light...are born through? connecting the male (pillar) and female (womb in the brain) to make pi?

    PI has something to do with this much like the turning

    and the feeling of being decapitated (painlessly) into an orb of light

    this mans website is so very fasci-nate-ing